Triptych: A Life in Ten Acts

An Inception Fanfic.

Act I:

The first time he lays eyes on the infamous Mr. Eames, Arthur knows he's going to be a pain in the ass. Cobb spoke so highly of his abilities as both forger and thief, but the first meeting tells Arthur that his skills are much outweighed by his flaws. That lascivious smirk, his come-to-me-now eyes, and the flirtatious nature that engulfs everything in sight.

Mal thinks he is charming. Arthur almost snorts when she says this. He finds Mr. Eames to be anything but. He chews his food too loudly. He loses far too many inhibitions when under the influence (the poor crowd at Tooley's Pub would forever be scarred by Eames' drunken serenade - to a bar stool.). And for whatever reason, he seems to believe that he is God's gift to women, men, and basically any gorgeous thing alive.

This includes Arthur.

But he has to give Mr. Eames a few props. After all, his quick thinking and forgery of a lovely brunette have saved their asses on several occasions.

Cobb says he is the best at what he does. Mal, naturally, agrees. Arthur becomes convinced that they are completely blind to Mr. Eames' true nature.


The first time he realizes Mr. Eames is flirting with him is in the middle of a job for a major alternative energy corporation. Standing in the middle of a crowded market, Eames steps a little too close to Arthur for comfort, and then proceeds to casually place an arm around his shoulders. As if they were a couple, out for a bit of shopping.

When the job is done, and the four of them are awake in the warehouse, Arthur decides that what Mr. Eames needs is a right hook. And so he delivers one.

Cobb laughs good-naturedly. Mal tisks at them.

It isn't until Arthur is safely tucked away in his hotel bed that night that he allows himself to remember the feel of that hand on his shoulder.


He wouldn't label himself as gay. He wouldn't label himself as anything. He doesn't see the point. It isn't like he has some booming sex life of any type happening at the moment. There really isn't any time.

But Arthur notices himself becoming increasingly aware of Mr. Eames. Where he was. What he was doing. Who he was with.

It becomes frustrating to the extreme. Not because Arthur wants Eames for himself, but because he doesn't and it doesn't seem to matter.

It isn't until Mal notices that Arthur realizes what's happening.


She has a very keen eye. The bordering-on-abusive banter Eames and Arthur spit back and forth to each other was a big giveaway. Mal thinks it's quite adorable that Arthur likes him. Arthur finds it increasingly difficult to pretend she's wrong.

But it's all in the way Eames leans against the counter next to him when he's making coffee. Or sits just a little too close in his folding chair. Or the hand that presses into the small of his back as they enter a room.

It's the glint in Eames' eye when he looks at him. The small smile playing on the corner of his mouth when he comes into work in the morning. The once abrasive banter that is suddenly more light-hearted, even subtle.

It's the pet names that make Arthur want to rip his hair out, but at the same time he secretly loves because they are said in a startlingly sexy accent.

The startlingly sexy accent.

It's two years after the very first meeting when they go out for drinks. And Arthur still finds Mr. Eames to be a pain in the ass. But despite all his flaws, he thinks that maybe the sincere smile and conversation more than make up for them.

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