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Title- Double Date

Summary: Face meets a women and plans a double date with her. He brings Murdock along, but Murdock already knows his date, and the one major thing about her; she is a CIA agent who works with his worst enemy! Set before the movie.


First Chapter- Face's POV


Face was wandering around the hallways of the hotel him and the rest of the team were currently at. They were all given a vacation after their last mission. It had been a tough one, and they all had their share of near-death experiences, much to Murdock's delight. He was thinking of what to do on his first day when he spotted the beautiful women who was working as the hotel's receptionist. Since Hannibal had checked them in while the rest of them began getting their luggage he hadn't seen her. Now he knew what he wanted to do on his first night here.

Turning on his charm and strolling up to her he did a quick check of his appearance in the glass lobby doors. He took a moment to study her as he walked up to her. She looked like a huge Barbie doll, from the long curly blond hair down to her stilettos. He noticed she was wearing a tight and very low cut shirt, which showed off her magazine cover perfect figure, and also a short skirt which revealed her great legs. He was definitely impressed and smiled his best player smile.

Thinking quickly he found the perfect conversation starter. "Excuse me miss, I was wondering if I could get some extra shampoo for my room, I seem to have forgot to pack any." He said smoothly and smiled. She looked up from her computer and looked at his blue eyes, her own blue eyes lighting up and her mouth curving up into a smile.

From the look on her face he could tell he had her hooked. Her face conveyed how impressed she was with his looks. "Of course. That not a problem." She said slowly in a seductive tone adding "Is that all you need." He thought 'Score' and smiled back.

He decided now would be the right time to find out a little more about the area. "Actually, I was wondering where all the best clubs and restaurants around the area would be." He asked in an interested but suggestive tone.

The smile on her face widened and she spoke in a calm but sweet voice "Oh, there are many fine clubs and restaurants around here. You seem to be looking for a good time tonight." He notices her eyes then began wondering over his body.

"Why yes actually I am, would you mind accompanying me later as my personal tour guide of the area." He said while leaning over the counter and briefly looking into her eyes before his wandered down to the v-neck part of her extremely low cut shirt.

"Hmm… I'm afraid one of my close friends is coming into town tonight." His smile faltered "Unless you have another friend who wouldn't mind coming along." Face's smile returned full force, and then some.

"Oh yes I have a friend who I'm sure would love to join us, so what time would you like to meet up." He said happy to have such a gorgeous date that he was pretty sure he would get lucky with.

"Well I get off at 4 o'clock so how about we meet back here in the lobby around 6, all four of us, and don't be late" She winked. Face was hooked and nodded his head like a bobble head for a moment before he realized it.

Quickly recovering he replied "Of course, well I had better go get ready. I'll see you soon." He smiled and winked as he started returning to his room. He stopped by another window after he was out of her sight to look at his reflection and said to himself "Oh ya it's too easy." while running a hand through his hair.

Now however, he had a new problem to sort out which consisted of getting one his friends to go along with him. He knew he didn't stand a chance against BA who was unsupportive of his womanizing and was way stronger than him. Hannibal, well age played a major factor here, after all these women were young, but he doubted Hannibal would go anyway. He always shook his head at Face and told him he was getting too old for such things. So that left him one option, Murdock. Him and Murdock were best friends true, but he had a tendency to be hard to handle, but maybe if Face asked him to he might behave. Getting him to go would be the hard part. After all Murdock preferred to spend his time doing random things, watching cartoons, and singing, making Face wonder when his last date was. So he resolved that he would have his fair share of problems with all of them and so he would just have to con one of them.