Chapter Eight Three – Friday The 13TH

Friday 13th November 2009
Beverly Hills'
Free Period – 12.30pm

Today is Friday the 13th, a day when strang, evil things happen.

Its not so much of a big deal for me though because everyday of my life will suck from now on since I've been boycotted so I shouldn't expect today to be any different. I mean I already got a text from a minion of Satan warning me to watch my back like – really – where did they even get my cell number?

But like daddy always says its only bad luck if you put it into your head, think of it as just another day and stay positive, but being my daddy he also reminds to not walk under ladders, not break any mirrors, not to spill salt and to definitely not walk by any black cats.

But of course the odds are always against me as usual. First thing I wake up in the morning and do is break Zoe's mirror, it just conviniently slipped out of my hands and smashed into a million pieces. Then I spilled salt at the breakfast table and lastly it honestly didn't come as a surprise to me when I came across a black cat when I was pulling out of the driveway to make my way to Carters house, Zoe opted out and said she will catch a lift from daddy on his way to work instead, I suppose she was trying to avoid Carter.

"And I guess the only thing I have left to do is walk under a ladder," I laughed to myself about it as I drove to Carters house knowing this would probably be the last laugh of the day but im sure in the end when everythings okay and everyone is happy, it will all be worth it. I just wish Jesse will be back soon, I can't wait to see his beautiful face once again.

"I sure hope you have hired somebody to attend to me during my stay here," Vanessa whined following closely behind Carter as they entered Jesse's condo.

"Somebody to attend to you during your stay?" Carter laughed sarcastically, "Lady your in hiding not on holiday. Now I know why Adams credit card statement had womens stuff init,"

"You could atleast get me something to wear, or does it make you feel proud that I'm wearing your clothes," She placed her index finger on her lips and smiled seductively, "Darling would you be –

"Yeah I was more of Rachel Landy fan anway," Carter cleared his throat hiding his blush.

Vanessa grunted stamping her heel into the hard flooring. "Well you're no Jesse, either,"

"What is it about Di Silva?" Carter puffed taking a good look around the condo.

I felt a chill behind me and turned fast, I saw a shadow disappear into a bend in the street. Why do I keep seeing that?" I asked myself taking a deep breath and stepped inside, a storming shiver ran down the back of my spine as memories of my time spent in there came flooding back, I didn't feel good to be there without Jesse.

"Jesse is the most amazing lover," Vanessa hugged herself breathing loudly, "Its impossible to not fall in love,"

Carter rolled his eyes. She grabbed onto him and stared into his eyes cupping his face in her hands. "When he stares at you like this, the world stops, your body would become paralysed, the earth can shake but you wont be able to move a muscle,"

Carter turned bright pink and she laughed letting go off him. She swung around in circles laughing hysterically. A tear sneaked out of my eyes and I quickly wiped it away. It hurt to have someone else feel the same heat, the same passion, the same weakness I feel when Im with Jesse. I thought I was the only one who felt that way, but I'm wrong. Maybe Carters right, maybe my love is no different, maybe im like everyone else.

I sat down onto the sofa, my knees feeling weak. I stared down onto the floor. I stared hard. why does it have to hurt so much? Isn't love meant to be peacefull?

"Jesse he's-

"Enough!" Carter almost shouted having enough of hearing about Jesse. "I used to think you were a strong woman, clearly I was wrong. You're weak Vanessa im dissapointed,"

"Ah… we humans have a tendancy to fall weak when it comes to love, it can't be helped," She shrugged stopping infront of a photograph of Jesse and the couple fishing. "I wish I knew more about Jesse, they are not his parents, not his friends, no one special. They are just mere normal people. Then why does he smile when around them?" She paused for a second then sighed disappointedly. "I've never seen Jesse smile,"

I felt a little proud, I've seen a glimspe of Jesse's smile.

"Shouldn't you be wishing for sniffing cocaine instead!" Carter snarled maliciously

"Carter!" I gasped at his nastiness.

Vanessa looked hurt, her eyes watered up but she refused to cry. She stared hard at Carter for a moment then shook her head turning away from him and over to me. "Theres no drug more compelling than love. It makes you do crazy things like put your life in danger irresonsibly. Aren't I right there you, I forget your name,"

Did she know I felt the same as her? Did she know I'm also in love with Jesse.

"I saw it in you the day I met you, when I looked into your eyes –"

"Oh look at the time," Carter marched towards the front door, "Come one Suze we will be late for school. As for you Vanessa Gomez, enjoy. Make yourself comfortable. Think of it as your own home, and stay put in here, our job in helping in you stops here. If you step out of this door its all down to you and –

"No!" She shouted suddenly becoming serious, "I won't stay here, I can't stay in Jesse's place, it will drive me nuts craving for him. No way. Take me elsewhere I – I demand it!"

"Umm…Excusme me. Do I look like your butler?" Carter snorted

Vanessa raised an eyebrow. "Well -

"Okay – it was rhetorical no need to answer it," Carter waved his hands dismissively, "You have no option, right Suze?"

I turned to look at Vanessa. She hurried over to me and grabbed onto my hands. Her eyes were pleading strongly, "Please, you understand don't you?"

I pressed my lips together and looked at Carter.

"Oh – No way!" He shook his head taking a step back.

We had our way with him in the end. I called up Hunter who wasn't pleased at all but on the same hand was kind of relieved we had Vanessa safe. He took her from us explaining he will take her to the holding cells. I asked him about Kylie but he just shook his head, he wasn't his normal self he was quite serious and straight forward, no jokes, no time wasting at all.

"Are you okay?" I asked him before he got into the drivers seat.

He curtly nodded his head staring at me, I lowered my gaze and heard him sigh heavily as he leaned closer to me, his lips resting on my right ear. "Suze please take care of yourself," He whispered. "Don't go school today, go home it's an unlucky day,"

Oh yeah Friday the 13thonly I didn't go home I went to school with Carter and thanks to me being boycotted and Carters self-less frienship he was also boycotted. But I wasn't alone, I mean I didn't feel alone. I felt as though something or someone was watching me, keeping an eye on my every move. I kept seeing a shadowy figure constantly hiding away from my site. I'm sure it's just a trick of light playing with my eyes, but the cold feeling didn't leave me.

However, I soon found myself busy with the torments of school.

The morning was horrible, my locker was trashed, de-faming posters of me hanging around the entire campus, even my teachers ignored me. I was completely invisibile. I would suddenly trip and be pushed into walls and lockers. I don't even remember how many times I must have fallen today and there was no one to help. Ofcourse there was Carter with me all day. Zoe didn't show up to school and Ceecee was off sick, but I didn't want Carter to be targeted aswell so I tried to avoid him as much as possible.

It wasn't long till I found my self alone in the corrider posting another letter to Jesse's locker. I couldn't help but think of all the other annoymos letters Jesse must get from other girls, so what would make him pick mine? would he even open to read it? or will the words of my heart written on plain white paper be tossed in the bin? just like that. who knows. My only wish is for him so be back soon, if only air could carry my message to him that I miss him.

I walked into the drama hall noticing the stage extension into a 'T' shape for the runway, the hall was quiet and empty. Walking down the steps between the rows of seats I couldn't help but imagine what it would feel like to be on stage, dressed in beautiful clothes looking beautiful, all eyes on me, me the center of attention.

I shook my head letting out a weak chuckle. The stage had a heavy red curtain gracefully standing in front of it, shiny and sheek. As I approached the stage the curtain split open and the entire stage lit up and a soundtrack begun playing. I climbed onto the stage gazing around as a tear fell down my cheek.

"I knew this would happen the moment I knew you were boycotted,"

I sprung around and saw Ste standing at the top of the stairs. He seemed … angry, annoyed and sad all at once. He shot me a grim smile before walking out quickly. I sighed sitting down at the edge of the stage. I looked blankly at the empty seats.

This is not fair on others. Im the one boycotted so I shouldn't be credited or be a part of the fashion show. Why is everyone elses efforts going down the drain? Everyone worked so hard to make this project work, Ste worked so hard, everyone did but because of me no body will speak but I know this fashion show wont go ahead, it will be ignored and then become a disastor on Monday. Just 3 days to go and everyone has given up on it, even those that want to carry on wont, they can't.

What an unfair society, why are the Elite so powerful? Its just not fair.

Friday 13th November 2009
Beverly Hills'
Jesse's Condo – 4.30pm

'If any time I fail my duty as her boyfriend, please take care of her,'

I know its wrong. I'm trespassing. it's illegal. But I couldn't help myself, my body wouldn't listen to me. I found myself wandering back over to Jesse's place. The least I could do for him is take care of his home so when he gets back he has a clean house to come to. I started off with hoovering and dusting downstairs. I checked the kitchen to look for any decaying food to throw away but as I figured everything was empty. Jesse only had coffee and beer.

And Okay fine! I stole something.

Whilst polishing the photoframes I couldn't help but steal a photo. I tore the edges of the photograph and kept only Jesse's photo. Quickly I put everything back into its place and made my way upstairs.

I walked into Jesse's bedroom with a feeling of sadness swallowing me.

Slowly I walked over to the bed and touched the duvet, squashing it into my fist as I brought it up to my face. Taking a deep breath in I smiled at the memories me and Jesse shared in this room. Jesse changed me into a new person in this room. I am no longer my daddy's little girl … but he's gone now and I'm no longer his toy neither is he my teacher. So who am I now?

I dusted the room and changed his bed sheets and pillow covers. I opened the window letting in fresh air and laid myself gently down onto the bed remembering that once there was someone beside me too. He was beautiful, extremely beautiful. He was kind, but sometimes mean. I looked a wiff of the bed sheets and sighed pulling out my diary.

And now I can't help but remember Adam and what he said to me today. Adams words are ringing in my ears, he said them to me a while back before when everything wasn't so complicated and he repeated them to me again.

'If any time I fail my duty as her boyfriend, please take care of her,'

What did he mean? Why did he say that? Is he in trouble? Or is he going away?

I don't know what I will feel if Adam was to go away. I guess a part of me would feel relieved, the other tense. I feel scared of him at times but now that I know he's innocent, I don't think it's fear that I feel around him, it's more feelings of loss hope. Can Adam really change his life over or is this it for him? But what will happen to Ceecee and their baby?

All these questions and no answers. I must find them.

"All students are ordered to immediately leave the premises and make their ways to the assembly point!"

I sighed of relieve. I didn't know how much more torture I could handle. My knees were completely bruised from constantly falling over, my ears deafened from the curses and abuses, my heart racing anxiously fearing what the turn in the corner could do to me. And a shadow constantly following me everywhere.

Carter pushed his glasses up his nose and shrugged looking around the corridor. Students were making their ways to the exit doors in hurds. "There's no fire, so what's the emergency,"

"Where are they going?" I asked squinting across the room. The football teams were being guided to the gym hall. I spotted Hunter in his football Jersery following in line behind Brad and Drake. In amsplit second Hunters eyes met mine and he managed to mouth "Find Adam" and that's when I realised. Gasping I grabbed hold of Carters arm. "The raid. The drug raid Carter. Hunter said there will be raid."

"Serves them right," Carter snorted uncaringly. "Come on, we have to go outside with everyone else,"

"No – wait Carter," I shook my head taking several steps backwards. "What about Adam?"

"What about him?"

"We got to help him?"

"Help him? You must be joking. No? You're not joking. Then you must be stupid," Carter grunted reaching out for me.

I backed away from his reach.

"Carter I have to help him. In someway I'm also responsible for this mess. If I never meddled maybe things would be different,"

"No they wouldn't be. You haven't done anything. Only disgrace comes upon a cheater."

"All students are ordered to immediately leave the premises and make their ways to the assembly point!"

"Carter I will meet you outside. Please. Cover for me," I began jogging backwards. I could see in Carters expression he wasn't happy at all but this was something I needed to do. I waved at him before turning on my heels back towards Chem class that's where I last saw Adam.

My guess was right. I saw him from afar walking out of the room confused at the announcement. I don't know where my courage came from but I sprinted over to him, grabbing hold of his arm I dragged him to the other side of the corridor and pushed him into the dark room. No body ever goes there. Apart from me and Mr. Weasly.

"You have to go, you need to get out of here!" I exclaimed

"What are you talking about?" He said, oblivious to whats happening. I could see his face tightening in the dark. He sighed reaching towards me, I gulped moving backwards, his arm went past me to the light socket. He switched on the lights and moved far away from me. "You can relax. I won't hurt you. I can never hurt anyone,"

"I know that now, Adam. I know you're completely innocent," I felt stupid standing there infront the man I thought so wrong of. I accused him of such awful things.

Adam looked at me with an innocent puzzled expression. He was stunned at my forcefullness and confused as to why I shoved him into a dark room, anybody in his situation would be.

"I have to warn you. There's a drug raid," I explained

Adams eyes shot open and stumbled backwards hitting his back against the wall. "What?" He managed to choke. "A drug raid. No it can't be,"

"A detective already found drugs in your house, but some man called trevor disappeared with them. But you know that don't you?"

"My. My house?" his voice trembled. "Drugs in my house?"

"Adam," I went over to him and placed my hand on his arm. "We got to get you out of here otherwise they will find you,"

Adam sunk down to the floor holding his head in his hands. "This was never meant to end like this,"

I knelt down infront of him. I lowered his hands and looked him in the eyes. "This is not the end. You just have to confess to the right people and everything will be fine. Adam you haven't done anything wrong. I know you only dealt drugs to help your mother. I know that,"

"Why?" He stared hard at me. His eyes fuming red. "Why did you have to intefere?"

I lowered my head. "I'm sorry,"

"You're sorry? This could be it for me and you're sorry?"

"Yes I'm sorry. I thought you were going to hurt Ceecee. I wanted to protect her," I confessed

"I would never hurt Ceecee. I love her!" Adam banged his head back onto the wall. "I'm doing it all for her, so I can provide for her,"

"Yes I know that. I know that now!" I cried

He stayed quiet for a moment and I dared not to look at him.

"I'm sorry," He whispered after a while.

I looked at him blankly.

"I never meant to hurt you," He told me. His voice was strained in pain. He coughed sitting up. I watched him play with his fingers. "Everyone has people they want to protect. I want to protect mum and Ceecee and now my baby. Do you think I'm wrong?"

"I don't think you're wrong. But what your way was wrong," I sighed crossing my legs on the floor.

"It all happened a long time ago. It happened so suddenly. Life was going good. I didn't have much but what I had was enough. I had a great mom and the perfect girlfriend, friends who I can trust with my life." Adam kept his head lowered, staring at the floor with his painful eyes. "I could imagine my future. I would get a scholarship and go college and play football and study and make something of myself so I could be proud when asking Ceecee's parents if they would allow me to spend the rest of life with her. I didn't see it all go wrong,"

"What went wrong?" I asked quietly without sounding too nosy.

"Honestly, I don't know," He shrugged sighing heavily. "One day mum just broke it to me, we were in dept of fifty grand and we didn't have the money. She made a stupid mistake of striking a deal with Ricardo. They call him Vincent nowadays. I guess you should probably already know that,"

Feeling guilty I nodded my head.

"I got greedy for a moment there. I made the same mistake my mum did. Carrier for career. I thought it would be simple. I thought I could get away with it. All my bills were paid off, all my debts cleared, the mortgage cleared. They gave me car. I had money, lots of it, everything was going smoothly." He shook his head. "I was so stupid. Should've known it was too good to be true,"

"When did this all happen?"

"Happened back in 2005. But I was okay until last year. Everything was fine until Vanessa Gomez came into our lifes. He wants her but she wants Jesse."

"Who wants her? Vincent?" I gulped. "She's safe, she's in a holding cell,"

Adam laughed shaking his head. "She could be hiding in any corner of the world but she wouldn't be safe. If he wants her he will find her. And when he finds her…" Adam paused tightening his lips. He looked at me helplessly. "He's blackmailed me into doing all these deliveries. I don't want to do them but I have no choice."

"Why? Why doesn't he let you go after everything you've done?" I asked

"Because my last assignment was to deliver to Vanessa and lead her to him but I didn't. It was wrong. I couldn't lead somebody into a deadly trap, I can't do that," He closed his eyes. "And that was it for me. 3 jobs and I still can't manage to pay off my bills and now with a baby on its way…what am I going to do?"

"Umm…What about Jesse? Can't he talk to Vincent. I heard he knows him,"

"No." he said

"Why not?"

"Because Jesse doesn't know Vincent. Vincent knows Jesse, if Jesse knew Vincent all this would be long over by now. There's something about Jesse that no man can stand against him," Adam told me. "No body knows Vincent. He communicates through others, he could be anyone,"

"And what about the Elite and Vincents institution? You think hurting people is a good way to be in command," I gently rubbed my knees.

"You got us wrong," Adam shook his head. He leaned closer towards me with earnest eyes. "The institution is fake, theres no such thing. It was brought a long time ago. We aren't the first Elite, there were many generations of Elite's before us but we are not like them. They were brutal and things only went the way they wanted them to. We however are controlled by an authority. All these boycotts and awful stuff it's not us."

"What?!" I was shocked. "Then who is it?"

"It's the Elites that came before us,"

"How do you become an Elite?"

"It's usually siblings," He shrugged. "The rest of them, Jesse, Sophia, Guy, Drake all of them have older siblings or relatives that were the Elite before us. Except me and Brad we got roped in due to our friendship with Jesse since childhood. Jesse refused to carry on with the tradition but he already has flocks of admirers after him. They used this as an advantage for themselves. They created fear about us among the students, the teachers, everyone, just to carry on the tradition. We aren't true Elites. We are just a group of friends who used the Elite power as an excuse to sometime – you know – miss classes and get priviledged treatment. We've never hurt anyone."

Adams eyes rested on the bruise of my face.

"I swear it wasn't me!" He panicked. "It wasn't us. Whenever somebody tries to interfere with us, I don't know they just find out and use brutal methods to get that person out of SM Bev. Everybody thinks it us and the fear of us increases in them thus following tradition of the Elites rulling SM Bev prep, middle and highschool."


"I meant it Suze. I never wanted you to get hurt. But you wouldn't back off. I'm sorry but the crash was us. Well me and Brad, only me and him knew about it." He lowered his eyes looking ashamed. "You were never supposed to get hurt. You were just supposed to pass out because of the drink and when you wake up we would be wearing masks and scare you a little but you went out and you got into the car. I swear on the life of my unborn child it wasn't us who tampered with your breaks,"

"It wasn't?" I blinked. "Really?"

"I swear," He grabbed hold of my hand and squeesed tightly. "Sure I was desperate to get you off my case but not enough to play with your life. No way Suze. I'm not like that. My concious would kill me – It's killing me. I'm burning with regret instead. I'm just glad Jesse just happened to be there and he took you to hospital. Trust me,"

"I do," I assured him. "So Brad didn't hurt me?"

He shook his head. "He cares about you,"

"But why did he attack Vanessa at your house?" I asked confused

"He wasn't attacking her. She kept running away. We were trying to keep her safe but she kept running away and causing trouble, she just doesn't believe that she's in danger, she thinks Jesse is just using it as a excuse to get away from her. Robby caught me on video and took photographs of me suppyling to Vanessa. He was blackmailing us. We paid him off at the halloween party, he handed her over to us and from that day we have been trying to keep her safe. But I think he's made a new deal with Vincent so he's been looking for Vanessa,"

"What is he going to do with Vanessa?"

"Kill her," Adam replied almost immediately. "That's what he does. Beautiful women is his weakness art his strength. He uses art to get rid of his weakness."

I was horrified.

"I don't know him and I don't want to ever know him. But from what I've heard about him, he's a self-proclaimed artist. Once he likes a beautiful woman, he uses their as paint, their skin as canvas –

"Stop," I covered my ears with my hands. "I don't want to hear it,"

"I'm sorry," Adam smiled weakill. "But he will kill her wants he gets hold of her. She's been hiding in my cellar since that day but he must have realised she was there."

"There was two other guys aswell. Randy and Trevor," I told him. "Trevors the one who got away with the chest of drugs in your shed,"

"I wouldn't be in trouble for that with Vincent. Trevor and Randy are Vincents puppets. It must have been one of them who put the drugs there on the first place, I hadn't a clue, that's how they must of found out about Vanessa too. Randy's retarded but Trevor…Yeah he's something all right," Adam sighed of relief. "Hunter should have given me a heads up,"

"I don't think he knew. He told me to find you that's why I came looking for you – and well because I don't want you getting into trouble. I'm sure Hunter will find a way out for you," I said

"I hope so. I'm waiting for Jesse to come back, he would know what to do." Adam mumbled. "God knows where he is. I wonder wheres he gone?"

"You don't know?" I asked

"Said something about finding Vincent," Adam shrugged.

"What?!" I nearly shouted. "Isn't that dangerous?"

"Why are you so concerned?" Adam asked not knowing the secret love I harbour for Jesse. "I guess because your Suze isn't it. You're so kind,"

Adam smiled at me and I smiled back.


Adam and me jumped to our feet startled by a figure running into the room. It was Hunter.

"Thank god you're here. They found drugs in freshman lockers. Don't worry about it the Elite would probaly take of it, I'm sure they wouldn't want to risk tarnishing the name of their school. The feds are taking urine and blood samples," Hunter told Adam. "I cleared out your locker as soon as I found out. Go out there and take the test, make sure you go toilet and clean your hands properly,"

"Hunter - I … Thanks," Adam nodded.

"Is it safe?" I asked interupting them, "For you to do the test?"

"I would never cheat," Adam shook his head in a 'no' signal. "I love the sports I do, I would never take steriods to be good,"

I smiled at him.

"Quickly, go!"

Hunter ushered out Adam out of the room before leaving Adam turned around and looked at me. "Thanks for listening to me and suze If any time I fail my duty as her boyfriend, please take care of her,"

I've got to admit I feel much better. Adams shocking confession has shed light on many mysteries, now I just wish Jesse comes back soon, safe.


"What's that?" I whispered

A loud bang came from downstairs like somebody falling over. I will have to go see who is it. I will write later.


Friday 13th November 2009
Beverly Hills'
Home – 11.30pm

I crept down the stairs quietly as possible. I don't know what I was expecting…Maybe Jesse. I prayed he was back, all I wanted to do was run into his arm and not let go. Taking a deep break I stepped down the last step and blinked at the closed front foor.