This is the ALTERNATE ENDING to They Were.

Only because I like angry Jade AND happy Jade. And someone kinda asked for it?

Starts at the third-from-last line in the original ending. Also, I don't think Beck's name is Becklett. It's just Jade's name for him. It sounds weird?

And then his lips were on her, kissing her with heated passion. He wanted her to know that he missed her, should've seen what he was doing before he went speeding along.

But when they broke apart, she stared at him for about twenty seconds. It was awkward, he needed to know what was going through her mind. Then her lips curled into a scowl.

"You tried too hard, Beck, just get over it." she spoke harshly. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see his kid peering over her shoulder. Probably wanting to know what she would do to her daddy.

He seemed slightly astonished, like oh no my kiss-that-makes-girls-faint didn't work on her, but it worked on Tori.

She blew a bubble with her gum, popped it, chewed on it a little more, then repeated the cycle. "Can't stand around all day, Oliver. You know there are more people wanting autographs. And Cat can't entertain your kid all day."

He glanced over at Cat and Jadelyn. Yeah, the redhead looked desperate.

"Why?" was all he could say.

"Why? Beck James Oliver, you're an idiot." She stabbed a finger harshly at his chest. "You know you hurt me. I was in pain for twelve years. Ever since I was eight, to the time I met Cat."

"Why were you in pain?"

"'Cause you had Tori, and I had no one, okay? You had a slut, that's why she was a cheerleader, 'cause she was gonna get knocked up in high school and you were gonna ditch me. Desperate measures, Becklett."

He sighed. "Jadelyn," he called. Jade stared at him disapprovingly as the girl turned to face him. "We're going home."

Jadelyn made a face. "But I like Cat!"

"That's good, but we're going home. No but's."

Jadelyn sighed and followed Beck. Jade ignored them, didn't want to see the girl that was her namesake.

"You okay, Jade?" she turned to look at who had asked. It was Cat, staring uncomfortably at Jade.

"Yeah, Cat, I'm okay. Just one of those stupid things that happen.. Let's go."

As they were leaving the now-deserted concert center, Cat whispered, "I didn't like that guy."

"I didn't either, Cat."

Cat giggled.