Author's Name: Amaltheanie
Title: Nothing happens unless first a dream
Pairing(s): Draco/Harry, Ron/Lavender, Theodore/Hermione, Blaise/Pansy, Remus/ Tonks, Lucius/Narcissa, brief mention of past Harry/Ginny
Summary: They say that love will find a way, but what do you do when the road ahead is dark and winding… Use all of your Slytherin cunning and borrow some Gryffindor courage and stubbornness.
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warning(s): angst, psychological illness , hurt/comfort, bashing
Epilogue compliant: Epilogue, what epilogue?

Nothing happens unless first a dream

Love is tricky to classify. How do you steer clear of confusing it with obsession or desire? Philosophers and psychologists both have attempted to define love, per least its differentiation from infatuation and lust. If you are looking to find love, the subsequent remarks may be to its truest and innermost meaning. Its concepts are just a never ending story of an open book of experiences. But love does lie in one's heart, where memories are but shadows lingering in your soul. Love is giving someone the power to break your heart, but trusting them not to.

Love is much more than a risk, but is a risk that one can take and take hold of and descend into a dark abyss or dig oneself a hole and only crawl back when you triumph over your emotions.

How can one accurately define what love is? Not even an experienced person can truly grasp or explain

You know how they say that love will find a way? Sometimes that way is smooth and paved with rose petals, sometimes it's paved with daggers. The love that is the centre of this story found its way through darkness and despair after a very long journey... a journey that began on the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where a young man is finally facing his destiny. For neither can live while the other survives.


It was so dark around him, and arctic. The Dementors were being held at the other side of the castle by his friends, but Harry could still feel their cold permitting the air around him, trying to fill him with hopelessness and encouraging him to just lay down and be done with it. He resolutely shook his head, not taking his eyes off the perimeter of the Forbidden Forest, where Voldemort would appear any moment now.

' I can't give up. When it's safe, they can return... He will return." Harry thought before a soaring pain launched through his head. Screaming, he ducked behind some rubble of the castle, holding his throbbing head in his sweaty hands and regulating his breathing. Pushing against the invading presence in his mind, he was able to see clearly again and emerge from behind the boulder to come face to face with the Dark Lord.

Voldemort grinned at the man standing before him. It had been 5 years since he had last showed himself to the insipid boy- hero. 5 years since that night that his death- eaters had penetrated the school's defences and he had personally killed Dumbledore. He had known from the start that the Malfoy- boy would not be able to kill the old coot. But to have the whiny brat turning against him... Malfoys really were a family of bad faith.

" Harry Potter, prepared to face your ultimate demise?" Voldemort hissed in that high chilly voice of his. He caressed his wand, a curse on the tip of his tongue.

Harry sneered at the ...thing... that stood before him. Merlin, but what had the bastard been up to these last years? The wizard before him was even scalier than the last time he had seen him, with black circles under his eyes, sunken in a face so thin that it was hard to decipher where the Dark Lord's face began and the one of Nagini, draped around the thin shoulders, began.

" The only thing I'm faced with at the moment, dear old Tom, is a pathetic excuse for a wizard with an ego the size of an Erumpent!" He circled around the dark, hulking figure, keeping an eye on his wand hand.

' What had he seen, what had he heard?' Harry could feel tendrils of anxiety clawing at his Occlumency shields. How long had the bastard been inside his head, browsing through his thoughts? If it hadn't been for the utter exhaustion, he would have held his shields up and be able to block.

' Severus is going to be mighty pissed at me... Nothing new there but still... DUCK!' Harry spun away, cursing himself for his treacherous psyche that decided to be wandering off the point now of all times. He righted himself, a counter- curse dying on his lips when he took in the scene before him. Draco Malfoy was being held by his throat by Nagini, her fangs not piercing the delicate skin there yet but venom dripping from the glistening ivory by now.

" No!" Harry took a step forwards, reaching with his left hand but stopped dead in his tracks when Voldemort held up one skeletal finger and Nagini closed her impressive jaws a bit more.

" Tut tut, boy, don't be hasty. We both know what happened the last time you rushed in to save the day. Seriously now, why would you risk everything for this turncoat. He betrayed me, grovelling towards you and your mentor, bloody Albus Dumbledore!" Voldemort grinned when he saw Harry eyeing the way Draco's Adam's apple bobbed against the toxic protrusions.

" You know Harry, You really shouldn't let someone become your everything, because when they're gone..." And here Nagini bit down on the taut- stretched flesh beneath her, spraying blood on the robes of her master "... you have nothing."

The spasming body was unceremoniously dropped to the grass, its red essence spilling from the wide open wound and the last breath grating, drowning in the blood.

Voldemort looked at the body before his feet and then lifted his gaze at a snail's pace to behold his triumph. There stood Harry Potter, wand clutched tightly and his entire presence screaming despair. Before Voldemort's eyes, the shoulders unexpectedly straightened, the nostrils flared and all of a sudden slitted red eyes were connected with green ones, scorching with un unholy inferno and tears running in twin- tracks over the cheeks.

" You've just made the second biggest mistake of your life, Tom, and once again you underestimated the same power as in the past." Wiping his hands over his cheeks, the tears began to shimmer, collecting around Harry's wand, coiling around it, around his arms and centring on his chest, the light of it like Phoenix's tears and pulsing with his heartbeat.

" Love, Potter, is that what you're on to? Look at what love has given you! Nothing but pain and destruction. You and that champion of commoners, of Mudbloods and Muggles... I don't see anybody sacrificing themselves out of love for you now!" Voldemort hissed, kicking the dead body before his feet to drive his point home.

" No, I am the one who has to finish this. But you never cared to know more about this ancient power, did you? Dumbledore told me that my greatest strength was love, being able to feel pain and compassion. And I tell you now that you just caused me a hell of a lot of pain!" Harry growled the last part and swung his arms wide. Without even uttering a spell, a blazing conflagration of green sped from his body, engulfing Tom Marvolo Riddle, until all that was left, was a pile of crystallised sand, blown away in the summer's wind.

Harry sunk to his knees and crawled to the pale body before him. Laying down on the ground, not caring that his clothes were rapidly soaked in lukewarm blood, he cradled the cold remains to his chest and sobbed. Everything around him became black, it was too much, this...reality of an after- war world was not how it was supposed to be. Staring right in front of him, Harry Potter lost himself, only the words ' I love you' falling from his lips until the magical exhaustion claimed him.

His head falling to the ground, he never noticed the body beneath him rippling and forming itself into the dead, cold corpse of Peter Pettigrew before dissolving beneath Harry's unmoving hands.