Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've written anything. Years in fact. I've had this story burning a hole in the back of my mind for some time now, and i finally found some time to put it down!

The first six chapters are probably to be flowing a bit slowly, but after that the action will kick in, just hold out until then, trust me! I've already written the first few chapters and will be doing my best to upload weekly.

Before you flame me about my portrayal of any of the characters, this is how i feel the situation i've presented would make them react. Some of you are probably going to say i'm portraying Lily too harshly, but remember that fame does funny things to your brain. Also, i'm making Remus Harry's godfather, cos i feel that Sirius would probably be made godfather to James' first born.

Anyway, please continue on and enjoy!


Sirius glanced back into the bedroom where he had just put down Harry and Todd. It wasn't very often that he volunteered to babysit the two, but James and Lil had been so stressed recently, that he shouted them a night out.

'Lord knows the Black family can afford it.' He thought to himself as he strode into the sitting room. Getting himself settled, he pulled out a large stack of paper.

"Working on Halloween should be illegal." He announced. Sighing, he pulled out a quill and began to work.


A large bang awoke Sirius, who shot up from the desk where he had laid his head. A small pile of drool had smeared the ink onto his hand, and he was about to wipe it onto his robes when there was a sudden crack. All colour drained from Sirius' face. The wards had just fallen. Before he even had a chance to stand up, the front door was suddenly blasted off its hinges. Sirius was thrown across the room and landed against the wall, cracking his head on the way down. He landed behind the couch, managing to just get a glimpse of the dark lord before his world went black.


Tom strode into the house as his team of Death Eaters encircled the Potter property. He cast a quick glance at the blood traitor before moving on. He had more important things to deal with.

Soon he came to the playroom. He kicked the door in and made his way to the two cots that were situated in the centre. He glanced around the room with disgust. The walls were painted a cheerful yellow and there were toys scattered across the floor. He absently picked up a bear that was nestled between Harry's arms. The young boy opened his eyes, but did not cry. He stared blankly at the newcomer for a moment before reaching his arms up as if he wished to be picked up. Tom smirked at him before tearing the head of the child's toy off, theatrically throwing the pieces out the window. Harry glanced back at Tom with a look of horror and anger on his face. His bright green eyes flicked with an emotion that Tom could not make out. The child next to him began to stir.

Suddenly the curtain behind the boys was set alight. Flames rose fast up the walls, licking at the roof. Tom raised an eyebrow at this, before giving an evil grin.

"It would seem I have found the chosen one, no?" he said tauntingly. "A pyromage... interesting, I'll grant you that child. But power he knows not... I don't think so." With this, he pulled out his wand and stood back.

"I'm afraid we will never find out just how strong you could be. Avada kedavra." The blast of green light filled the room and struck poor Harry on the forehead. Tom began to smirk, when suddenly the light appeared to be absorbed by the child. It appeared as if someone was taking an invisible knife to Harry's head and was carving a lightning bolt into it. The young boy started to cry, which soon woke up his brother. Tom did not know what to think. It wasn't possible! Suddenly the boy stopped crying looked straight at him, with a stare that could pierce your soul.

And then there was fire. Every essence of Tom felt as if it was melting from an unmeasurable amount of heat. Tom let out a violent scream, and he looked as his fingers began to melt, as if made of wax. The other boy was on the edge of his cot now, screaming at the top of his voice and crying his little brown eyes out. Tom glanced back at the other boy, Harry.

Tom would never forget those eyes. They were burnt into his mind, much like his body was burning now. He did not have the strength to stand, there was too much pain. He closed his eyes and with a last ditch effort, he raised his wand and shouted the first curst that came to his head.


The curse did not hit its target. Instead it hit the other boy across the face. Lucky for Todd, Tom's strength by this stage had all but disappeared, only causing a thin red line to run from the top of his collar bone, down through to his belly before flicking upwards. It looked like a large, crude V carved on his body.

Green eyes watched as the monster began to melt into the carpet. Exhausted, Harry rolled onto his back and passed out. The room began to fill with smoke and flames encircled the children. That was how James Potter found his boys.


Harry ran down the stairs as fast as he could, jumping the last three. He wasn't allowed to do that, but he doubted his parents would notice anyway. Even if they did, Harry wouldn't care. Who cares about parents?

He continued to bolt through the house until he arrived at the hallway. Standing there was his godfather Remus, with his arms wide open. With a squeal, Harry ran as fast as he could and leapt up into the man's arms. Remus just managed to keep a hold on the excited three year old, hoisting him up onto his shoulders.

"Hey pup! How are you? Been keeping out of trouble?" Remus asked, the weary look that normally followed him everywhere falling from his face. Harry just buried his face into his godfather's hair and giggled. Remus grinned.

"I'll take that as a no."

"You can say that again." Came a voice from the kitchen. Lily Potter walked into the hallway, removing an apron from her waist as she went. She smiled at Remus before turning her gaze to Harry, which turned cold.

"Harry, I want you to go back to your room. I didn't say you could come out yet." She said harshly. Harry buried his head further into Remus' hair. "No! I don't want to!"

"NOW, Harry."

With that, Harry let go of his godfather and Remus lowered him to the ground. Harry grumpily kicked at the floorboards before wandering up the stairs. Lily sighed as she watched him go. Remus smiled.

"What happened?" he asked.

"I caught him drawing on the wall. When I caught him, he smashed a vase in the lounge room and blamed it on Todd." She said, looking pissed. Remus quickly rearranged his face into one of sympathy, while attempting to make sure he wouldn't laugh. Lily glared.

"It's not funny Remus, Harry has been nothing but trouble from the moment he has been able to walk. If only he took a little more after Todd..." she said, trailing off and looking out the window. Outside sat Todd, his reddish-brown hair glistening in the sunlight. As if he heard them, Todd looked up from where he was playing and grinned, waving at the two in the window, before turning back to whatever game he was playing.

Remus frowned. "I know it can be tough Lils, but Harry is just at that age where he looks for trouble."

"Yes, but Todd is the same and I don't see him drawing on my walls." She bit back. "Or breaking my things, or talking back and screaming when he doesn't get his way."

"Harry is just looking for a bit of attention Lily, maybe if you spent a little more time with him then he wouldn't get so jealous of Todd and have to act out." He commented. Lily rolled her eyes.

"Not this again. You know very well that we treat both boys the same. Harry understands the kind of situation we are in, and that we don't always have time to play with him. Being mother to the Boy Who Lived isn't as easy as it looks you know."

"Harry is three, Lily. How can a three year old understand that his brother is famous? That he is the saviour of the wizarding world? All he sees is that when their birthday rolls around, Todd has a stack of presents and he doesn't."

"We give Harry presents!" Lily shot back, jumping on the defensive.

"Wow Lils, books he can't read and clothes that he should have had anyway. Doesn't quite compare to the new broom and quidditch set Todd got does it?" Remus said loudly. He normally didn't voice what he thought about Harry's treatment, but seeing the child upset always riled up the wolf in him.

"Whatever Remus, come talk to me when you have kids and understand what it's like to be a parent. Oh wait, you can't HAVE any." She said harshly. As soon as the words came out of her mouth, she blanched. Remus looked at her darkly.

"Low blow, Lily. You almost winded me with that one." He said. Lily sighed.

"I'm sorry Remus. I know that we don't always treat our boys fairly. It's just that, one day Todd is going to have to do the unthinkable and fight you-know-who again. You know the prophecy, he is still out there. I just want him to have the best childhood he can, before he is forced to grow up. One day, Harry will understand. Why can't you?" she said, her voice lowering to a mumble.

Remus sighed. 'Because that isn't an excuse.' He thought to himself, but as usual, he kept quiet.

In years to come, Remus would wish that he had the guts to stand up to Lily, for Harry's sake.


Chapter one is over! Let me know what you think please, criticism is welcome as long as it's constructive. Like i said, it starts out slow, but the action is coming. :) NEXT CHAPTER: it's the twins birthday!