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Lily Evans: "Does it make a difference, being Muggle-born?"

Severus Snape: "No. It doesn't make any difference."

- JK Rowling

Muggle world, St. James's Park

City of Westminster, Central London

Summer, 2009

It was a beautiful summer day.

This was just one of Hermione's favorite times of the year. She was seated on one of the park's benches, leaning slightly next to her ever-protective husband as they watched their son, Cepheus, running along with his playmates.

The couple looked good, and it was probably an understatement.

They were gorgeous together, sitting there on one of the benches and unaware of the secret flashes from the furtive paparazzi from the Wizarding world taking their pictures together to be printed in Witch Weekly, The Daily Prophet and other magazines. They were considered a 'celebrity couple'. Their second wedding set on an enchanted lake at Le Château d'Esclimont, France, had set forth headlines and had been named as the wedding of the century.

Draco looked like a male model in his muggle clothes, with his sunglasses on and a pastel-shaded tartan shirt. He paired it up with drawstring shorts and woven slip-on shoes. The muggle ladies along the park couldn't help but look straight his way, wondering if he was indeed a celebrity or an incarnation from one of the pages of their magazines. One could never miss the look of disappointment and jealousy from their faces when they'd turn their gazes at the beautiful woman he was currently cuddling with.

Hermione was wearing a classic and feminine crisscross floral summer dress, with a soft halter neckline and a flirty, flared skirt. Her long tresses were beautifully braided to the side. She looked so young and too pretty to even be called a mother, and with her new baby along the way, she was glowing in happiness. She wasn't showing yet and the guys along the park couldn't help but be mesmerized by her beauty, though they couldn't really approach her as she was obviously besotted with her husband.

Hermione sighed as she looked up at Draco and contentedly smiled at him when he kissed her temple and rubbed her still flat belly. She was only a month gone with their second but Draco had been acting like she was the most pristine, most brittle and frailest glass in the whole world.

Draco was still impossibly and ridiculously possessive of his wife, especially when other men would throw her appreciative looks wherever she'd go. People were often shocked whenever she'd tell them that she already had an eleven-year-old son when she looked so young, but then again, Cepheus was conceived when she was only seventeen.

Once, Draco had gone berserk over a certain issue from one of the Wizarding world's famous magazines, with Hermione wearing a very revealing bikini on the cover. It was secretly taken by some of the magazine's paparazzi on their vacation at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. The article talked about the Malfoys and their vacation. It was a fairly good article about their family, with some great pictures of them together, enjoying the beautiful beach. What irked Draco was the fact that they had the gall to place one of Hermione's bikini pictures on the cover itself, and the fact that his employees seemed to enjoy it too much. The said magazine was sued and had to issue a public apology to the Malfoys.

It had taken eleven years before she got pregnant again. She had pleaded to her husband over and over again for another child but he'd been too stubborn, making sure to cast a contraceptive spell on her womb every night. He still hadn't gotten over her last struggle while in labor with Cepheus and he told her he didn't want it to happen again.

He had tried to distract her by diverting her attention to other things, such as bringing her and Cepheus to different beautiful countries for vacations and even allowing her to pursue her career as a Senior Personnel of the Department of International Magical Cooperation mainly at the International Magical Trading Standards Body. This had also greatly helped a lot in the Malfoy Enterprises in which Draco was the head and managing director, seeing that the company also practiced a lot of importing and trading practices in different countries in and outside of Europe.

Hermione had also been kept busy translating "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" from the original that was written in runes. When she had expressed interest in it, Draco had given his full support. He became the benefactor and had paid for everything, from its publication to its distribution.

Hermione was kept busy by her career and family, but during Cepheus' eleventh birthday just last February, she had expressed her wish of adding another child to Draco once again. Cepheus was finally going to enter Hogwarts this September and Hermione was still emotional about the idea.

After much cajoling and wheedling, he finally agreed, but not before calling for the family obstetrician to ensure her safety in her future pregnancy. The healer assured them that with proper care and a stress free environment, Hermione would be able to deliver without any complication this time, taking into consideration the fact that she had conceived Cepheus in the middle of a war and she wasn't exactly in the best position that time.

Months after that, she was successfully a healthy expecting mother.

And now, Draco was overreacting.

He just wouldn't let her out of his sight whenever he could help it. She even needed to temporarily suspend her job at the Ministry just to appease him. It was a good thing that she still had her writing career, which she had pursued after the successful release of her translated and revised children's classic of "The Tales of Beedle the Bard".

"Careful, Ceph!" Hermione gently reminded her little son when she saw him carelessly jumping around the ornamental shrubberies and borders throughout the park with his muggle friends. Cepheus stopped and grinned toothily at her, before running around again, looking more and more like rebellious Draco himself when he was younger.

Little Cepheus loved the park so much.

His parents would often take him here on the weekends. He already had a lot of regular friends who were always coming here during the weekends with their families as well. They would often lark about the playground, and be photographed alongside the resident colony of pelicans by the side of the St. James's Park Lake. The Malfoy Manor already had a lot of those, but Cepheus preferred taking his pictures with them along with his friends. Plus, the park had a lot of geese and ducks and songbirds as well.

Every June, they'd always see the eighteenth century parade, where traditional ceremonies were held, such as 'Beating Retreat' and 'Trooping the Colour'. It was Cepheus' favorite time, save for Christmas of course.

Sometimes, the family would just walk hand in hand at the Blue Bridge as they'd look at the view of the Buckingham Palace with its beautiful foliage and fountains. Most of the time, they'd enjoy their time at the Refreshment cabins or just eat ice creams by the lakeside.

"This is my secret weekend park with Adrian and Father before," Hermione smiled as she leaned closer to her husband whose arms were warmly wrapped around her. "It's so surreal that I'm always here now, you know."

"Well, then, it's not so secret now, is it?" Draco smiled. "This place is special to me as well." He kissed the side of her lips before smiling at her again. "This is where your parents met the Puceys, remember? The very reason why we met when we were younger at the Pucey manor in the first place…"

Hermione chuckled. "Yeah, you were such a brat before."

"But adorable," Draco smirked which made her giggle even more.

Years before, the topic would have conjured a lot of painful memories. But everything was just so different now.

Everything started to heal when Hermione had that talk with Lady Petrova. It was months after the tragic battle at Hogwarts. During the war, the Puceys, together with Nanny Demelza and Aunt Genevieve, were all relocated by Draco's men to help them escape the Dark Lord's ruling commands to all Pureblood families inside Europe. They were transferred and housed at one of the Black distant properties in Saint Petersburg, a federal city of Russia. The mansion was owned by Draco's mother who was descended from the noble and most ancient house of Black.

Hermione finally had a talk with her pseudo mother, who had cried in shame as the younger brunette embraced her. Lady Petrova expressed how sorry she was at the girl and that without her no one in her family could have been living right in that moment.

"You are a true angel of this family, Hermione. I've always known but never understood. But you were sent to us to save us. You saved us. You will always be my daughter no matter what. I have never told you this, but please know… that I loved you. I love you and I will always do. I am so sorry for what I have done, for taking you away from your real family. And I might be selfish in saying this, but you know, taking you away from them and raising you as my daughter is the best decision I've ever made in my life. You're the best thing that has ever happened to this family."

The older woman held Hermione in her arms, an act Hermione had craved ever since she was little, and finally, after all these years, her mother had told her that she loved her… It was a very emotional confrontation, but it changed everything for the better. She started calling her 'mother' again. She loved her and no matter what happened, she would always play a big part of her life.

The Puceys now lived a simple life at their old mansion, the only possession they had that was saved during their fall from the pureblood hierarchy. They finally knew that Hermione was the anonymous benefactor behind it by passing the money she had gotten from the jewels and trinkets she had secretly sold behind her husband's back through Snape before, in which Hermione had confessed to Draco later. He didn't mind. They were still her family no matter what and he didn't blame her for looking out for their welfare.

Draco knew that Mr. Pucey was a very peaceful man who loved music, so he bought a music shop that was owned by old Mr. Dominic Maestro at Hogsmeade Village. Mr. Maestro wanted to retire but didn't have any children to pass his business on to so he decided to sell his music shop to live a quiet life by the country. Draco gave him more money than he needed and bought the shop for Mr. Pucey on his birthday.

Hermione had cried in happiness. She loved her pseudo father so much and she knew just how much the old man adored music. She had always played the piano for him when she was younger, whenever he was tired from work. The music shop now served as a simple treasure and the source of income of the old couple. Every now and then Hermione and Cepheus would visit the place. Mr. Pucey loved teaching Cepheus a lot of instruments just like he did to Hermione.

Aunt Genevieve was still peacefully living in France with her new husband, Healer Guillot de Vouges, who was also a widower like her. It was amazing how his presence made her believe in love once again. Draco, Hermione and Cepheus visited her home a couple of times. She was still the daunting, aristocratic Aunt Genevieve whom Hermione had known, but she was significantly happier now than she was before. Hermione guessed love could do that to people.

Adrian now had a good Quidditch career. After being in the reserve team for The Ballycastle Bats, the second most successful team of the British and Irish League, he finally received good graces from the team and after years of hard work, he earned the spot of being Captain. He was now dating a sweet Irish sports journalist in whom he met at the homeland of his lineup. She was one of the official press officers for the team. They'd been together for three years and he was planning to propose to her at Christmas this year, which they would be spending at Northern Ireland together with her family.

After the war, the Grangers, whose memories were modified and who were in Australia, were taken back after Draco and Hermione found them and reversed the charm. They had forgiven Draco for everything and had accepted him as their son-in-law. Draco, Hermione and Cepheus would often spend their time at the Granger residence during weekends after their visit at the park. The Grangers adored their only grandson and Cepheus equally loved them back, especially his grandpa, who would often treat him out for muggle movies and at those muggle arcades he enjoyed so much.

Draco's father, Lucius Malfoy, died during the final battle. He was found struggling to save his wife, Narcissa Malfoy. She was placed at the fourth floor of St. Mungo's for almost three years before she survived her injuries and depression of her husband's death. She was saved from a sentence in Azakaban with the help of Draco and for the reason that she was never a Death Eater herself.

Through the years, with little Cepheus in the picture, Narcissa garnered a certain closeness with Hermione and both ladies often shared a comfortable chat and tea times at the Manor whenever Draco was at work. Sometimes, both ladies would find themselves shopping for clothes for Cepheus at 'Twilfit and Tattings' and 'Madam Malkin's' in Diagon Alley. Their love for Draco and Cepheus was their strongest connection. And when Draco and Hermione announced to her that they were expecting another child, Narcissa had burst into tears of happiness as she hugged both her children in motherly love.

Nanny Demelza was now living in the Malfoy Manor as Cepheus' nursemaid. The little boy loved her so much. She also became Narcissa's good friend and constant companion whenever Draco took Hermione and Cepheus out for vacations. He loved touring his little family around the world, especially when taking them on a cruise.

Ron ended up with Katie Bell, his former Gryffindor Quidditch teammate. Katie was a year older than he was, but because of the fact that Katie spent about six months in the hospital to recover from the cursed necklace that Draco had accidentally given her in his attempt to kill Dumbledore, she was forced to repeat her seventh year, thus being in Ron's year when she returned to Hogwarts for their NEWTS level. Both played as chasers for the Gryffindor Quidditch team and were later on reunited again when they both played as Chasers for the Chudley Cannons. The team wasn't as popular or as dominant as Adrian's team, but it served well when sparks started to fly between the two.

Harry was now considered a legendary hero. He was also the well-respected head Auror and his name and face was now popping out on almost all Chocolate Frog Cards. He was considered a celebrity in the Wizarding world. His name and reputation attracted a lot of famous, beautiful women, but he remained single nonetheless. His heart still remained with Ginny and he would even often visit her parents at the Burrow whenever he had time to spare from his demanding life. Hermione wished that someday, he'd finally realize that Ginny just really wanted him to be happy above all. But she knew that she would always be there for her friend no matter what he would decide in the future.

Professor Snape was now the new headmaster of Hogwarts after Professor McGonagall's retirement. He was considered one of those legendary war heroes as well and his face would also often pop out on Chocolate Frog Cards; as often as Harry's and Draco's, much to his bitter revulsion.

Tracey Davis eventually married her long-time boyfriend, Poliakoff, who was the Durmstrang student she met during the Triwizard tournament at Hogwarts. Daphne and Pansy never believed they would last for even a week before; now they already had two lovely children. Pansy was divorced twice but was now happily married to her third husband, an Italian model named Massimo. She was the happiest whenever she was with him. When people ask her about her past divorces, she'd just casually shrug and say, "Well, third time's the charm."

Hermione, together with Nesha, would have lunch dates with Tracey, Daphne and Pansy sometimes. It was amazing how people, no matter how bitchy they really were, could grow old and realize that they really weren't cut out to be all that. Maturity had taken its peak with the girls and they'd often laugh at how stupid they really were before. They had asked for forgiveness to what they'd done and Hermione forgave them. She knew that Ginny was watching over them somewhere, and wherever she was, she was happy as well. Hermione also made sure to visit Theo and talk to him every now and then. Every year, they would go to Godric's Hollow to visit him on his death anniversary. He was now also considered one of the war heroes. His name and deed were written in the latest revised edition of 'Hogwarts, A History'.

"I see you guys are always the earliest here."

Hermione and Draco looked around them and smiled when they saw Blaise and Daphne Zabini with their little son, Rainieri. He was a year younger than Cepheus, and like Blaise was to Draco, he was fiercely loyal to Cepheus. It was quite amusing for Hermione as Cepheus' name was derived from the word 'king', while 'Rainieri' was an Italian name that was derived from 'Rainer' which means 'counselor'.

In everything that they did, Cepheus, being older, was always at command while his best friend Rain would happily follow him around. Cepheus, although incredibly independent and insightful, also liked to listen to what Rain had to say. They made a good team together, like a king with his counselor.

"Rain!" Cepheus shouted happily as he ran towards his best friend. Both did their secret handshake, which consisted of hand slapping and silly banging sounds, before bursting out in loud laughter. "You're late! We already had three games and I won all of them because I'm the best!" Cepheus bragged, puffing his chest out in confidence.

"I saw that little stunt you did with the shrubberies, Ceph. Please be careful next time, okay?" Hermione told her son while pulling him with her so she could wipe his back.

"I'm sorry, Mummy," Cepheus grinned at her before hugging her around the waist. Cepheus wasn't very friendly with the adults, but he loved his parents, most especially his mummy.

"Listen to your mum, Ceph. I told you she's in a very delicate condition now. You can't have her worry like that," Draco reminded his son. The little boy straightened up and nodded. He looked up to his daddy so much and he wanted to be like him when he grew up.

"Yes, sir!" Cepheus grinned while saluting to his daddy.

Draco smiled as he ruffled his son's blond hair. "That's my boy."

"Draco, I'm only a month gone. I'm not ailing or something," Hermione scolded her husband lightly before lovingly pressing their lips together. Draco smirked and responded with a deep searing kiss.

"Eew!" Cepheus grimaced, followed by Rain who pretty much hated seeing the adults kiss in front of him. His mum and dad always did that too.

Cepheus and Rain were like brothers with very different features. Cepheus had his own exquisiteness and splendor that was close to a greek god. He was a handsome eleven-year-old boy. He got his father's blond hair and pale complexion. He also had those beautiful hypnotic electric blue-grey eyes, but had their gentle, beautiful shape from his mother. He also had his father's perfectly sculpted nose and his mother's rosy, kissable lips. He was proud, confident and sly like Draco, but also incredibly intelligent and perceptive like Hermione. No one could really resist him. He was very manipulative and he could pretty much get anything he wanted.

Rain was a mixture of both his parents' beauty. He was slender and slightly willowy, with Blaise' black velvety hair, in contrast to Daphne's blonde tresses. He had high cheekbones, long slanting eyes and a vaguely tanned skin. He looked immaculately Italian. People were sure that when he grew old, he'd be a heartbreaker. He was very competitive like Cepheus as well, but was often calmer than his blond friend.

For their parents, they were perfect.

"When will Bea come here?" Cepheus suddenly asked.

As if on cue, another family was seen walking towards them. It was Graham Montague and his wife, Nesha. Their child, sweet little Beatrice, was walking delicately behind her mother. She was always a shy little girl and she would always hide behind her mother's skirt.

"Bea!" Both Ceph and Rain ran towards the cute little girl, who seemed to light up when she saw her friends. Beatrice was three years younger than Cepheus and two years younger than Rainiere but the trio loved each other's company, it was always so difficult to separate them when the day was over.

"We were just talking about you. What took you so long? We need to play now. I already played three games and I won them all!" Cepheus told Beatrice gleefully, retelling what he had just boasted to Rain earlier.

"Oh wow! You won every single one of them?" Bea gushed out loud. She was very quiet around people, but she was always comfortable whenever her best friends were around.

"Of course I did!" Cepheus nodded with pride, looking a little pink when Bea's eyes lit up in admiration towards his accomplishment.

"Well, I could have won them too if I was here earlier," Rain suddenly muttered, noticing Bea's reaction just like Cepheus was.

"Of course you could have, Rain. You and Ceph are always the best at everything," Bea nodded toward her other friend.

"Come on, you both! Let's go play!" Cepheus suddenly shouted while pulling the girl with him so they could run towards the other kids in the park.

"Hey! Wait up!" Rain shouted as he ran after them and struggled so he could get a hold of Bea's other hand.

Draco shook his head in laughter. If there was anyone who could ever make Ceph and Rain compete against each other, it would be little Beatrice. She was an adorable pretty little girl, not as beautiful as his little Hermione when they were younger of course, but she was certainly a pretty sight. She had long, coffee tresses that dangled like magical waves along her shoulder and back. She was a whimsical, little thing, with soft little freckles on her nose that complemented her sun-kissed face. There was no wonder Montague was very protective of her.

He watched as the three ran around the park with their muggle friends, Rain and Ceph laughing on either side of little Bea, holding each of her hands.

He smiled as he stared at Cepheus' blond hair and Bea's brown curly ones bouncing along as she ran. They looked so much like he did with Hermione when they were young. It was quite amusing to watch.

"Draco?" Hermione frowned in curiosity as she looked up at him and followed his gaze.

"Hmm?" He asked, kissing and smelling her hair lovingly.

"Why are you smiling like that?"

"Because I love you," he smirked down at her as she kissed his chin. Hermione chuckled at his statement but sighed and scooted closer to him.

They were quiet for a while as they stared at the children. Blaise and Daphne settled at one of the benches near them while Graham and Nesha sat on a soft little picnic mat they had brought with them.

"Draco?" Hermione asked again after a long comfortable silence.

"What is it, my princess?"

"Do you think… do you think we would have had still fallen in love with each other even when the Puceys didn't kidnap me from my real parents? I mean, I'd be muggleborn at your sight and you'd never really make friends with me," she told him inquisitively.

Draco frowned and kissed her again, gathering her closer into his arms as he did so, as if afraid someone would take her away from him. "Why are you asking me that, Princess?"

"I'm just curious," Hermione shrugged as she played with his fingers.

"Well, I was such a little horror before," Draco grimaced. "I think you wouldn't like me one bit, and we would have fought a lot. But I really think I'd still harbor a little crush on you. Who wouldn't? I mean, you were the cutest little thing."

"Would you act on your little crush then?" Hermione chuckled as she watched him bring her hand to his lips and delicately kissed her fingers.

"Maybe yes, maybe not," he shrugged. "But I think in the end, I would have had given it all up just to have you," he whispered before kissing her temple.

"Why?" Hermione whispered, tilting her head a little to look back at him.

"Because you're my princess," he whispered softly into her ear. "And like I said, I love you."

"I love you too, Draco," she smiled as she moved a little to retrieve something from her handbag.

Draco frowned curiously as he stared at the familiar object that Hermione was now holding. He gasped when he finally recognized it. "Is that… Mr. Bear?"

"I saw him inside your closet once, during the time I stayed inside the manor because of the war. He was tattered and threadbare then, so I decided to fix him," Hermione chortled softly when she saw Draco's stunned expression and slightly opened mouth.

"I-I don't even know what to say… Father threw out all my toys when I turned sixteen, the time when I was to choose my fiancée. He told me that at my age, it is ridiculous to keep anything childish such as toys. I didn't mind, except the fact that I couldn't let go of Mr. Bear. As silly as that sounds, he'd been my security blanket ever since I could even remember. I didn't want to let go of him so I secretly hid him inside one of my closets. A lot of things happened after that and I forgot about him," Draco told his wife.

"Well, here he is," Hermione whispered while gently pushing her husband's hair back. She loved feeling it sliding in between her fingers. She then pouted her lips and playfully changed her pitch like that of a little child. "Hello, Mr. Draco. I'm back, and I have eyes now too. Ms. Hermione bought them from Diagon Alley and sewed them on my face. She made sure it didn't hurt, don't worry. And they're blue like yours. See?"

Draco chuckled while rubbing his neck guiltily. "I brutally poked his eyes out before, the time when Adrian won that Quidditch game and you got angry at me when I called him stupid. You left me by the pond and my little self was devastated. I threw Mr. Bear at the wall too. Poor little thing, I was such a horror." Draco shook his head while holding and gently squeezing his old stuffed toy. Mr. Bear looked smaller around his hands now than what it looked like when he was still a little boy, or maybe just because little Draco was a grown man now.

Hermione smiled as she slowly looked up at him. "I remember. I was so angry at you that time, but I didn't know Mr. Bear had to suffer as well. But he's all well now, you see. He's all fixed."

"Thanks to you he's all fixed and happy," Draco nodded. "You fixed him, just like you fixed me…" He whispered lovingly before kissing her.

"You were everything to me even when we were younger," Hermione whispered behind fluttering eyes. "Those two weeks… I wouldn't trade them for anything in this world."

"It was the best two weeks of my life," Draco smiled.

Hermione smiled back wistfully. "Remember the time when I would get food at those formal meals and you'd get the same one and double it, just so I could secretly laugh at your amusing antic? And you'd sneak inside my room to give me cookies because Mother forbade the elves to give me some. We'd play hide and seek whenever the moon was bright. You'd run around the gardens with me on your back so I could pretend I was flying because I was always too afraid to ride Adrian's broom."

"And then we'd sneak out to play under the rain," Draco added while smiling pensively. "We'd run around the woods and eat wild berries, blueberries and nectars from flowers. You taught me that. During those windy afternoons, we'd scatter those pesky dandelions around just because you said they looked like little pixies. You'd accidentally tear your dresses, those fluffy velvety ones, because we'd climb on trees, and jump around the wild shrubberies."

"Mother was so angry at me when she first saw me with my torn dresses," Hermione laughed thoughtfully. "But somehow, we'd always get away with it."

"We'd read together, and draw and paint together. You loved those stories with happy endings and I promised that I'd give those happy endings to you," Draco added while smiling longingly.

"You already did, Draco. Every day is a happy ending to me now," Hermione beamed as she laid her head on his chest.

Draco smiled and held her even closer. "Everything was so simple back then, but it was the world to me. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me, Hermione."

"You're the best thing that has ever happened to me too," Hermione whispered while kissing his chin softly. "I was so sad when you went away. I cried so hard," she pouted playfully at him.

"I hated it when you cry… So then I had to kiss you," Draco chuckled while kissing her forehead lovingly. "Man, was I such a nervous kid that time."

"It was our first kiss," Hermione giggled. "It was perfect, though."

"Because you're perfect," Draco whispered with a smile.

"No one's perfect, Draco," Hermione reminded him.

He leaned down to stare unwaveringly at her. He raised his hand to slowly brush his fingertip towards her temple, going down to her cheek and finally to her lips. "As far as I know, you're perfect and you're mine," He whispered before cupping her cheeks, her big brown eyes were looking up at him with so much innocence and beauty that he suddenly couldn't help but bend forward and press his lips to hers, just like what his little self did by the pond. "And almost perfect is never going to do you any justice."

And then they kissed, just like it was their first.




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