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I was inspired by an autor called jlmill9 who writes very good stories.

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One and Only

Vayla Evans7


—Reading Finding the Fox—


'What are these?' Gideon asked holding up one of the five books.

'They are books written on us Gid.' Dax said as he took out the first book in the piles. 'I interviewed a writer called Ali Sparkes about a year and a half ago and she found my life story pretty interesting. This here' —Dax waved the book he was holding into Gideon's face— 'Is the first book of the series.'

'What are you planning to do with them?'

'Well I figured that I could gather up the 'True Eleven' plus Clive and read the series together tonight, since we lived through these events as a group.'

'Does Spook have to come?' Gideon asked he clearly wanted Dax to say 'no'.

'Yes.' —Gideon groaned— 'Sorry Gid but he has to. He's like one of the main characters.'

'Fine. I'll tolerate the Glitter Git. Only for this once though!' Gideon said.

'Okay let's get the group together then.'

A/N: In this story Dax is Sixteen so it is four years after Finding the Fox & Running the Risk (they were still twelve in the second book weren't they?)

I know this was the shortest prologue in the history of prologues seriously 179 words in the prologue itself. Sucks I know that is why I posted up Reading Chapter 1 along with the prologue.

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Disclaimers: I do not own Shapeshifter. (If I did Spook would be the main character. Although Dax is doing a good job being the main character too.)

I do have book 1 (DUH!) & 4 on my bookshelf though. I'm ordering book 2 and maybe 3 this week so that I could wtite Reading Running the Risk and Reading Going to Ground when I'm done with Reading Finding the Fox.

Late A/N: Dax is reading the first chapter for us.

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