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Have there been times wherein you experience that indescribable yet dreadful feeling when you are entangled in some sort of deep trouble and everything goes out of assessment? The way your body just goes on auto-pilot and then you just do the first thing that enters your mind, internally wondering if it is the most reasonable thing to do? Have you wonder why despite of all those mix emotions and thoughts that keep on swirling inside your head like a tornado, conjuring every worse case possible, and physical exhaustion is taking its toll on you with every second that passes, you haven't broke down and gone insane yet?

Well, if you haven't, believe me it's something you would hope not to experience.

My name is Artemis Fowl, third of that name but usually everyone who knows me well enough refer to me as Temmy, the pet name my dear grandmother gave me. I'm thirteen, tall, pale, devilishly gorgeous, normal physical physique, a genius, the second heir to the Fowl Empire and currently running for dear life.

No matter how I tried to think it over and over, no matter how much of a genius I am and no matter how childish and cowardly it sounds; at this moment, running and hiding is the only sensible thing to do.

That nagging voice inside my head kept repeating: we can't let them catch us, we can't let them catch us, we can't let them catch us - like some survival mantra.

A new found courage burned in my being and it's a wonder why I would have hid somewhere deep in the manor, curl up in a fetal position and wait for a miracle to happen or wish that this was all just some nightmare. Being a part of the Fowl family, I guess it was a plus. Even when the family started to embark a peaceful living, the most interesting events always seems to happen around its members and so situations like this aren't so incredibly nerve-whacking - yet nerve-whacking still.

Well, who wouldn't be shaken up when the entire existence of your family depended on you? One foolish decision, no matter how small, and everything will be over. But no, failure is a word that does not appear in the Fowl family dictionary.

I can do this. I just have to believe, hope and pray to every deity that existed that they grant me favor. First off, I hope I could reach the machine alive before them.

"Get down," someone shouted behind me; interrupting my train of thoughts. Before I could do anything that someone tackled me then covered my head ever so protectively. As soon as our bodies hit the floor, an explosion shook the entire manor.


"Are you okay?" the person covering my head asked; concern evident in her tone.

"Cerise?" I managed to say as I turned to look at her for a while. How she escaped, I don't know but one thing is for sure I never felt so relieved in my entire life. At least she escaped too and I'm not alone.

A few rumblings from below us interrupted my mental celebration; causing me to look at the damage behind us. There was a huge hole in the floor just a few meters behind us and below were several of those huge creatures.

I quickly stood up and looked back at Cerise "We need to get to dad's lab,"

"Your grandparents, your dad -"

"We don't have much time. They're heading for the machine, stick to the plan," I told her, not entirely caring of what she was going to say or if she knew the plan or not. I glanced at her and by that look she gave me, she didn't look convinced; so apparently she knew the plan and doesn't like it. However, I was not in the mood to argue about it. We didn't have much of a choice anyway. The existence of my whole family now depends on that plan.

"Look, they want us dead, all of us. If we don't get to the machine in time, we won't exist. Our only hope is to get there before they do," I pointed out and started running towards the stairs. I didn't bother to look at her expression but I knew she agreed; reluctantly, if anything. In a few moments, she already caught up with me. How she did that, I'm not interested to know.

Then there was another explosion followed by a sound I've never heard before. A growl?

Well whatever it was, it only meant one thing to me, those creatures are getting closer.

"Hurry," I said though she was the one pulling me along with her as we ran to my father's laboratory

Once we entered we quickly locked the doors, though it won't hold long against those creatures; but at least it would slow them down a little. Making sure that the door is entirely secured, I ran to my father's latest work; the one project mankind thought it was impossible. It wasn't tested yet but Father showed me and my brother how to use it once and I'm very thankful that I'm genius.

"Go inside the machine, I'll set the dates" I ordered Cerise.

Once again, Cerise gave me a doubtful look, "Are you sure this will work?"

I groaned as I rolled my eyes, now is certainly not the time to start a pointless argument so I just shrugged and smiled at her as I entered the compartment, "My dad is a genius and so am I, so trust me,"

She smirked, stood beside me and held my hand as the machine started working, "All Fowls are,"

After that, everything was hard to describe.

Our assailant, the crazy woman who was behind all of this chaos, finally entered the room; I got a good glimpse of her screaming her head off when she saw us. She quickly grabbed a pistol from who-knows-where and pulled the trigger. I didn't know what just happened but the next thing I felt was the unbearable pain on my side. I heard Cerise calling my name as she tried to help me stand up. Then in a blink of an eye she was gone

Or maybe we were gone.

Or I was dead.

I'm not entirely sure.

Oh, wait I'm not dead yet.

I recalled what happened earlier.

There was a grand event held at the manor for my grandparents. Despite of some unavoidable disappointments, the event was successfully executed. But it was like the calm before a storm. After the event, someone attacked the manor and held everyone captive. I barely managed to escape, thanks to my brother and the Butlers.

Apparently that deranged, psychotic and not to mention mentally cracked up human-pixie is one of the numerous individuals that my father has vexed so much in the past. But unlike the others who planned on seeking revenge, this particular person brought the word revenge into a different level. Along with her were a group of bloodthirsty trolls - yes, TROLLS, believe it or not they're real, and ugly - that acted like a bunch of henchmen. I've never seen a troll before in person; I've heard stories, I've seen pictures and videos but never did I see, let alone meet, those creatures in person and after that moment back there, I never want to see them again.

Never Ever.

While how she managed to control them is still an unanswered question, I'm determined to find out. That is if I made it out alive. For the first time, I thank God that the manor was huge. If it weren't I would have been caught in three seconds flat.

Suddenly, I feel like I'm in this really fast rollercoaster that I can't even turn my head to glance around because of the speed. The feeling was terribly haunting. I felt like I just kept on going and going and going, falling into an endless pit of darkness; not really knowing if there was a bottom or not. Then, finally I felt myself falling faster than ever and the last thing I caught a glimpse of is the sudden change from darkness to light.

And then I felt myself hitting something hard. Clearly, it wasn't a very nice landing at all; it was like I fell 10 feet above the ground and landed on some sort of furniture with a loud crash. The pain I felt doubled immediately but even though, I still tried to open my eyes to see where I was and if I am in a complicated situation or worse. So far, it seems to be like that.

Then a boy stood up from his desk at the same time the door flew open and in came a huge man with his gun pointed at me.

"Are you alright Artemis?" the man asked the young boy, who was now walking towards us, without taking his eyes off me. Funny, considering that I am Artemis too.

"I'm fine. I wasn't hurt," the boy answered. I quickly shifted my attention to him. Though my vision is slightly blurry, I was able to get a good look at him; he was pale as a vampire with jet black hair and blue and hazel eyes - characteristics that I have obviously inherited.

Despite of the rather unsettling situation and despite of the fact that a gun is pointed at my direction, I couldn't help but to feel relieved at the sight of him.

We made it, the time machine worked.

Realization then it hit me. Cerise! Where was Cerise?

I heard a moan not far from me, and turning my head ever so slightly so I could get a glimpse at who made the sound; it was Cerise. She was just lying there, she may have also hit on something hard but at least she wasn't shot by the deranged cracked idiot.

"Who are you and what do you want?" someone asked. I can't tell who because my vision is blurring and I was starting to lose consciousness.

So I let a deep breath in and slowly spoke "My name is Artemis Fowl III, I'm from the future to warn you because…" I stopped, the pain is unbearable.

I am about to pass out…no don't, not yet, they won't believe not unless you say something worth it, my brain shouted

So finally with my last strength I said one word that I know will make them understand "Koboi,"

Then I passed out.