Chapter one Louis's story

Paris, 1896, a place where the tree's grow tall and the plants bloom all year long. It is a very structured place full of all kinds of rules and regulations but despite all that, it was a very happy place...until four year's later.

Present day in the 1900's, Paris lost a lot of it's greenery and floral touch to war and riots. Paris never used to be so dull and boring and certainly not as dangerous as it is now. The reason you would suspect first of course would be the ruler. Well, you're right in suspecting so. The new king had started his ruling eight months ago and has since made Paris a much harder place to live in. His name is Louis. He started his ruling as a twenty two year old king, far to young to be a king now a day's. He is not a very fair nor kind man, and his childhood can probably explain the reasons behind this. He was raised by his mother Anne the queen who decided to go into retirement and let her young son rule France. He was raised without a father which can explain why he is so angry half the time. Louis is a man who loves power and money and of course the ladies, but what did he possibly do to ruin such a proud free country? Sit and listen carefully while I explain how this all came to be...

When France was no longer ruled by queen Anne, she put her son in front of the council and crowned him king at the age of twenty three. While his mom was still ruling France, he had often thought she was to fair and to generous to the people, not making them work harder for what they needed such as food and work. So when he became ruler he laid down his own rules over throwing his own mothers without any care. In general she had a set of basic rights the people could have but out of the many, three where the most important: the access to clean safe food, fairness in the palace to whoever needed help and plenty of decent work for all the people to have to make a decent living. Well,of course, Louis thought she was to fair and wanted to change the rights a bit. For the first right, in order to obtain decent food to eat, the people would have to annually celebrate the day of his crowning by giving him three expensive gifts from every household no matter how much income that family would make. When the time came for his twenty third birthday, the people had to struggle and go without things to buy what he demanded from each household. Some things he would ask for would be things such as spice's, silk clothing, gold, silver, anything made with gold and silver, but the list goes way to long for me to continue to tell you, so just know that it's pretty much endless. When the time had come for his birthday celebration, he received over $20 million dollars in gifts. This made the remainder of the year very hard for the people to survive because of the large amounts of money they where forced to spend on the king. In fact, it made Paris go into a deep recession.

The second right was a lot more like a law if anything. If anybody broke a rule,they would be detained by the king's musketeer's and brought forward to him for judgment instead of having the captain judge them. When this law came into place the people where afraid to even blink because of how he made the laws. It took him a while to figure out weather or not he should change the third one or not. One day after the new law was taken into place, a couple of men got into an argument over fresh bread and one of them struck and knocked the other one out cold on his back. The king's musketeer's detained him and brought him before the king. As we all know by now king Louis is a man who shows no mercy, so you can expect he wasn't going to take such a minor case of violence lightly. He looked at the man and ordered him without any trial to be thrown into the palace's dungeon for the rest of his life. So then he was carried off and thrown into the dungeon. This made the people very angry with him and this enabled some of them to attack his musketeer's.

The king had thought long and hard about if he should change the last right or not, but since the people where attacking his men, he got angry and retaliated against them. He decided to put strict hiring rules on every business in Paris. These rules made it hard for people to get jobs. So many people couldn't find work. The ones who had no work went straight to the king and begged him to help, but he didn't do a thing for them. After a while the people got furious with him and began to riot and cause even more violence against his men.

After a while everybody just learned that there king's heart was to hard to soften, so they just learned to adapt to there new lives. So they stopped rioting and and attacking his men and just concentrated on surviving. They struggled but they got by. So all went well for a while...until the war's broke out!

France was constantly being attacked by other countries trying to over throw the king. His laws had not only effected his people, but the economy as well which had effected the whole world. The king knew he needed to protect his seat at the throne so he had to spend lots and lots of money his people needed on the wars. His adviser's and even the wisest men of his kingdom had told him that fighting these war's wasn't going to solve any of the problems he was facing. Having a discussion with these countries about the problems was the solution they had recommended to the king, but his stubbornness overtook him. He refused to listen to them and wanted to do it his way.

So that's the story of how France went from happy and free to strict and chaotic. King Louis' influence and idea's where sending the whole world too it's early end. What could possibly save France now? Well, that's something nobody has tried to do. Was king Louis' terror going to destroy the nation of France?