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Chapter 18: Last Order of Business.

Danny walked into the Five-O office, it had already been an extremely long day and it was only noon. Before him he found Steve, feet resting on the smart board table while he laughed and joked with two other people. Upon furthered inspection Danny recognized Jerry and Johnny. Danny threw his files on the smart board table once again; ready to be finished with this whole press affair, a million complaints running through his head, as he waited to be acknowledged by McGarrett.

The Black Pearl had been returned, in immaculate condition, to its rightful owners. The navy, the coast guard and all the members of Five-O and HPD had gone above and beyond while they sailed the ship and escorted her back to port. It took just over twenty hours and by the time they arrived in port, word had spread throughout the islands about the location of the Black Pearl and the case surrounding its disappearance.

When the Black Pearl returned to Pearl Harbor the press waited diligently on the docks with the members of the cast and crew of the movies and all of the representatives, who had rushed to Hawaii, from the production company to make sure that their staring attraction wasn't destroyed.

Danny, Chin, Kono and Steve remained with the Pearl until she had come to rest and was moored once again. HPD met them at the docks and began processing all of Kono and Chin's evidence as soon as they were permitted aboard the ship by the naval crew that had finished their mission. Camera flashes, news reporters from all of the major American networks and even the Governor herself greeted the Five-O task force as they descended from aboard the grand vessel.

Within moments of their disembarking the questions had started, but the Five-O and their naval counter parts had moved on as quickly as could be arranged as the Governor created the diversion that was needed. Danny would soon side with her, and they would make an official statement to rectify all of the rumors that had already started to file in.

Just before 11:00 hours, Danny had been rushed into wardrobe by the governor's assistant. He hadn't even been able to get a shower in, because of everything that was happening, but he showered and dressed in the suit and tie that was waiting for him, quicker than he had ever dressed before. When the Governor's stylists were finished with Danny, he was handed a pack of files once again, along with three news papers that had already printed special editions that had the returning Black Pearl and all of the Five-O gracing the cover pages.

The final press conference lasted longer than any other the others. Danny answered question on everything as it pertained to the case, the drugs, the weapons, the theft of the ship and the condition in which it had been found. He thanks the public for their support and contributions in the apprehension of the felons and location of the Black Pearl. The press and the viewers drank it all in and hung on his every word. He had made the Governor and the state of Hawaii proud with his praise and dedication, and he knew that somewhere out there his daughter was more proud than anyone else.

He walked into the office feeling the adrenalin starting to wear off and that was how he found his partner, relax and content, and Danny wished that for just a moment Steve could have fielded some of the questions and given Danny a break. He shook his head as Steve looked up at him from his place at the table.

"Press Conference went well chief," Steve said mockingly as he looked at the full suit that Danny was sporting and the brand new tie. "The Governor has good people, you look so professional. If I was a criminal I wouldn't want to mess with you in that suit!"

Danny rolled his eyes at his partner.

"I'm serious, it's very Jack Lord of you," Steve smiled.

"So, I do all the real work and you sit here developing script ideas?" Danny asked with distain.

"Pretty much, little buddy," Steve said.

"Call me little again and I'll lay into your face with my fists!" Danny retorted.

"Like I said, the dynamic between the two of you is the most entertaining part," Jerry smiled as he stood and shook Danny's hand breaking the tension in the room.

"I'm sure you'll have my character jumping out of helicopters and diving off of the mast to escape hostile gun fire," Danny laughed.

"Actually, I have you're character with one of the sharpest tongues on television and a temper to match it." Jerry stated as he raised an eyebrow to Danny.

"That sounds like our Danny," Steve smiled.

"It's all be done before!" Danny sighed and rolled his eyes.

"How's your daughter?" Johnny asked as he too reached out and shook Danny's hand.

Danny took a seat beside Steve before he answered, "All better," he said with a smile, "Although she got in trouble at school for wearing Captain Jack's hat with her uniform." He added with a laugh.

"I'm a bad influence on the children," Johnny smiled and leaned back in his chair with pride.

Danny removed his suit jacket and loosened his tie before he spoke again, "So what's going on? More trouble on set? Did we find more drugs, theft, and fraud?" he asked unsure about the easiness that had befallen the group.

"No, everything is running smoothly," Jerry smiled, "we're just waiting for a good clear night to take the Pearl out to open water for another shoot. We've had to delay it this long, what are a few more days?" he asked with a smile. "We really just wanted to come in and tell you guys how much we appreciate what you did and what great care you took with out ship. We are ready to start filming again and we were worried that we'd be dropping millions into her, just to fix her up. You guys are truly amazing. Thank you so much."

"She wasn't in good shape when we found her, I will admit to being a fan of the movies and seeing her like that broke even my heart." Danny said honestly. "We couldn't give her back any other way."

"You worked hard to keep her afloat, we are so grateful and in your debt." Jerry smiled and shook Danny's hand once again across the table.

"Heard you had a good time playing pirates as well," Johnny smiled. "I always knew out brig needed to be broken in."

"I think our 'pirates' enjoyed it too much, just knowing that Captain Jack was also locked down there at one point," Danny joked.

"Jerry, make a note, we have to lock more people down there," Johnny laughed as he turned to his producer, "even if it's just jokingly."

"Note taken," Jerry laughed.

"We were also trying to coordinate a rendezvous with the Pearl for Grace; Johnny's idea. You have her this weekend don't you?" Steve asked as the light mood filled the Five-O bullpen.

"You've been making plans for my daughter without me?" Danny asked a hint of frustration in his voice.

"You bet, partner," Steve smiled.

Danny shot Steve a glare, but it was short lived as a sweet little voice could be heard from the office doors.

"Danno…?" Gracie called as she pulled open the double glass doors and walked into the Five-O inner sanctum.

"Monkey," Danny smiled as he swung his feet off the table and scooped his daughter into his arms as she came to him at a run. "Nice hat," Danny smiled and tipped the brim of the pirate hat back on Grace's head to kiss her on the cheek. "I could have used it these past two days."

"No, you were playing navy SEAL, not pirates," Grace giggled and kissed her father.

Steve chuckled to himself.

"Yeah, we were, and I don't think I made a very good navy SEAL. We'll just leave that business to Steve and I'll stick to being a Detective, if that's ok with you, Monkey," Danny laughed holding his daughter tightly.

"I like you best as a Detective anyways, it suits you." Gracie beamed proudly.

"Awe, thanks babe," Danny smiled and blushed a little at his daughters praise and innocence. "So what have you been up to all morning?"

"Kono bought me shaved ice," Grace smiled as Kono and Chin entered the office and pulled two more chairs toward the centrally located table. "Then we watched your press conference with the Governor from the picnic tables that are set up by King Kamehameha's statue."

"Sounds like fun," Danny smiled, "let me guess, grape shaved ice?"

"Yeah, how did you know?" Grace asked gleefully.

"One, it's your favorite, and two, your tongue is purple, so is Kono's." Danny laughed. "How much do I owe you, Kono?" he asked.

"I didn't buy them, Kamekona gave them to us," Kono smiled and shook hands with the men across the table.

Grace looked up, as she followed Kono's motion and a strange shyness and knowingness came over her.

"What's the matter Monkey?" Danny asked as he felt his daughter sink further into his shoulder.

"That's Johnny Depp," Grace whispered into Danny's ear.

"I know," Danny whispered back.

"Does he want his hat back?" she asked sadly.

"No, baby, I'm pretty sure you get to keep that," Danny said, "I think he's here because he and Steve have something to ask you, oh and Jerry too. They are plotting." Danny added with mock emphasis.

Grace's eyes lit up as she looked at Steve and saw him smiling mischievously at her.

"Have you ever sailed a ship before, little Gracie," Johnny asked, his Captain Jack accent thick on his voice as the little girl blushed and turned to meet his gaze.

Grace shyly shook her head in the negative.

"Oh, but you are wearing the captains hat, surely that makes you a captain," Johnny smiled.

Grace smiled but kept hold of her silence.

"We've been invited to sail with the Pearl this weekend," Steve said as Grace turned her gaze to her father's partner and one of the only other men in the world whom she trusted. "I have a boat and we'll sail it out to meet up with the Pearl, if that's ok with you. You can watch some of the filming and we can play pirates. You can be the captain and I'll be the first mate." Steve added starting at a whisper and growing in volume as he revealed his plot.

"What kind of a boat, uncle?" Grace asked breaking her silence.

"A yacht," Steve answered with a smile. "It's not as big as the Pearl, but it will serve its purpose."

"That's a ship," Grace stated knowingly.

"Very true, it is," Steve smile.

"Can we go Danno? Please…" Grace pleaded.

"I don't know babe, how's my little pirate feeling?" Danny asked, "If you're not feeling good we should probably stay landlocked until you are better."

"I'm better!" Grace stated, "I feel really good, and I have caught up on all my homework and I don't have any that we have to do this weekend except reading and we can do that on the ship!"

"Then why aren't you in school today?" Danny asked.

"Cause, mommy said I could go to your press conference," Grace smiled proudly, "and all my friends are really jealous because none of their Dads are on TV, or on the cover of all the news papers in the state. Not to mention sailed the Black Pearl. I have the coolest dad in the world."

"Worlds coolest dad, nice achievement brah," Chin stated, as Danny beamed with pride.

"So can we please go sailing?" Gracie pleaded.

"What do you think your mom will say?" Danny asked.

"She'll say yes!" Grace shouted the joy and excitement written all over her face.

Danny smiled, "Ok we can go sailing this weekend."

"Yay," Grace cried out as she wrapped her arms around her father's neck and squeezed as hard as she could.

"Ok, baby girl, Danno can't breathe," Danny laughed.

Grace smiled, pushed away from Danny and fell across his lap and into Steve's as she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him too, "how big is your yacht? How big of a crew do you need? Can I steer? Will the dolphins follow us?" she asked a million questions in one breath.

"Holy cow, I've created a monster," Steve laughed as Grace continued to throw questions at him. "She asks more questions than you Danno, even in interrogations!"

Danny grinned proudly.

"Are Kono and Chin coming? Do we get to spend the night on the yacht? Is it going to be scary bumpy out on the open water? Can we have a sword fight? Will we find real pirates?" Grace asked.

"I think the only real pirate out there is going to be you, baby girl, and we might have to lock you in the brig to get you to calm down and let Steve answer your questions." Danny laughed. "That's not how we Williams' interrogate. You have to get answers before you ask another question."

"Already training her up to be a cop?" Jerry asked with a laugh.

"You bet," Gracie stated proudly. "Are there going to be real pirates out there, uncle? Answer the question!" She added forcefully.

Steve laughed out loud. "Maybe," he answered throwing his hands in the air.

"Now that's much better, Monkey," Danny smiled.

"Hey, I'm a real pirate," Johnny said with mock insult in his tone. "I'm Captain Jack Sparrow!"

"He's Captain Jack Sparrow!" Grace pointed out emphatically as she jumped down from Steve's lap and ran around the table to Johnny. "Thank you for the hat, by the way. I love it." she said as she reached out to shake his hand.

"You're welcome, it was my pleasure, and I have a pile of them." Johnny smiled. "Can I get a hug?"

Grace reached out, wrapped her arms around Johnny's neck and squeezed as tightly as she could. "Will you be in costume?"

"More than likely, I wear that costume whenever I can. It's my favorite." Johnny answered with a smile.

"Mine too, although I really liked you're Mad Hatter too." Grace said.

"He was lots of fun," Johnny laughed.

"Can I sail the Black Pearl?" Grace asked true and unwavering excitement captivating her now.

"It can be arranged," Jerry smiled as everyone looked across the table at him.

"Really…?" Grace cried out gleefully.

Jerry nodded.

Releasing Johnny, Grace jumped and hugged Jerry next.

"I'll even see if we can get you an official Pirates of the Caribbean costume to wear, so that you and Johnny can play pirates together. How does that sound?" Jerry laughed as the little girl cut off his breath with her hug.

"We'll have to steal one of the cameras from you field kit, Kono, to document everything," Danny smiled.

"I'm on it," Kono smiled with a wink at Grace.

"Oh my god, Danno, this is going to be the best weekend ever!" Grace shouted, ran around the table to her father and wrapped her arms around his neck once again.

"It's going to be one for the scrapbook that's for sure," Danny laughed. "Beat that, step Stan!"

"Stan has got nothing on you," Steve laughed.

"Best Dad Ever!" Grace squealed again.

"Looks like our pirate adventure is just beginning," Kono whispered to her cousin as a wave of question erupted from Grace's lips once more.

"And you were worried, Cuz," Chin laughed, leaned back in his chair and watched as the pirate plot was hatched. "I think Gracie has press ganged us both into being her pirates crew, and there will be no mutiny upon that vessel." He added with a sly smile at the little girl who winked at him.

"I will not complain about a weekend at sea," Kono laughed. "Nor will I complain about eye witness accounts of filming for the next pirates movie." She added.

"Kono will you come see pirates with me and Danno, when it is out in theaters?" Grace asked.

"Yes!" Kono stated, "We'll have our very own pirate's release party!"

Grace's eyes grew wide with excitement as she turned back to her father as if to ask permission for another pirate themed weekend.

"I can't say no to you, baby girl," Danny smiled.

"And we thought this case was going to make you into a pirate Danny," Steve laughed, "turns out, all we really needed, to tap into you piracy, was Grace."

"I know," Danny sighed sarcastically, "I've crossed over to the dark side."

"Well, it's settled then," Jerry smiled as he and Johnny stood from their seats, shook hands with all the Five-O's again and turned to leave, "we'll see you on the high seas."

"It's going to be an adventure!" Grace sang as the men left her alone with her guardians. "Are you excited Danno?" she asked when the door had closed behind Jerry and Johnny.

"I'm excited if you are," Danny smiled.

"Are you excited, Uncles?" Grace asked addressing Chin and Steve.

"Oh yes," Steve answered and Chin nodded his agreement.

"What about you, Kono?"

"It's a pirate's life for me," Kono answered in a sing song voice.

"Can we sing pirate songs? Will you be drinking rum? Can I have a sword?" Grace's questions filled the Five-O office once again as light chatter and excitement filled the room.

Danny looked on with pride and excitement of his own, as little Grace captured the hearts and imaginations of his team member. Suddenly waking up at 03:00 for the Black Pearl didn't seem like such a big deal, in fact, it had been a blessing in disguise. There were, after all, perks to being on the governors Task Force. They had done everything in their power to resolve the situation, never asking for anything in return, but getting more than any of them could have dreamed about. The down time that they planned now was much deserved and as long as his daughter was happy, Detective Daniel Williams didn't have any more excuses. He was content and his complaining was definitely at an end.