Disclaimer: Goong and Shokojo Seira characters and base plot do not belong to me. I'm only responsible for some changes like changing the plot a bit and for the possibility of OOC characters depending on how the story goes. For those who don't know Shokojo Seira is it's a Japanese drama based on the novel A Little Princess.

The entire palace is quiet and tense. Every staff and monarchy in the palace is in the room.

She believed she had everything under control. She should have listened to him in the first place in order to have avoided this type of situation.

She could have been anywhere in the world; Paris or India or even London where she first intended to stay for a University but instead she is stuck in the palace surrounded and caught red handed of her and her friend's secret.

"How could you and that girl's family make a fool out of us?" The King shouts as having the atmosphere more horrible in the room.

"Please your highness. I will take any punishment but leave my friend and her family." She said in a calm voice as she bows her head.

"No! Tomorrow we will have a talk with her and her family alone. A situation like this is not handled lightly epically for the other monarchies; imagine if they do find out."

The king is right at this situation there are consequences and she knew as she is powerless to help her friend and her family.

She can only hope tomorrow she is able to have the monarchies understand even if she will take the responsibility and ask forgiveness for deceiving everyone in the palace.