"Hey…hey, Mark."

Mark groans and covers his face with his blankets. He tries to say "who are you and why are you waking me up at this ungodly hours" but what really comes out is just a muffled grumble into his pillow.

"Mark! Wake up!"

It's Eduardo, Mark doesn't even have to look. He want to kick him but he groggily sits up in bed, blinking wearily at his friend.

"Wardo…" Mark says slowly as everything comes into focus around him. He looks at Eduardo. "You're wet." Mark finally says.

"Yeah." Eduardo responds. "It's raining outside."

Marks listens and hears the raindrops pattering on his dorm window. "So it is." He says dryly. "Why did you wake me up to tell me this?"

Eduardo hesitates and Mark sees that he's genuinely uncertain of something. Mark opens his mouth but Eduardo cuts him off, saying, "There's something I want you to see."

Mark pauses, wondering what Eduardo could possibly want to show him at…(Mark glances over at his clock) four in the morning.

He stares at Eduardo and Eduardo's face is slowly falling, so Mark swings his feet off his bed, wincing at how cold the floor is, and stands, stretching his arms out. "What is it you wanted to show me?"

Eduardo brightens and Mark notices that Eduardo's face does funny things to his stomach.

"Grab a jacket." Eduardo says and then adds, "Also, do you have an umbrella?"

Once they're outside, huddled underneath Mark's umbrella, Eduardo leads them away from the dorm, across the Quad, and over to a bridge. They're silent, Mark wishing he had grabbed a thicker jacket and also wondering what on Earth he's doing outside at four in the morning in the rain.

They walk halfway across the bridge until Eduardo stops. They walk to the edge of the bridge and Mark is about to ask what the hell he's supposed to be looking at when Eduardo lifts up the edge of the umbrella to reveal the view over the river.

Mark's breath literally escapes him when he sees how the rain hangs over Cambridge, along with a heavy fog that wraps the buildings in mystery. The river rolls beneath them, twisting and winding and the rain creates patterns of dark splashes across the surface. The tree leaves and flowers glisten and sparkle, glossy from the rain, and Mark shivers as he takes everything in.

Eduardo moves closer and says, "Beautiful, right?"

Mark is suddenly hit with the knowledge that Eduardo wanted to share this moment with him, of all people. With Mark.

It shouldn't surprise him as much as it does, or create a strong warmth that unfolds in his chest. He looks over at Eduardo and sees that Eduardo's looking right at him, almost through him, and Mark's breath is stolen again.

He's silent and his cheeks are hot, and everything sounds really loud in his ears. Eduardo's still watching him carefully, so Mark manages a meek "thank you…" and presses his arm into Eduardo's.

The rain patters on the umbrella as they look out across the river, leaning on each other.

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