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Golden Sun: The Maidens of Hope


Rated K

Summary: The Mew Mews, Reina, Alleyne and Nowa of Queen's Blade are sucked into the world of Weyard by unknown means. There, they meet Isaac, a 17 year old boy who lives in the village of Vale, a village of people with special powers called Adepts, warriors or magicians who can use their mind to perform special moves with the power of the four elements. When they joined Isaac, his best friend, Garet and Isaac's perhaps love interest, Jenna went to Sol Sanctum, a mysterious group which one of them is Jenna's brother, Felix who is supposed to be dead a long time ago stole 3 of the Elemental Stars and kidnapped Jenna and the scholar, Kraden. So the 10 heroes embark on a quest to recover them and stop Felix's group from lightning the 4 elemental lighthouses which if lit, may destroy Weyard, but will preventing them from lightning the lighthouses save Weyard? Along the way, they meet the Jupiter Adept, Ivan and the Mercury Adept, Mia who joined them on their quest, but along the way, the goals changed when the 8 otherworlders are switched to Felix's group which consists of the mysterious Sheba and the seemingly ageless Piers who may be Alleyne's new love interest. But why does Alex call the otherworlders the 8 Maidens of Ruin or some important person calls them the 8 Maidens of Hope? Also, anime characters are sucked into Weyard, some good, some evil who plan on either help save Weyard or conquer it. First ever Mew Mew Power/Queen's Blade/Golden Sun crossover. Pairings: ZoeyXFelix, IsaacXJenna, IvanXSheba, AlleyneXPiers and more.

Disclaimer: I do not own Golden Sun, Nintendo and Camelot does, Mew Mew Power, Queen's Blade or any other anime show I put in this fic.


Party Play by Sakura Nowgago plays

We see Weyard from above the sky for 20 seconds till the title of the screen appears.

We see Isaac walking calmly on the meadow with his Dinnji, Flint floating beside him.

Then we see Garet on a ledge staring at the sky with Zoey and her friends in images.

Then we see Nowa training with Alleyne and Lou watching near a waterfall, then a another scene of Ivan focusing his Jupiter Adept powers.

We then see Reina staring at the night sky in Tolbi in thought.

We see Mia in a church in Imil praying before looking up in determination.

Scenes show Isaac gripping his sword and grinning heroically, Zoey and her friends smiling at the screen, Ivan smiled at Nowa who smiled back and Alleyne nodded, Reina running off who knows where and Garet jumping off the ledge and looking happy as he safely falls down.

We see Isaac slamming his sword on the ground, making an earth attack which Nowa jumps up followed by Alleyne and they launched wind and water attacks, then followed by the Mew Mews in their Mew forms launching each of their elemental attacks followed by Reina who smiled happily before launching a fire attack followed by Ivan who launched a tornado, Garet flunging a fireball from his axe ending with Mia who slams her ankh on the ground emitting ice shards.

Then we see Felix and his party (not including Saturos and Menadri and Alex) on a pillar with a close up look of Felix's serious look.

Then we see a army of monsters with flames in the background marching towards the screen, a few of them are Melona, Menace, Naraku, Orichimaru and their minions.

We see Isaac holding his sword with images of his friends holding their weapons charging towards the monster, with a non audio yell, Isaac charged towards Alex who did the same thing.

We see Isaac and his friends smiling and on a cliff looking at the faraway lands of Weyard with the four elemental Djinni flying off in the sky.

Final scene shows Isaac smiling at his friends as they walked towards the screen, cue stop screen.

Book 1: Mercury and Venus


Long ago, in a world called Weyard… Civilization has grown thanks to the building blocks of Alchemy… With it, people can create almost everything with it. And Alchemy has command of the four elements, fire, wind, water and earth, or as the people of Weyard called them, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. And people who used powerful Alchemy techniques called Psynergy are called Adepts, each with the respected element they have. But with the power of Alchemy comes war. Kings and other rulers fought for control of this wonderful power by using it against their enemies, but the damage was too great that Alchemy almost destroyed the world. So a few of Weyard's wisest Sages used their power to imprisoned the once glorious power by four elemental lighthouses and they hid the key of breaking the seal on Alchemy on a mountain somewhere in the world of Weyard. A long time has passed since Alchemy was sealed. But little did the wise Sages know that sealing Alchemy will be the downfall of Weyard in a long time… Since Alchemy was sealed, once great civilizations vanished and changes have been made to the landscape of Weyard. This is where our story begins…

"Isaac, wake up! Please, dear, wake up!" A woman pleaded as she shakes a child, the woman has blond hair tied in a bun, wore green and blue medieval clothes with a yellow long skirt and brown shoes. The boy she was shaking has blond hair, was about 14 years old, wore a blue shirt, brown pants and brown shoes.

"Uh… Mom? What's going on…?" The boy known as Isaac muttered.

"The Mt. Aleph Boulder is going to fall! Come on, Isaac. We have to go now!" Isaac's mom shouted worriedly. "Y-You serious? Okay, let's get out of here!" Isaac gasped as he got out of bed and head towards the door.

"Wait, Isaac! You forgot something!" Isaac's mom turned to a brown vest like tunic on the hanger, she closed her eyes and concentrated and said "Oh mighty earth, please bring me an item from far away, Catch!" She stated as a yellow energy hand appeared and grabbed the tunic and bring it towards her. She gave it to Isaac.

"Thanks mom. That was Psynergy, wasn't it?" Isaac asked. "Yes. Maybe someday, you will learn to use this power. Now have you gotten everything you need?" Isaac's mom named Dora asked.

"Yes. I gotten everything I need, mom." Isaac nodded. "That's good. A lost possession can be replaced. A lost life cannot. Let's hurry." Dora smiled as she and Isaac headed downstairs.

When they got downstairs, they saw a man with brown hair, wearing a blue vest, grey shirt and black pants and brown leather shoes who was glad to see them.

"Dad!" Isaac gasped. "Isaac, Dora, hurry! The Boulder could fall at any second!" Isaac's dad shouted, they both nodded and followed him outside.

When they did, it was raining outside. The village they reside in is a medieval style one.

"Kyle… Will they be able to stop the Boulder?" Dora asked in worry. "I don't think so… Not for long anyway… You two go on ahead and take refuge in the plaza." Kyle issued.

"Aren't you coming" Isaac asked in concern. "I need to help evacuate the other villagers." Kyle told them. "Let me help you!" Dora pleaded.

"It's too dangerous!" Kyle shook his head no. "Dora, please take good care of Isaac!" Kyle stated. "Dad, I know where the plaza is, it's south of here, right?" Isaac asked. "Yes. That's a good boy." Dora smiled as she and Kyle went to help out the villagers. Isaac decided to head north where he saw a boy struggling to move his luggage. He has red hair and wore tan brown clothes and shoes.

"Garet!" Isaac gasped as he rushed towards him. Garet was the same ages as Isaac. "Isaac, what do you want! I'm trying to save my things!" Garet mumbled. "No, Garet! It's too dangerous!" Isaac protested.

"What, you saying I should ditch my stuff?" Garet gasped. "Yes. Sometimes, your life is more valuable then most things." Isaac nodded. "Hmm… you're right. Alright, I'm coming with you!" Garet smiled. "Thanks, Garet." Isaac smiled as the two of them head south.

When they crossed the bridge, they heard some voices. They turned and their eyes widen in shock to see the Boulder coming rolling down, the Healers and a man used their Psynegry to block it, but barely.

One of the men noticed Isaac and Garet. "Hurry boys! It's just a little farther!" He shouted out to them. "Okay! Don't die on us!" Isaac smiled. "Thanks, you too! Now be safe!" The man smiled. The two boys continued south.

The boys fought some monsters that got in their way and helped a man up. Sooner or later, they reached the south central bridge.

"Oh no! My brother!" A girl's voice shouted in horror. "Wait…" Isaac gasped. "Jenna!" Isaac gasped again as he rushed ahead. "Hey Isaac! Wait up!" Garet gasped as he followed suit.

Jenna was about 14 years old, has brown hair and wore tiny pink clothes, her brother, Felix has black hair and is about 14 years old. He was hanging on to a wooden post for dear life.

"Hang on, Felix!" Jenna's father shouted, as he tried to search for something to help him, but no avail. "Don't worry, Felix will be alright… We have to find a way to save him…" Dora assured him as she place her hand on Jenna's father's shoulder. Then, Felix was submerged.

"Nooooo! Felix!" Jenna cried, but was relieved when Felix emerged from the water and grabbed the post again. Kyle tried to throw a rope at him, but no luck.

"The rope won't reach… We should use Psynergy. Do you have any left?" Kyle asked Jenna's father. "I've used up all mine. How about you, Kyle?" He asked.

"I'm drained from helping the other villagers…" Kyle frowned.

"We have to get help." Dora stated worriedly. "Can Felix hang on long enough for us to find help?" Kyle asked everyone.

"There's nothing else we can do for him here, can we?" Dora stammered. "Then go get help, but be quick as possible!" Kyle ordered.

"Jenna, can you go too? You'll find help, right?" Jenna's mother asked her, she nodded. "Alright, let's get going! I'll look up north… You head for the plaza, alright?" Dora smiled at her.

"Yes ma'am. We're looking for people with Psynergy left, right?" Jenna asked. Dora nodded as Jenna headed south and Dora head north, she spotted Isaac and Garet.

"Mom! We saw what happened!" Isaac told her. "Please let us help, ma'am!" Garet pleaded. "Okay, Jenna is at the plaza. Please find help!" Dora pleaded. Isaac and Garet nodded as they head south. Dora looked at Mt. Aleph She could have sworn she saw two color energy surges heading up towards the sky.

Isaac and Garet made it to the plaza where they saw a man recharging his Psynergy by using a great blue stone called a Psynergy Stone. The mayor is Garet's grandfather

"Okay! I'm fully full of Psynergy now!" The man smiled. "Good, now go help the Elders! If we let that Boulder fall, Vale will be destroyed!" The mayor ordered. The man nodded as he went to help the elders.

"Mr. Mayor!" Isaac shouted. "Grandpa!" Garet shouted as well. "Isaac? Garet? You came to help me?" Jenna gasped in surpise.

"Yeah! Is there anyone with Psynergy left?" Isaac asked hopefully. "I am! I'm ready to save your brother, Jenna!" The man smiled. "Okay, please hurry!" The mayor nodded as the four of them head back to the central bridge.

"Mom! Dad! We're back!" Jenna shouted as she, Isaac, Garet and the man ran up to them.

"Is that you, Jenna?" Dora gasped. Jenna nodded. "I couldn't find anyone who could help… How did you do?" Dora asked hopefully.

"Don't worry, Dora! I'll save Felix!" The man smiled as Dora let him through, he was just about to use a Psynergy technique to save Felix when suddenly…

They heard a rumbling and they gasped in shock as the Boulder came crashing down on them. In slow motion, the Boulder hit Jenna's parents, Kyle and then Felix, the force knocked everyone out. All went blank.

5 minutes later. Isaac moaned as he got up barely and his eyes widen in shock. His mom, Jenna and Garet and the rest of the townspeople were alive, but knocked out. He looked around for his dad and Felix, but there was no sign of them.

"It can't be… Dad and Felix are…" Isaac stammered as he ran north to get help. Garet weakly got up and saw his best friend running north. "I can't let Isaac go off on his own! We men need to stick together!" Garet shouted bravfully as he ran after him.

Isaac was half way through till Garet stopped. "Garet, you came to help?" Isaac asked. "Yeah." Garet smiled. Suddenly, they heard some voices. And turned to see two adults on a cliff. The first one was a man who is entiredly blue and so are his clothes and hair! The second one was a woman, only her skin and clothes are red, and her hair is blond as a exception.

"Only the two of us survived…." The man frowned. "How could we have anticipated Sol Sanctum would release such fury?" The woman shook her head disaprrvely.

:It's a miracle the two of us were spared…" The man sighed. "That switch… It must have been a trap…" The woman figured as she crossed her arms.

"But to think it could conjured up a storm this powerful!" The man stated. "…Another demonstration of the awesome powers of Alchemy." The woman stated.

"Regradless, we must not fail the next time we challenged Sol Sanctum." The man stated.

"Alchemy….?" Isaac and Garet asked at the same time. The two strangers noticed Isaac and Garet and glared at them.

"Hmph! You were eavesdropping on us, were you?" The woman asked coldly. "No…" Isaac and Garet lied.

"Nice try… Those who heard about our plans must never heard of it again!" The man shouted as he and the woman begin chanting. "Mighty flames of Hades, punish those fools who stand in our way, Dragon Cloud!" They both shouted as they launched dragon shaped flames at Isaac and Garet, they gasped in shock as the attack hit them and a light occurred.

When the light cleared, Isaac and Garet were unconscious. The man and woman turned to each other and nodded as they ran off.

The disaster of Vale will mark the beginning of a age of heroes that will bring life back to a dying world… One from the world of Weyard, and two from different worlds.

To be continued…

Next time: Chapter 1: The Mysteries of Sol Sanctum

A/N: Next time, three years will pass and the Mew Mews of Earth and Reina, Nowa and Alleyne of the Queen's Blade world will be sucked into Weyard. So stay tune. This is my very first Golden Sun crossover story.