A/N: Somehow I knew that inquisitive, naive girl on the train with John and Bonnie was going to end up dead. Everyone in this game ends up dead... XD

Jack peered uneasily down at the well dressed (albeit, scuffed) little woman lying prone on the ground. He sighed quietly, and then sat himself down on a nearby rock. She continued gabbling on about the Lord and his grace, her hands reaching for the dreary, pouring sky and her hands vibrating with ill health. He shook his head and pulled his father's hat from his head, turning it over and over in his hands as he watched her rant. She seemed to ecstatic now that someone else was there to witness God's glory as she saw it, and had begun to praise him with increasing furor.

"Yes", she gasped out between coughs, "the good Lord has blessed me with his grace! You" –here she jabbed a finger in Jack's direction- "are a sign. Yes, a sign! A sign that I will be saved!". She collapsed at the end of this tirade in a fit of thick, rattling convulsions.

"Miss", he said gently, placing his grubby hand on her shoulder, "I gotta take you to Armadillo. They'll heal you up good n' proper there..."

"Oh, no! Now that He has sent me a sign, I will be saved right here in the desert!" she said, laughing between coughs.

"Jenny...". Jack bent his head, biting his lip, thinking of what else to do. He mulled over a plan for a few moments, before speaking once more.

"Jenny", he began tentatively, "if what you say is true and I'm driven by the good Lord's will... Wouldn't you be wise to listen to me?"

The woman paused in her praise and thought this over. She then came to a decision and turned her full attention to the man seated beside her. "Well", she said cautiously, "I suppose that would be wise..."

"I think it would", he said kindly, placating her. "I also think that, considering that I am being driven, controlled even, by the good Lord, that it would be wise of you to listen to what I gotta say and then agree to what I propose".

Her naive eyes widened at him in realization. "Yes", she said in a tiny voice, "I do suppose that would be a given..."

Jack continued on, emboldened by the look in her eyes. "So, then, you'd seriously consider my words when I tell you that you should let me take you back to Armadillo for help?"

Jenny's body loosened and her shoulders sagged as she kneeled in the dirt with the dead grass and the cacti. Her head slowly lowered and she covered her face with her hands.

"Truth of the matter is...", she said weakly, "that I'm dying, stranger. I already got all the help I could get with medicine... Now I'm turnin' to the Lord."

The two young beings sat silently for a long time, until Jenny broke the lull like glass on stone. She leapt foreward and grabbed Jack's knees pulling herself towards him and staring him straight in the face. Her eyes were wide and her pupils tiny with fear. Her breath came in ragged gasps from her struggling body. "I'm too young to die", she heaved hysterically, "I'm too young... I'm too young...". Soon her pleading turned into slow, melancholy sobs as she buried her head sorrowfully in Jack's lap. He was utterly taken back by her abrupt change in tone, but he quickly recovered. He did not know how else to comfort her but to place his hand on her head as she cried.

When she calmed down enough to move, he helped her to her feet and placed her securely on his horse. He lifted himself up and, holding her tight in front of him, rode into the darkness towards the winking lights of Armadillo.