This was written for the Twilight Big Bang on livejournal, with the help of my amazing beta starry_night88.

Pairings: Edward/Bella, Jacob/Edward, all other canon pairings. Implied Alec/Jane (if you look really hard).
Summary: A rewrite of New Moon and Eclipse. Jacob is the one who rescues Edward in Volterra...and Bella is the one to bring the newborns to Forks.
Warnings: Angst, minor character death.
Notes: Yes, this is an imprinting fic. No, it's not one of THOSE imprinting fics. Someone dared me that I couldn't take the cliche of an imprinting plotline and make it good; after reading this they admitted that I'd managed it. My beta and I sweated blood over this and worked really, really hard for half a year, so please don't backspace just because there's imprinting involved!

Two more things: one, I took some liberties with how Alice's visions work to make the story run smoothly, and two, in this story all werewolves are shapeshifters like Jacob's pack.

This fic is complete.

Disclaimer: If you recognise it, it's not mine!

"We'll throw her a birthday party!" Esme decided, smiling brightly at her family gathered around her. "It will be wonderful. Alice, dear, if you would like to decorate...? And Emmett, perhaps you could do some research to see what would be appropriate?"

Edward hated to disappoint their mother, but he felt obliged to object. "Bella was quite firm in her desire not to celebrate -"

Alice gasped suddenly, and immediately they all turned to her. Jasper was at her side at once, cupping her deceptively-fragile face between his scarred hands in a gesture so very familiar to Edward; he held Bella just like that. Just as careful. Just as tender.

"Alice? What do you see?"

None of them breathed as they waited.

Alice's mind was a whirlwind of shapes, colours, and sounds. That was normal; every decision one of her family made altered those pictures and they changed from moment to moment. But now something bright and clear was emerging from that storm, crystal-sharp and perfect; something that punched Edward in the stomach hard enough to hurt.

Edward does not remember the name of the boy that appears in Alice's mind, and Alice does not know it, but he recognises the face. It is the boy that had approached Bella at the prom half a year ago, the Quileute with the long hair and a history with the Swan family. But in the vision he is no longer a boy. He stands straight and tall and massive, dark hair shorn short, eyes deep and black like forest shadows and his skin a rich, earthy, natural colour. Sun-kissed.

And Edward. Cradled between the trunk of a tree and the Quileute's body. Kissing him.

Edward recoiled, and the others looked at him, curious and worried by his reaction, but he couldn't even look at them. Only at Alice – Alice, who was staring back at him in wide-eyed amazement.

"No," Edward said fiercely in response to that look. "No. It will never happen!" The boy was a stranger, a Quileute teenager from Bella's past. Edward didn't even know him. He said so. "He is not even an acquaintance, Alice. I swear to you, I don't even know his name!"

'You saw how clear my vision was, Edward,' Alice said silently. Even her mental voice was full of shock. 'It will happen.'

"No," Edward snarled.

"Edward," Carlisle chided him.

"Alice, what did you see?" Rosalie asked, curious.

Alice hesitated.

"She saw me kissing someone else," Edward hissed.

Rosalie was instantly smug; the others' thoughts ranged from baffled to mildly relieved to disappointed. None of them considered the idea that Alice might be wrong.

"Who? Tanya?" Jasper asked with a frown.

Edward snarled again. "It doesn't matter who! It will never happen!"

"Edward, that's enough," Carlisle said sternly. "You know Alice has no control over what she sees. Now, calm yourself. The future is not set in stone – whatever comes, we will deal with together. Now, please apologise to your sister."

Edward closed his eyes, forcing himself to breathe, to leash his temper. "My apologies, Alice," he said stiffly. It was true; he knew his sister had no choice over her visions. "I should go. I'll be back later."

He left, quickly. Ran far and fast until he couldn't hear the conversation they were having behind him.

He didn't ever want to hear it.

By the time he returned, Esme had successfully turned the minds of his family to Bella's birthday party. He did not try to object again.

But if he had known… If he had ever dreamed of what was to come, he might have tried again, and more vehemently. Perhaps he would even have been successful. Perhaps he could have averted the heartbreak, and the betrayal, and the deaths.

Not a one of them linked Alice's vision to the decision to throw a birthday party for Edward's mortal beloved. Not one of them could see that Esme's suggestion was the first link in a long, long chain.

The gifts. The wrapping paper. The paper cut, and Jasper's thirst, his lack of control. His attack.

Their leaving.

Or more specifically... The presents that Edward hid under a floorboard rather than take back. The air plane tickets. The CD he had made her.

The photographs.

No, not even Alice could have foreseen all the links in this chain.