Chapter 1 – Moving to California

Name: Susannah Simon
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: February 27th 1992
Star Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: AB Negative
Height: 5.8
50 Kg
Eye Color:
Light Green
Hair Color:
New York
Family: Dad-Mathew Simon

Monday 5th October 2009
Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California
My Bedroom - 10pm

It's been a while now, 6 weeks that I've been here in California, living with my dad Mathew Simon and his fiancée Heidi Ackerman. Everything is still new, new school, new friends, new places and I guess new dreams.

The day Heidi Ackerman got engaged to my daddy Mathew Simon, she told me she's the happiest women on earth, and she gave me a gift. A Diary. She said I should write everything inside it; my thoughts, my feelings, everything in this diary.

At first I just sat there admiring the beautiful artwork on the A-4 sized book, and then I opened the cover and looked at the first page. It had my name; Susannah Simon printed at the very top. I remember smiling then lifting my head up to look up at the 37 year old beautiful woman and the words "Thank you" came out of my mouth.

But I was always too busy to open it up and ink it…Even at times when I did open it up I had no clue what to write in it. My mind used to be blank, but now I feel the need to start writing in it. To share my thoughts with myself without confusing myself, to help me understand the changes I'm going through. Heidi suggested I should.

Heidi isn't the typical step-mom to be from the fairy tales my daddy used to read to me in bed at night to help me fall asleep. She's energetic and full of live; she's beautiful and very kind, despite being very clumsy, she's a paleontologist, just like my daddy. He had many dates before he met Heidi, but he found happiness in his close friend as she shared many great interests similar to his. I didn't really know Heidi before my daddy and she started dating, probably because she lived in California and us in Africa.

She was also a good friend of my late mother; Christina Simon, who died when I was only 6. But daddy gave me everything I could ever ask for, both parents love. He didn't tell me much about my mom apart from that she was very beautiful and a model and I don't really recall much about her as I was really young. He's got a frame of her in his private briefcase, which I've seen him look at a get all teary eyed on many occasions. He tells me she went heaven and is in a better place than she was ever here on earth. I know he doesn't like talking about her much so I don't ask him. I have my own photograph of her which I now I keep in this diary. All the other frames are put away in a suitcase and it's locked.

I like Heidi; I think she's perfect for my daddy; they had been dating for 6 years, so when they announced their wedding I wasn't very surprised, I was delighted actually, especially when she asked me to become the bridesmaid. Although I'm not very keen on the idea, because bridesmaids are beautiful girls and me…well I'm the exact opposite, but to keep her happy I told her I'd loved to be her bridesmaid.

Heidi already has a son my age from a previous marriage; his name is Brad, short for Bradley Ackerman. He's tall and blonde like Heidi and very good-looking. He lived and studied in California all his life. I met him couple of times while our parents were dating; he told me he's a jock at his high school. He wasn't very nice at first as he wasn't really interested in the daughter of his mom's boyfriend, but we soon became friends and although he became nicer every time we met we aren't exactly the best of friends. He can be very annoying at times. He likes to complain a lot and is slightly clumsy just like his mom.

The day Heidi and my daddy got engaged; my daddy also announced we were moving. Moving to the western part of California, to the affluent city of Beverly Hills'. He was offered a job at a prestigious university as a professor and Bradley already lived there with his governess Gina. So together daddy and Heidi bought a house.

It's a big house, when I came in for the very first time I was surprised. It's nothing like the place me and daddy lived in Africa. It's bigger and more elegant. It has four bedrooms; I have my own next door to Bradley's. My daddy and Heidi share one further down the corridor despite my daddy's constant moaning and protests on how he wanted to be next door to his little girl, but Heidi insisted they have the one further down as it will be more suitable. I understood instantly what she meant when she shot my daddy a flirtatious smile and he sighed glumly. I laughed and told him he'll only be seconds away. He shook his head then kissed my forehead.

He can't stand it, to be even a meter away from me. I don't like being away from him too.

The last bedroom was Gina's.

The first time I met Gina, I knew we'll get along the second she gave me a full hug and told me how appropriately I dressed (my combats and baggy shirt) then shot Heidi who was wearing a short dress a not pleased look. Heidi rolled her eyes and went into the kitchen. I stayed with Gina and we talked. Daddy laughed when he told me "she will be a great influence on the likes of me."

My daddy can be really overprotective at times. Hmmm…maybe this could be the reason I've only had one date in the many years of my adolescence and my date cannot really be called a date as I was only in 2nd grade and Tom was my close friend and besides nobody wanted to be partnered up with him to the dance, so I was the bigger person and asked him. And we were practically babies.

But I guess my daddy isn't the only reason to no dates…

Well...My bedrooms great, its pale colored and very princessy. It wasn't very different from my old bedroom. I fell down onto the bed looking around, it was very tidy and clean. I'm not the type to complain over bedrooms but it was kinda irritating when Brad turned on his music and it vibrated the wall separating our bedrooms. I thanked god when he turned it off as he exited his room.

"Mom!" I heard him call out to Heidi no time later,

"What is Bradley?" She said

"Mom this is so not fair!" He complained

I stepped out of my plain room and travelled down the stairs to hear what he was about to complain about now,

"Bradley Ackerman your 17 now, stop acting like a 5 year old," Heidi sighed

"But still it's not fair," He protested just like a 5 year old little boy, pouting he turned towards me, "How come she gets a dark room and I can't turn have a basketball court in the backyard, the one at the front is barely big enough to play with my mates,"

"Mates…There are mates, tall, broad, jocks coming into my house?" Daddy panicked,

"Ugh! Why not?" Brad grumbled shooting me a look that said "as if they'll be interested in her"

Sure, Brad's 'mates' wouldn't be interested in a frizzy haired, joint brow girl like me,

"Wait I get a dark room?" I beamed interrupting their conversation,

"Susannah we talked about this before," Daddy smiled at me, "When we moved, I promised you, you can have one right?"

"I'm going to my room," Brad sighed heavily starting up the stairs, mumbling under his breath.

Dad showed me to the dark room,

I went in and I couldn't help but smile goofily…It's exactly the way I wanted it. I have a passion for photography and this way I thought I could improve my photo developing skills. I had one in Africa but there my dad's close friend Andy would always want to develop the photos of the beautiful animals himself.

I ran over to hug my daddy,

"Thank you so much," I said

"Anything to make you happy princess," He kissed my forehead, "I think you should get to bed now, you're first day at school tomorrow,"

I gulped pulling away from him, high school didn't sound great. I'd always been homeschooled from 2nd grade onwards so it was a going to be a new experience for me. An experience I was really nervous about.

I watched many teen films about high school life to just prepare me for it and none of them welcomed me at all.

"It'll be great," He assured me,

I wanted to believe him and I did believe him, and that's when my life at SM Beverly started.

I can't really sleep right now, I guess if I am to use this diary then I should start writing from my first days in school till date, this way I can see how my life continues…