I stood waiting and watching as Charlie Swan lifted his precious cargo from the back of a small car. I didn't even have to read the writing that was printed on the door to know that it was a member of the FBI who handed Charlie, a small suitcase and what looked like a stuffed toy of some kind.

I felt my three son's join me watching the scene unfold before us. We couldn't help but let small smiles cross our faces as the little girl wiggled in his arms burying her face into his neck and let out a small sigh before becoming quiet again. I turned my hearing back to the hushed conversation between the two men.

"As you can see she is underweight, and is suffering from malnutrition. The doctor that looked at her when we brought her in said that she'll need to get another full check up to make sure her throat is healing properly."

"I've all ready booked an appointment with one of the doctor's here for the next few days. What about her?"

I watched as the agent ran his fingers through his all ready messed up hair before shaking his head.

"She wasn't there, we have no idea who got her out but it doesn't mean that we are giving up."

I had to swallow a growl as my anger suddenly increased.

"Jasper, you need to calm down."

I silently thanked Edward, and turned my eyes back to the two men still talking in hushed voices.

"We'll keep you updated. Yet again I am offering an agent to come and watch over the two of you."

I watched as Charlie, turned his head slightly so he was looking right into my eyes before flicking his eyes back to the agent.

"There won't be any need. Isabella, and I won't actually be staying here in the house. A friend of mine has offered to let us live with them. He is the town doctor and his wife has agreed to look after Isabella, when I am at work. They have three teenage boys of their own and his wife is somewhat excited about actually having a girl in the house."

I bowed my head to hide some of the pain that filled my eyes. That wasn't always the case. I used to have two daughters of my own until Rose, still tormented by her dreams changed a child and in turn was killed by the Volturi and Alice, sweet Alice couldn't control her power to see the future and went mad. She died by my own hands as was her request. It was rare to find female vampire's as a whole and most of the time we took human mates, I was lucky that Esme, survived being turned.

I felt Edward's, hand on my shoulder causing me to look back at my three sons who through Jasper, sent me their love. I smiled at them, nodding my thanks. The sound of a door closing and the smell of petrol filled the air indicating that the young agent was leaving. Staying hidden in the tree's until we were sure he was gone we stepped into the now sleeping street.

Charlie, nodded his head as we made our way over to him. Charlie, knew who and what we were since our very first meeting and was changed mere hours later. I watched as Edward, slide round me and wrapped his arm around Charlie's waist, before leaning into kiss his check lightly causing both of them to purr lightly. It didn't really surprise me when Edward, announced that they were mates, they were perfect for each other. Charlie, even though a few years older than Edward when he was changed, seemed a lot older in many ways and balanced Edward out. My eyes were suddenly drawn back to the little girl who was starting to shiver in the nights cooling air.

I was surprised when Jasper, suddenly appeared with a blanket and was holding out his arms to take Isabella. Charlie, carefully passed her over and watched as Jasper, wrapped her in the blanked before bring her head to rest in the crook of his neck as he started to purr. I felt Charlie, stiffen for a fraction of a second before Edward, calmed him down again as he pointed out that at least their daughter would be safe.

I couldn't stop myself from grinning at his words. It seemed that Edward, had all ready opened his arms and heart to young Isabella. I turned to face Emmett, worried how he would feel now being the only unmated person in the house but by the way he was grinning at Jasper and Isabella, something told me he was fine. Noticing my eyes on him Emmett, turned and looked at me in silent question before working out what I was thinking. The twinkle in his eyes as he worked out what was bothering me caused him to let out a low laugh before he spoke

"I'm fine Carlisle. I've gotten a little sister out of all this who is currently turning a funny blue colour."

I span round and noticed that young Isabella was indeed turning blue. The look of fear crossed Jasper's, face as he pulled the blanket closer to her body.

"Let's get a move on. The sooner we get our princess home and warm the better."

Taking one last look around we took off into the forest and towards the house. I couldn't help but notice how careful Jasper was being as he ran. The moment we entered our land the tension I didn't realised hung in the air disappeared. I didn't bother slowing down as the house came into view. In fact I picked up my speed the moment my mate's scent hit my nose. I let out a low growl as I saw her standing in the porch light waiting for our return. She was so small and young when I had changed her. I could feel myself becoming hard as I remembered the very first time I laid eyes on her. Her mother, had invited me to one of her garden parties in hope to gain some kind of prestige, instead I seduced her sixteen year old daughter and took her as my mate that very night.

The moment I had her in my arms I picked her up causing her to wrap her legs round my hips as I attacked her lips. I ignored my children as they walked into the house before closing the door behind them. I pushed her against the wall using my body to hold her there as I unbuckled my jeans and let them slide down my legs as I hitched her dress up giving me access to what I needed the most.

This wouldn't be gentle and by the sounds coming from my mate she knew this and didn't care. I licked her neck as I thrust into her hard and fast before biting down on her neck filling her with my venom. The moment she smelt like me again I slowed my movement's and started to actually make love to her. Making sure that she came at least twice before I did I lowered her to the ground before redressing myself. Placing a deep kiss on her lips I took her in my arms

"Hello my beloved one."

She giggled as she buried her head in my chest before speaking

"Hello, to you too my strong one. I am not going to complain about what we just did but I was wondering if I could go and meet the newest member of our family?"

I looked down at her smiling face and nodded my head causing her to let out a small scream of happiness reminding me of her actual age before she tried to wiggle out of my hold, causing me to let out a small growl.

"Esme, behave. We'll go in, in a minute but I have to inform you of a few things first. First Charlie and Edward are her parents, not us. Secondly, Jasper is mated to her, so we need be careful with our involvement with her in that front as well. Isabella, might also find it difficult to be around you for a while. From what I read in her report the bitch that called herself, her mother hurt her both physically and emotionally. So don't worry if for a while she is a bit shy around you. Okay?"

I watched as my mate nodded her head losing some of the sparkle that she had in her eyes from before. I felt bad for upsetting her but she needed to know. I gently started to purr to try and comfort my mate as a scream filled the air. Without thinking I dragged my mate into house keeping her behind me only to realise that Isabella, was awake and was scared.

I watched as Charlie, rushed down the stairs and brought her into his arms rocking her back and forwards as he tried to comfort her.

Charlies POV

The moment we stepped into the house, Jasper made his way over to one of the large sofa's that graced the room, as my mate turned the heating up before coming back to my side. I couldn't believe that my baby girl was actually in the same room as me. I could feel my eyes start to sting with tears I could never cry. I hadn't realised I had started to shake until Edward, pulled me into his arms and started to purr.

After almost a year she was finally where she belonged. I just wished that Jenks had found her sooner but I knew he did his best. I hadn't realised I had moved or that I was holding my daughter, hissing at Jasper, until my daughter made a little whimper before burying her head into my chest. I slide down to the floor holding her as close as possible before burying my head into her chocolate curls and purring. I felt Edward come and sit next to me and started to stroke my hair as Jasper, sat in front of me stroking my daughters back. The sound of Esme, screaming in pleasure brought us all to reality, it also broke the tension causing us all to laugh softly as not to wake the angel in my arms.

I jumped a little as I felt Edward's, lips suddenly ghost across my neck before he lightly bit my neck causing me to let out a small moan in pleasure. I suddenly found my arms empty as Emmett of all people took my daughter into his arms.

"Right, I know that in the whole pecking order of things concerning the little princess here I'm not anywhere near the top but can I suggest you three go up stairs and deal with your problems."

I didn't even have time to speak as I was suddenly pulled up stairs and into our room. Edward pushed me against the closed door before sucking on my neck as he slide his talented fingers underneath my shirt. He played my body like he did his baby piano and he made the most sweetest music from both of us. I couldn't help but wrap my arms round his waist and pulled he closer to me. More now than ever I need him both as my mate and now as my baby girls other parent. Letting out a small growl as he bit my ear before sucking it into his mouth, I ripped his shirt from his body. I pulled his head back so his neck was showing before I ran my nose down it inhaling his beautiful scent. Just as I was about to bite down on it I was brought back to reality by my baby girl screaming.

I shot out the door and down the stairs just as I heard both the back and front doors opening. I swang her up into my arms and started to rock her back and forwards as I told her she was now safe and no one was ever going to hurt her ever again. I could feel her warm tears soak through my shirt just as Emmett, suddenly returned with a little cup and what looked like chocolate milk.

"I'm sorry Charlie, I noticed she was waking up and thought she might have been thirsty."

I couldn't and didn't blame Emmett, I blamed myself.

"This is not your fault and if I dare hear you think that way again..."

My mate didn't have to finish what he was going to say as I shuddered and tried to not reach for the mating mark that graced my neck. I was brought back by the sweetest sound in the world

"Is that chocolate milk for me, Mr teddy bear?"

The smile that crossed Emmett's face light up the whole room as he nodded his head to my daughter's question.

"Daddy, down daddy."

I was slightly worried about her request but decided to see what she would do. Placing her carefully on the floor, she swayed for a bit before slowly walking across the floor keeping her eyes on her feet. When she finally reached Emmett, she actually smiled as if she was happy to have made it that far. She reached up and tilted her head to one side

"Mr Teddy Bear, can I have my drink please."

We all watched as he knelt down so they were nearly face to face and handed her the cup before asking her the one question I know was going through my mind

"Why, Mr Teddy Bear?"

She tilted her head to the side and shook her head

"You look like a bear, but a kind one.. So you must be a Teddy Bear."

Em, nodded his head before handing her the little cup that I couldn't help but notice had pictures of animals on it before she suddenly scurried across the room and hid behind one of the giant ferns in the corner before she carefully sipped her drink. Not wanting to scare her we stayed where we were until she had finished her drink.

It was Jasper, that finally moved towards her ever so slowly before he knelt down in front of her hiding space.

"Princess, why don't you come on out and we can introduce ourselves to you?"


The last thing I remember clearly was my mommy wrapping her hand round my throat before the sound of wood breaking filled the air. After that everything become a blur as grownups suddenly started to appear. I remember dreaming that my daddy had found me and had taken me away from my mommy. I thought I was still dreaming when I opened my eyes to find that I wasn't in the dog bed my mommy had brought me to sleep in. It wasn't until I pinched myself did I realise that in fact I was awake and somewhere I didn't know.

I opened my mouth and screamed in fright only to suddenly find myself in my daddy's arms. He was harder than I remembered him being and colder but he was still my daddy. I couldn't stop the tears that fell from my eyes even though I knew I was going to be in trouble. I waited for him to push me away and to yell at me for being so weak but all he did was hug me closer and start to rock me back and forwards. I sniffled as I heard a booming voice apologising to my daddy followed by a softer one telling my daddy off for something.

I titled my head so I could see the room once again but keep myself hidden beneath my hair. I wanted to scream again as my eyes landed on this giant who kind of reminded me of a bear I had seen in one of my picture books. I dropped my eyes and noticed he was holding a little cup covered in animals and what looked like chocolate milk. My throat still hurt from where my mommy had squeezed it and the more I looked at the cup the more my throat hurt. I took a deep breath before I asked the man bear

"Is that chocolate milk for me, Mr teddy bear?"

I wanted to giggle as the giant bear man smiled at me nodding his head as he did. A large part of me liked him straight away. Something told me I was safe around him. I wanted to get down so I could take my drink from him before someone took it off him, like mommy always did when her friends tried to give me things.

"Daddy, down daddy."

I was a little surprised at his reaction as he put me down. It was like he was worried I would hurt myself or anything but as long as I watched my feet I knew that I would be okay. I couldn't stop myself from smiling as I managed to walk to the man bear without tripping over. I looked up and had to tilt my head to be able to see him properly before I reached my hand up to take the drink from him.

"Mr Teddy Bear, can I have my drink please."

I was surprised when he knelt down in front of me before handing me the drink. A lot of the time most people would just throw things at me. I was more surprised when he actually asked me a question

"Why, Mr Teddy Bear?"

I tilted my head to one side thinking it was obvious but I then remembered that he was a grown up and shook my head and their lack of imagination before answering

"You look like a bear, but a kind one. So you must be a Teddy Bear."

As soon as he understood he handed me the cup. The moment it was in my hand my basic instincts kicked in and I ran to hide behind the closest thing I could find. From my hiding spot I noticed the room was full of strange people as well as my daddy. My daddy was a little different than what I remembered, his eyes were a deep gold colour instead of the brown I remember him having. I let my arms drop to his waist where the copper haired man had his arm wrapped round. I knew what that meant because of mommys neighbours. He seemed to make my daddy happy and I wanted to get to know him.

I let my eyes drift over to a couple standing by the front door. The man didn't look that scary but seemed to hold a lot of power, I would be careful round him. The lady that was wrapped in his arms scared me, I would stay away from her. My eyes grazed over my teddy bear and I couldn't help but smile. Him I really liked, maybe he will be my brother. I all ways wanted a brother.

My eyes were suddenly drawn to the most prettiest man I had ever seen. He knelt down before me before holding his hand out for me to take.. I couldn't do anything but stare at him all the time thinking "mine". I never wanted anything more than I wanted him near me.

"Princess, why don't you come on out and we can introduce ourselves to you?"

I couldn't stop myself from letting out a small giggle before letting him pull me from my hiding spot. If I was a princess did that mean he was my prince charming, like in Cinderella?

The room sudden filled with laughter as my Prince lifted me into his arms and kissed my check that was bright red.

"If you want me to be your prince charming, my little princess then I will be. Now let me introduce you to everyone. You of course know your daddy, the man next to him is Edward. Edward is very special to your daddy and I know loves you as much as your daddy does."

I nodded my head and gave Edward a little wave which he returned before blowing me a kiss causing me to chuckle.

"Okay, now your giant teddy bear over there, is Emmett. Though I have a funny feeling he will let you call him whatever you want. I know for a fact he has been looking forward to having you as a little sister."

Like I did with Edward, I waved at him getting one back of him before he pulled a funny face. My Prince turned me to the two scary looking people causing me to bury my head in his shoulder.

"It's okay Princess, the man is Carlisle, he is going to be your doctor. He is also the head of our family. The women in his arms, is his wife Esme. She will be the one looking after you once you are settled. See Edward, Em and I go to school still and Carlisle works, I promise that she'll never hurt you."

I turned my head a little and still hide my face behind my hair as I gave them both a little wave before burying my head back into my Princes shoulder.

"And last of all Princess, my name is Jasper but you can call me Prince Charming if you want."

I giggled again before pushing myself back a little so I could see his face before I moved my hand to rest on his check

"My Prince Jasper?"

He nodded his head before pulling my head to rest on his shoulder once again. I couldn't stop myself from yawning as I wiggled closer into my Prince as my daddy made his way over to us.

"Angel, why don't we take you up to your room. It's late and I am sure that you would feel better if you sleep in an actual bed rather than a sofa or that thing that women had you sleep in."

I yawned again and found my eyes closing before I could answer.


I felt my Princess, relax before her breath evened out to indicated she was a sleep once more. I couldn't stop myself kissing the top of her head as I purred lightly. Charlie, smiled at me before kissing his daughter's check and whispering a good night before turning to me.

"Why don't you put her to bed. I've left her a nightdress out on the bed. You can stay with her tonight if you wish but tomorrow morning she is mine. She is a lot more observant than a lot of people think and I would like to explain things to her as soon as possible."

I nodded my head before making my way up the stairs to the fourth floor. I walked into my room and opened the connecting door that used to lead to my study. Esme, converted it a week ago so my Princess was in between Emmett's and my room. Edward and Charlie's rooms were on the floor below us as well as their offices. The second floor belong to Esme and Carlisle, while the ground floor was used for family activities.

It took everything in me not to growl as I saw the bruises that covered my mates little body before I slipped her nightgown over her slim frame. Turning down the blanket I careful placed her in the middle of the bed before covering her up. I couldn't stop myself from lightly kissing her cheek, before I sat in the rocking chair keeping an eye on her.

The next few years where going to be hard on the both of us. I knew she could all ready feel the mating pull and she was only three. Carlisle, was lucky to find his mate when she was actually able to be changed. Add the fact Charlie, was her father, I would be spending a lot of time with Mrs Palm and her five daughters.

I heard the others go into their rooms before Em lightly knocked on the door.

"Come in and be quiet"

He walked in dressed only in a pair of boxers before sliding down so he was sat next to me on the floor.

"She is so tiny. I worry about her but I am also worried about you. How are you going to deal with having to wait for so long? "

"I have no idea Em. It's going to be hard but I am willing to wait for her."

Em nodded his head before falling silent as we sat and watched my Princess sleep.