Triptych: A Life in Ten Acts

An Inception Fanfic.

Act X Part 2

She had been wrong. Instead of forty-five minutes Arthur had waited for three hours before Eames finally returned.

At first, Arthur had sat on the couch unnoticed. Eames went into the kitchen, and Arthur heard the fridge open and then the tiny snap that accompanied the opening of a beer bottle.

It was when Eames entered the tiny sitting area, presumably to watch some television, that he finally saw him.

The beer nearly slipped from his hand.

"Hi." Arthur tried to give a smile, but sensed that only made him seem more vulnerable and suspicious.

"Hi." Eames sat the beer on top of the TV and leaned against the wall. "What are you doing here, pet?"

"I talked to Ariadne."

"And what did the lovely have to say?" His beautiful voice dripped with sarcasm and a hidden misery.

Arthur sat up, and leaned forward, laying his elbows on his knees. "She told me I'm an asshole."

Eames gave a half-hearted chuckle.

"And she was right." The laughter stopped. Eames face fell, and he approached, sitting on the far end of the couch, which really wasn't that far because it was a small couch. Arthur looked at him intently. "I'm an asshole."

Eames finally met his eyes, and Arthur could see pain in their depths. The spark of mirth that he was used to seeing there was missing and it was disheartening.

"This is going to sound really shitty, and so I apologize beforehand, but it's the truth. I understand how you must have felt, waking up with me and then leaving. That's how I felt. I was terrified. When you talked about feeling trapped and caged in and restless, I understand now. I felt that way. So I did something stupid. I left. And maybe on the plane ride to Chicago I felt a sense of revenge, but it was overpowered by the guilt.

"I tried to forget. I bought a new suit. I visited some of my favorite places. I called my mother."

Eames cracked a smile, and Arthur felt the tension lift slightly. "Yes, that's right, I called my mother. But nothing helped. I just kept running. When I met Ariadne in Paris, she basically kicked my feet out from under me, told me I couldn't run anymore. She's always been blunt, trying to ease away the bullshit that surrounds everything. She made me honest."

"Honest?" Eames was watching him closely.

"Honest to myself. She's seen through us from the get go, or at least she suspected. I know you talked to her. And I…I should have listened to her the first time.

"The truth is I always knew how I felt about you. The first time I saw you I knew you'd be trouble, but I liked that. I liked the friendship we had and the family we had with Mal and Dom. I loved the way you held Phillipa for the first time, and you were so nervous that you'd drop her. I loved getting into bar fights with you, usually because of you. I loved that after our first kiss you spent about ten minutes laughing your head off because of something you thought of in the moment. I loved that when you had the chance to bed me when I got drunk the first time that you didn't. I loved every stupid fucking pet name you ever gave me, and your stupid fucking sexy ass accent that I swear haunts me everywhere I go. Even hearing your landlady downstairs made me a bit weak in the knees because for some strange, unknown reason she reminded me of you. I hate the way everything reminds me of you now. But that just means I can't run anymore because you're everywhere I go. There is no escape. So I had to sit down and think about when it was that I realized I loved you."

Arthur paused for a much needed breath and ended up gulping in more air than was recommended. He gasped, trying to regain composure. Finally he looked up to find Eames' beautiful eyes gazing at him, waiting for him to finish.

"The first moment I met you. That's when I knew."

And Arthur closed his mouth tight, not wanting any more feelings or emotions to sneak out. He was tired and emotionally exhausted and there was still no guarantee that Eames would respond the way he wanted.

"So when I told you I loved you…?"

Arthur looked at him. "I believed you. I always have."

Eames smiled, and as Arthur watched, the happy mirth that made Eames Eames crept slowly back into his eyes. "You believe me."


"And you love me."

Arthur allowed his tired mouth to smile. "Yes."

"And Ariadne?"

"Is all for this working out."

Eames hesitated a moment, as if weighing options; then he slid down the couch until his face was inches away from Arthur's.

"Then we mustn't disappoint."

And Arthur relished the lips that pressed against his; the lips that he'd waited, seemingly a lifetime, to finally kiss again.


When Arthur woke up in Eames's bed he was alone and for a millisecond his heart jolted, thinking that it was happening again. But a quick inspection revealed the balcony door to be open, and a cool breeze crept under the covers around him.

Arthur wrapped the warm bed sheet around his naked form and made his way to the balcony. Eames was sitting on the little chair, staring out at the busy London evening. He looked almost peaceful, serene. It brought a smile to his lips.


Eames looked up. "Hi." Arthur was rewarded with a smile in return. He took the two steps toward the chair and settled himself on Eames' lap.

"Did you think I left?" Eames' cool voice broke the silence.

Arthur nestled into his embrace. "For a second."

Eames wrapped his arms tighter around Arthur's body. "It will never happen again."

"I know." Arthur watched the lights of the city and listened to the traffic and commotion below. Several of Eames' neighbors were visible on their own balconies. "I love you, Eames."

Arthur felt a small kiss against his temple and a nose riffling through his hair.

"I love you, too."

Arthur shivered in the cool night air, and as he settled back into place he used the friction to his advantage, rubbing against Eames' pelvis suggestively. Eames' body quickly responded.

"Mr. Eames?"


"Do you think your neighbors would object if we fucked right here on the balcony?"

Arthur could feel the grin pressed against his head.

"Care to find out?"

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