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1. Stranded!


I watched the trees sway once over. This was getting kinda boring. Alice was walking beside me talking non-stop about how a girl had taken the dress she had been about to buy. I rolled my eyes when Cullen and his brainless girlfriend came around the corner.

We were currently roaming an island which was a plain island. This wasn't a tourist stop. Our ship had a scheduled stop here just to relieve a few people who had seasickness. Those who wanted to were allowed to roam the island with a guide provided they are back before three p.m.

Alice and I had immediately volunteered to go. But sadly Cullen and the blond had agreed. What was her name? Tina? No Tanya. That was it, Tanya.

I looked to my right and saw that Alice had already boarded the ship. I turned and was about to leave when I saw Cullen and Tanya head off in the opposite direction. Were they stupid or what? Probably wanted a private make-out session.

I glanced at my watch. It was five minutes past three. Shit! As much as I wanted to leave them stranded on the island I couldn't make myself do it. I ran in the direction they had disappeared.

There was absolutely no sign of them. Why did God have to do this to me! I called their names loudly. But just then the ship's horn blew loud and clear. I froze. I so didn't want to live on the island with two idiots for company.

"Cullen! Denali!" I called hurrying a little.

No reply.

I got mad.

"Swan?" a voice came from behind me.

I whirled around.

"Cullen, the ship, it's gonna leave!" I screamed at him in frustration.

Denali was hanging on his right arm.

"Come on!"

I started running in the direction I had come.

I could here them running behind me.

When I reached the edge of the forest I saw that there was no ship anchored there.

I looked towards the sea.

"Oh no!"

I started waving my hands over my head and yelling.

"Hello! Please! We are here!"

"Swan what's up?" Cullen asked coming up behind me.

"The ship is gone and it is all your fault." I screamed.

He looked at the ship in the distance.


I ran further out waving my arms like mad.

"Cullen give me your shirt." I ordered quickly. He looked surprised and Denali looked annoyed.


"Just do it."

He lifted his shirt over his head and gave it to me. I waved it over my head.

Please see it! Come on!

The ship went further and further until it was out of sight. I groaned. Oh my god! I was stranded.

I sank into the soft sand.

I pulled my hands to my face and buried my face in the soft fabric.

"I believe that is my shirt." An overly annoying voice said coming from somewhere to my right.

I lunged. I punched Cullen as hard as I could. He tried running away but I pushed him onto the ground.

"You-punch-are the reason-punch-I am stuck here-punch-with nowhere to go."

Cullen had stopped struggling.

'Well I never asked you to come searching for me." He said pushing me off him.

He stood up and brushed the sand off him.

"Swan try the phone." He said smirking.

"I don't have mine with me." I said folding my arms across my chest.

"I do."

He looked at his phone and then back at me.

"What?" I asked impatiently.

"No charge" he said sheepishly.


"Hey Denali! Do you have a cell phone?" I asked her. She flopped over to us in her high heels.

"No. I don't. I didn't know that we would get stuck here." She said looking all high and mighty.

"Well thanks for the help." I said glaring at them, "I am going to find a way to escape"

"How?" Cullen asked calmly as though we were discussing the weather.

"I don't know! I am tired, dirty, hungry and stranded on an island with a pair of loons and all you can say is 'How?"

"Oh that's nice." He said beginning to get a red flush, "I never asked you to come looking for us. We would have got out fine and even if we were stranded at least it would be just the two of us and not an idiot who thinks she is the only one who is suffering!"

I turned and stalked away.

I could hear Denali say something to Cullen but I didn't care.

I settled down on a rock and shut my eyes.


I searched for Bella all over the ship.

"Mr. Black a girl's been left behind!" I screamed. My fear and shock were getting the better of me.

"Really? Oh dear." He said wiping his forehead.

"Turn the ship around. Please." I said jumping up and down.

"I can't do that. There is a storm heading towards that island at many kilometers per hour and I don't want to risk the lives of all the people on the ship for one girl." He said before turning and walking back to his cabin.

I turned to look at the sky and what I saw there was shocking really. The sky was almost black in that direction. I could tell by the direction of the wind that it would blow over the island.

I returned to my cabin. Oh dear! I had left my best friend in an island all alone, with spiders, snakes, insects and what not.


I rubbed my shoulders with my hands. I was wearing a sleeveless blue top and black jeans. Not quite the attire for the outdoors.

The wind was getting chilly. I looked over to Cullen's side and saw them sleeping on the sand.

My eyes suddenly noticed the dark clouds that were heading our way judging by the direction of the winds.

I got up and ran over to Cullen. I had a good mind to leave them but I thought the better of it.

"Cullen! Denali! Wake up!"

They stirred a little but didn't wake up.


I knelt down and shook them. Cullen opened his eyes and looked at me in surprise. Denali sat upright.

"What's the matter?" he asked groggily.

"That's the matter" I said pointing towards the swirling clouds.

"Oh shit!" he said jumping up.

Denali got up with him.

"We have to find shelter. Follow me." I said running through the trees.

I remembered seeing a huge hollow rock just near the edge of the forest. It was more of a cave.

I finally saw it looming up in front of us. The entire place had darkened.

"Its here!" I said joyfully.

I entered the cave and looked inside. It was dry and the roof was really high. I went out wondering what had happened to the two idiots.

There they were. Cullen was walking with Denali or more like carrying Denali.

I hurried over to help him.

"What the hell happened?" I asked putting an arm around Denali to make Cullen's job a little easier.

"She fell. I guess her leg is broken." He said his eyed clouded over with worry.

"Maybe." I agreed.

We finally made it to the cave. He place Denali down and stretched.

"I'll go get firewood." I said leaving the cave.

It would start raining any moment now.

I picked up all dry leaves and twigs. The big branches I stored under a jutting rock. I couldn't possibly carry them all to the cave.

When I returned the first drop of rain fell and then it poured. The sounds were frightening.

"I gathered as much as I could." I said holding up the 'fuel' I had brought.

He took them from me and started arranging them in a neat circle right in the center.

"How are we going to light it?" I asked realizing that we probably had no matches.

"There is a lighter inside my backpack" he said quietly.

"Your backpack?" I asked in surprise. I had seen no backpack.

I scanned the cave and saw a black bag. I opened it and found the lighter.

"Here you go." I said and tossed it over to Cullen he caught it deftly and soon enough a fire was blazing inside the cave.


We had sat there for almost three hours doing nothing. My ipod's battery was dead.

"Swan?" Cullen called from the other side of the fire.

"Hmm?" I asked not caring that I was speaking civilly to him.

"Could we work together at least until we get out of here?" he asked looking at me seriously.

I considered it. We were lost and we had no food or water. We had to take care of a girl who had a broken leg and we also had to find out how to escape.

"Sure" I said keeping my eyes to the flames.

"Thanks." He said before going back to his own business.


After almost an hour I heard a wrapper being torn.

I looked up and saw Cullen opening something.

"Swan you want?" he asked holding it out to me. I was hungry and there was no point in saying no.

"Yes." I said before crossing over to his side and taking a biscuit from him. It was chocolate chip. I sank down next to him not wanting to go back to my place where it was kinda cold.

The biscuit tasted wonderful. I let it melt in my mouth instead of chewing through it like I usually would have.

Denali groaned a little.

"Will she be okay I asked Cullen" looking at the sleeping girl.

"I think so." He said watching her as well, "I tied her leg as well as I could. But the handkerchief will not help it set properly."


"Are you cold?" he asked suddenly.

I was about to say no when I realized that my teeth were chattering.

I closed my mouth.

"Here you go" he said giving me a….a shirt.

"Is this yours?" I asked incredulously.

"Yup. I had it in my backpack." He said matter-of-factly.

I slipped it on over my clothes.


"Don't mention it."


I watched Bella over the fire. She had just moved from next to me. She looked cute in my shirt. Tanya was sleeping on the floor and Bella was trying her hardest to adjust herself to her surroundings.

"Swan? Where do you live?" I asked.

"Forks. Why?" she asked looking at me curiously.

"You seem to find it really hard to sleep here." I said smiling a little.

Her mouth opened in a wide 'o'.

"My name is Isabella Marie Swan" she said after some time.

I had read that name somewhere. Hmm. But where? Then it struck me. I had even seen her picture in the newspaper. She was Isabella Marie Swan. She was heiress to millions of dollars and an estate worth millions.

"You are her" I said in shock.


"The girl in the paper." I said impatiently.

She nodded.


"Why?" she asked her eyes widening.

"I don't know. I am sitting next to an heiress and I was being a complete ass to you earlier."

"Please don't start that. I don't want all that money. I am willing to give it for charity." She said shaking her head.

"Why? You have the money why waste it?" I asked shocked that she would make a decision like that.

"My dad wanted me to marry Jacob Black. Jacob was the owner to all the estates and stuff. But I didn't want to marry him. That idea is plain stupid. But Jacob he didn't want to live without me or something and he left all of this to me and he killed himself." She said softly.

"Oh." I said listening with great interest.

"But when I joined college things began to go haywire. We found out that his ghost would haunt me forever." She said looking at me and then al around her.

"Oh my god!" I said feeling genuinely scared.

She broke out laughing.

"Oh my god that was…..so..so funny!" she said laughing and I saw tears running down her cheeks.

"That was so not funny" I said through my teeth.

She still laughed.

Finally she stopped laughing and sat up straight.

"Thanks a lot." I said glaring at her.

"Hey. Come on Mr. I can't take a joke well" she said leaning against the rock wall.

"So all that was a lie?" I asked still angry.

"Not all of it." She said softly.

"Which part is true?"

"Well Jacob did kill himself but not because of me. It was for a girl called Carlotta. She died in a car crash and he couldn't take it." She said a sad expression on her face.

"But where do you come into this story?' I asked.

"Well I was Jake's best friend. Billy, Jake's dad was the millionaire. He had wanted to leave Jake all his wealth because he knew he would die soon. Cancer, you know. But Jake being the idiot he was killed himself and Billy had to change his will. He decided to give it all to me. I guess he loved me like a daughter. Anyway enough with sad stories, we have to search for edible things on the island tomorrow." She said before lying down and closing her eyes.

"Good night." I said before falling asleep.