The Business of Recovery


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Summary: After ending the war and inheriting the titles of the Potter and Black families, Harry decides to create a future of his own by pursuing his education at Ouran Academy to run the family businesses.

Author's Note: I can hardly claim to be a writer, but this idea has been niggling at my mind for a while now. I wanted to put my idea into textual form so I could organize my thoughts, and I figured that I might as well share it with you all since it was written out.

Chapter 1

Harry grimaced in discomfort as he stood outside the gates of Ouran Academy. His discomfort wasn't at the school itself, which towered before him with overbearing opulence and pink, instead it was at his wretched uniform. The dark blue dress slacks, though of top quality, were restrictive compared to the battle robes he was used to, not to mention the tie and jacket. He was certain that anyone who saw him would instantly know he didn't belong here in this world of wealth and luxury.

'But you do now,' he reminded himself as he adjusted his tie in a failed attempt to ease his discomfort. And it was true. Now that he had inherited the Potter and Black families (and the lordships that went with them), he had enough wealth and status to rival anyone who attended Ouran Academy, prestigious though it may be. His newly acquired status and wealth was actually the reason he found himself in front of a giant pink mansion of a school in a crisply-pressed new uniform in Japan. He felt that, as the last remaining member of both the Potter and Black families, he had a responsibility to both maintain and expand upon the businesses and wealth that he currently owned.

He remembered his surprise at the knowledge that both the Potter and Black families had businesses in the muggle world.

Harry stared at the bank goblin in front of him in confusion. He thought he knew what to expect when he came into Gringott's for his inheritance's to be legalized, but this was far more than he expected.

"What's wrong, Mr. Potter? Surely you didn't expect the money to just show up in the vault on its own, did you? Both the Potter and Black families have owned businesses in the muggle world for generations!" the goblin exclaimed as though it were obvious.

"I, ah, figured it was interest… or something…" Harry trailed off at the goblin's chuckles and scowled, "Well excuse me if I didn't know anything about it!"

"I apologize, Mr. Potter," the goblin ceased his laughter and gave Harry a contemplative look, "I suppose you have been rather…busy… with other matters."

Harry's face went a bit stony, his eyes lost in dark memories, "Yeah, you could say that." The war against Lord Voldemort, though short, was brutal. The deaths of those he loved still haunted him greatly, though the war had been over for nearly a year. He shook his head as if clearing away a fog, and a determined expression appeared on his face, "What do I need to do to make these businesses run and grow?"

After having listened to the goblin rattle off a bunch of business terms that he barely understood, Harry and the goblin decided that the first thing he needed to do was get an education that focused on running a business. Harry knew he wanted to go to school in another country, as England held too many bad memories for him, but it was the goblin who convinced him to attend Ouran Academy.

"Knowledge is only a part of it," the goblin had explained, "The rest is all about connections, of which you currently have very few. Ouran hosts students from some of the most influential and well-off families in the world. If there's anywhere to make some good connections, Ouran is the place."

So, after a mostly-legal language spell and a heck of a long plane trip, Harry found himself here, standing in front of one of the most elite high schools in the world and about to take the first steps into his new life as Lord Harrison Potter- Black.

'Buck up, Potter," he adjusted his satchel and squared his shoulders and stepped onto the grounds of Ouran Academy, 'Here goes nothing.'

End Chapter 1

Author's Note: I know it's pretty short and has a lot of back story, sorry about that. Consider this a sort of teaser, I suppose. I would love to hear your reactions!