Every night Mark's hand hovers over his cell phone, and there's this one, specific number in his mind.

Every time, Mark pulls his hand back, because he assumes the number's been changed.

When he sits at his computer with code flashing before his eyes, he likes to imagine there's a story behind each sequence. Each number or letter adds up to what's going to be a piece of someone's life on Facebook.

He likes to imagine what he's created means more to people than it probably does.

Mark wonders what Eduardo's doing right now.

The Cambridge air bites at Mark's nose as he sits on a bench, actually not that far from where his old dorm used to be. He wears a hat so no one will recognize him. His subconscious makes fun of him, because it's not like anyone would recognize him anyways.

Mark sees Eduardo coming from up over the hill.

He blinks a few times to make sure he's not seeing things. Embarrassingly enough, he might be.

Waving would be inappropriate. In fact, almost any kind of greeting would. Fleetingly, Mark hopes the hat will protect him from Eduardo.

He's always been a little bit of a child, and he closes his eyes. Seconds pass and Mark assumes that Eduardo's gone.

And, when he opens his eyes, the other man is. Mark sighs.

"You do know you wearing the hat I got you our first year at Harvard, right?"

"I am aware." Mark says, trying to recover from how jumpy he suddenly feels. He looks over and sees Eduardo grinning at him.

Eduardo…grinning at him. Mark had thought he'd never see it again, because it had seemed like the times where Eduardo was laughing with him were a million years in the past. It's such an unexpected, undeserved turn of events that Mark is honestly struck speechless.

"Do you want to get a pizza or something?" Mark asks suddenly. He desperately needs to rebuild this burnt bridge.

The hesitation in Eduardo's eyes shuts Mark down immediately. "I mean…never mind, totally unwanted, right? Yeah, I get it, I-"

"No," Eduardo says. "I wouldn't mind. I can even pay." His eyes laugh. "I've recently come into a lot of money, you see."

It really could be possible they could just crack a few jokes and move on. Most people couldn't, but for Mark and Eduardo…it's different. They just needed to get out the "yeah, you were a real bastard back then" and "I told you so". And maybe…maybe the could start over, or rather, pick up where they left off.

Mark stand, and so does Eduardo. They walk, both knowing exactly where they're going without having to say anything.

"So how's Facebook these days?" Eduardo asks casually.

"Shouldn't you know?" Mark replies. "After all, you are the co-founder."

Eduardo laughs, and Mark hears an edge of vulnerability. He bumps his shoulder into his friend's, saying, "Wardo, I'm…"

He hesitates. Sorry is just grossly inadequate.

"It's good to see you. Really good." He settles on.

Eduardo sighs, but his mouth crooks into a smile.

"Yeah…you too."

I don't even know if this fandom is allowed. :/ I couldn't find a catergory for it, so if it isn't...someone let me know. haha

Anyways, I know I have like a handful of other things I really should be working on, but I'm more than slightly obsessed with this movie/ship (and subsequently Andrew/Jesse, omg the glorious Jewnicorn fandom).

If you were like me before I saw this movie and thought "...it's a movie about Facebook...", let me assure you. It's not a movie about Facebook. It's amazing.