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The Way It Should Be- Chapter 1.

Edward and Alice are 21, Emmett and Jasper are 22, Bella is turning 21 in 3 months and Rosalie is turning 22 in 4 months.

Bella's POV

"Yeah, I can't wait to see you too, Alice," I told my best friend, Alice McCarthy, as I sat in a very uncomfortable airport chair. I was waiting for a flight headed to Port Angeles, Washington. Alice was gushing to me over the phone, telling me all the awesome things we'll get up to while I'm back home. I was so excited I could hardly keep myself still. The intercom announced it was time for me to board my plane, so I had to bid farewell to my friend. "I have to go. I'll see you soon, Alice!"

I hung up my cell phone and stood up. I pulled my backpack over my shoulder, and walked towards the flight attendant waiting to take my ticket. Within the next few minutes I was sitting in my seat, looking out the window at the sticky New Haven, Connecticut summer. I wouldn't miss it much – I much preferred the alien green, wet and chilly comforts of Forks.

The flight wouldn't be long, as long as I passed the time. I pulled out my Ipod and listened to a playlist Edward had created and sent to me on a CD a few weeks ago.


His name sent chills through me, but chills of the good kind. When I pictured his bronze hair, glorious green eyes, lean body and pale skin, my heart was sent racing and my blood boiled and sizzled in my veins. This was a normal reaction for me, whenever I thought of him. It used to embarrass me, but eventually everyone just got used to it. Including Edward himself.

The combination of Edward and his music on my Ipod sent me to sleep instantly, and I fell unconscious against the plane window. The sky was darkening outside, but the clouds were getting thicker. If it wasn't for my knowledge of Northwest weather, I would have no idea what time of day it was.

I was woken up by the jolt of the plane landing. I excitedly looked out the window, my eyes taking in the fog, the light rain, and the congested clouds. It was supposed to be summer, but I never really expected sun and blue sky.

I quickly boarded off the plane and collected my duffel bag. When I walked into Port Angeles airport, my eyes instantly scanned for my small, pixie-like friend in the crowd. I couldn't see her, but I didn't panic only because I knew she'd be here somewhere.

Instead, she found me.

"Bella!" She squealed, jumping into my arms and making me drop my bag. I scrambled to wrap my arms around her, my heart beating frantically in my chest. "I'm so glad to see you!"

"Me too!" It had been months since I had last seen her. In other words, too long. "I am so excited to be here!"

"So am I!" She pulled away, and we both had tears in our eyes. We were receiving odd looks from the people around us, but it didn't matter. I felt like I reuniting with my sister, not just my friend. "We are going to have so much fun this summer!"

"We sure are," I grinned at her and picked up my bag. We started making our way out of the terminal, arms linked and huge smiles. I was about to walk out of the building and into the car park when she pulled me to a stop and steered me away.

"Alice, what—" I began.

"Shh," She pulled me in the opposite direction of the main doors and back into the main airport. "I just need to do something…"

I followed her, confused and tired. It was eight at night, and I didn't expect to be getting dragged around Port Angeles airport. Not that I was complaining; any time with Alice was a good time.

"Alice…" We stopped at terminal 3, but I had no idea why. Alice pulled me so we were standing right by the doors. I noticed a flight was coming in from Providence, Rhode Island. "Why are we waiting for a flight coming in from Rhode Island?"

"You'll see!" She was practically bouncing on the spot, which I took as a bad sign.

We waited for ten minutes, before the crowds started streaming out the doors from the flight. I watched the people roll in, still confused as ever. Why did Alice feel the need to wait at Terminal 3, for a random flight from Rhode Island?

I learnt why in a matter of minutes, when my teddy bear-like friend starting with 'E' ran to us and pull us into a hug.

"Emmett?" I gasped, unable to believe my eyes. I hadn't seen him in eight months – he looked bigger, somehow. "Emmett!"

He swung Alice and I around, jumping up and down as if he couldn't control his excitement. I had to remind myself that he was related to my very bouncy best friend.

"Bella! Alice! Bella! Alice! Bella!" He let go of us, making me stumble into the wall where we were waiting. Emmett burst out laughing at me, and chuckled, "Typical Bella."

I didn't even have time to glare at him before I noticed the stunning blond standing just behind him.

"Rose!" I laughed in disbelief. She looked even more beautiful than before – was that even possible? Being 21 (and almost 22) totally worked for her. She looked great.

"Hey, Bella!" We hugged and kissed each other's cheeks. "So glad to see you!"

"It's been too long!" I responded, pulling back so she could embrace Alice. I was left standing there, absolutely in shock and so excited I wanted to scream. I hadn't felt this happy in a very long time, and I had trouble controlling myself.

"Bella, Bella, Bella," Emmett folded his arms and looked at me, shaking his head. He looked me up and down and pulled at my pony tail. "You haven't changed a bit!"

We both laughed and hugged again. I couldn't believe they were here – and I thought seeing Alice was overwhelming. Now almost all of us are here, together! Just like old times!

"Let's get going," Alice shrilled, hooking her arms through Rose's and I's and pulling us back through the airport. Emmett took my duffel bag as well as Rosalie's, along with his own.

We walked to Alice's car, which looked shiny and impressive. We all dumped out bags into the trunk and climbed into the car, already reminiscing about old times. I think all of us were in nothing but shock – I only expected to see Alice, and I think that's what Rosalie and Emmett expected too.

"You little minx," Emmett chuckled from the front seat. "You kept the secret well, dear sister."

"I know," Alice grinned as she sped through the dark streets on Port Angeles, towards the highway. "It was pretty easy hiding it, seeing as we never see each other."

"But we talk all the time." I reminded her, sharing an amused glance with Rosalie. I couldn't even begin to describe the late nights I spent talking to my two best girlfriends.

"We do," Alice nodded with a laugh.

I couldn't help laughing. "So… if Rosalie and Emmett are here… are Jasper and… Edward, too?" Saying his name sent my heart in a frenzy, just like usual.

"Sorry, Bells," Alice looked back at me, disappointment clouding her own features. "Jasper and Edward couldn't make it. I tried my best to make them come, but, well…"

I tried not to seem too upset. I hadn't seen Edward in such a long time, or even Jasper for that matter. I really missed them, and I thought there might have been a chance this was some kind of group reunion.

"Don't be down, Bells!" Emmett cheered. "We're going to have a hell of a lot of fun this summer, just us four!"

"I know," I smiled, staring at the window at the encroaching forest and greenery. It was shrouded in darkness, reminding me of countless adventures into the woods deep in the night. The woods used to frighten me as a child, but now I found them soothing. Homey, even.

After an hour drive, we arrived at the Cullen house. I thought we'd been staying at Alice and Emmett's, seeing as Alice was the one who planned the trip. But I was glad. The Cullen house held so many more memories then the McCarthy house. I was secretly relieved to be back here again, staring at the huge white mansion that paled in comparison to my little cottage-house next door. I looked between the two houses, remembering – and with a wistful sigh, we all went inside.

"Mom? Dad?" Rosalie called, when we walked in. The lights were on downstairs, and we heard voices coming from the kitchen. They were muffled, and we couldn't hear much. With curiosity, we all headed upstairs. Alice had a little smile on her face.

"Mom? Dad? We're h—" Rosalie began, but then we were thrown into silence.

Standing in the kitchen with Carlisle and Esme was a beautiful bronze haired boy, with shining green eyes and a heart-stopping smile. Next to him, was a honey blond twenty-two year old with my Mom's blue eyes and my Dad's infectious smile.

It was Edward and Jasper.

I didn't have eyes for anyone else. I know I should have been running for my brother, or even Carlisle and Esme. But my legs took me somewhere else. After minutes of staring in shock, I bounded right into Edward's arms.

The kitchen was alive with laughter and welcomes, but I could hardly hear any of it. Edward was here, right in front of me. In the flesh. Not over the phone, not in an email – he was in the Cullen kitchen, in all his glory.

We didn't speak for what seemed like forever; my arms were wrapped around his neck, my face buried into his shoulder and the tears pouring down my cheeks. His arms were fastened around my waist, holding me to him so tight I almost couldn't breathe. I inhaled his scent, and was reminded so much of home and my childhood, I had to pull back and take another look at his face.

"Bella," He breathed, before I could utter a word. "I've missed you… so much…"

"I've missed you too," I whispered back, wiping my cheeks and eyes. We both laughed a little, so amazed and happy and shocked all at once. The kitchen was still alive with voices around us, but we were still in our little bubble. "I can't believe I'm here. That you're here."

"We arrived today," He said, still stunned. "Alice told us she was going to pick up Emmett and Rosalie. She said you couldn't make it."

I shook my head. "That darn pixie… she told me the same thing."

We both laughed again and returned to our embrace. He lowered me to the floor; I hadn't even realized he had lifted me off the ground in my hurry to get to him.

"Hey, Bella! It's so good to see you too! It's been such a long time, and I'm sorry I haven't come to visit. I know you missed your brother, but there is no need for tears…"

I tore my eyes around to look at my brother—he had a playful smile on his face, just like he always did. I untangled myself from Edward and ran into Jasper's arms, hugging him tight.

"I'm sorry… but it really is good to see you, Jazz," I told him, pulling away to look at his face. He was chuckling, shaking his head.

"You too, little sister," He ran a hand through my pony tail then tapped my nose. The gesture reminded me of when we were younger, and we used to see who could annoy each other first by touching each other's faces. "I had no idea you were going to be here."

"Your scheming girlfriend," I turned around to point at Alice, who was now perched on Edward's back just like old times. "She told me you and Edward couldn't make it."

"Yep, she told us the same thing. We arrived a few hours ago," Jasper grinned and walked over to Alice and Edward. Alice climbed off Edward's back and fastened herself to Jasper's side.

"Alice, you sly dog," Emmett interjected, causing us all to burst into laughter.

I looked around the room, and my eyes landed on my two Almost-Parents who I had completely forgotten about since I arrived.

"Carlisle! Esme!" I exclaimed, a grin spreading onto my face. I walked towards them, and they both pulled me in for a hug. I hugged them like I would my Dad, or if I had a Mom. Time hadn't separated us whatsoever. "I'm so sorry I didn't say hi sooner…"

"No worries, sweetheart," Esme laughed and touched my cheek. "You look well."

"Thank you," I smiled. "So do you. Thanks so much for letting me stay here."

"It's our pleasure," Esme and Carlisle looked between Edward and I with huge grins. I couldn't help but laugh – I was so happy to have them as my possible future in-laws. "I'm sure you're all extremely tired. We'll show you to your rooms."

I walked back over to Edward, who had my duffle bag in one hand and my waist in the other. We kept our heads close together as we walked upstairs, basking in the proximity we both craved.

"Bella and Edward, here is your room." Esme motioned towards Edward's old bedroom, where now only a huge kind bed sat with a chest of drawers and a TV set.

"We're sleeping in the same room?" My eyes almost bulged out of my head.

Everyone laughed. Carlisle watched Edward and I exchanged surprised (but not at all disappointed) glances.

"Yes," Esme chuckled, smiling at the both of us. "You are both adults now."

I grinned and walked into Edward's old room. So many important moments in my life had taken place here – from when I was seven, to eighteen. Though most of Edward's possessions were here anymore, it still had the same feeling – of comfort.

I put my duffle bag in the corner of the room and sat on the bed. Edward's bag was already placed in the other corner, beside a guitar case.

"You still play guitar?" I smiled at him, as he came and sat beside me. He put his hands on his knees and looked at me.

"I never gave it up." He shook his head, both of us now looking at his guitar case. "I've written a lot of music since I've started college. Most of it was inspired by you, of course." He shot me his dazzling crooked smile, and I think my heart stopped.

"Bella?" He asked when I didn't respond.

"Sorry," I breathed. "My heart stopped for a second there."

"Wouldn't want that…" Edward grinned and leaned closer to me, until we were only inches away from each other. I tugged on his shirt, urging him to get closer, faster. "Patience, love."

I sighed and moved back. "I guess it is late…"

"Yes," Edward stood up and called out a quick goodnight to the rest of our friends. They all chorused goodbyes from their separate rooms. "Oh, and Bella says goodnight too."

He chuckled and closed the door, then went to his bag. "I'm going to change for bed. You might want to do the same."

I nodded and went to my bag. I dug out my shorts and old t-shirt then headed towards the adjoining bathroom, which I had never actually used before. Had it always been there?

"Bella," Edward laughed from behind me. "You don't have to get changed in the bathroom. We haven't seen each other in months, remember?"

My face instantly flushed red and I started walking back towards the bed. "Ok…"

"Why are you embarrassed?" He asked, walking behind me to wrap his arms around my waist and rest his head on my shoulder. I could feel his breath on my face, which didn't help my breathing.

"I… just…" I was fighting to keep my breathing even as he got closer and closer to my face. "Um… ?"

"Oh, sweet Bella," He pressed me closer to him and then released me. "You can get changed in the bathroom if you wish. I'll get changed here while you get changed in there."

I nodded a little and then went to the bathroom to change. We were going to be sleeping the same bed – so why was I so nervous to get changed in front of him? I only had one answer for that: I was being ridiculous.

I got changed quickly then returned to the bed. Edward was lying on the left side, his hands behind his head and ankles crossed. He smiled at me when I sat down next to him, embarrassingly pulling down my shorts (which I hadn't realized were so short).

"Hey," I said lamely.

"Hi," His smile widened and he held out his arm. I settled in beside him, snuggling into his side and closing my eyes. "Are you really ready to go to sleep yet?"

My eyes snapped open. "Of course not."

"I knew it. Me either."

We both chuckled. He wrapped his arm further around my shoulders and then pulled until I was almost on top of him. In his eyes, I saw nothing but hunger – and not the kind of hunger that craved food, in you know what I mean.

"Edward," I pressed my hands against his chest. "We're in your parent's house."

"I know," His grin hadn't disappeared from his face for a moment. "But the others won't care. I mean… Rosalie is sharing a room with Emmett. We all know what to expect with that, don't we? And your brother is actually quite—"

"I don't want to know." I stopped him. "I know you and Jasper probably share everything now, but –" something shocking occurred to me. "Oh my gosh, you share everything now."

"Not everything," Edward sounded unsure. "Don't worry, I know he's your brother. I don't tell him anything you wouldn't want him to know."

I breathed a sigh of relief. "I only know you're lying because my brother would be bursting through this room and breaking us apart if he knew anything."

Edward chuckled. "True. Although… on the flight over here, he was hoping we wouldn't have to share a room. Though, he wanted to share one with Alice… ?" I shuddered. "He was seemingly irritated."

I laughed. "He'll live. But we don't want to tempt fate, do we?" I moved a little further away from him, but after a few minutes, I gave up and climbed on top of him. "This is all we're going to do. Tonight."

"Ok…" His voice sounded amused. He turned off the lamp on the nightstand and wrapped his arms tightly around me. I rested my cheek against his chest and let his heart put me to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to Edward's gorgeous green eyes. He was watching me, and I had somehow shifted during the night so I was lying against his side with my arm draped across his chest. He was drawing lines on my hand, which almost put me to sleep again the moment I woke up.

"Good morning," Edward smiled. What a great wake up call.

"It is good, isn't it?" I smiled back and stretched out my arms and legs. He lightly stroked up and down my waist, causing my eyes to close. I was almost back to sleep again when he wrapped his arm around my calf and hitch it around his waist. "You like to wake me up, don't you?"

"What? No!" He pretended to be hurt while I thought, I wouldn't have it any other way… "As much as I'm loving this position…" He chuckled. Since when has Edward gotten so… Emmett-ish? "We should really be getting up. It's almost eleven."

"Eleven?" I moved my leg from his waist and sat up. My hair probably looked like a haystack, but Edward stroked it anyway. I looked back at him with a smile. "You are very… touchy-feely today, aren't you?"

"Not just today. Every day."

"It's official," I declared, standing up. "Harvard Law School has made you crazy."

He threw his head back and laughed as I went to my duffle bag and pulled out a pair of cut off jeans and a white tank top. Though it wasn't as hot here as it was in Connecticut, I still wanted to make the most of singlets and shorts.

"Are you going to change in here, or go into the bathroom?" Edward asked, once his laughter had died down. He went to his bag and pulled out clothes for himself. I could see an amused smile stretching across his face.

"You know what?" I put my hands on my hips and glared at him. "I'm going to get changed in here."

"Be my guest."

I pulled my shirt over my head swiftly, to show him I wasn't going to complain or be nervous about changing in front of him. My face was still tinted a deep red, but I hoped he wouldn't notice.

"Are you going to stand there and watch me, or are you going to change as well?" I asked him, pulling my tank top over my head. I began yanking down my shorts when he shook his head.

"I think I'm fine, just watching."

I rolled my eyes and pulled up my jeans. Once I was done changing, he began changing himself, and I just had to look. His sculpted chest looked no different from last time I saw him shirtless, and his toned arms were as muscled as ever. I turned around as he put on his black shorts over his boxers, purely for his privacy.

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and fix my hair.

"It's like we live together," Edward observed as he walked into the bathroom, carrying his toiletry bag.

"I like the sound of that," I spat the toothpaste into the sink and put my toothbrush back into my bag. I pulled out my hair brush and started pulling the brush through my unruly curls.

"If we didn't go to school in different states, it might be possible," He finished brushing his own teeth, but didn't touch his hair. "I could always transfer to Yale… ?"

We had had this talk a million times. When he got accepted to Harvard, Carlisle and Esme, as well as myself, was beyond happy for Edward. We had all accepted it, because we all knew Edward was an intellectual. He had always said he would only go to the school if I got accepted, too – I told him I wouldn't be accepted, and I was right. I didn't really want to go to Harvard anyway, but I would never tell him that. We waited for my letter, but it never came. Edward told me it must have been some sort of mistake, but I knew I didn't get in. I think he knew that, too, but he was too polite to tell me. So, he settled for Yale; but not for long. We had never argued so much. I told him blowing off Harvard would disappoint his parents, and also just be plain stupid. But he disagreed – he didn't want to go to school without me. Though I was upset he would be away from me, we eventually came to the agreement that I would go to Yale, and he would go to Harvard.

"Edward," I sighed as we walked out of the bathroom. "You are not moving from that school, do you hear me?"

"Yes, ma'am." He took my hand as we walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Esme was making a huge breakfast, and the pots and pans were out and sizzling.

"Smells good, Mom," Edward smiled and kissed his Mom on the cheek. She hugged him and messed his hair, just like she used to do. I smiled at them from the kitchen table.

"Did you two sleep well?" Esme asked, with a raised eye brow.

"We did." Edward sat next to me and rested a hand on my knee. "Why wouldn't we?"

"Well…" She flipped the pancake in the pan and turned around to face us, spatula flailing. "I don't think the others would have gotten much sleep last night, if you know what I mean."

I scrunched my nose and looked down at the table.

"Yes," Esme chuckled and placed a bowl of Blueberries in front of us. "Carlisle was restless."

"I bet he was." Edward smiled and picked up a handful of Blueberries. "Nothing worse than having to listen to your daughter having s—"

"Ok." Esme interrupted him as Carlisle walked down the stairs. They exchanged a brief kiss and then continued preparing breakfast. In minutes Esme and Carlisle were putting plates of pancakes, eggs, bacon, quiche, and toast onto the shiny kitchen table. Edward and I sat down and ate quickly, not bothering to wait for the others. Once we were full, Edward stood up.

"Hey Bella," Edward smiled at me. "Go to the other side of the room." He handed me the bowl of blueberries and I did what I was told. "Now, throw one at me."

I threw a Blueberry at him, and he caught it easily in his mouth. We both laughed for a bit, and then I threw him another. It became a game after awhile, and Esme and Carlisle started to cheer whenever Edward caught one.

"Hey, what's going on in here?" Emmett and Rosalie came down the stairs, hand in hand. I saw Carlisle cringe when he saw them, but he quickly diverted his eyes towards Edward and I.

"Throwing Blueberries," I shrugged, throwing Edward another berry. When he caught it, Emmett and Rosalie clapped their hands and laughed, just like we had. "It's a lot of fun, as you can see."

"Hey Edward," Emmett said, "Go through the doorway."

Edward walked back throw the kitchen doorway and opened his mouth. I threw one at him, almost missing. He caught it easily and winked at me as he chewed. I giggled.

"I bet Edward can't catch go any farther," Rosalie bet, folding her arms across her chest and watching us. "He may be skilled, but he isn't that skilled."

"Ok, ok," Edward walked back into the kitchen and took the bowl off me. "Now it's Bella's turn."

"You can't be serious," Emmett chuckled. "She'll fall over and hurt her face!"

I glared, though I knew it was true. Though I knew this would result in injury, I had to try. I walked towards the other side of the room and opened my mouth. I pointed into my mouth and winked at Edward.

"Ohhh," Emmett whooped. "That's kinky."

Carlisle almost choked on his orange juice.

Edward just ignored me and threw a Blueberry towards me. I had to jump a little to catch it in my mouth, but I got it in easy enough.

"I did it! I got it in!"

"That's what he said…" Jasper grumbled as he and Alice walked down the stairs. They both were glowing; and I knew it was because they were together again. I wondered if Edward and I looked like that. "But really, Bella, you should be careful. You could fall on your face."

"I warned her already," Emmett laughed.

Edward nodded his head at me, and I moved a few inches back. I opened my mouth again, ready for another berry. "Go."

Edward threw one at me, and I leaned to my right to catch it. I thought it was about to go into my mouth when it hit my lip and bounced onto the floor. "Damn! Again, again!"

Edward threw another one, and by this time, everyone had sat down to watch. I could hear them making bets and arguing. I tried to ignore them, but the berry hit me in the forehead.

"C'mon!" I groaned, with a roll of my eyes. Edward laughed at me.

"You'll get it, love."

"I think it's your weak throw," I retorted, with a wink.

Edward grinned at me and threw me another berry. It went way to my left, and it was as if it were flying in slow motion. I almost had to dive, but just before I did, my foot caught on the edge of the doorway and I went flying towards the ground.

This was such a Bella moment.

I hit the ground with a thud. I saw everyone come running towards me, picking me up and lifting me back to my feet. I felt like a doll the way they effortlessly carried me to the bench top and sat me on it.

"I'm fine," I protested, as Esme dabbed a tissue to my bleeding nose. No part of me was hurting, except maybe my wrist. But otherwise, I felt fine. "Guys, really."

"How do you survive at college on your own?" Edward asked me, concern filling his eyes and clouding his features. He was still holding the bowl of blueberries, so I took one and threw it at his head. That earned a hint of a smile.

"Now," I hopped the bench, pushing Esme a little to the side so I could get through. She held a tissue covered in my own blood, and it was making me dizzy. "I'm fine. Tell me what we've got planned today so I don't have to see the blood."

"O… k…" Alice looked at me skeptically. "First of all, I thought you'd want to see your Dad."

I nodded. "I do. I was going to take Edward with me."

Edward held onto my hand and squeezed it.

"While we…" She looked around at the rest of the group. "Well, what are we going to do?"

"I think you should start with breakfast," Esme said and motioned towards the table, where most of the food was still sitting. "We all got a little distracted with Edward and Bella's blueberry throwing."

"All right, then we're going to head next door." Edward said, fastening an arm around my waist and pulling me close. "We'll see you guys later."

"Tell Dad I'll see him tomorrow for our fishing trip, Bells," Jasper called out to me, his mouth full of pancake. I nodded and waved.

"Bye!" They were all so distracted by the food they didn't even look up.

Edward and I crossed the lawn from his house to mine. There were so many memories cluttered between ours house – when we played outside hide-and-seek, when we decided to climb the tree and I fell and sprained my ankle, when Alice, Rosalie and I played with dolls out here all day long, or when Edward, Jasper and Carlisle played baseball when we first moved in. Though they all sounded insignificant, they meant something different to all of us.

"Are you ok?" Edward asked me, as we stepped onto the porch of my old house.

I nodded. "I'm just remembering."

"So am I."

We both took a deep breath, before knocking on the door. It only took a minute before my Dad opened the door, his lips formed in a grin and his arms out wide.

"Bella! Edward!"

I quickly hugged him and kissed his cheek. He shook hands with Edward and then focused back on me.

"So good to see you, kiddo!"

I looked up to examine him. He was starting to go gray around his ears, and he had a few more wrinkles since last time I saw him. Other than that, he looked exactly the same. I don't know why I expected anything else.

"Come in!" Charlie turned around and bustled into the house. We followed behind him, and I inhaled the familiar smell that came with my old house. Musk. Dust. The house must be over a hundred years old now. "Did you arrive last night?"

"Yes," Edward answered. "We actually arrived hours apart. Alice surprised us both."

"Oh, so it was a surprise meeting, then?" Charlie asked us, walking into the living room and muting the television.

I nodded. "She told me Edward wasn't going to be there."

Charlie grinned. I could only imagine he would have liked that a little too much. "How's Yale?"

"Not too bad," I didn't really like Yale as much as I thought I would. It was a good school, sure, but not really my cup of tea. I insisted that I would be fine with a community college, but Charlie insisted I go for Ivy League. "Been working hard."

"And how's… Harvard, was it?" Charlie turned to Edward, eye brows raised. He was secretly extremely proud for his daughter to be dating someone who went to Harvard Law School. Though he tried to hide it, he never did a good job.

"Fine," Edward nodded, and then glanced at me. "But it's not as good without Bella."

Charlie mumbled something under his breath then grunted. It still annoyed me that he was rude to Edward sometimes – Edward and I had been dating for years now. It didn't even seem like we were dating anymore; it felt like something more. Not that I would ever voice that out loud.

"Jasper wanted us to tell you he'll see you tomorrow for your fishing trip," I perked up, proud of myself for remembering. This seemed to put Charlie in a happier mood, and he grinned.

"Tell him I can't wait. How his girl… Alice?"

Charlie's favorite girl. I rolled my eyes. "She's good. She'll probably come over to visit, sometime soon."

"Good." Charlie smiled. "Or her brother… Emmett, is it?"

"That's him," Edward answered for me. "I'm sure he would be delighted to come on over, as well. Maybe we'll over come over for dinner, one night, or you could come to our house."

"That would be great," Charlie nodded, and then his brow furrowed. I was instantly concerned. "So… you're all… staying at the Cullen's?"

"Yes…" I frowned, nervous about what he was getting at.

"In… the same… room?"

I groaned and put my head in my hands. "Dad, seriously, I'm turning twenty-one in September. Edward is already twenty-one."

"I know, I know," He held up his hands. I could feel Edward chuckling beside me. "I'm not going to complain. But… Esme and Carlisle trust you…"

"Yes they do," Edward smiled, not embarrassed in the least, while I was going a bright crimson beside him. "If they didn't, I know they would separate us. It's not like we're up to no good, anyway."

"Humph." Charlie grunted and looked away. "I used to be your age, too, once. I—"

"Ok, I don't think we need a lecture," I held up a hand, still bowing my head. Edward wrapped an arm around my waist and lightly touched my thigh. I went even redder when I heard Charlie's intake of breath. "Anyway… we're fine, Dad, you don't need to worry about… that."

"All right," Charlie nodded and his eyes dragged down to our entwined hands. I knew what he was searching for – an engagement ring. I instinctively turned my hand away from him, sick of the staring. "So… what have you two got planned for today?"

"Not much," I confessed with a laugh.

"Bella and I are just happy to spend time together, aren't we, love?" Edward smiled his dazzling smile, almost knocking me breathless right there on the couch. We had yet to share a real kiss since we reunited, and though I really wanted to kiss him now, it was not the time. "Be good," He mouthed to me.

I tore my eyes back to Charlie, my head still swimming. "Have you got anything planned, you now, for today?"

"Nope," Charlie shrugged and nodded towards the TV. "There's a basketball game on, though. L.A. Lakers against the Memphis Grizzlies."

I pretended to know what that meant. "Oh…"

"That's looks like it's going to be a great game," Edward swooped into save me, like he always did. "I'm betting on Memphis."

"Really?" Charlie almost choked. I watched them debate about the two teams, and once again pretended I understood. They talked for ten minutes before Charlie finally said, "You know, if you want, you two could stay and watch the game with me."

I knew Edward wasn't really that interested in the sport, but he agreed anyway. I guess hanging out with Jasper all the time opens up new doors. The three of us settled in the living room, Edward and I on the love seat and Charlie on his recliner.

I couldn't concentrate on the game (not that I knew what was going on anyway). With Edward sitting so close to me, and every now and then reaching our entwined fingers to stroke my cheek, I couldn't concentrate if I was doing brain surgery. Throughout the game, he would cheer and whoop with Charlie, and I loved seeing them bond. It was worth sitting in a dark room watching a bright screen which hurt my eyes.

By the time the game ended, it was almost four. I had started to drift to sleep on Edward's shoulder, much to my embarrassment. Charlie laughed, waking me, and we all stood up.

"We'll probably see you tomorrow," Edward said politely, smiling at Charlie. We all headed towards the door where we quickly said our goodbyes then ran across the lawn in the rain.

"You didn't seem to be having much fun," Edward said. We leaped onto the Cullen's porch and shook any excess rain off ourselves.

"Basketball isn't my thing," I shrugged, taking off my coat. "But I'm glad you guys had fun." My dreaded blush crept onto my face. "How are you always so… cool with him?"

"What do you mean?" He opened his front door and we both stepped inside. I could hear yelling coming from upstairs, but we both ignored it.

"Well… you're always so polite. You never lose your temper of get embarrassed… like when he asked if we were staying in the same room…" My eyes widened and I shook my head at the memory.

"Well, there was nothing to be embarrassed about," He smiled and wrapped his arms around me. His skin against mine sent shivers up my spine. (Wasn't than awesome rhyme?) "And we told the truth. It wasn't that bad."

"But I was still embarrassed," I sighed, fighting to keep my breathing even.

"There's no need." Edward bent down to kiss my cheek, and then my forehead, leaving a burning trail on my skin. How did he do that? "He got over it, didn't he?"

"Y-yes," I mumbled. "But not after he interrogated us first."

"He's just being a Dad," He leant closer and touched my nose with his in an Eskimo kiss. "Let him do his job."

I sighed and he took my hand. We walked upstairs to find everyone huddled around the TV screen, Wii controllers in their hands.

"Take that!" Emmett yelled on the top of his lungs, swinging his remote from side to side. Jasper, Rosalie and Alice were doing the same thing.

I assumed they'd be playing some battling game, but when I saw the screen, I saw it was just tennis.

"Tennis, guys?" Edward scoffed, pulling me down onto the lounge behind them. "And I thought you guys were cool."

"Hey, tennis on Wii is epic," Jasper protested, swinging his remote again. "Alice and I have beaten Rosalie and Emmett a hundred times, but they refuse to accept defeat."

"Because we were never defeated!" Rosalie exclaimed, throwing her remote down on the ground with a loud thud. "I'm sick of this shit."

"Everyone calm down," I grumbled under my breath with a smile on my face. They were all getting worked up over nothing, and it was kind of funny. Edward was chuckling into my ear.

"So, how was Dad?" Jasper asked, shutting off the Wii and sitting in front of us.

"Good," I nodded.

"He asked if we were sleeping the same bed," Edward interjected with a huge grin. I think hanging out with my brother 24/7 has made him dumb.

"Ohhh," Emmett looked nervous for us. "What'd you say?"

Edward shrugged. "We told him we are. He said he hoped we were being sensible."

We all snickered. Sensible was not our middle name, that's for sure.

"Esme and Carlisle organized dinner for us at seven," Alice announced, standing up and looking at Edward and I. "So, we have to all get ready."

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"To a sports bar." Alice shrugged and pulled me from Edward's grasp.

"Why are we getting dressed up to go to a sports bar?" Rosalie scoffed, coming to stand beside Alice and I. "Isn't a bar just miniskirts and tank tops?"

"I like the sound of that," Emmett grinned.

"Yes, and makeup and hair and shoes," Alice took both of her our hands and began pulling us upstairs. "Boys, I left your outfits in Edward's room. Be ready in an hour!"

"Looks like you haven't changed much, Al," Rosalie laughed as we entered her giant bathroom with her million makeup products and hair devices. Alice sat me down first while Rosalie went to find me an outfit.

"I thought you'd get sick of all this crap, Alice," I chuckled, looking around at all the ridiculous things no woman needs.

"Nope," Alice tugged my hair with the hair brush a little too hard. "And it's not crap."

She started curling my hair into huge loops that cascaded down my back to almost my waist. She applied smoky eye liner and lip gloss then touched up my hair again. By this time, Rosalie arrived with my outfits.

"Ok, I have… this," She handed me a lingerie set I didn't even know I owned. Maybe I didn't. "This," She gave me an almost see through white tank top, "and this," and last but not least, a pair of short shorts.

I groaned.

"What?" Rosalie asked, looking a little offended.

"I thought you guys would have gotten over dressing me in skimpy clothing," I tilted my head back to look at the ceiling.

Rosalie and Alice laughed.

"Well, we haven't, so go change." Alice quickly pushed me away and Rosalie took my spot. They both went to town while I changed into my incredibly short shorts and tight tank top.

I walked back into the bathroom and folded my arms. I was dressed in everything they gave me – except for the lingerie. I kept on my own undergarments. What was wrong with simple white?

"Bella," Rosalie now had her hair dead straight down her back. She was glaring at me, but I had to look away. She just looked too much like a supermodel for me to look at her too long without my self esteem being shot. "Why aren't you wearing the lingerie we gave you?"

I pouted. "Because I look stupid in it."

"You do not," Alice pulled me into a hug. "I thought you would have gotten over your self esteem issues."

"Well, I haven't," I glared at her. "Seriously, I'm not wearing that." I motioned towards the pile of black lace on the floor.

"Yes, you are," She giggled into my ear and went to pick it up again. She came for me, but I made a run for it down the stairs. "Hey! Get back here, Isabella Marie Swan!"

I ran through the living room, past a very shocked Carlisle and Esme. Edward and the boys were sitting on one of the sofas, already dressed, and watched me go past. Emmett wolf whistled, Jasper slapped him, and Edward glared at him. I knew all of this because I tripped, right in front of them.

"Ha!" Alice laughed and picked me back up again. "I gotcha!"

"Help me!" I reached out to my brother, who was closest at the time. "Please, if I don't come back, tell Charlie I love him!" Alice dragged me away from the three stunned boys and up to the bathroom.

"Now Bella, are you going to be a good girl and put on what we tell you?" Rosalie was standing in her room, all done up, pointing a blow dryer at me.

"Ooh, I'm so scared," I laughed. "A high dryer!"

"Don't be fooled," Rosalie grinned menacingly. "I can do lots of things with a hair dryer."

The look in her eyes made me want to run for cover. I quickly scooped up the lingerie and ran into the bathroom. I changed into them quickly, already blushing. "There. I did it."

Alice was already done (I swear that girl has a gift). She wore a black denim mini skirt with a spaghetti strap singlet and high heels. Rosalie wore similar, but wore shorts like me with a million holes and a bright pink tank top.

Alice handed me a pair of flat shoes and I breathed a sigh in relief.

"Wouldn't want two bloody noses in one day…" Alice giggled and pulled Rose and I downstairs.

Edward pulled me straight into his arms and kissed the side of my head. "As always, you look beautiful."

"Thanks," I smiled at him. He was wearing jeans and a fitted, V-neck t-shirt. "You look very handsome yourself."

He smiled and nuzzled into my neck.

"Ok. Let's hit the road before things get too heated in here," Esme and Carlisle appeared next to us, and Edward immediately removed himself from my neck. I noticed his hands had gone a little too low down my back, and I blushed a deep crimson.

We all rode in two cars to the only sports bar in Forks. When we arrived, Rosalie and Alice received a thousand looks from every guy in the bar. I refused to look up from the floor, in fear my feet would get tangled and I'd fall to the floor. For the third time today.

We all sat down and ordered drinks. Edward, Jasper, Emmett and Carlisle all ordered beers. Alice, Esme and Rosalie ordered Martinis, while I was left… drinkless.

"Aw, poor little Bella isn't twenty-one until September," Emmett taunted, sticking out his bottom lip.

"Shut up," Edward glared at Emmett and wound an arm around my shoulders. He whispered in my ear, "It's ok; I'll let you sip some of my drink."

I laughed at the idea and settled into my seat. We ordered quickly, and while we waited for our food to come, Jasper told us about life at one of the most prestige colleges in the world. He told us about some of the more snobby people there, and then some of the nice people they had met. I got a little worried when he told me they had met a nice girl named Delilah on her first day. Jasper and Edward assured Alice and I she just got lost, but we both thought otherwise. Who stumbled into two handsome boys while stumbling around campus?

Then, they asked me about Yale. I told them about my roommate and how she reminded me of an Alice/Rosalie hybrid. Alice demanded to meet her, and so did Rosalie, though I doubted they'd ever want to come to Connecticut. The shopping wasn't good, I've been told.

Our food came shortly and we exchanged more stories. Carlisle and Esme talked to us about life without children at home; they loved having more spare time, though they desperately missed Rosalie and Edward. They had said we were like children to them, so seeing the rest of us going to college was just as upsetting. The idea brought tears to my eyes.

"I have an idea," Alice announced, once we all had finished eating. "The boys and girls will sit at opposite ends of the bar. We'll try to see which teams can get the most numbers first!"

"Really, Alice?" Edward scoffed. "Did you see that on TV, or something?"

"No!" Alice exclaimed and stood up. "C'mon girls,"

Esme and Carlisle remained at our table while the rest of us reluctantly split up. None of us were going to like this very much, especially when we could see the girls already eyeing our boys.

"Ok, girls, positions!" Alice called to us, and Rosalie and I sat on our bar stools facing each other. We talked with our heads close together, and laughed occasionally, getting the attention of the whole bar. Though this wasn't my cup of tea, but I wanted to put in an effort.

A waitress walked over to me and handed me a piece of paper. When I unfolded it, it read, Alex, 047-445-009. My eyes searched the bar, looking for this 'Alex'… and found him waving at me from across the room. I instantly tucked the number into my pocket and turned back to the girls.

I looked over to see Edward, Emmett and Jasper fuming.

"I just got two!" Rosalie laughed waving her pieces of paper around.

"I just got another one!" Alice put her piece of paper onto the counter. Rosalie and I piled ours on top; we'd only been sitting here for ten minutes and we already had five numbers between us.

"Hello," A deep voice sounded behind me, and I turned around. The man standing in front of me was so tall I had to crane my neck to see him. He had a slight accent… Russian, or something. His hair was dark and matched his eyes. "I'm Damien. I noticed you from across the bar and thought I'd come say hello."

"Hi, I'm Bella," I said to him. "Nice to meet you."

"Likewise," He nodded and sat at the stool beside me. "Are you here alone?"

By alone I knew he meant with a boyfriend. I was about to say no, when Rosalie piped up.

"She's here with us," She smiled at Damien. "And I can tell by the look on her face that she would really like your phone number."

He laughed. "Well, sure…" He grabbed a pen off the counter and wrote his number on a napkin. "Be sure to call me soon." He winked as he walked away.

"Well," Alice whistled. "Wasn't he something."

"Sure was," Rosalie nodded, but I couldn't find it in me to agree, because I didn't. "Well, that hits us to seven numbers. How do you think the boys are doing?"

We all looked over. A girl stood in front of Edward, hands on her hips. Her red hair was so bright it stood out amongst anything else; I had to squint to look at her.

"Wow," Rosalie mumbled. "She's…"

"Pretty?" Alice finished.

I was angry. I wanted to go over to that red headed bitch and rip her head off. My fists were balled at my sides and my teeth were clenched.

"Calm down, Bella," Alice cautioned. "She'll just give him her number and go."

She was gone within the next few minutes. Jasper had just finished talking to a big breasted blond, and Emmett was currently talking to a skinny brunette. We went on like this for the next hour, glaring at any woman that would get to close to our boys. Men kept coming to us, and we took their numbers without much talk.

"Ok!" Alice grabbed all of our numbers and ran over to the boys. She shoved any of the girls wandering over away and sat on Jasper's lap. Rosalie and I did the same with Emmett and Edward. "How many did you guys get?"

"Thirty-two," Emmett grinned. "Beat that, little sister."

"We got thirty…" Alice held her breath. "Seven! Ha! We win!"

Edward laughed and kisses my temple. "I knew you were irresistible, but wow."

I blushed and looked down. "I got so mad when that red head was talking to you."

"She was…" He shrugged. "Average."

"Average? She was gorgeous!" I scoffed and him and shook my head. "There is no need to lie, Edward. I already know."

"There is nothing to know," He protested, grinning at me. "I saw how many men came to you, my love. You were definitely a favorite."

"Little hottie, Bells," Emmett laughed, and winked at me. Edward glared. "Jeez, Ed, I was kidding."

Esme and Carlisle started to laugh. Esme said, "I think that's enough shenanigans for one day. How about we go home and watch some movies. Or, you guys can watch some movies and we'll go to sleep."

"Right, I forgot the elderly need sleep," Emmett joked, as we all stood up and headed back to our cars. Esme and Carlisle laughed, not a care in the world, as usual.

The drive home was quiet. We had all had enough excitement for one night, though we all knew this was just the beginning of a great summer. If we thought tonight wore us out – they'll be lots more to come.

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