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Deliver Me

This is a Final Fantasy X fanfic, and no characters but my original ones belong to me. All concepts belong to Squaresoft.


Summary: In a fit of melancholy, Yuna decides to end it all. Who comes to her rescue but a certain guardian from the past?


One week after Yuna's speech


Yuna stood chest-deep in the waters of Lake Macalania, pressing her hands over her heart in a vain attempt to keep her grief at bay. Tears flowed freely down her face, but Yuna did not sob. Like a beautiful doll she stared blankly ahead, her eyes not seeing anything but the fleeting, ghostlike image of her beloved that her power as a summoner had allowed her to conjure here, in this place of pyreflies. The ethereal image of Tidus flickered before her eyes, despite her efforts to make it stay still, make it solidify. She could see his sparkling eyes, the mischievous smile on his full lips…

When she had banished the fayth, he had begun to vanish right before her eyes. Pain locked her throat, as Yuna remembered how she had not been able to hold him even one last time. When he had walked through her, Yuna had felt the beautiful touch of his soul. He loved her. Tidus loved her.

And she loved him. They were not supposed to be apart—things weren't supposed to happen this way.

The image of pyreflies moved, holding its arms out to her.

"Tidus…" She whispered hoarsely and stepped deeper into the water, holding her hands out to touch the image she had made. But her hands passed through the insubstantial body and a wave of fresh tears flowed out from Yuna's reddening eyes. Sobbing quietly, her hands balled in frustration, Yuna looked down into the water, and let her gaze wander to the large blade that she held in her left hand. A Waterstrike weapon, it blended in almost too well with the waters of Lake Macalania.

Yuna lifted the heavy weapon up, the water helping her support it one handed. Tidus had used this sword, she remembered. It had been his weapon of choice, even after he'd attained his Caladbolg, his Celestial Weapon. Now, it was all she had left of him. Yuna's tears touched the shimmering blade, sliding down its razor edge before disappearing into the crystalline water.

Yuna looked up at the pyrefly image, which had somehow attained an expression of worry on its translucent face. Yuna reached up, and pretended to touch the anxious features.

"It's okay." She whispered, smiling. "It'll be all right."

Yuna glanced down at the weapon. Its sharp edge gleamed in the moonlight.

"It'll be all right." Yuna repeated as she slowly turned the blade toward herself and pressed the point into her chest.

The weapon slid in almost too easily and for a moment, Yuna wondered if she had hurt herself at all. Then the hilt thunked dully against her breastbone and Yuna looked down, oddly gratified to see only the slender handle of the Brotherhood sword sticking out of her chest. Yuna began to feel faint, and she closed her eyes as her body slowly relaxed and sank beneath the surface of the water.

She did not see the pyrefly image lunge for her with its mouth open in a silent and horrified scream.

Slowly the young summoner drifted down through the waters of the lake, trailing a crimson stream of her lifeblood as she moved down toward the bottom of the lake.

"Tidus…" Yuna whispered his name and a stream of bubbles flew away from her mouth, carrying her life away from her as she sank without resistance into the chilling waters. She settled on the lake bottom, breathing quietly and not caring that her body took in water instead of air. Tidus had given her air when she had sunk beneath the water; he had given her the kiss of life when they had sank beneath the water. When he had died, that life had been taken from her.

(I'm already dead.)Yuna thought as water invaded her lungs and began to stab her lungs unmercifully, adding to the pain of her broken heart and brutally torn soul. (This is nothing. It'll be all right.)

She opened her eyes and thought she could vaguely see the pyrefly image above her, waving frantically at her. Yuna smiled weakly.

(It'll be all right.)

Her vision began to blur, then cloud with crimson as blood began to taint the crystalline waters. As if realizing that Yuna was at the point of no return, the stabbing pains in her chest ebbed away, becoming only faint needles as Yuna breathed out one more time, sending her last bubbles of air spiraling toward the surface. She closed her eyes. In a moment, it would be over. Her pain would be gone…

And she would be with Tidus again…

"Tidus…" She mouthed silently as she felt her body die.


Was he too late?

He could see her lying on the lake bottom, shrouded in a mantle of blood that spread out from her like some ghastly, hellish flower. She was staring up at the sky with eyes that were dulling with death. There were no more bubbles rising from her mouth—he had to move fast.

He swam as swiftly as he could through the water, his still insubstantial body lending him speed that no living thing could match. Within an instant he was at Yuna's side, kneeling on the lake's floor as he gazed at her almost lifeless face. Carefully he scooped her up, his solidifying arms pressing her against his still forming chest. Lightly he sprang up from the lake bottom, swimming toward the surface, toward the air that would give Yuna life, and toward the pyreflies that would lend him more substance. He could only move so fast with a partially complete body.

His head broke the surface of the water and he gasped, taking only one gulp for himself before pulling Yuna into the lifesaving air. Hurriedly he held Yuna's head above the water as he swam for shore, lying on his back and swimming with her limp body on top of him so they could both breathe. He could feel her soft body through her wet clothes, but forcefully steered himself away from that line of thought. He had to save her. It was his duty to save her.

He hit the bank and stood up, pulling Yuna onto dry land. He set Yuna down on the ground, laying her flat as carefully as he could. Breathing slightly from his exertions, he nonetheless set to work, critically eyeing the sword in her chest that was the main problem. Normally, he would have simply pulled it out, but there were the problems of Yuna losing an incredible amount of blood, and of the barb in the Brotherhood sword ripping the inside of her body. He thought frantically, searching madly for a solution.

"Why?" He asked out aloud, looking at Yuna with bewilderment in his voice.

Seeing no other way, he grabbed the sword and drew it out as quickly as possibly, pressing the dull side of the blade as far up as it could go so the barb on the sword would not wound her further. Luckily the blade came easily out, and he cast it hurriedly to one side as blood veritably exploded out of her wound, staining the sand underneath her and the yellow obi she wore.

Hastily he waved his hand in the air, and the pyreflies around him reacted to his need, forming an X-Potion in his hand. As he poured the healing elixir on her, he heard the voice of Lord Braska crying out.

(Don't let her die!)

(I won't!) He promised fervently as the wound on her chest magically healed and the blood in the sand and on her clothes seemed back into her body. He breathed a small sigh of relief; so she was not in danger of bleeding to death. But there was still drowning to take care of.

Quickly but carefully he pressed down on her breastbone to pump the water out. When she did not breathe he pressed his mouth against hers and blew air forcefully into her body, willing her to move, willing her to live.

(I'm her guardian—I can't fail her. She can't die.) He thought frantically. (She can't die.)

He pressed her chest again, and this time he felt movement underneath his gloved hands as she coughed once, and then turned on her side, retching up the water that she had swallowed. He watched her quietly as he concentrated on bringing the nearby pyreflies to him, weaving the sparkling growths into his body until he was a solid being once more. He glanced down at his hands; they were opaque now.

Clearing his throat, he caught her attention, and spoke her name.


He saw her freeze, and then turned slowly to face him. Her eyes widened; her mouth opened; and despite the fact that she had been almost dead a few minutes before she lunged for him, grabbing at his clothes.

"Sir Auron?" She gasped.

He nodded once, calmly noting her eyes were starting to look slightly unfocused. As she passed out without fanfare into his lap, Auron caught her and picked her up easily, carrying her in his arms. Quietly he turned and walked off into the woods.


Author's note:

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