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At the park Richmond held Jim-Dears body while Roy dug a hole. Richmond had wrapped Jim-Dear in the blanket he had brought him home in. Richmond could still remember the day he got him.


Richmond was walking down the street not really doing anything. He passed by a little girl sitting on the ground holding a small black kitten in a dark red blanket. He stopped in front of her and looked at her curiously. "Would you like to take Jim-Dear?" She asked. "Why are you giving Jim away?" Richmond asked. "It's Jim-Dear, and my mummy says I can't keep him because he gives my little brother hives." She said sadly. Richmond felt sorry for the little girl. She couldn't have been more than 8 or 9. "Yes, I suppose I can take him." Richmond said taking the kitten and blanket. "Thank you mister." The little girl said as she walked inside the building she was sitting in front of. "Well, come on Jim-Dear, let's go home." He said to the small bundle in his arms.

-End flashback-

Richmond set Jim-Dear in the hole that Roy had dug and stepped back. Richmond had started to cry again as he watched Roy fill the hole, now containg Jim-Dear, with dirt. After the hole had been filled, Richmond and Roy left the park.

At Richmonds apartment Roy and Richmond were in the kitchen cleaning the blood off of the floor. When the last of the blood was removed Richmond sat against the counter and cried even more. Roy had moved to sit next to him and Wrapped an arm around Richmonds shaking shoulders. After a while Roy noticed Richmond had fallen asleep. He picked the sleeping man up and carried him into the bedroom. He qiuckly wrote a note telling Richmond where he went and to call if he needed anything.

As Roy walked out of the apartment it had started raining and there weren't many people out. He was walking down the empty street when he was pulled into an alley. He was then thrown to the ground and hit over the head with a wooden bat, causing him to pass out.

He awoke in a state of terror, and had a throbbing pain in his also noticed that he was tied to a chair. He looked around and could see a stair case on the other side of the dimly lit room. Suddenly the doors at the top of the stairs opened and someone walked downstairs. Roy couldn't see the persons face, but he knew they were male. "Well, well, well look who finally decided to wake up." Said the man. Roy knew he heard that voice before but he couldn't pin-point who the voice belonged to. The man walked closer. "What are you going to do to me?" Roy asked, his voice shaking. "Nothing too bad if you behave." The man said. "People are going to be looking for me." Roy said. "Go ahead and threaten me, scream if you want. Go on, scream." The man said. Roy should've known not to scream, but in a state of sheer terror, he let out a loud scream. The man pulled a bottle from behind him. He splashed a liquid at Roy, as soon as it hit Roy's face it started to burn. Roy realised from the smell and burning sensation that it was bleach. "Not behave, and I won't have to do that. Alright?" The man asked. Roy nodded. He had tears running down his face. The man chuckled and walked back upstairs. Roy was scared for his life, he knew he had to escape but didn't know how.

-With Richmond-

Richmond had woken up a few hours after Roy left. He sat up and saw the note that Roy had left and read it. He looked at the clock, it was now 6:00 at night. He slowly stood up and grabbed some clothes and took a shower. After a nice long shower he grabbed his laptop and sat in bed, he spent most of the night surfing the internet. He couldn't explain it but he had and aweful feeling in the pit of his stomache. When he was finally ready to sleep, his last thoughts were on the feeling in his stomache, and what it could possibly mean.


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