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Edward's POV

The last few days have been the best of my life.

As soon as I saw Bella walk into my family's kitchen, I knew this summer was going to be the best yet. I hadn't expected her, which made this vacation all the more special. I couldn't thank little Alice enough for organizing this – it felt so good to have us all together again. But even better, it felt so good to have Bella with me again. I had missed her so much.

We spent the last few days settling back into Forks life. The rain, clouds, and storms were different from the weather in Cambridge, Massachusetts where I went to school, and we all had to work around it.

The first three days it was pouring with rain. We decided to stay home and watch movies, play video games, and play board games. Carlisle and Esme joined us with almost everything we did, which each of us were happy about. I had missed my parents.

But by the third day, we had all gotten bored with staying inside.

"I've got an idea," Alice threw down her remote control and turned to us. Emmett and Rosalie were wrapped around each other on the sofa, Alice was sitting on Jasper's lap, and Bella sat in between me legs against the couch. I was very comfortable.

"Which is… ?" Emmett asked.

"It's this thing I saw on MTV yesterday. We go to Forks High, and go through the school labeling where memorable things happened to each of us." Alice explained, her eyes wide and excited.

"And what would we gain from that?" My Bella asked, frowning adorably at Alice.

Alice shrugged. "Well, we get to go back and reminisce about school. We can take some pictures and just have some fun."

"You realize the high school is closed for the summer, don't you?" Dad asked, looking around at each of us. "And don't even think about breaking in."

"We won't have to," Alice answered, leaving us all confused. "Hello, my Dad is a pretty important person in this town. He has a key to the… well, town, I guess."

"Alice, how the hell do I not know this about my Father?" Emmett jumped up, pulling Rosalie with him. "What are we waiting for, come on! We got some keys to grab and some school to label."

Carlisle and Esme seemed skeptical. "I don't know, kids," Esme mumbled.

"What could go wrong? I mean, Emmett's with us, that's wrong enough." Jasper joked, grinning. Emmett slapped him on the arm. "But seriously, we won't damage anything, and we'll be home by dinner time. Ok?"

"Ok…" Carlisle murmured and looked at his wife with worry. "But if anything goes wrong, we won't bail you out of jail."

"Ok bye!" Emmett yelled, already heading for the door. I pulled Bella and up and towed her out to Carlisle's car which he had let us borrow. We all loaded inside and drove to Alice's house. Thankfully, her parents were at work today, and Alice knew her Dad kept the key on his night stand. Within minutes, we had the key and headed to the school.

When we pulled into the parking lot, all of us were a little teary eyed.

"I can't believe we used to go here." Rosalie breathed, parking in the spot where we used to. It seemed so odd seeing this car park empty – whenever we saw it, it was buzzing with students. Now it seemed devoid of any emotion. It was just a school parking lot.

"I know." Bella mumbled as she got out of the car with me straight behind. We made our way towards the main doors leading to the cafeteria, and Alice easily slipped the key into the lock.

When we walked in, the place was clearly gaining dust already. The slippery linoleum floors were slipperier than usual, and the plastic chair and tables each had a layer of dust. It seemed off not having the lunch ladies there, or the cheap cafeteria food.

"Our first memory." Alice took something out of her bag and scribbled: Our Lunch Table, in big black letters. She stuck in on the table that used to be ours.

"I got one." Emmett grinned and grabbed a piece of paper and a marker off Alice. He wrote, The Place Where Bella Sprained Her Ankle! In bigger letters than Alice, and stuck it against the door way into the cafeteria. We all laughed, and Bella pouted.

"You have no idea how much that hurt." She folded her arms and her pout turned into a smile. "It really, really hurt. But now, it's my turn."

She grabbed a piece of paper and wrote, The Place Where Edward Punched Mike Newton In the Face, then stuck it against the glass window on the north wall.

"I remember that!" Emmett laughed, holding his stomach as he folded over laughing. "Where do you think little old Newton is now?"

"Probably working at his parent's store." Jasper chuckled. "We should go and visit him. I'm sure he'd love to see Bella again."

I gritted my teeth and tightened my arm around Bella's waist. "I don't think we should go see him. I think he'd try and jump her."

Rosalie grinned. "Probably. I'm sure he still has the hormones have of a teenager."

We all had a laugh as we walked out of the cafeteria and into the empty halls. They stunk of disinfectant and cleaning products; I guess that wasn't a bad thing.

"Hey!" Jasper grabbed a piece of paper and used my back to write on several pieces of paper. He then ran up and down the halls, sticking the pieces of paper on the individual lockers.

"What the -" I walked up to one that had my name on it. It said, Edward's Locker. I looked next to mine, where Bella's Locker was written. "Nice."

Bella giggled and grabbed a piece of paper. She wrote on it, The Place Where Edward and Bella Made Out Against their Lockers.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her up to my level. I placed a kiss on the tip of her nose. "You little minx."

She giggled and kissed my lips. Within minutes, we had somehow ended up against the lockers, hands all over each other.

"Hey, we don't need a repeat." Jasper pulled me off her and glared at me. I just rolled my eyes and continued down the hall way.

"Ah," Rosalie smiled and wrote something on a piece of paper. I leaned down to read it, still trying to catch my breath from Bella and I's kiss. Here is where Tyler Crowley pinched Rosalie's butt and Emmett kicked him in the balls.

We all broke into laughs while Emmett pouted. I remembered the day well – I didn't think it was something you forgot. It was just one of those things.

"Tyler didn't walk right for the next few weeks." Emmett said smugly, hanging an arm over Rosalie's shoulders.

"Oh my God," Bella suddenly breathed, staring past me. She looked up at me and pointed to the classroom that had claimed her interest. "Edward, that's our old Biology lab."

We both smiled and walked inside. Everything was still here – the stuffed owl, bottles of random chemicals, and human body posters. Our table sat idly at the back of the room, looking as innocent as ever.

I grabbed a pile of small pieces of paper and a marker. Bella and I walked around the room, labeling everything that had happened in this room. Where Bella was practically sitting on my lap during class. Where she dropped a bottle of acid onto the floor. Where Mike Newton tried to pry her away from me. Where Mr. Banner yelled at us for paying too much attention to each other in class. Where Jessica Stanley patted my hair one day causing Bella to slap her across the face. We stuck a number of pieces of paper on our table, some stating: "Bella and Edward's Table" and "Bella and Edward were here, 2011."

"Wow," Alice walked into the room with wide eyes. "You guys really went to work in this room."

"Well, a lot happened here." I shrugged easily, entwining my fingers with Bella's and pulling her out of the room. Alice snapped a picture and then we moved onto our other classrooms.

"Check it out," Jasper chuckled and pointed to the stair case leading to the next level. "That's where Alice leaped over the banister on Bella's birthday." He wrote on a piece of paper then stuck it there.

"I remember that." Bella grumbled, looking away. "That birthday sucked. We celebrated on the roof."

"Oh yeah!" Emmett burst into laughs and lightly punched Bella's arm. "That was great."

"We're just going to go in here," Jasper said, pulling Alice into a vacant English classroom. We all knew that's where Jasper and Alice spent some of their time between classes, when they wanted to be alone. We decided not to disturb them and headed to the gym.

"Oh Lord," Bella smacked her hand into her forehead and sighed. "Don't even get me started about this gym. I have had so many injuries in this place I can't even count."

"Then you'd better get writing!" I chuckled, lightly pushing her towards Emmett. He held Alice's bag of paper and pens. Rosalie went with her, writing on the paper then sticking it in certain parts of the room.

"This is going to be a bitch to clean up," Emmett folded his arms, as we watched our girls stick pieces of paper around.

"I know." I smiled when Bella couldn't reach a certain part of the lemon yellow wall. "But it's worth it. It's so much fun, being back here."

"Sure is." Emmett grinned and nodded towards Rosalie. "Hey, can I show you something?"

I nodded and looked down.

He pulled a ring box out of his pocket. My eyes widened instantly, already understanding. "Holy crap, Emmett, are you serious?"

He smiled sheepishly. "Yes. I really love her, Edward."

I felt stupid for my reaction. Of course, I knew he loved her to pieces – maybe even more. And they were both twenty-two. Or, Rosalie was a few months away. They weren't teenagers anymore; they were adults. I couldn't stop my sister from marrying the man she loves.

I smiled at Emmett. "I'm happy for you, Em."

He smiled and put the ring box back into his pocket. He explained quietly he still needed to ask Carlisle, and he wasn't sure about where exactly he was going to propose yet. He told me he had wanted this ever since high school – he's just been waiting for the right time. I couldn't think of a better time than this summer.

"You can't tell her." Emmett whispered.

"Of course not." I nudged him. "Future brother in-law."

He grinned and pulled me into a head lock. We wrestled until the girls were done, and Emmett had the upper hand. He always did.

"Ok, ok," Rose pulled Emmett off me. "I don't want my boyfriend killing my brother, thank you very much."

"I don't want my boyfriend to die because of a teddy bear," Bella giggled, running her fingers through my hair.

"Watch it, Belly," Emmett teased, walking us out of the gym. "Or you'll be next."

"Did you have fun?" I asked her, looking back at the pieces of paper stuck to every inch of the gym.

"I sure did." She smiled. "So much has happened in this place, there isn't enough paper in the world."

"I agree." I murmured, walking back towards the English classroom Alice and Jasper had retreated to. When we walked in, they were sitting on the one of the tables, heads close together, talking quietly.

"Jeez, for a second I thought I was going to walk in on my sister fogging up the windows with my best friend." Emmett said as we all walked over to them. Jasper and Alice laughed.

"Did you get much sticking done?" Alice asked, kicking her legs against Jasper's.

"Sure did. Took some pictures, too." Bella held up a camera and grinned. "I got some snaps of Edward being murdered by Emmett."

"Hell yes!" Emmett clapped his hands. "They'll be going in my scrapbook."

We all stared at him with our mouths hanging open.

"Scrapbook?" I asked.

Emmett went red. "Um… yeah… ?"

"I need to see this scrapbook." Alice jumped off Jasper's lap and danced over to her brother. She jumped onto his back and kissed his cheek. "When we get home."

"But I don't want my sister to dominate my scrapbook!" Emmett whined, pouting like a little child. We all burst into laughter, Bella leaning against me so she didn't fall down.

"How long has this been going on?" Rosalie asked once she had stopped laughing.

"Ever since we were seniors in high school." He nodded with a grin. "I write done memorable things that happened each day, along with pictures."

"You are so cute, Emmett!" Rosalie giggled, wrapping her arms around him. "Why didn't you tell me you loved scrapbooking?"

"I thought you'd tease me." He mumbled.

"Why would I? That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard!"

Emmett seemed confused. "It is?"

"Yes! I love you!" She kissed him quickly then turned to the rest of us. "Aren't I lucky to have a guy that's so adorable!"

"Sure are." Bella teased, nudging my side. "I'm jealous." She sighed longingly. "If only I had a guy like that."

"If only." I grinned and wrapped my arm around her waist. "Maybe someday you'll find him."

"What if I already have?" She moved closer to me, her eyes half closed and a dreamy smile on her lips. "What are you going to do then?"

"Well, I'm going to have to –"

"Ew. I don't want to hear this." Jasper cringed and covered his ears. "Save it for when you're alone, please."

"Well, I was only going to say I was going to have to kiss her, but whatever…" I leaned down and pressed my lips to Bella's. She opened her mouth for me and we kissed like we didn't have an audience.

"Alright, alright…" Alice squeezed in between us and pried us apart. "We should be getting home right about now. Esme and Carlisle will wonder what's taking so long."

I sighed and took Bella's hand. We all walked out of the school, rereading the notes stuck to the walls as we passed. It was sad to leave, but we all knew we'd be back soon.

Jasper's POV

Later that night, we all decided to have piggy back wars.

What were they, you ask? Well it's when you lay a bunch of blankets and pillows on the ground, someone jumps on your back and you fight to the death (not literally) trying to push your opponent off the enemies back.

It was Bella's idea, oddly enough – she has always had a hidden violent streak.

"Couples against couples." Edward suggested, grinning widely at Bella.

"I think we should do siblings against siblings." I looked and Bella and wiggled my eye brows. "Come get on my back, Bella."

She wandered over and jumped onto my back. At only 110 pounds, she was easy to carry. We were going to kill this.

Rosalie jumped onto Edward's back and Alice got onto Emmett's. Alice looked tiny on Emmett's back, and Rosalie was almost as tall as Edward. This could be a fair fight.

"Let's ask Esme and Carlisle to pick names out of a hat. Whichever two names get picked out first, they fight first. The last team fights the winner, and then we'll switch." I suggested, carrying Bella into the kitchen where Carlisle and Esme were sitting.

Esme held a hat with shredded pieces of paper inside. "I heard your conversation, and I was prepared."

"That's the mom I know and love." Edward laughed.

"Ok." Esme picked a piece of paper out of the hat. "First team to fight, Jasper and Bella." Bella pulled my hair, while Esme picked out the next name. "Against them will be Alice and Emmett."

"It's on!" Emmett boomed, easily carrying Alice back into the living room. We all followed, Bella whispering tactics in my ear and me agreeing or disagreeing. We had come up with few strategies before we were standing in front of Emmett and Alice.

Rosalie and Edward sat on the couch beside us. "Ok…" Rosalie looked at Edward. "Ready…"

"Set…" Edward said.

"Go!" They yelled together.

Emmett charged at us, and I quickly maneuvered out of the way. Bella was swinging around on my back like a rag doll, barely holding on. I tightened my hold on her knees, forcing her to stay on.

This time, I charged at Emmett and Alice. Alice reached out to cover my eyes with her hand, and I was blind. I shook my head, trying to remove her hands off my eyes, but she wouldn't budge.

"Bella!" I yelled, and Alice's hands were instantly removed. Bella was holding Alice's arms away, using all her strength to hold her off me.

Meanwhile, Emmett swung his leg behind mine and attempted to trip me. I moved just in time, and he almost went face first into the cushions underneath us. I laughed and charged at him, my head going into his chest. I tried shoving him back, and Rosalie and Edward started chanting and cheering for their favorite side.

"You're going down, Alice!" Bella grunted, shoving Alice away from us. Alice went falling backwards, and I held my breath. What if she hit her head? What if she –

She got back up, grinning. "Not so fast, Bell. I'm coming for you."

I pulled my head away from Emmett to shove my shoulders into his. He stumbled back on one leg, Alice squealing as she held on for dear life. I went again, and this time Bella helped me shove them backwards. They both went falling into the cushions.

"We won!" Bella squealed, jumping off my back and throwing her arms around me. I hugged her back, grinning from ear to ear.

Edward jumped up and ran to Bella while I walked over to Alice. She was lying on the blankets, pouting.

"Sorry, Al," I smiled, holding out my hand to help her up. "Bella warned you were going down."

She grabbed onto my hand and let herself be pulled upwards. "We had you for most of that. If Bella hadn't of helped you at the end, you would've lost."

"Sure, darlin'." I grinned and kissed her cheek. She smiled and swatted me away. I led her to the couch while Rosalie and Edward began discussing a game plan.

"I've got an idea." I whispered to Bella, pulling her over to me. "I know how we can win this. Make Edward think you're hurt."

"That's not very nice, Jazz!" Bella shrieked. "He'll be worried!"

I tapped my nose. "Exactly, little sister."

She laughed and then nodded. I pulled her onto my back, and she fastened her arms and legs around me tightly. I held onto her firmly – she was always hurting herself, and I didn't want to cause injury.

"Kick Eddie's butt, Jazz!" Emmett whooped from the couch next to Alice.

"Emmett, if you cheer for them one more time, you're not getting any for a week." Rose threatened them, and we all 'ooohed'. That made Emmett shut up.

"Ready." Alice chimed.

"Set…" Emmett grinned.

"Go!" They yelled together.

Edward nor I moved. We stared at each other, anticipating our next move. Bella and Rosalie watched each other, eyes half closed and glaring. It was all funny, really – we all took this so seriously.

Before I knew what was happening, Edward stuck his leg out, and I stumbled over it. Bella swung forward over my shoulders, half her body hanging off me. She quickly scrambled back into place on my back and held on more firmly.

"Nice try, Edward." I grinned and tapped on Bella's leg with my index finger. She swung her arm out and Rosalie almost went flying, just like Bella just had. Her legs detached from Edward and only her arms remained. She hooked her legs back around Edward's waist and glared at Bella and I.

Alice and Emmett squealed and cheered. Emmett was cheering for Rosalie, and Alice was cheering for me. Looks like we know the favorites.

I squeezed Bella's knee, putting our plan into motion.

"Ow!" Bella exclaimed, looking down at her leg with teary eyes. "That hurt, Edward! You kicked me!"

"I'm so sorry, Bella!" Edward stepped forward, just like I'd hoped. "Are you ok? Where did I kick you? I swear I didn't m –"

I let go of Bella's leg and jumped forward, grabbing onto Edward's shoulders and shoving him backwards. He yelled and fell backwards, twisting away just before he fell on Rosalie.

Bella and I burst out laughing, tears in our eyes. Emmett and Alice laughed with us, while Rosalie and Edward sat on the floor, feeling like idiots.

"That was great!" I laughed, holding my hand up for a high five. Bella smacked her hand into mine, tears pouring down her cheeks. I hugged her and we laughed more.

"Sucked in, Edward!" Emmett grinned, pulling a very disappointed Rosalie up off the ground. He pulled her into his arms and hugged her while she just grunted in annoyance. We all knew Rosalie hated to lose.

"That wasn't nice, Bella." Edward got up and pouted like a boy who'd found coal in his stocking. "I really thought you'd gotten hurt."

"I'm… sorry…" She giggled, still holding in laughter. She wiped her face and walked over to him. "That was… just… too… funny!"

Edward frowned. "I didn't think it was very funny."

"Who won?" Carlisle and Esme walked into the living room and took in the cushions and blankets. They both smiled and looked at Bella and I, who were still in stitches.

"Jasper and Bella, but they cheated!" Rosalie walked over to them and crossed her arms. "Bella pretended to be hurt so Edward would get distracted. Then Jasper pushed us over."

"Wow." Esme laughed and nodded. She smiled at Bella and I. "That was smart."

"I know!" Bella and I said in synch, setting us off into another round of laughter.

"I'd like to watch a battle first hand." Carlisle walked to the spectator's couch and sat down. Esme took a seat next to him and crossed her legs. "Who's next?"

"Rosalie and Edward versus Alice and Edward." Bella said, sitting on the couch next to Carlisle and Esme. I sat beside her and watched the two teams prepare.

The battle between Rosward (Edward and Rosalie) versus Emice (Emmett and Alice) ended within minutes. Emmett and Alice had the upper hand, and they quickly knocked Rosalie off Edward then Edward went tumbling behind her. Carlisle and Esme found it highly entertaining, but by the end, they wanted to try.

"We want to verse the winners." Carlisle looked at Bella and I and smiled. "I bet we can beat you."

"Doubtful!" I jumped up and pulled Bella up behind me. She jumped onto my back and held on tightly. "Bring it on!"

Rosalie, Emmett, Edward and Alice all took our places on the sofa and prepared to watch. They were both already making bets and picking sides, just like I expected. Edward and Rosalie wanted Carlisle and Esme to win, and Alice and Emmett wanted us to win. Bella and I were confident.

"It's Jella (Jasper and Bella) versus Cesme (Carlisle and Esme)!" Emmett yelled in a deep, loud voice. We all had a bit of laugh but within seconds, Carlisle was staring me down. Esme was staring at Bella with an intensity I didn't know the mother-bear could possess.

Everyone yelled in synch: "On your marks… get set… FIGHT!"

Carlisle jumped at my legs, wrapping his arms around me attempting to pull me down. Esme got hold of Bella's shoulders and was trying to shove her off. Who knew my almost-parents could be so violent!

"No!" Alice yelled when Bella almost got thrown off my back. I managed to wiggle out of Carlisle's hold and get into a crouching position, preventing him from jumping at me again. Carlisle nodded at me and we circled each other while we thought of our next move.

Bella was breathing hard behind me, holding on for her dear life. I pulled her closer to me until her head was resting on my shoulder.

"Hold on tight, Bella." I whispered to her, inching my way closer to Carlisle. Esme was watching us warily, but she obviously didn't hear what we said, because when I charged at them, her legs became loose and hung to the ground.

Bella wasn't in a much better position; her arms were barely holding on but her legs were securely attached.

Everyone in the audience was holding holding breath in anticipation – Carlisle nor I made a move, we only glared and danced around each other.

I got an amazing idea.

"Bella." I grunted, and she put her head on my shoulder again. I spoke without barely moving my lips. "When I crouch down, I need you to grab a pillow and whack Carlisle as hard as you can. Do you hear me?"

She nodded and pulled away from me.

Just before I crouched down, I grinned. "Bye, Cesme."

I ducked down and Bella grabbed a pillow before I had time to blink. She smacked it against Carlisle, and he stumbled back in confusion. His feet got tangled up in the blankets on the floor, and he fell down.

Our audience erupted in excited cheers, clapping their hands and shouting. Bella slid off my back and hugged me, and we both laughed together.

"Another victory for the Swan pairing." I grinned and we high fived. We both walked over and helped Carlisle and Esme get up.

"You guys are good." Carlisle nodded, and then smiled. "But the pillow move was definitely cheating."

"Was not!" Bella playfully stuck out her tongue and then hugged Carlisle. He laughed and hugged her back, and then she moved onto Esme.

"You guys had it in the bag." Alice appeared behind me and wrapped her little arms around my waist. "We all knew it."

I sighed. "I know."

We both laughed and looked at Bella and Edward. Bella was stroking his face and telling him: "She was sorry for tricking him," and he looked like he was about to melt. It was an adorable sight, but it didn't mean I wasn't a little grossed out.

"It's one-thirty in the morning." Rosalie laughed, shaking her head. "We had those stupid piggy back fights for two hours."

"No wonder I feel so loopy." Alice yawned and tugged on my hand. "Let's go to bed."

I nodded and turned to the others. "We're going to go to bed."

"Me two."

"Me three."

"Me four."

I wrapped my arm around Alice's waist and pulled her upstairs. I felt a little sore after all the carrying I've had to do tonight, so I was glad to go to bed. I knew tomorrow would be a whole new day, with more surprises. And hopefully more piggy back wars.

Once I was almost asleep, my eyes snapped open as I remembered something.

"Uh, Alice... ?"

"Yeah, Jazz?"

"We never took down the pieces of paper at the school."


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