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Chapter four: We will come for them.

Three weeks had passed since they learned that Prue was alive and under a demoniatic spell, and no one knew how to accept that yet.

Piper didn't lose her hopes of getting her sister back, as much as Leo insisted of not getting so excited so soon, what had brought more than one argument or disucssion between them both; she saying that they were talking about her big sister and he couldn't change that, least when her death was for saving her, and him, rememering her that demons were demons and asking her to be carefull didn't mean to turn their backs to Prue.

Phoebe didn't talk about the topic so much, feeling guilty about it and the memories of her and Cole in the underworld, the pact with Tempus and the image of Prue dead over the floor didn't stop tourturing her. Coop tried to cheer her up, but he had found her crying more than once...there were wounds that hadn't healed yet and the memories from those years were too painful to her to ignore them so easily.

Paige for her side, didn't unerstand. She didn't know where to stand, to who support, what to say...she didn't knew Prue, she had never met her and as much as she knew she was her sister too, that didn't make her part of her family...in a very complicated way of understand that statment that she couldn't share with Piper or Phoebe or she'd risk to lose her neck. The only one who understood her was Henry, he was also adopted and there was no one else able to put himself in her place for a while.

Regardless, they had decided to take a rest to celebrate Leo's birthday and give the kids a break, who didn't know so much but were clear that there was a new "boss of the bad guys" ready to attack them. They had been lectured with no stop, and to their parents was sad to put them in such a hard situation but they had no options: they were condemned as them of being the most important line of protectors of peace and white magic, and even at their short age, they had to assume that role even in theory. Leaving all that aside, and dedicating a little time to a purely mortal life, a cake, a dinner and a birthday in family were awaiting for the birthday man in the old Halliwell building. The manor was as always, without so much decoration because of the lack of time (P3 didn't give Piper a break, the same happened with Phoebe and her column and Paige with her paperwork and interviews), but the table was perfectly set with a dinner cooked for the family's chef who knew that her husband loved chicken, so she had prepared the best one she knew. After a pleasent dinner, the cousins, tired of playing and screaming, were sleeping at the silbing's room meanwhile adults were enjoying a minute of peace.

"If you had seen his face!," laughed Billie really hard after telling an accident that had passed in potions class.

"Billie, breathe," asked Thomas throwing her some air with his hands while the others giggled at her laughter.

"Dessert time," said Piper wiping the tears that Billie had made her shed after the story, getting up, going to the kitchen and coming back with a cake in her hands.

The group smiled, now more calmed and gathered around while the housewife left the cake over the table infront of her husband and Henry prepared the camera to take the photo. The family started singing, some more tuned than others but all sharing the same happiness of having a moment of union: life had never been easy for them, and even though things had became hard again, they had learned to enjoy the good times and take care of the bad moments later.

"Three wishes!" recalled Paige before blowing, and Leo closed his eyes to ask three things: long marriages and full of love, wellness for all and succeed saving Prue.

"How old are you?," asked Thomas, Billie's boyfriend at noticing the cake had only three candles.

"Past life, 87," he joked and laughed at Henry's surprised face, "This life, 37," smiled.

"First slice is for you," she said taking a knife to cut, serving it on a plate that Coop was holding but when she was about to put it on the table, a group of demons appeared on the dinning room.

"Room!," shouted Paige orbing Henry away, not giving him a second to complain.

The four demons were in a row between them and stairs; were low level, not a real problem, but they couldn't ignore them. They were wearing black suits and were almost twins with serious faces and tiny noses as their long and skinny fingers that were exactly the same as their bodies. Piper blowed two of them who disappeared in flames in only seconds, while another one was sending Paige a fire ball.

"Fire ball!," said turning it back to him.

"Stupid witches!," yelled that demon with harsh voice that turned into a pitched shriek that made them all fall down at the powerfull sound wave.

They covered their ears with their hands and some cristals broke, making them move away as each cup, plate and bowl shattered on the table. The same demon, who appeared having an upper level between them four (they could tell because he was wearing a dark purple wristbands on his arms) took advantage of the situation and the dizziness of the witches to take Phoebe's foot and drag her to the ring of fire that was involving him.

"I came for the girl and you won't stop me," he shouted as digged his nails on her ankle to dragg her better as she tried to reach the table to push and avoid being absorbed from the black hole that was sucking the demon.

"Leave her!," ordered Billie reacting quickly and using her telekinesis to hit him on the head with a chandeler what made him release Phoebe and sequeal what made Piper and Phoebe lose the fight against the sound and faint before he could disappear.

The room was now clean of evil forces and both, Leo and Paige ran to the sisters to check if they had any wound or something, realizing that they were perfectly fine except for Phoebe's bleeding ankle.

"It was the noise," explained Coop sitting down next to her wife as Leo was healing her.

"What?," asked Billie speaking incredible high, still a little deaf.

"Knife!," asked Paige suddenly at realize that standing by the stairs, there was another demon with dark purple wristbands.

"Ah?," asked the youngest before seeing the knife disappearing from the cake to appear on Paige's hands and then, into the demon's chest at the time that him was warning them before dying.

"We will come for the others too!," threatened trying to walk but the shakes that caused him the flames and the black wind that wrapped him didn't let him.

The knife with cake dropped to the floor, telling them that whatever that had happened, had eneded. The agitated breaths and the waiting for the sisters to wake up gave space to calm in the room, but not on their thoughts. Silence made with the place and was only interrumpted for Henry's steps who was asking if everything had passed.

Some hours later, the place was clean again and adults reunited down stairs.

"So that's it, we must explain the kids that they can't talk to strangers, now mostly and that they need to be together all the time," senteced Leo taking his wife's hands with deep sense of protection.

The people nodded, all concerned and worried, tired and sleepy after so much action and the time.

"I belive that's time to go," said Paige who had Pandora asleep on her arms as Henry, who was stronger, had Helen and Mitchell at the same time, "Happy birthday Leo and, sisters," said adressing to them with concern in her eyes, "Anything, call me and I'm there," she recalled them smiling sweetly in a gesture that was responded before orbing to her apartment.

"We're leaving too, Phoebe needs to rest," said Coop carrying Asley as Phoebe carried Patricia.

"Thanks for healing me Leo," she said, "Piper, you know, whatever, the most minimal...," said staring straight at her eyes; in moments like those, she felt more closer toher than ever, althought she had suffered for all the Wyatt perscussion in the past, it was now when she felt in the same place than her sister at having one of her daughters on danger.

"Yes, you too," asked stroking her cheek softly, she felt herself trapped in the sad past where were only them both and the dead cadaver of their big sister, "Please, don't doubt on tell me anything and take care of the girls," added watching her sister and family going home with the Cupid's transport.

Billie saw sparkles disappear on air and let a couple of minutes to Piper, so she could think or not. Later, she said goodbye to Leo with a hug before aproaching her.

"Bye," said with pain on her words, she knew how much she was suffering because she herself had been through the same when Christy was alive.

"Thank you for being here," replied the matriarch of the family.

Thomas said goodbye too before holding Billie's hand and closing the door, asking himself if was or not a good idea hanging out with the Charmed ones when all the mess going on wasn't his bussines, he didn't like them yet.

Leo took Piper's hand and sat her on his legs to curl. Sometimes, the best thing you can say is nothing. She closed her eyes and he caressed her hair and shoulders trying to help her to relax.

"I'm sorry, your birthday is ruined...," said Piper trying to break ice.

"Ruined?," he asked, "I spent time with my family, you cooked a delicious dinner and we even enjoyed an action show," he joked making her giggle a bit,"You want to talk?"

Piper shook her head, but did it anyway.

"I freak out when I realized that...at some moments, I'd rather that Prue had never came back," she confessed making a sad face trying to not cry, "How can I think that way? She wouldn't..."

"She would," he corrected, "as Phoebe and Paige do and that's not bad, it's natural to have fear and I understand how hard is to accept that your heorin is...our enemy...," he sighed with the same deep sadness that was surrounding the family and the manor.

"I feel that I'm betraying her at being rational, but my heart is still with her...it has always been".

"We're getting her back Piper, but you've to be ready to accept any consequence: saving her doesn't mean that she will be allowed to get back to the mortal world with us. It means to take her from the underworld not knowing if she's going to stay here or in limbo or heaven or..."

"If we will need to vanquish her," completed with her lips pursed.

"I'm so sorry...," he said kissing her forehead lovingly, it broke her heart to see her like that.

"At last I understand Phoebe, when she had the chance to save mom's life and Paige, when she could have saved her parents in the past...," commented sobbing, "It was so hard for them but they did what was right...but, What if I'm not that strong?, What if I can't fight her Leo?"

"That won't happen," he promised hugging her strongly, "You're stronger than what you have never imagined, more than what you can see...I know that if things don't go the way we'd like you'll doubt, but I also know that you're going to do what's right for the greater good," finished, not finding anything else to say to comfort her, but believing in what he was saying.

"Damn greater good," muttered Piper hiding on his chest as Leo listened to all her sobs and wiped her tears without saying a word, because it didn't exist yet one that could heal a broken heart.

Darkness of night and the pale moon's light were reeplaced for the warm day and its color bringing a new beggining of twenty four hours.
Phoebe was adressing to the third door of the hall of the right, as the secretary had told her as soon as she had arrived, making a way that she knew by heart. When she arrived, she sat in a white chair that she had to stand from at recognizing her name being pronounced for a familiar voice.

"Phoebe Halliwell?," called a man with white coat who made her enter his office.

The place was large and had a lot of picture of kids and rides; a beautiful woman had place over the desk and the rest of the walls were upholstered with ribbons, degrees and diplomas.

"Hello Doctor Martins," said shaking his hand.

"How are you Phoebe?, You came for your resaults?," he asked smiling while searching them on his computer.

"Yeah...what do they say?," asked nervously, sitting on a comfortable chair in front of him.

"Wait, wait, calm down I'm searching, always so anxious," he commented typing a few codes on the keyboard.

"That's me," she replied faking a smile, bitting her tongue at the waiting of the veredict.

"How are the twins doing?," he asked while the printer made a sound and started to push a paper.

"Good, really good, thanks," she said not paying attention to the questions, watching him taking the paper and settling his glasses before reading the paper, "so?," asked supporting her elbows on the desk to try to see, but the doctor put the paper down to avoid her looking.

"Congratulations Pheebs," he said with sincere happiness, handing her the test, "within seven months, you're going to be a mom again".

"Oh my God," muttered Phoebe leaning back to sit again with one hand on her mouth and the other on the sheet of paper.

"Are you ok?," asked Martins because he couldn't recognize nothing but surprise on her face.

Phoebe didn't know if she had to cry or laugh at the news and couldn't stop reading the paper over and over trying to confirm the diagnostic. She sighed and shed a few tears before placing the hand she had on her mouth on her belly. She smiled and nodded excited, now she understood what the demons meant when talked about her daughter: they didn't mean Patricia o Asley, the weren't the main target (though they had added that all were in risk), they refered to this one; it was her, her third and foreseen daughter who was right on the enemy's target.

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