Five years have passed since Piper (38), Phoebe (36), Paige (34) and Billie (25) destroyed the Triad and fulfilled their destiny for the second time. They haven't had more problems than some ocssional demons or little magical revolutions between communities, wich they had managed easily, alone or with The Power of Three, living a "normal life" since Christie's death.

Phoebe lives in her appartment with Coop and her twins Asley (4) and Patricia (4).

Paige moved not too away from her family, and lives in the same building that Phoebe does, but a few floors upstairs. Her family is made of Henry, the twins Pandora (5) and Helen (5) and her youngest son, named Henry as his father but called Mitch to avoid confussion.

Piper and Leo live in The manor with Wyatt (7) and Chris (6) and while she tries to get the permissions to open her restaurant, Leo is the principal of the Magic School.

Billie met a guy who is also a witch, Thomas, who's actor of commercials and extra, anything important though. They have been dating for two years and have some marriage plans. They live infront of Piper's, and she uses to babysit all her "sisters". Also teaches at the Magic School.

Have been five peaceful years, but as the Charmed Ones would say, "Whenever my life goes well, something happens and ruins everything".