Magnus opened a portal and Alec and I leapt through it. Then I seen her. I seen Isabelle first then Clary, who was making a scene as usual. I began racing towards them when Jonathan emerged from the side of them. "Hello Herondale, come to get my sister?" I didn't get a chance to reply cause he grabbed me and pulled my left arm up my back. I winced in pain and Jonathan cackled. "Aw, hurt golden boy?" I hissed at him and kicked his ankle pretty damn hard. He immediately loosened his hold on my arm which I used to punch him in the ribs, and heard a sickening crack.

Then I seen Clary and Isabelle yell something and point behind me. Ah great. Clave guards. Genius. I turned around to face them and I was engulfed by a thick smoke. Sleeping seemed like the best option I had and I had to force my eyes to keep open. I gave into the smoke and gave into sleep.

The first thing I remember was seeing Markis a clave council member. I glared up at him, "Jace Herondale," he began, "do you know why you're here?" I shook my head, "Well you're marks are being striped today, well now actually." What. The. Hell?

He grabbed my and pulled me to my feet. Then he dragged me a door and pulled me down a long corridor. We arrived at a large pair of oak doors and he knocked and said, "Are you ready?" there was a muffle at the door as a guy shoved a key in it and opened it.

To my amazement I seen Clary, Jocelyn, Lucian, Isabelle, Alec, Alfie, Magnus, and my adopted parents sitting at a table. When Alfie seen me I seen him shove his seat back and try and run to me, but Clary grabbed him and set him on her lap. Then Jonathan came in the room and sat next to Clary. "Say you're goodbyes now Jace." Ordered a guard. I nodded and stumbled over to my family. I noticed Isabelle and Clary holding back tears while Alec just wore a expressionless mask.

I stroked Clary's cheek and she blushed scarlet, I chuckled, "Hell I'm going to miss that." Then I pulled he into a kiss. Then I turned to Jocelyn and Lucian, "Look after Clary." Then they did something that amazed me, they hugged me. I looked at Alfie and spoke in a very soft voice, "Hey Alfie. I'm going away for a little while, and when I come back I won't have all my tattoos. Be strong for me son." I then kissed him on the top of his head and turned to my adoptive family and Magnus. "I just want to thank you for everything." After the last word left my mouth they all fling themselves on me.

Then I turned to Jonathan, I had a grin plastered on my face and I kicked him in the ribs, he fell to the ground and groaned in pain.

Then a guard came and launched me into this white room and I couldn't see my family. The guard stalked over to me and yanked my shirt off so he could begin. He told me to .sit down on a metal chair, so I did. I put my arms on the metal armrests and as I expected metal cuffs cuffed me to it. It did the same to my torso, feet and my neck.

The guard stalked over to me and injected a black thing into me. Then the white hot pain came. It drilled every emotion out, except one, love. In my final minutes as a Shadowhunter I felt the most love I'd ever felt for Clary wash over me. It seemed to black out the ever growing pain stirring inside me.