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July 15, 1996

Dominic and Jackson sat at the main bar in the dollhouse, each with a dark look and a strong drink as per usual. The remains of Dom's apartment were packed tightly into two large duffel bags sitting at Dom's feet, and the backpack sitting between his shoulders. A heavy silence sat between them and Dominic glowered into his drink, grinding his teeth as he thought about the day before.


Dominic and Jackson sat at the main bar in the dollhouse, each with a dark look and a strong drink. It almost seemed like a normal day; however the mood was decidedly more morbid and each man had a firm grip of their guns. Dom's eyes scanned the bar. Judging by the empty bottles scattered around, they had been sitting there for probably a couple hours now. Luka stood behind the bar, eyes fixed on the figure that stood awkwardly to the right of the group. He was a sallow, pale skinned man with long black hair ('for a dude,' Dom thought), a large nose and an uncomfortable expression.

Luka gestured his gun towards the man vaguely, causing him to stiffen.

"You'd better hope she's okay," Luka said gruffly, "or it's your head." The wizard sniffed at Luka and turned away from him, folding his arms.

Noise from across the dance floor brought Dominic back to the present, and he quickly turned on his chair. Out from one of the back rooms came Dumbledore, flanked by two other wizards. Dom recognised the tall black man from his kidnapping; the other was a middle aged woman whose outfit vaguely reminded Dom of the flying nun. Standing with them was-

"Lexi!" exclaimed Dom, standing up. The young woman was clinging to herself, tears streaming down her face. Her whole body shook with sobs and there were bruises beginning to develop on her face and body. Upon seeing Dominic, Lexi sprinted forward and flung herself into his arms. Despite being nine years younger than her, Dominic towered over the girl and embraced her tightly. Lexi gripped the front of his jacket and buried her face into his shirt.

"I was so scared Dom, I- I... they killed Mick, and I-" she broke off and began sobbing once more. Dominic held her tighter, one arm around her back and the other up near her neck possessively. He could feel her shaking and glanced at Jackson before making eye contact with Dumbledore.

"...thanks for er... fixing her." He said, the words tasting like poison in his mouth. Dumbledore broke out into a smile and it took all of Dom's restraint not to pull out his back-up pistol and putting a round into his skull.

"Not a problem Harry, though Madame Pomfrey did most of the work." The old man replied. Dominic glanced briefly at the woman and gave her a short nod of acknowledgement. The woman smiled briefly at him before nodding to Dumbledore. She then turned around and walked out the door to the left, and Dominic heard the distinct crack of apparition. Dominic turned back to Dumbledore, who smiled and took a step forward.

"Now that everything is sorted, you can grab your things and we'll be off-" He began, when suddenly Jackson (followed immediately by Luka) pulled out his gun. The other two wizards reacted instinctively and pulled out their wands, the greasy one moving towards the old man. Dominic shot a meaningful look at Jackson before turning back to Dumbledore. "In case you can't tell Albus, I'm not exactly in a state to be up and running away with you lot right now. You can't honestly expect me to be ready right now can you?" he asked. Dumbledore frowned.

"We made a deal Harry-"

"-and I'm fully intending to live up to my end, but right I have a friend who is in need of comfort, and I have to pack my things. I have a lot of loose ends I need to clear up and you've given me one day's notice. You can pick me up in a month." Dom interrupted. The black haired wizard at the back opened his mouth and was about to argue when Dumbledore shot him a look. He motioned with his hands and both wizards reluctantly put their wands away.

"A month is too long Harry, I would have thought today's demonstration would show you just how much danger you are in here. If you like, we can come with you to help you pack-"

"No. The last thing I need is you lot rifling through my things. Two weeks then. I've survived this long on my own, a couple weeks more won't matter." Dom cut back. Silence echoed in the club before Dumbledore sighed.

"I'll allow one day then, and that's as far as I will go." He stated. "You made an oath Harry, and I'm not against calling it in if I have to."

Dominic narrowed his eyes at the old wizard. To the bystanders it seemed like they were having an intense internal battle of wills. In reality, Dom was tossing up whether it was worth keeping his magic if it meant going back with the old man. Eventually Dominic broke eye contact, looking down at Lexi.

"Fine," He spat out, "pick me up from here tomorrow at four." Lexi looked up at Dom curiously, but the teen just gave her a small smile. Dumbledore nodded.

"Okay Harry, I'll send someone for you then." He replied. With that, the wizards turned and began to leave. Dom tilted his head up arrogantly.

"Oh and Albus?" he called out. The old wizards paused, turning to face him slightly.

"Calling me Harry isn't going to make it so, old man. Harry is dead, and my name is Dominic. Learn it." He stated.

Dumbledore's face remained as blank as stone, but he nodded before turning and leaving the club with the others following behind.

It was a good thirty seconds after they left before Jackson and Luka put their guns away. Lexi's sobs began to subside slightly and Dominic turned his head to his boss.

"Do you have a safe house for us to crash in? My apartment is still fucked." He asked. Jackson nodded.

"Take the one in Clifton, it's empty." He replied. Dominic nodded.

"Thanks mate." He said. He leant down and scooped Lexi up in his arms, carrying her into the back corridors. Luka turned to Jackson, cocking his head.

"Jacky boy, would you mind explaining what the fuck is going on?"


Dominic glanced over to the passenger's seat of the car where Lexi sat, staring at her hands.

"Do you remember anything?" he asked cautiously, keeping his eyes fixed on the road. Countryside whipped past the windows and Dom sped down the old road. Lexi shook her head, pulling her knees up under her chin and resting her feet on the edge of the seat.

"It's all a blur. One second I'm answering the door, next minute there's a bunch of strangers in my living room and Mick is dead." She replied. Silence filled the car once more. Minutes passed and the two fell into a comfortable silence. Lexi turned her head, laying her left ear on her knees and looking at Dom.

"I loved him, you know." She said. "Not like a lover, even though we were. I only married him for the money... but when you're with someone for so long you grow to love them. He was like a father to me." She said. Dominic turned to her incredulously.

"That's kind of fucked up Lex." He said. Lexi laughed and brought her hand up to her face, wiping away fresh tears.

"Pot calling the kettle black much?" she said with a grin. Dominic shrugged.

"Hey, I may not have had the most stable relationships in the past but I never went off and married someone forty years older than me." He replied. Lexi's face fell and guilt flooded Dom's system. Now wasn't the time to bring up the past.

"I know, but Mick looked after me like nobody else." She said. Doms heart clenched tightly at that statement. He glanced down at his lap before turning to her.

"I could have looked after you, you know." He said quietly. Lexi smiled slightly as tears fell onto the leather seat.

"I know."


Dominic entered the lounge room with two shot glasses and a bottle of tequila, grinning. Lexi laughed as she sat down on the couch.

"Are you trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me Dom?" she asked playfully. Dominic grinned.

"Please, I don't need to get you drunk, you just need to be drunk so you have an excuse." He replied, pouring two shots. He went and sat next to Lexi, placing a shot on the coffee table in front. He quickly swallowed his own down, grimacing at the burning sensation in his throat. Lexi smiled before picking up her own, downing it quickly.

It took three quarters of that bottle before Dominic was brave enough to bring up Mick.

"So, how do you feel now?" he asked tentatively. Lexi sighed before quickly downing another shot.

"Numb would probably be an accurate description." She replied. "It's hard to think that he is actually gone. I hear a noise and I think it's him getting up to take another fucking piss." She replied, eyes watering. "I'm glad I don't remember it though."

Dominic shifted uncomfortably. "I'm sorry Lex, it's my fault." He said quietly. Lexi glared at him.

"Don't be stupid Dom, I don't blame you and Mick wouldn't either. He hated everyone from the Dollhouse, but he hated you the least." She said. Dominic laughed.

"Yeah the old prick knew how to take a joke at least." He replied. Lexi smiled, wiping her eyes.

"He knew, you know." She said quietly. "He never said anything, but he knew."

Dom snapped his head around as she spoke, a mixed look on his face. He swallowed another shot down with a grimace before refilling his glass.


Dominic carried the lightly snoring body of Lexi into the small bedroom at the back of the house. He gently laid her down on the bed before pulling off her shoes and covering her with the blanket. His lips turned up in a small smile as he turned off the light. He closed the door behind him and entered the lounge room once more.

Dominic sighed; rolling his shoulders back and stretching his neck before collapsing back down on the couch. He stared at the empty shot glass on the table, clenching his fists. Anger built up inside him as he thought of the situation he had somehow got himself in. 'Too cocky.' He thought, furious at himself.

Dominic wasn't used to losing, and he knew it. He and Jackson had been top dogs for a long time and in his worry about Lexi, Dom hadn't even considered that they may be on the losing side.

'Next time, take a bigger gun.' He thought darkly.

To make things worse, they had walked into a set up! Nobody had ever successfully set up the Dollhouse crew, and here some wizards do it on their first try. And it was SO OBVIOUS now too. He felt weak and totally useless.

But above all, he felt rage. Pure, undiluted rage.

Dominic stood angrily and grabbed the glass, throwing it at the wall. He watched it shatter against the brickwork. The fireplace in the corner suddenly came to life in a burst of flame and Dom felt a wave of heat sweep through the room.

Dom kicked viciously at the tequila bottle, smashing it against his foot. He watched as the alcohol evaporated in the heat, causing the air to bend un-naturally.

Dom stormed outside, grabbing his jacket on the way. He needed to think.


Dominic pulled himself out of his thoughts and turned to Jackson, a somber look on his face.

"You've set Lexi up?" he asked. Jackson nodded.

"Yeah, her flight leaves tonight. She's stopping off in Sydney first before crossing over to Auckland." He replied, glancing at Dom. He hesitated for a moment before continuing.

"She wanted to see you before she left." He said. Dom smiled bitterly.

"Trust me Jack, it's easier this way. The last thing she needs at the moment is me confusing the shit out of her."

"It may be easier, but I don't think it's right." Jackson replied. Dom snorted.

"Since when do we ever do what's right?" he asked rhetorically. "Anyway, it's not like I'm losing contact with her, I'll write, and see her when she visits. She needs to get away from everything at the moment, including me."

Jackson shook his head. "I don't know what kind of fucked up school this is mate. Seriously, letters? With birds?"

Dominic laughed.

"Yeah, they don't even have any fucking signal out there. It's birds or nothing."

Jackson shook his head lightly. "Why would your dad send you to a backwards shit hole like that?"

Dom just smirked darkly, taking a sip of his drink. He glanced at the clock. Wizards would come knocking any minute.

At least they would set up the wards. Dumbledore promised to protect his friends, and there would be hell to pay if some Death Eater scum hurt Jackson or Lexi because the old fuck didn't keep up his side of the bargain. The entire Dollhouse building was to be warded, along with Jackson's home and the safe house Lexi was heading to.

Dom had also set up some basic ones around the other safe houses and homes. They weren't strong, but Dom doubted the Death Eaters would bother looking at them. This morning's copy of the Prophet was already telling the world how the lost brother of the Boy Who Lived had been found and would be attending Hogwarts, and Dominic was pretty sure that was going to be a pretty big tip off for them on where he was heading.

On that note, Dom was making sure he had a couple extra guns in his bag. After he arrived back at the Dollhouse, the first thing he did was call Niko and have him ward the shit out of his weapons.

"So I'll be getting some bird from you when you need more gear?" asked Jackson. Dominic nodded before skulling the rest of his drink.

"Yeah, I'm not sure what the set up is like there, so if I need it hidden in anything specific I'll let you know." He replied. "I've got a couple months' worth with me anyway."

"I still can't believe this exists. Seriously, you're going away to learn magic tricks." Jackson said lightly.

"Remember, you don't know shit about this. They will be monitoring you guys for a while, I reckon. If you tell anyone or they find out you know anything, you'll end up in a ditch." Dominic said.

So it wasn't quite true, but somehow Dom didn't think being obliviated would mean anything to Jackson.

Voices came from the entrance to their left. Dominic sighed before standing up. Jackson knocked back his drink and stood next to him.

First round the corner was Luka. Close behind him was the greasy man from yesterday. Coming up the rear was Fuller, Luka's long time friend and Connor's replacement.

"You ride is here, Dom." Luka said, gesturing behind at the wizard. Dominic sighed slightly, adjusting the bag on his shoulders. Luka and Fuller left the wizard and came over to where Jackson and Dom stood.

"So I won't be hearing your smart mouth around here for a while, ey kid?" Luka asked, one eyebrow raised and a sly grin on his face. Dominic poked his tongue out at him childishly.

"Well I was going to give you a goodbye sympathy fuck, but if you're going to be like that-"he was suddenly cut off by a cuff around the ear. Luka laughed strongly, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't get in too much trouble." He said gruffly. Dominic grinned.

"Don't worry, I'll be back for Christmas. You won't have to wait too long." Dom said, adding a wink for good measure. He shook both Luka's and Fuller's hands firmly before turning and engulfing Jackson in a brotherly hug.

"Look after yourself while you're away kid." Jackson said warmly, patting Dom on the shoulder. Dom smiled back.

"You too Jackson. I won't be around to pick up your syphilis prescriptions anymore-" he was cut off by a swift clip around the ear from Luka.

"Respect!" He said sternly, but his eyes shone with laughter. Dom poked his tongue out at the large man when the greasy wizard spoke up.

"Hurry up boy I don't have all day." He said harshly. Both Fuller and Luka glared openly at the man, whilst Dom just raised an eyebrow in his direction. Jackson laughed, smirking wildly.

"I almost feel sorry for them." He remarked mildly. Dominic grinned.



Dominic slammed into the ground, his bags flying out of his hands as he sprawled across the floor. He swallowed thickly in an attempt to prevent himself from being sick.

'Fucking portkeys.' Dom thought darkly. He quickly leapt up and brushed his shirt off before glancing around.

He was in the same dark dining room that he had fallen into and nearly set alight. Nothing seemed to have changed.

"Wait here." The wizard said coldly from behind him. Dom turned to look at him but the door was already closing.

It seemed that guy couldn't get away from Dom fast enough, which suited Dom fine.

Now only slightly more confident than before, Dominic began to search through the cupboards and around the nooks in the room for anything of value. Unsurprisingly, there was nothing. Sighing, he went over and leaned heavily against the wall and unzipped his backpack. He pulled some earphones out with his discman and put them on, turning the volume right up. The Smashing Pumpkins blared in his ears. Sighing once more, Dominic sunk to the ground and sat on the floor. He pulled his sunglasses down from where they sat on top of his head and placed them over his eyes. Dom then pulled out a cigarette and lit it, taking a long drag. He tried to look as insolent as possible.

How the fuck was he going to get out of this one?


Albus entered the lounge room of Grimmauld Place, having just left a meeting with the Minister. Despite his gruff exterior, Albus found Rufus to be an incredible help in the war against Voldemort. He had a dedication to his country that could not be shaken. Albus's mind was put at ease now that Scrimgeour had some curse breakers working on the Gaunt house.

Albus looked around the room at the group of very anxious people. Lily, James and Todd sat on the couch to the left, with Sirius and Remus on the chairs across.

"What if he shoots me again?" James muttered to his wife before looking up at Albus. The old wizard smiled warmly at him and opened his mouth to speak, when suddenly Severus entered the room from the left, closing the door behind him. Remus stood.

"Well?" The werewolf asked impatiently. The potions master sneered at him.

"The brat is in there. Next time you want someone to collect your mistakes, get someone else to do it." He replied coldly. Sirius stood and began withdrawing his wand, but the Slytherin had already stormed out of the room.

James and Lily both stood up. Todd looked ready to charge into the dining room, but James held out his hand.

"Let us talk to him first please, son." He said quietly. Todd looked up at his father before sighing and nodding. James swallowed thickly and took Lily's hand.

"Now or never I guess."

The Potters entered and quickly scanned the room, both sets of eyes landing on the teenager sitting casually on the floor, ignoring the world.


Domini c glanced at his parents from behind his sunglasses, glad for the reflective tint they offered. James stood there with several conflicting emotions flittering across his face, while Lily began to tear up. She took a step forward, opening her mouth.

"Harry, It's so..."

Lily paused as Dominic held up a finger, motioning for her to be quiet. Without looking at his parents, Dom picked up his discman, turning it up to full volume. The tiny speakers vibrated uncomfortably within Dom's ears as the music blared loud enough to be heard by everyone in the room.

Both James and Lily blanched, unsure how to respond to the blatant act of disrespect.

Dominic, fully aware of his behaviour and it's implications, began to play air guitar whilst completely ignoring the two wizards in front of him.