AN: This chapter takes place around the beginning of Rufus and Cloud's relationship. I'm in a role-play with some other FFVII players and they gave me the next few prompts. Again, I apologize for the lateness but, college is quite time consuming and to become a teacher? More work. On a rather high note, it is winter break! So voila~ A new chapter!

Prompt: Coffee

Rufus typed furiously at his computer, trying to get work done. He had been up since three o'clock in the morning, and it was quickly becoming eleven at night while he was running on little to no energy. However, he had promised Reeve that the paperwork would be updated on the new business plans and contracts ShinRa Company had with the WRO.

And a ShinRa always kept their promise.

Sighing lightly, he lifted his head when hearing a polite knock on the door to his office. The president knew that the only person who would still be here this late with him was Tseng. With a sharp command, he bid them to enter the office without ever looking up from his laptop.

He heard the door open and shut but when Tseng didn't immediately start to berate him for working too hard, his icy blue eyes looked up to see not Tseng, but his lover. Rufus quirked an eyebrow and leant back in his chair, crossing his arms and stared at Cloud expectantly.

"I suppose you are here to convince me that I have been working too hard and need to return to my home. Did Tseng set you up to this?"

Cloud scoffed and went to sit down on top of the desk, not looking too ecstatic to be there. "Don't flatter yourself, Rufus. I sent Tseng home and told him I would enable you in your workaholic ways."

Rufus chuckled and went back to typing, correcting quite a few grammatical errors. Honestly, what sort of people did Reeve hire? "Oh? You are going to stay here until I am done? It could be a while."

"I got coffee," Cloud shrugged. Rufus stopped to stare at his lover and Cloud: his lover being that glorious, hot, rich coffee in his Chocobo's hands.

"You have coffee? Did you, by any chance, bring any for me? I have been working so very hard all day." Rufus' eyes never left the coffee in Cloud's hand, which was soon brought up to perfect, plush lips.

Rufus was so entirely focused on the coffee that he did not take any notice of the smirk on Cloud's lips. The man didn't even like coffee and would never try to taste that crap, never much put it on his lips. But to tease the president? It was for a good cause despite how the bitterness made Cloud want to throw it up. That was his last sip for the rest of his life.

" 'course this is for you. You know how I hate coffee." Cloud mumbled, unwilling to admit he had done such a good deed for his new boyfriend.

"Cloud," Rufus said in a deadly calm voice, icy blue eyes finally focusing on the spiky haired man.


"I want you to listen to me very carefully." Rufus slowly got up from his desk and stalked towards the other, backing Cloud to the wall of his office. Mako eyes glowed eerily in the dim lighting of the room and watched the blond president cautiously.

"I am going to take this coffee and finish my work in one hour. Once I am done I am taking you back to my condo where I will thoroughly ravish you. Now, stand right here in this corner and look pretty while I finish up."

Rufus snatched the coffee from Cloud's hands, turning back towards his desk where he typed away at top speed. Cloud, however, was too shocked to say anything and he wasn't all too sure what he was more embarrassed of; Rufus saying he was going to do things to him or that he, in fact, stayed in the corner looking 'pretty' as he was told.

Hope you all enjoyed the new chapter of the new year! I am working on the eighth chapter which will be, of course, about New Year's with our favorite couple.