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Prologue – The Beginning

Light gazed up at the mansion towering above him, eyes narrowed against the harsh winter wind. He glanced behind him, locking gazes with the hunched figure. L glanced away, taking in the building with wide, expressionless eyes. Light resisted the urge to curl his lip and turned back, his mind rewinding to the events of that morning.


"Light, are you awake?"

Light groaned and sat up. "I am now." He mumbled, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Then he turned to the door. "Dad? What's the matter?"

"L wishes to see you." Mr. Yagami replied in a whisper.

"Where is he?"

Mr. Yagami sighed. "He hasn't moved from the same spot in three days, Light. Where do you think?"

Light chuckled softly. "Alright, I'll be down in a second."

His father nodded, and then left.

After changing and doing the basic grooming, Light headed down to the main room. All was dark save the blaring light of the giant computer screens. Light paused at the doorway, and then entered the room. L swiveled around in his chair, chewing on his lip.

"Light," he began as the boy approached, "I received some information this morning. The sender claims to be Kira."

Light stiffened. That's impossible! He wanted to shout. I am Kira! How dare someone impersonate me!

Of course, the secret murderer kept silent, and instead put on his best surprised face.

"Kira?" he asked mildly, turning his gaze up to the computer screens. L nodded, stirring absent-mindedly at his coffee cup, which as long since gotten cold.

"The message is from an unknown sender, and like I said, claiming that they are Kira. Naturally, I am wary of this information, but I think it's safe to say that we should check it out. After all, if it does turn out to be a hoax, then at least we'll know we're not missing out some a potentially important piece of evidence."

Light narrowed his eyes. "What is this message, exactly?" He questioned. With a few clicks, L pulled up an e-mail.

"Dear Task Force," Light read aloud, "I am sure you are surprised by this unexpected e-mail, but I assure you that I have it all planned out. Let me keep this simple – I wish to meet with L and some exclusive members of the Task Force." Light paused. "Exclusive members?"

"Keep reading," L said, taking a sip of his coffee and wincing.

"As in exclusive members, I mean Mr. Yagami and his son, Light Yagami. No one else is to accompany you. I plan on meeting in a disclosed area, where we will not be bothered. I have no intentions of killing L, as I do not know his real name. As for the Yagami's, it would be pointless to dispose of them at this time. I have sent an attachment with directions on where we are to meet, as well as pictures of the building. Please be there at two o'clock this afternoon. The location isn't too far away from your main building, so I'm sure you will be able to make it with plenty of time to spare. You are to come unarmed. If you bring anyone else with you, expect them to be killed immediately. I will not hesitate. Thank you, and see you there." Light let out a growl. "What the heck?"

L turned to face the boy. "Are you up to it?" He asked, eyes wide and curious. Light paused to mull it over. Then he squared his shoulders and nodded.

"Of course I am. Why wouldn't I be?"

L gave the ghost of a smile. "Excellent," he said, and with a grunt rose from his seat. "Your father is out getting the car started. I'd suspect he'd be done by now."

Light gave another nod, and did his best to return the smile. "Lead the way then, Ryuzaki."


"Light?" The said boy gave a start, pulled from his thoughts by the soft voice. He looked over to see L already at the door, holding it open to allow access. His father was at his side, a reassuring hand placed on his son's shoulder.

"Let's go," he murmured. Light nodded and, with a final glance behind him, entered the dark, dank mansion.


"I really don't think this is a good idea, Misa-Misa," Matsuda groaned, glancing at the beautiful young star through the rear-view mirror. Misa let out a huff.

"Quit your grumbling, Matsuda, and drive faster!" She then let out melodramatic sigh, her eyes taking on a dreamy haze.

"I can't allow my beloved Light to go anywhere without me!" She declared devotedly; "He could be going into potentially life-threatening danger as we speak, and I want to be there to help him."

Matsuda stifled his moan and instead kept his eyes fixated on the road. "Where did you say this place was again?" He called weakly.

"Mmm…" Misa frowned, pursing his cherry-red lips in thought. Then, she let out a squeal of excitement, leaping over and pressing her face against the window.

"There it is! There it is!" She shrieked. "Pull over, Matsuda! Pull over!"

The young man grudgingly did as he was told, and with a spin of the wheel the car was on the side of the road, rolling to a slow halt. With another squeal of excitement Misa hopped out of the car, pulling the confused and regretful detective along with her.

"Th-this place is really creepy, Misa-Misa," Matsuda stuttered, unable to pull out of her vice-like grip. "M-maybe we shouldn't-"

"Shush!" The idol instructed, wrenching open the mansion door without a second thought. "Light-kun, no need to worry! I'm here!"

Light spun around, as did Mr. Yagami and L.

"Misa?" Light took a step forward, looking rather annoyed. "Matsuda? What are you two doing here?"

"Matsuda," Mr. Yagami growled, stepping up beside his son; "what is the meaning of this?"

Matsuda didn't waste any time as he leapt to attention. "I'm sorry, Chief! So, so sorry! Misa-Misa wanted to come see Light, and she's really convincing and kind of bothersome so I-" he cut off, realizing how silly his reasons were, and hung his head. "Sorry." He mumbled again.

The chief let out annoyed, gusty sigh. "Well, you're here now and there's nothing we can do about that."

Matsuda's head snapped up. "W-what d'you mean?" he asked meekly, glancing over his shoulder at the door, which had shut on its own. "Shouldn't we just leave?"

"I'm afraid that's quite impossible," L spoke for the first time since the arrival of the two uninvited members, causing all eyes to gravitate towards him. "You see, the door is only accessible from the outside."

Misa let out a dainty gasp. "That means…"

Light gave a grim nod.

"There's no way out."


Light checked his clock for the billionth time since they had become trapped inside the mansion. All of the members were slumped up against the wall, tired and defeated (and in Matsuda's case, bored), save L, who was crouched a few feet away, back to his colleagues as he let his thoughts wander.

"It's one fifty-three," Light grumbled, letting his arm drop dejectedly. "How much longer will it take for Kira to show up?"

"Be patient," Mr. Yagami murmured, thought he too looked aggravated. "Perhaps he means to arrive at exactly two o'clock."

"He's probably here already," Light retorted grumpily, "Just doesn't want to show his face yet."

Suddenly, the door creaked open, causing all heads to snap up, including L's, who turned around with faint curiosity. Slowly, the footsteps drew nearer and nearer, and a shadow descended across the floor as light flooded through the doorway. Then, the figure stepped in, with a second, shorter one close behind it.

L blinked. "Mello? Near?"

The two orphans whipped around at the sound of their names. "Y-you!" Mello shouted, pointing a finger dramatically at his mentor. Near, face expressionless, tottered past his companion without a sound. Behind him, the door began to slowly close with loud creaking noises.

"Wait!" Matsuda shouted, his face contorted with horror as he leapt at the door. But it was too late. Just as his fingertips brushed the knob, the door slammed shut, and a small clicking noise signaled the activation of the lock. The entire room fell silent. With a whimper, Matsuda pounded the door with his fists and fell to his knees. Mello looked him over with disgust, before turning back and walking further into the entrance room.

"We got your e-mail," Mello said, stopping to stand over L. The man cocked his head and stood up, meeting his apprentice's gaze steadily.

"I never sent you an e-mail," he replied, his voice calm and soft as usual. Mello snorted.

"Then who the heck was it?"

Near pulled a robot action figure out of his baggy sleeve and began fiddling with it. "Someone who wanted us all to be trapped here." He said, his voice echoing ominously. The members of the Task Force (and Misa) exchanged worried glances, and L gave an approving nod.

"Precisely what I was thinking," he murmured, pressing his thumb against his lips. "I suppose the Kira e-mail was a hoax, after all."

Light stood slowly, brushing off his pants. "Or maybe it was Kira," he reasoned, "But he knew that he wouldn't lure out… uh, Cello and Queer, was it?" He glanced questioningly at the two boys. Mello balled his fists.

"Mello and Near," he growled through clenched teeth. Light let out a light-hearted laugh.

"Right, sorry," he chuckled, rubbing the back of his head. "Anyways, maybe Kira knew that he wouldn't be able to lure Mello and Near out of their hiding places by saying he was Kira. After all, what interest would he be to them?"

"More than you would think," Near murmured, not glancing up from his robot. "We are L's successors, after all."

Light looked taken-aback. L's successors? These… these children are L's successors?

"We're smarter than you think," Mello grumbled, as though reading Light's thoughts. Light just gave a warm smile in return.

Suddenly, someone cleared their throat loudly from across the room. Everyone whipped around to see a rather short cloaked figure standing at a hallway entrance.

"Since when is that there?" Matsuda – who has, by now, gotten over the door-closing tragedy – muttered, feeling for his gun. No one bothered to reply, and Matsuda realized with disappointment that he had left his weapon at home.

The cloaked figure glided forward, face shrouded in darkness and no part of its body visible.

Light narrowed his eyes. "Are you… Kira?"

"No," the figure replied without hesitation. "I am… a person. Yeah… anyhoo, we cannot begin quite yet. We still have two people that we're waiting for." Then the figure paused, looking around. "Wait, where's Matt?"

Mello let out a growl. "What do you mean, 'where's Matt'?" He snarled, taking a threatening step forward. Near chucked his robot at his companion's head, causing him to fall over. The cloaked figure giggle-snorted, then lamely attempted to regain their dominant air.

Mello let out an angry yowl, leaping to his feet and chucking the toy at the ground. "What the heck was that for, Near?"

"We cannot confront an enemy we know nothing about," he replied in monotone. "That, and you're a two-timing fool."

Mello's eye twitched. "What's that supposed to mean, Sheep-Boy?"

Near pattered across the floor to retrieve his toy. "It was a joke. Ha, ha."

Mello muttered incoherent words of anger under his breath.

"Ahem, anyway," Mr. Yagami said loudly, catching everyone's attention, "Since Kira isn't here, I suppose we should try to find a way out."

"Not yet!" the cloaked figure whined, stomping their foot childishly. "Didn't any of you hear what I just said? We're still waiting for two people! Well, technically three, considering Matt's not here."

"'Sup, people?" a voice boomed throughout the room. Everyone's eyes turned to the staircase, in which a red (green?)-haired boy was descending, cigarette dangling from between his teeth and portable gaming device tucked in his side pocket.

"Is it safe to assume that that's Matt?" Matsuda whispered.

"I think so," Mr. Yagami replied, also in whisper.

"Matt," Mello narrowed his eyes, "How'd you get in here?"

"Dude, I live here."


"No, but wouldn't it be cool if I did?"

Mello rolled his eyes, and even Near let out a little puff of breath. The cloaked figure threw their left hand in the air, and two more cloaked figures swept out from behind them.

"Yes, Master?" they bowed low, before turning to face the rest of the crowd.

"I believe that Matt came in through the hole in the ceiling of the dining hall. I thought it was too small to allow anyone to enter or exit, but apparently I thought wrong. Please go repair it."

The figures bowed again. "Yes, Master." Then they were gone.

Misa cocked her head to one side. "Wait, I'm confused. Does Matt live here or not?"

Everyone ignored her, now centering their attention at the two women who had entered the building. Mr. Yagami opened his mouth to speak, but before he had the chance, the cloaked figure snickered and then walked forward to the center of the room.

"Welcome, Sachiko and Sayu Yagami," the figure said, their voice impassive. Matsuda, due to delayed reaction, let out a moan a few seconds after the door had closed.

"Well then," the figure sighed, turning to face the entire group, "Looks like everyone's finally here."

"Now will you explain what's going on, Kira?" Mr. Yagami challenged, hurrying over to his frightened and confused family, wrapping and arm protectively around each girl.

"Yeah," Light chimed in, "How do we know you're even Kira?"

The cloaked figure facepalmed. "I already told you guys, I'm not Kira."

"Then who are you?" Mello shouted. The figure just smirked.

"Good luck." They said darkly, before spinning around to leave. Just as they did, they tripped on their hem and fell. An awkward silence followed this action, and the cloaked figure wasted no time getting up and scrambling out of the room. After a moment of hush, Matsuda voiced the question they had all been thinking.

"Well, what now?"


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