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10. A wish fulfilled


I traced the contours of my husband's face. He smiled. The same smile he always held for me. A small one but with a lot of love. I smiled softly at him. Clearly I was being kept in the dark about something. It could be something related to my 51st birthday. The forties fear was ages old now. I was more scared of Edward joining the army especially since he was really growing into that idea. I had long since given up persuasion. According to Austin Edward would do what's best for him and I agreed after a long long time. I had to trust what he considered best for our son right?

"Will you marry me, Bella?" he asked his face covered with icing. Strawberry, my favorite. I licked it off his nose and mmmed in appreciation.

"I will Austin" I said kissing him softly. The kiss of a lifetime.

"Honey….." he whispered and I knew I was making good on my distraction trick. I giggled and then realized that I was probably in for the 'spoil mom senseless' plan again. Like I didn't have enough of it from Austin. I grinned at him before moving out of his arms and to my closet. My towel was in a dangerous position.

"Bella…..Wear that nice blue one Angela got you." Austin said smiling at me from the bed. I nodded muttering under my breath. That dress wasn't for a fifty year old woman. Even if the woman had a great body. I pulled it out. The color brought the memories out but they weren't painful anymore. They were memories….but my most treasured ones. I smiled to myself. Blue….

"Aren't you very happy to see me changing…" I said grinning. Austin blushed but slightly. And then his usual smile came on.

"You look so nice when you change….You're not worried about anyone glimpsing anything that is not in the glimpse menu." He said grinning at me the night of our wedding.

"It's not every day that I see my beautiful wife looking so beautifully unclothed…." He said smiling at me.

I laughed.

"Yeah right."

"Edward…." I said hugging him gently as he entered the house. A pretty girl accompanied him and I could tell that he loved her a lot. The way he looked at her made me smile.

"Mom….Uh this is my fiancé Angela Weber…"


"….happy birthday to you" and I blew the candles on the strawberry iced cake. It was huge and it had 52 candles. Ha ha….Austin's idea. Angela, my sweet daughter in law had to practically pry Rosalie off the cake. She wanted a Barbie doll at first but then got confused about getting the car instead. She was now touring the house with her new friend Emmett. A cute little boy with really cute dimples.

I smiled at Rosie my little granddaughter. Her face was alight with happiness as she looked at me.

"Honey say bye bye to Grandma." Angela said sadly. Her eyes tearing up. We would meet only after two years. I smiled at Angela comfortingly.

"No mommy. I am not saying bye bye. I am staying with grandmama, you go" Rosie four years at that time argued and sulked until Edward promised to buy her a candy stick.

"To my mother, for her sweet loving care for me all my life." Edward said raising his champagne glass and smiling at me. I smiled back. His hazel eyes alight with happiness. He had my hair and my nose but his father's eyes. I looked at Austin but he was lost in the moment with his little Rosie. I smiled at them.

"Hey mom" Angela said coming up next to me. She insisted on calling me mom because she hadn't had the pleasure of a mother. I loved it….I loved her…She was sweet and she was my daughter all the way.

"So we're leaving tomorrow." Angela said softly. I nodded absentmindedly. I knew that….But we were all going to be fine. I knew that.

"Show me pictures of Italy honey. I miss it there." I said smiling at her. She laughed.

"Of course mom."

I nodded and kissed her forehead. I would miss her. And Rosie. Of course I would miss Edward. But he came to Forks almost every two months. He loved his 'mama' too much to stay away for too long.

I received all the presents with a good heart. Even if I wasn't going to open them.

I stared at the far end of the room where there was commotion. I couldn't see much but I made out a familiar blonde head and a black one.

"Alice! Jazz!" I squealed. So this was the surprise. My two best friends were here. All the way from Texas.

"Bella!" she squealed back and I was the happiest person on earth.


I sent Edward and Angie and little Rosie off. They were in a bit of a hurry.

"Gone again ….." Austin said quietly from I side. I smiled. He would be a little moody for a few days and then everything will go back to normal. A normal house with a normal family. I looked out as the car turned the corner.

My family.

I stared out at the moon and closed my eyes for a split second. Edward once told me 'Bella…you know when I miss someone, a lot, I turn to the moon and look at it for a minute….I can see their face there.'

I did that. And I saw A familiar bronze haired beauty look back at me with green eyes. I felt a small pang in my chest. It indicated memory. Realization.

The eyes looked and kept looking and I smiled.

The eyes vanished the moment I smiled but I had seen them.

Age: 102

I stared at the photo of my husband. He'd left for the place above fourteen years ago. I smiled at him and almost felt him smile back at me. But I knew that the same hazel eyes would never look at me. Austin.

"Grandma…..I think I love Emmett"

The soft voice was a favorite of mine.

"Rose…..You think? Are you sure?" I asked as she settled down on my bed next to me. Her twenty year old self was very very beautiful but her humility was the best of them all.

"Grandma…I'm not sure if I can tell him." She said fiddling nervously with the sheets. A habit she had acquired from her father who had in turn acquired it from me. I smiled at her hesitation. She was not aware of the obvious love Emmett had for her too.

"My child…..Do you know that when I was twenty two….Edward Cullen…" and the story came out of my mouth like water. So smooth. Even after so many years.

Rose had tears running down her cheeks. Her blue eyes were clouded and watery.

"Oh grandma…..That is the most romantic story I have ever heard in my whole life. I am so sorry." She said leaning forward and hugging me gingerly. I patted her back with my old withered hand.

She sniffled.

I wiped my own tears off.

"I'll go tell him now." She said running off. I smiled. Getting of the bed was forbidden because I had weak ankles. But I knew that wasn't applicable anymore.

I slid of the bed gently and set my feet on the carpeted floor. The moon was full outside. I smiled again. A clear sign.

The window was open and a crisp breeze or rather a strong wing blew in and chilled my cheeks. I closed my eyes and sighed.

The familiar bronze haired green eyed man appeared but instead of smiling this time he beckoned to me. I nodded. I'll be there love.

A moment passed and then I was overwhelmed by the beauty and clarity of my memories. The love the happiness…

I smiled slightly. The love of my life…..The only love…..

I turned and saw Austin next to me. He smiled and nodded.

"Bella…..Its time…" he seemed to whisper. I nodded. That night when I slept I dreamt of a gold cup. A beautiful gold cup studded with rubies and diamonds, sapphires….But sadly a few of those precious stones had fallen out. What got to me was the fact that I was drinking out of it. Only then did I realize that I had a life like that cup. Happiness throughout but a few sad and tragic happening here and there…..

'Edward I have made the babies you wanted me to, and I've also lived for a 102 years. Your wish is fulfilled.'

I closed my eyes and fell asleep. Deep in slumber.

Third person's POV

I saw her sleep. Her calm slumber. Her small smile peaceful face.

But little did she know that her dream was more than just her dream…..

I watched her take a deep breath….and then silence….

She had slept peacefully and deeply never to return to consciousness.

I silently prayed that she returned to her love….Edward…she called him.


Several years later at the same window stood a blonde woman and in her arms was a small girl with curly brown locks. They were staring up at the stars.

"Mary honey…..Can you see those stars? That is where your great grandmamma is…..She and Edward said that they would love each other always and so their stars stay together even now. Can you see them?"

Yes I could….

The stars that held life and love….

Two stars together.

The two stars which would only be identified as Edward and Bella by me and that pretty blonde woman…

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