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I felt a vibrating coming from my side pocket so I took my cell out and checked the id. Alice.


"Bella you would NOT believe me if I told you, but I'm going to tell you anyway!" my sister screeched down the phone. I sighed. I wish for one day I could see into the mind of my hyper pixie sister. She just finds a way of seeing everything on the brighter side, I can't even remember the last time she was down and hadn't bounced right back up again.


"I heard from Angela, who heard from Jess, who heard from her friend of a friend that Tyler wants to go to the school dance with you! How amazing is that, because he isn't all that bad to be honest. I mean, he isn't my type but I can totally see you in a perfect knee length-"

"Steady on, A, you know how Jess is with rumours, and I don't even want to go to the dance- I have a ton of work to do at the restaurant to make up for my holiday leave with you guys. If it is true, it will eventually get back to him."

"Please?" I could see her sad eyes through the phone. Tough luck, sister! I hung up on her and continued reading my magazine to 'Stay Safe under the Sun'.

My name is Bella Swan. I am 16 years old, and I live in a town in England. England sums up the weather to the rare sun appearance, heavy rain and regular snow, meaning ice, which I hate. I am currently in year 11 of high school and in September, will be going off to college for 2 years to study English literature, photography and History, and then hopefully gain a place at the local university to carry on with my photography passion. The 'hopefully' means that as long as if I can gain a place with my average grades, and also if my mum can survive without me being there for her. Of course, she now has the all-time cricket star, Phil Denim, who pays the bills and give my mum some company and husbandly adoration.

My sister, Alice Swan, is a shopping spree loving hyper ninja, I think. Maybe not the latter. But she is definitely a shopaholic, and without my stepfather's good pay check, we wouldn't have a house over our heads with Alice.

And as a celebration for finishing our 5 years of high school, Phil has treated me, Alice and two of my best friends, Angela and Jess, to a five star hotel in Turkey! If I was extremely over the moon and excited, Alice… well Alice had already jumped up and down, spun me around in a circle, kissed Phil and Renee (our mum) on the cheek and dashed into the garage for the car and drove to outside the front door to go shopping before I had registered anything. Of course she wanted to drag me to go shopping for the holiday. It's Alice!

The Turkish holiday was so soon! In 1 week, we would be on a plane to what I believe to be the hottest place in the world, compared to England. We were halfway finished packing, and Alice had gone to run a few 'errands', aka shopping. I had profusely refused to join her, so while I waited for her to bring back another suitcase, since the other three we had had snapped due to Alice trying every year to fit as much as she can in there, I read the latest magazine that was on her bedside table. Sadly, I spent the past 10 minutes reading what I had already knew- time slots to go out into the sun, put a high SPF sun crème on before and after in the water, wear a pair of SPF sunglasses and a hat.

Just then, I heard a car drive into the drive and the muffled music stop. A door slam later, I recognised Alice's and Angela's chatter as well as a low thumping every few seconds. A minute later two of my best buddies walked through mine and Alice's joint bedroom, dragging behind them two brightly coloured suitcases.

"There's two more in the backseat of my car. A little help?" Alice said, looking out of breath. I heaved myself out of my comfortable beanbag and welcomed Angela with a hello, then after a huff from Alice, I hugged her too. I then dragged both the other suitcases by myself to the bedroom. When I looked up, I saw both suitcases wide open. Alice was hidden in the closet, throwing bits of clothing out whilst commenting in a stressed tone on how she will never be able to decide on each outfit for each day. She wanted an outfit for each part of the day! Breakfast, lunch, dinner…we may need to get another suitcase if she decides to do the same for me.

"Why not…this black dress with….these red heels, then this red clutch to match?" Angela asked Alice.

"My dear, I have taught you well! Hmm….what day should I wear this? Well the outfit will look better with my skin with a bit more colour, so day 5?"

"Um…okay" I could tell Angela was trying to be as hyped as possible, but I knew she hated to be apart from her boyfriend, Ben, even for a day, so 2 weeks is going to be a killer. I guess we will have to keep her mind off things!

"We have to try LOADS of water sports!" Alice began, "It's a perfect opportunity for looking good and like we are having fun, and also a great conversation starter!"

"Ali, we ARE going to be having fun!" Angela laughed.

"Water sports? Who said anything about them?" I hadn't realised anything about water sports! It was an accident waiting for me to make!

"Relax! We will probably be buckled down to whatever we are doing. No damage!"

I didn't miss out the 'probably', but I didn't want Alice to use the full power of her ability to make anyone feel guilty, which will lead me to agree with her anyway.

A holiday is almost like a fresh start, meet new people for the 2 weeks, then add them on our email list and stay in touch for a few weeks at most. Long distance friendships never last in my opinion. At first I was sceptical but tried to keep chatting to them, but eventually things in our own lives just make both end busy, so conversations ceases. I sound like I'm talking from experience, aren't I? Well, that's how I met Nahuel, when I went to visit my aunt in Italy. We had met on the stairs in my aunts building, on my way out from her apartment to go sight seeing. He lived on the second floor as well, and offered to take me to see the local sights. I spent one week there, and by the end of that week, we had promised to keep in contact. A month later, conversation was becoming more rare with each other, and I had exams to revise for, things to do, so I couldn't email him as often as I should have. A year later, the present, my last email from him dated 4 months ago, telling me he was going to be touring the world with his best friend, England being his 4th stop, for a week. I assume that week had already past, so I don't really think about it anymore. I just now try to let go of my feelings for any friends I meet out of the country as soon as I board the plane to go back home.

The night before heading out to the airport….


I was SO excited! The holiday was TOMORROW and Jess and Angela were coming over for a sleepover before the big day! Of course I had finished packing a few days ago, but I kept on forgetting things to pack, so previously my suitcase was just over full, and now it is the exact same, but I've managed to sneak a few extra items into Bella's suitcase. I'm sure she has noticed, because nobody can not notice when their suitcase almost doubles in size, but I'm glad she hasn't mentioned anything because I'd feel guilty for using her valuable suitcase space. But if it helps her, she can wear my heels and some clothes I choose not to wear on holiday! After all, it is in her suitcase anyway. Anyway, I have an important task at hand. I had to prepare our girls night in, so I had to prepare the bathroom so the steam will be at its best for our skin, and have some towel laid out, and face masks, hair masks, nail vanish and remover, my nail kit, my best scented moisturiser… I have A LOT to do!

I've checked the flight tickets. We fly out at Birmingham airport at 6am, so we need to arrive about an hour or two early. The flight will be first class for about 4 hours and the taxi to the hotel will be in about 1 hour. We need to look our best for good impressions in Turkey, so I have a few home remedies to keep our skin rosy and natural, not as if we had just got off a plane and are falling asleep.

Bella was at the local gym with Jess and Angela under my orders; they will be back in an hour or so. Angela and Jess dropped off their suitcases earlier so I dragged all of our suitcases downstairs and into the foyer, so we don't miss our flight because we weren't prepared for anything, like a suitcase gets stuck or something out of the ordinary.

After I had everything prepared and had my jimjams on, I heard the doorbell ring and then skipped to the door, and where outside were waiting my lovely girls in their sporty outfits I had set them all up with before.

"Aww you guys look so cute!" I hurried them inside and sent them upstairs to start the night. I could sense Bella a little irritated so I asked her what was up.

"It was nothing" Bella said, closed off. Angela scoffed and Jess turned her head in Bella's direction.

"It was not just anything Bella! That guy could have been a serial killer or something! Out of everyone here, you would have been more cautious!" Angela pointed out stubbornly.

"Ok, so I misinterpreted I guy I used to know who turned out to be a stranger who tried to chat me up! Big deal-"

"Guys, what's done is done! Now you two go get ready for a shower to get rid of the post-gym while I talk to Bella for a second. I've laid out the towels and shampoo and shower gel and other stuff." Angela and Jess walked off with thanks, but Angela looked pointedly at Bella, who ignored it and as the door to the two bathrooms shut, I jumped in, "Bella, what were you thinking? I'm sure you could tell whether you knew them or not or at least check for any signs it wasn't whoever-"

"-Nahuel" Bella said.

I stopped talking.


"I thought I saw Nahuel, the guy who I met last year in Italy, remember? He said on an email that he was visiting; I just thought he'd been and gone already. I swear it looked just like him, just with shorter hair, and only when I came up to him did I realise it wasn't him. He looked like he was egotistical, and then spoke like I'd never met him before, just another girl. Not like a long lost friend or anything." She looked downwards to the floor. I could easily tell she was hurt of what happened, so I gave her a squeeze, hugging her.

"Don't worry babe, you're okay. Nothing happened, and Nahuel lost his chance when he said goodbye to you in the first place. You're smart, funny, gorgeous and amazing beyond lengths. You WILL find someone. Keep your head up, okay?" When Bella smiled weakly back at me, I knew she had thanked me again. Nahuel messed with her mind. The first few emails she was so excited over, replying instantly, then longing for the next one. As the email times lengthened, I could see she got disappointed. She then herself started to email less, so I was glad she was getting over him and having fun with me and our friends. Things like this just don't go away. I sent Bella off to our parents' bathroom, and then waited patiently for everyone to get back to headquarters, the bedroom. I had the whole night planned. It was 5pm. In twenty minutes when everyone has got back from the bathrooms with their hair wax under hair caps, we will go to the bedroom and moisturise, climb into our pyjamas and help each other apply face masks on each other. 5:50 approx will be when we paint each others nails and then we will watch a chick flick in the huge living room. When the film's over, we will take off both face mask and then the hair products, and then leave our hair to dry naturally. I'm so organised, aren't I?

2am the next morning:

"GIRLS wake UP! Your taxi arrives in an HOUR!" Mum shouted from downstairs. I jumped out of bed and screamed. 1 hour? Why didn't she wake us up earlier! I shook everyone, making sure they were awake and wouldn't fall back asleep and ran to the bathroom, almost slipping on some water from last night- Jess! - And got ready. Good thing I had practically put out the outfit we were going to wear today. Who cares about warmth anyway, when we are going to be in Turkey soon? But I had to be practical- I chose a striped top with a cardigan, then denim shorts and skin coloured tights. I paired that with some black heels. Bella will wear her Mickey Mouse top and dungarees with converses, Jess a light pink strappy top and jeans with military laced shoes with a heel on, then Angela with a very cute black knee length dress, with red heels and cardigan. I heard from the bathroom the girls get up and take the other bathroom, but Bella came and brushed her teeth in our en-suite. An hour later, we all climbed into the taxi and headed to the airport. Mum was planning on coming with us, as she would love to visit the sun, but she is going to America with Phil as a couple, to make use of the 2 weeks alone. Gross. I wonder if she'll meet up with Charlie, our biological father in Forks?

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