Chapter 1: Alive Bellas POV

"Come on Baby, Im really horny. I got money." I turned around and stared at the black car that

had stopped beside me on the side of the road. I sighed and walked over to his car. He smiled at

me and gave off his smelly odor and the sight of his missing teeth. I opened his door and he

drove to an alley. "Come on baby." He sneered. I leaned over in my seat and unbottoned his

pants, 'here goes' i thought. After about ten minutes, I grabbed the money and opened the car

door and started walking back to Dannys. On my way there, another car pulled up and offered

me $100 to have his way with me. I accepted.

Right? I got the money

and retreated back to Dannys. I gave him his cut and walked back into the darkness. I was a

prostitute. Danny was my employer and my sisters boyfriend. I trudged through the dark streets

of the bad parts of Boston. I walked through the only lit building, the bell on the door screamed

my presence. Nobody bothered to look up. I took a seat next to a tall guy with scruff and bags

under his eyes. His hair was a beautiful bronze color and the prettiest green eyes i have ever

seen. His hands were shaking and he was deathly pale. I listened to the stories, the terrible true

stories of the people here trying to get over there a addictions. I was at my usual AA meeting. I

used. That was the only thing that kept me sane, with this job. I looked the bronze haired

stranger and looked at him, he was gorgous. He tooked around 25 ish. Not sure. After an hour or

so I saw that the darkness had really settled in the city. I got up and retreated out the door,

feeling the cold air, attack my face. The only thing that kept me alive was my daughter, Ali. She

was my everything, I did all this for her. I decided on my long walk to my home if you can even

call it that, that i would start going to those AA meetings to see the bronze hair stranger. I felt a

weird pull to him that wasnt familiar to me at all.

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