AN: Hey everyone! I know it's been awhile but you guys have been pestering me with questions about a sequel for Forgiveness Through Giving. Here it is. This story will be a series of drabbles about Rufus and Cloud's relationship and the troubles they will go through. Please, enjoy. This is dedicated to all of you.

Cloud sat stiffly in his dress shirt and pants at the two-person booth. Rufus was across from him, looking as if he owned the place and slept there on the weekends. The other blond was looking between him and the menu, occasionally raising an eyebrow when met with narrowed mako eyes.

"Cloud," Rufus started, in his condescending tone. "You are not being much good company."

"You didn't say I had to be." Cloud replied impatiently. "I'm here, that's all that matters."

"I believe you were the one to initially suggest we go out."

Cloud just glared, refusing to admit that he was in the wrong. It was hard though, to ignore the smugness that now floated in the air as Rufus' lips were curved into a slight smirk.

Self-righteous bastard.

"Order anything to your liking, I assure you that I can afford it."

Cloud felt himself sneer and tried to look for the most expensive thing on the menu. All he could find was a blue tailed lobster served with three slices of chocobo meat with a dessert of something called Gold Opulence Sundae. Whatever it was, he ordered it when the waiter finally came around.

He was disappointed by the lack of response from Rufus who, in fact, ordered the exact same thing.

Now the two had no barriers in between them. The menus were gone and they were both in a stare down with one another.

"So, Cloud—"

"Not interested." Cloud interrupted.

Rufus just let out a low chuckle before shaking his head. "Clearly you are since you were interested in this date and responded so wonderfully to my advances."

"Don't tell me that everything you did was just an attempt to seduce me," The spiky haired male spluttered in disbelief, his eyes beginning to glower in anger at the thought of being tricked.

Rufus paused. "No," He admitted. "It was not at first, or perhaps I did not recognize my instinctual intentions. I just thought about pleasing you. What happened after was a simple pleasurable act of impulsiveness."

" 'Simple pleasurable act of impulsiveness'," Cloud quoted in disbelief. "You didn't just describe us…kissing like that. And you forced yourself on me!"

"Yet you accepted it." Rufus countered coolly.

Cloud quieted and huffed. "Ok, so I did. Now what? We're both too busy doing our own thing to have any sort of real relationship."

Rufus had a thoughtful look on his face. Finally! He was reasoning with the other!

"My company and Turks have meant a lot to me these past years, I am sure I can manage to fit one more person into my life." Rufus caught Cloud's frustrated eye and just smiled charmingly, taking a sip of his wine.

"I see," Cloud muttered.

Their food had arrived and together, they ate in silence. Cloud carefully pondered about what he and Rufus could be. If they wanted, they could make the relationship work but he was crap at relationships and intimacy. He didn't want to screw things over before they began.

"I'm difficult to be around," Cloud warned.

"I would not be interested if you were easy,"

"I'm not much of a talker—"

"I am not much of a listener."

Cloud paused trying to figure something else that would deter the president away from him. Nothing else came to mind, not even the complaints from Tifa helped him much. Being difficult and a non-talker seemed to sum up his personality.

"Well, Cloud?" Rufus inquired impatiently.

Mako blue eyed the other man warily, not sure whether to trust him but it was hard not to since Rufus went through all that effort to make him happy…

"Your dinner, sirs," The waiter interrupted with a bow and an elegant show of their dinner plates.

Rufus ignored the man and continued to stare down Cloud who felt uncomfortable with the attention from the waiter and from the man across from him. Once the waiter left, Rufus coolly helped himself to his meal.

Cloud took a bite or two, nervously chewing on the lobster meat as he debated what he should do. He deserved to be happy, right?

"I just don't know if I can be happy anymore, Mrs. Fair." Cloud spoke into the phone hesitantly. He was alone in the bar, Tifa having left to take Denzel and Marlene to visit Barret.

"Elizabeth, darling. Elizabeth! You make me sound older than I am! And what do you mean you don't know if you can be happy anymore? That is just the most stupidest thing I've heard!" Mrs. Fair cried out into the phone.

Cloud had to pull the phone away from his sensitive ears.

"Cloud," Her sweet voice was softer now. "You deserve to be happy. You, out of everyone on this planet, deserve happiness. Don't argue with me!"

It was as if she knew that Cloud was going to argue. Was he that predictable?

"You deserve to be happy, Cloud. Don't let anyone take that away from you."

"I guess we can—"

"You 'guess', Cloud? I want you to know, to be positive that I want you as mine and you want me as yours. There will be no guessing. Just assurance." Rufus interrupted sharply, an intense look in his eye that caused Cloud to pause.

Cloud was silent and glanced away, looking out the window and watching the people of Edge going about their business.

Did they have the same problems as he did? They were no better than him or less. They had to have had relationship problems and issues, having to make choices and not knowing what the consequences were. But was he ready?

"I want this." Cloud replied firmly, his eyes straying from the window to look Rufus in the eye.

"I think something good can come out of this, even if it doesn't, well," Cloud shrugged. "That's life."

Rufus smirked and patted his lips gently to wipe away any nonexistent residue.

"Indeed it is. Cheers to our future?" He lifted up wine glass and gestured to Cloud pointedly, wanting to make a toast.

Cloud nodded, a small, embarrassed smile on his face as he lifted up his own glass of wine and tinked it with Rufus'.

"It's going to be hard," He muttered.

Rufus chuckled, icy blue eyes glinting mischievously. "Already?"

Cloud looked blankly at the president before blushing profusely and throwing his red wine on Rufus' white suit.

It was a wonderful start to their relationship.

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