"So, whats our job again, un?" the stranger with long blonde hair covering his right eye asked his red haired companion.

"You forgot already Deidara, seriously? You're testing my patience." Sasori said

"You really are a fucking idiot, aren't you?" Hidan sighed in his usual annoyance.

"Why were you three brought back again? Of all the people that could have been saved it had to be you three..." Itachi said lazily rubbing his forehead in annoyance.

"Trust me, this isn't a joyride for me either, un!" Deidara hissed, crossing his arm and leaning against a tree.

"And you think being human again is making me happy-go-lucky? I can actually feel when I get cut; and I have to be cautious around my own poison! I feel like an idiot in a 16-year-old body again!" Sasori groaned, basically face palming.

"Shut the fuck up with the 'I'm human again' shit, will ya? You're giving me a fucking headache! Besides, what kind of world is this without pain?"

"Right, because when you're a retarded sadist everything goes!" The golden blond stated sarcastically, flinging his hands in the air.

"Hey! Who the fuck are you calling retarded?! You're the spaz who went and fucking blew himself up!?" Hidan spat poking the blonde's head with the end of his scythe.

"I'll blow your head off! We'll see who would be using their mouth then!"

"Just try it! I'll just cut your fucking blond head off if you don't shut the fuck up!"

"I'll kill both of you if you two. Dont. Shut. Up!" Itachi hissed under his breath, causing both of the hot-headed Akatsuki members to become silent -minus the grumbles under their breaths.

"We're here to make sure that there are no problems with the enemy of our client." Itachi started. "He actually paid enough to make the entire Akatsuki work under him for a few years. So for now, we'll just have to deal with it, got it?"

"That stupid fucking bastard Moldyass had better keep his word!" The silver haired Akatsuki member said; placing his scythe in a scroll, pouting sadly about the loss of his favorite weapon.

Itachi sighed. "Anyway… we are supposed to get close to a kid named Harry Potter and take him to Voldemort; and then something about killing him and reaping revenge something or other…eventually I stopped listening." Itachi grinned while starting to walk towards the castle.

"Hey Itachi, you asshole wait up!" Hidan yelled running after him.

"Wha –Wait for me!" the blonde yelled, chasing them.

"So, they expect me to bother to run with my humans legs back? Brats, I swear." The once fake human said, walking at a relaxed pace behind them.

The next morning excited chatter and loud complaining was heard about the classes and who people were sharing classes with.

"Ugh, the first day and we already have defense against the dark arts with the Slitherins. This sucks!" Ron complained loudly in Naruto's ear. The blonde –of course, being used to the loud voice of Sakura- simply shrugged.

"I take offense to that you know!" Ino stood, shadowing the wimpy redhead. Arms crossed and mouth in a semi-pout, the blond blew a few locks from her eyes.

"You know, standing and casually talking to the person in the opposite house is not drawling any attention." Sakura remarked pointing her thumb to the people who where (noticeably) ease dropping on their conversation.

"So, are you and Sasuke glued at the hip now?" Naruto teased, in conclusion getting a once whole apple turned to applesauce on the blonde's platter. "I was going to eat that Ino" Naruto said, looking at he's destroyed fruit. Sakura chuckled, almost chocking on her water.

"Anger and good aims do not mix." Fred entered the conversation, shaking his head.

"Unless if they are being used against your enemy." George made sure to add. Ino glared at the both of them.

"Come to think of it, I can't find Duck ass anywhere. Maybe he's got lost trying to find his class." She shrugged, before glancing at Sakura. "You know, the robe actually suits you." She half sarcastically remarked half agreeing that red was her color anyway.

"Well, green is so not your color." Just as sarcastically, they both glared before smirking.

"Well, I guess I have to find Sasuke before he kills someone." she sighed, rubbing her temples.

With that Ino left going to find Sasuke before going to her first class. "So our first class is...Ancient Runes. What the hell is an ancient rune?" A whiskered faced boy asked walking down the hall with the golden trio and Sakura.

"It's mostly theoretical class that studies the ancient rune scripts of magic." Hermione said casually while Sakura seemed to glow at the idea of learning something new. "humph sounds boring to me!" The yellow blonde said "I don't even know how she convinced us to take this stupid class anyway!" Ron complained loudly walking down the hall. Walking into the classroom the three boys sat in the row behind the two girls waiting for the class to begin. Not long after they sat down a witch walked to the center of the classroom. Alongside her, was a long blonde haired man who Naruto and Sakura instantly recognized. Sakura turned to look at Naruto with a shocked and worried look, while Naruto was growling and glaring. "I am professor Babbling. Welcome to The study of Ancient Ruins! I am happy to met all you new students and see some old faces as well!" She said politely smiling at their faces. "Before I begin class I would like to introduce my teachers aid Deidara, so please give him a warm welcome!" She said smiling and clapping as the rest of the class joined in. Naruto stood up still glaring at the other blonde. "Naruto don't!" Sakura whispered warningly "We are not at home we can get in trouble here!" Her blonde teammate sat down gripping the front of his table making scratch marks in the wood with his nails. Naruto sat down trying desperately to calm himself at some point the wood broke under his strong grip with a quick 'snap'. This caused Harry and Ron to look over at the angry teen shocked and in Ron's case slightly scared. "Now if you can all turn to page 10 in your books we can begin class."

The witch at the front said before reading some of the page and starting a long boring explanation. Daderia sat down in a chair by the teacher's desk. After about a half hour of lecture both Dederia and Naruto were asleep while Ron and Harry were playing paper American football, finally Sakura and Hermione were taking notes down feverishly. In the background around all of Hogwarts a bell rang signaling the end of class. All of the students stormed out of the classrooms like a herd moving on to their next classes. "Sakura what do you think we should do about the blonde guy? I mean if he is here who knows who else is dattebayo!" Naruto said loudly in Japanese. "We should tell Sasuke-kun and Ino as soon as we can probably at lunch or dinner…sigh this mission just keeps getting better and better!" The pinkette complained as they traipsed out side for Horbology class.

"Damn you Sasuke." A blond grumbled, entering the courtyard and throwing on her Slitherine cloak. "I swear, if he gets me in trouble, I'll show him trouble!" She yells glancing about. "Blondie what are you looking for?" Came a voice from above her head. Ino looks up covering her eyes from the bright sunlight to see Sasuke sitting on a stone doorway overhang staring back at her blankly.

"Im looking for you, duck ass, duh! So Sasuke ,what are you doing up there? Get your ass down here now before you make us both late for class!" The crystal eyed girl said placing her hands on her hips. "Hn it's not like the classes here matter to us anyway." Sasuke says before looking back at the landscape.

"FINE STAY HERE, IT'S NOT LIKE I CARE ANYWAY! JUST MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN KAKASHI'S CLASS GOT IT!" She yelled up at him, recieving no reply she throws her hands up before leaving going to her class alone. Sasuke watched people go in and out of the door with mild interest. The only ones who even bothered to notice him were lost and confused first years who looked at him bewildered at his altitude. The brunette was in his own world and nothing seemed to change that. That was until he overheard a group of ravenclaw students talking about someone that sounded familiure to him. The girls in the group made a comment about how a guy in a professor twinagies class was "cute with long black hair" which the boys seemed to completely disagree with. "Are you mental! That guy wasnt cute he was scary! And I swear I saw his eyes change color!" The other boy scoffed before saying "Oh really, what color?" "Red! With weird markings in the middle!" that was the last thing Sasuke heard before jumping down and starting to look around to find Ino. If his brother was really here they would have to find out now. Sadly he could not move as fast as he would have liked since the hallway was suddenly flooded with students.

After a few minutes of searching and trying very hard not to draw suspicion to himself he finally saw the high long blonde ponytail Ino always wore. "INO!" he called out a few times in Japanese trying to get her attention. Even though he had yelled it his voice seemed to dissolve and not reach her in the crowd. He quickly got Tired of trying to get her attention the hard way. Figuring that a magic school would be the place for odd things to happen, Sasuke jumped high above the head of the others in the hallway clinging to the wall with his feet. He quickly ran along the wall catching up to Ino he jumped down in front of her. Without meaning to Ino want into defense mode and nearly cut open Sasukes neck. Sasuke quickly grabbed her wrist stopping her from finishing the attack. "SASUKE YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME! Seriously Sasuke what the hell?! I nearly took your head off I…" before Ino could continue Sasuke interrupted her saying "I think my brother is here…" in a quiet and sad way that even wasn't normal for Sasuke. "Wha….What?" how is that even possible I thought you killed him almost a year ago!" "I did that's the problem…we need to find the others now…" The raven haired boy said. "Well then let's get going!" Ino said dragging Sasuke by the hand in the opposite direction that she was just walking in.