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Kairi sat on the paopu tree, staring out toward the ocean. She knew she shouldn't be worrying, that Sora and Riku could handle anything that came their way, but still she worried. It had been almost two months since her two best friends left to take their Mark of Mastery exam, and she had heard no word on how they did. She sighed, "It's just like two years ago, when they saved the worlds from Organization XIII."

She jumped down and started walking back toward her rowboat.

"I mean, is it too much trouble to send a messenger? Or even just a simple letter in a bottle?" she asked herself as she opened the door of the shack that connected the tiny islet to the island. Briefly she paused, looking around to see if maybe they had sent Pluto with a letter in his mouth, which she had heard from Donald was how he and Goofy started their journey that eventually led to Sora. She rather liked Pluto, especially since he was locked up in The World That Never Was with her when Saïx decided to kidnap her to manipulate Sora to release hearts so that Kingdom Hearts could be created. He was a bright spot in those dark days in that prison cell before her own Nobody Naminé broke her out, enabling her to reunite with Sora and Riku.

"Oh, it's no use. It's always been like this. Sora and Riku get to have these amazing adventures, and I'm just stuck waiting here, hoping that they come back," she muttered as she slammed the door on the other side of the shack. She stalked toward the dock, continuing to mutter to herself, "Either that, or I get kidnapped and have to wait to be rescued."

"Can't I do ANYTHING to help them!" She yelled toward the sky.

"You could come with me, Kairi," came a faintly familiar voice.

She turned, spotting a man dressed in the black cloak that Organization XIII used to wear. His hood was down, and she recognized him. Even though she had only met him when he was both a Nobody and a Heartless, she still recognized him. He smiled an evil smile.

"Xehanort!" Kairi exclaimed with shock. "But, I thought..."

"That Sora and Riku finished me off for good?" He asked, taking slow, deliberate steps toward her, clearly enjoying her confusion. "Turns out, they did me a favor. See, when a person becomes a Heartless and a Nobody, and both are defeated in the order of their creation, the person returns to being a whole person again. What's more, when my Nobody was destroyed, I regained the memories that were lost when Ansem the Wise first found me." He stopped within arms reach of her. "I finally remember my original plans, and you're going to help me, Princess."

"Why would I ever agree to help you? You're pure evil!" Kairi shot back.

He grabbed her wrist, preventing her from escaping. "I don't believe that was a request, Princess," he said as she struggled in vain against his grip, "I believe that was a statement."
"NOOOOO!" Kairi screamed as he opened a portal of darkness.

Worlds away, Heavyn awoke with a start. "What a weird dream," she muttered, glancing around her (slightly) messy room. Her gaze lingered on the Kingdom Hearts poster that was on the opposite wall of her bed. "That's it, no more playing Kingdom Hearts just before bed," she thought to herself. She brightened as she looked at her calendar. "That's right! Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded comes out today! I can't wait to play it!" she exclaimed, jumping out of bed, not knowing of the adventure that lay ahead.