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Years passed, and Isa and I grew older. While Isa certainly grew a little wiser, however, even I would admit that it's debatable if I ever gained wisdom. But then, I think that I was pretty wise for a kid, considering that I knew the true way to immortality was to live on in people's memories rather than physically living forever.

However, that's just me.

When we were old enough, we both applied for the castle guard, and thanks to our amazing skills we managed to succeed. While we were in training, it was obvious to all what my chosen weapons would be- after all, my Frisbee skills translated well to the chakrams. However, even I was surprised to see Isa lean more towards the claymore, for in all of our play spars he had always leaned more towards a staff-like weapon (for example, the handle of a broom) to easily and quickly parry my Frisbees while leaving me with some impressive bruises.

Then again, it is rather hard to find a claymore-like weapon amongst items that children use on a daily basis.

Looking back, I guess that was the first noticeable thread of our childhood friendship unraveling, just as my first glimpse into Isa's fascination with Ansem's newest apprentice was the first subtle one. It was so small, but the fact that I hadn't expected it meant that I didn't know him as well as I thought I did.

The first big thread to unravel our childhood friendship, however, was Xehanort himself.

My first impression of him being a dangerous man remained ingrained in my mind. Some might say that it was unfair to hold that first impression against him, however I'll never forget that it was him who suggested that Ansem send sweet little Kairi away. From what I saw and heard from my little hidden corner, he seemed both happy and irritated as the strange white light surrounded that poor little girl and transported her to who knows where. He claimed it was to keep her safe from the strange creatures that had started to occasionally show up, but my gut told me that he had an ulterior motive.

Isa, however, persisted in his fascination with the man. It seemed to me that he would take any (and I do mean any) excuse to come into contact with Xehanort. At first, it just seemed like normal intrigue. However, when Xehanort started to take notice of this behavior, that changed. From what Isa kept gushing to me, at first Xehanort had asked him to run small errands. As time went on, however, Isa seemed to get closer and closer to the point where Xehanort would often ask Isa's opinion on things that no guard frankly had a right to know about.

We had our arguments about the man, for I was not very subtle about my dislike of Xehanort. However, we still remained friends. Either way, though, the more we guarded the castle from the Heartless (a term that was coined by one of the apprentices- I don't know which one, though), the stronger the two of us grew.

Too bad we weren't strong enough for what was to come.