Dear Diary.

Okay, So today was just like any other day in the Trancy household, I ate breakfast (which Claude had – of course - prepared with the utmost love for me), and then Hannah annoyed me. Biiiiitch.

Words cannot even began to describe how much I loathe that white haired, purple lipped woman. She thinks she's so hot, but she's so not.

But more about her later.

But honestly, just because I was choking to death on a piece of my breakfast does not mean she has the right to try give me the heimlich maneuver!

The triplets didn't even try to help get her off me either! They stood back talking amongst themselves – they're so snobby! With their matching awesome hair, they think they're so better than everyone else! Pft, Bitches please, My hair is quite obviously way nicer. Its so shinylicious and soft!

But anyway, after breakfast (and a bit of Hannah-Hitting) I was going to tell Claude to get me some candy. Because who doesnt love candy – it's like the best food ever. I could eat candy all day, everyday! Om nom nom.

But then he said "No, your highness."

Like actually. What the f!

So, I, ofcourse, demanded to know the reason why he wouldn't go get me some of the delicious candy I desired – and get this, his answer? "..." and a blank gaze.

That bastard! Even if he's totally amazing and gorgeous and I'm soooo crushing on him. He's trying to come between me and my precious Candy! And yes, dear diary, I did just capitalize the word Candy- It's just that important to me.

So I went to go and get the triplets to get me some, but they shook their heads! All of them did!

I was debating whether I would go to that disgusting woman as a last choice option. This is proof of how much I needed my Candy! I would never trust Hannah with anything as special as my Candy!

But then the need for Candy won, and I went to go try find her and demand she fetch me some candy at once.

I cant remember it entirely but the following conversation went something like this:

"Slut, go fetch me some Candy at once."

"My apologies Danna-Sama but I cannot."

-Here's where I started getting outraged.

"WHAT! Why the hell not!"

"Claude has forbidden us all from allowing you any more sweets. Im sorry."


"Erm, Danna-Sama, I don't think you really want to know the answer. . ." She whispered with her bowed head low.

"Hannah, I demand you tell me this instant why no one will buy me any Candy." I seethed.


"NOW, Hannah."

"Because Claude thinks you are getting a bit fat around the thighs. . . and everywhere else."

She was lying obviously, there is no way that I, Alois Trancy, could be f a t. I was a bishie! A super fine one! I make all the girls and boys fangasm!

. . .

Well. . .

My shorts are feeling a bit tight.

. . .


Time for some excercise. . .


Boxing is a sport, right? Which therefore means it's excercise!

"Oh, Hannaaaah!"

Ciao for now! -Alois Trancy.


Don't get me wrong, I adore Hannah, it's just that . . . Alois doesn't xD

The next chapter will either be about his 'Super Rival Ciel' or his "Super Crush on the amazing Claude" or perhaps even an entire chapter dedicated to his hatred of Hannah :D