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One day in the I.T. department Richmond and Jen were in Jen's office talking like usual. Since Richmond came out of the red door he and Jen had become great friends disregarding his goth-ness. Jen was going on about some guy she met in the store how wonderful he was. " Richmond do you have a girlfriend?" Jen asked randomly. "No….." Richmond said. "Well why not?" Jen asked. "Because I haven't found the right person." Richmond said drinking his coffee. "Well do you have a crush on someone?" Jen asked smirking. "N-no." Richmond stuttered. Jen smiled. "Alright Richmond who is it?" Jen asked. "No one." Richmond said defensively. "Well if you won't tell me can I guess?" Jen asked getting up and sitting on her desk. " If you want to." Richmond said quietly. " Do I know her?" Jen asked. "It's actually a him and yes." Richmond said blushing. "OOOOHHHH that's adorable. So does he work in the building?" Jen asked. Richmond nodded. "It is Denholm?" Jen deadpanned. "NO." Richmond yelled. Jen nodded and kept guessing. "What department does he work in?" Jen asked. "I can't tell you that'd be too easy." Richmond said. " Is it Moss?" Jen asked. Richmond shook his head. " Richmond, it…..it's Roy isn't it." Jen asked. Richmond nodded. "Why don't you tell him?" Jen asked. "Because he'll never love me back." Richmond said looking into his coffee. "You'll never know till you try." Jen said. " Well ,Jen Roy is obviously straight." Richmond said taking another swig of his coffee. "Well I think you should tell him." Jen said getting up and leaving the room. Richmond sighed and got up and left the room too.

Little did Richmond know that Jen had a plan of getting him and Roy together. This plan involved one Maurice Moss.

"Hey Moss can I see you in my office please?" Jen asked walking into her office. Moss didn't say anything and got up a followed her. After he entered Jen quickly shut the door. "Ok Moss I need your help." Jen said and explained the situation to Moss.

The next day was when Jen and Moss would put their plan into motion. Richmond was in his room behind the red door when all of a sudden the door swung open and Roy was shoved inside. " What the hell?" Roy yelled bewildered. Richmond was caught off guard and jumped a little. Only when he heard the click of the door locking did he start to panic. " What is Jen doing?" Richmond thought. After a few minutes of pleading for Jen or Moss to open the door Roy turned around and looked at Richmond. "Sorry about intruding Richmond." Roy said rubbing the back of his head. "I…it's alright Roy." Richmond said nervously. "Do you know why Jen locked us in here?" Roy asked. Richmond let out a long sigh. "Well Roy I do think I know why she locked us in here." Richmond said walking up to Roy. "Well come on then. Why'd she do it?" Roy asked slightly annoyed. Richmond stayed quiet. "Well come on the- mmmppff." Roy was cut off when Richmond kissed him.