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There's No More Room in the Bloody Inn!

Chapter 16 – I feel electric

That was pretty much the worst beach trip any of them had been too. Well, maybe that was a bit melodramatic, but…it turns out that the girl Ireland had lashed out at out of sheer envy was a popular singer, who was famed for going to that beach every day. Thus, Ireland was wanted by the police, which would cause trouble.

But now she was quiet. After the strange day, she was quite tired, and also, her brother had gone home. That made her depressed.

The interrupting scenario. Ah, once again, peace has been disrupted.

Gilbert was very, very angry deep inside. What the hell? How dare those un-awesome idiots interrupt? They're old! Canada's young! They can go have their damn lovey-dovey crap somewhere else! It was getting hot, and it was in a nice beach house thing!

But it didn't matter; they were back now. And that was all. But America was lecturing them, badly. He called it lecturing. It was actually childish tantrum-ing. It was immensely boring, but some people evidently found it entertaining.

"…and it's absolutely not fair! You guys are just jerks! You can go kiss any time! I don't think Iggy will ever let me do that again! It's only because I spiked his drink-"

"You did WHAT?"

"Not now, old man! Continuing, you're just selfish! First your land, then your resources, then the oil-"

"Stupid American. Oil is a resource, da?"

"Shut up, commie! As I was saying, then romance! You're all horrible! France! You killed the mood! And Matt, what the hell were you thinking? Gilbert? REALLY? That's terrible!"

"Problem?" Gilbert took the opportunity to do his trollface smirk. Oh, man, he let his stare drift casually over to Matthew, who made eye contact, blushed bright red, and then giggled nervously.

"Prussia. If you are that stupid troll on the internet that Italy keeps pestering me about, then Gott in Himmel-"

"GERMANY? GERMANY? IS THE TROLL BACK?" Veneziano wailed, clutching the German like his life depended on it.

"Germany?" England looked up from his Poirot book, "You encountered that troll too? I thought it was the American git."

"Oh? Maybe it's both of them, then…" Japan said quietly. It was true. He made a valid point. Germany face palmed.

"Aww, don't be a jerk, Artie!"

"Shut up, wanker."

"Aiyah! These countries are so uncivilised, maybe I should get some of my-"

"Oh, China, you don't have to do any work! Honestly, the human rights in your country are in a terrible condition, you gowl!" Ireland suddenly said, after also burying her head in one of England's books. She didn't look angry. She looked softened and sympathetic.

"Ireland, da, why are you always so concerned about China? He is obviously in a better state than you!"

"I got voted the best human rights…I think…and he's having trouble with them! You guys are boring. I'm off…with a branch…where's the nearest pylon?" she suddenly snapped back to annoying-angry Ireland, replacing her earphones to continue listening to some Irish Punk music. She was still wearing her beach outfit. (Poland smiled).

Canada perked up. If Ireland was going to go exploring, obviously there would be some kind of chain reaction. Then, maybe he and Prussia could be left alone…no one would notice Canada didn't follow, and everyone knows that Gilbert and Siobhan don't get on, so why would Gilbert go?

Ireland stood up, and went outside.

"She's so stupid, ja? She is wanted. Why would she go outside?" Prussia rolled his red eyes, and for once, people agreed with him.

There was a pause, and a rattling noise.

"Oh, shit! Oh, no…wait! I am strong enough…" Ireland's voice was softened, but it was still easy to tell she was frustrated, "Aha!" Triumphant Ireland? Was that even possible?

England stood up warily, "what is she doing…?"

"Burn, baby burn! Ha!" Ireland cackled, and there was a strange squeaking noise. Like letting the air out of a balloon very slowly.

"Since when does burning make that noise?" inquired Spain, standing up. Romano joined him reluctantly.

"I don't know, but it sounds cool!"

"OH YEAH! If it busts the wires, then England will be in a financial crisis too! Ha! And then I'll get Johnny back…oh, that'll be all so damn great." Ireland sounded quite evil, which interested Russia, who slowly got off the chair, dragging a exasperated China with him.

England's eyes widened, "For God's sake! IRELAND! YOU BLOODY WANKER!" he ran outside.

"Oh honhonhon…! If he gets lost, it will be my chance…!" France's face darkened with perverted evil, and snuck out to follow the Englishman.

"Oh man! Artie! Come back!" America yelled, dropping his hamburger on the carpet with a squidge. He followed England very quickly.

Prussia quietly sat down by the window, which was new. He looked out of it…wow, that stupid Irish girl was very loud. The pylon was a long way away! What was she doing? The branch was smoking!

"America…you do not go anywhere without me, da?" Russia crept after America, dragging the Baltic nations, Poland, and China with him.

"AIYAAHHH!" shouted China, trying to get back. He had no interest in Ireland's idiocy.

"China? China? Oh my, perhaps I should follow him…" Japan stood up, too.

"Japan? Where are you going, ve?" Italy jumped up, and trudged after Japan. He wasn't evading or retreating, so it was quite slow.

"Italy! COME BACK!" Germany roared, following the suddenly sprinting Italian outside.

It's like some sort of chain…Canada thought to himself. He never thought something like this would actually happen, but it did!

"No way am I letting fratello be alone with the damn potato bastard! COME BACK, you son of your mama! And that is an insult, have you seen your mama?" Romano shouted angrily, and ran after the 'Potato Bastard'.

"Oh? Romano, come back, my tomato! Te amo! We can all go and have some churros at that nice Tapas bar nearby, and talk it over! We'll be gone a while!"

Spain ran out too.

Canada was very excited. As the last of the people filed out, including Ukraine, Belarus, Sealand, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, Matthew knew they were going to be a while. And Gilbert was still here, just as predicted! He felt butterflies in his stomach. Perhaps…they could continue what happened before? That would be brilliant!

Gilbert was watching the branch, though. He didn't notice Canada go a bit France-y and decide to shut the curtains and lock the doors, with Do Not Disturb being put up.

Canada pushed up his glasses, and picked up Kumajiro.

"You know, you are a pervert." Matthew reprimanded his treasured polar bear.

"Who are you to say that?"

"It doesn't matter…to you…anyway. Go upstairs and hang out with Gilbird, eh?" Matthew smiled softly.

"Hey…you're not stuttering anymore! That's one more step to becoming a defined country!"

Matthew felt a bubble of pride. At least the bear could notice achievement. "That's a good thing, right?"

"I guess…"

Matthew sighed, blinking his lilac coloured eyes. He pushed up his glasses. Maybe the bear was always half asleep…he watched it go upstairs, wondering whether he should put his stuff away so that Kuma…thing…didn't go through it.

Meanwhile, Gilbert had opened the window to see what was going on. It was amusing. Everyone was yelling and shouting, and instructing. People were holding phones and jumping around madly.

"…I'll call the police!"

"Stupid! THIS IS FUN!"

The Prussian had to admit. He should film this. All of a sudden, there was a buzzing noise, and a grand bang. It looked like that English television show, Doctor Who. There was a flash of white-y blue. The branch had pretty much disintegrated in a blue zap.

There was a bit of screaming, but it appeared that everyone was okay. How could such idiots ever represent, no, be countries? Mind you, the branch's explosion was pretty cool. He wished he could've filmed that. It was beautiful!

Not as beautiful as someone else…

It was fortunate everyone had moved back. America had warned them; he knew about things like this, thankfully. Sure enough, there was another bang. A red fire roared up and the wire broke, chucking out black, thankfully non toxic, smoke.

Everyone was fine…but they were all calling emergency services.

Gilbert shook his head. They would be a while. He shut the window again, and closed the curtains.

There was a creaking noise.

He looked up. The wooden door opened.

Matthew smiled awkwardly, and sat on the maroon cloth sofa, opposite the armchair that Gilbert was sitting on. He looked around the room nervously. The fire was crackling even though it was hot, and it started to rain.

Wait. Why was the power not off? Of course! Solar power! And plus, maybe the pylon didn't go to this house. It was quite a way away. Gilbert was proud to be able to see it.

The room was very English. Wooden shelves and floors, leather bound dull coloured books, lamps, pictures, photographs, tables, more shelves of alcohol…oh, and a little piano and a guitar. It was quite low ceilinged compared to Arthur's other house, which had incredibly high ceilings as a posh Victorian manor.

Matthew shook his head. He was alone with Gil. Why was he thinking about furniture? Even if it was nice…

"Hey birdie." Gilbert said lazily, leaning back in his armchair. Matthew looked away. Why was he so embarrassed, after everything?

"I'm fine…"

"Good to hear. What do you think about the day?"

"Oh, not much, really. It seems that no one is really using their common sense, eh? Although it's not really my place to say…" Canada blushed when he realised he had finally vocalised his opinions instead of just being polite.

"Nein! You can release your feelings whenever you want. It's not awesome to keep them bottled up." Gilbert said wisely. He wasn't just cool. He was full of wisdom; all those years of battles, research, history and power had done him good! Because today's Germany is really just Prussia, isn't it? Or…?

"I…I…" Matthew bowed his head. He usually contained his feelings quite well, unless he was in immediate danger…for example, when he was around Cuba. It was pretty dangerous to be around that guy.

"You never complain, do you? Mattie, you never start the complaining. Someone else has to complain, and then you respond. And even if you do start it, it's always because you've got injured. You never just whine." Gilbert stated observantly.

Matthew was surprised that Gilbert was paying such close attention to him, and that he could ever notice this. Why was he acting like this? Furthermore, Matthew did complain, especially regarding Cuba and his own brother…

"You don't need to worry about me, Gil." Matthew told him softly, pulling his hands inside the sleeves of his baggy red hoodie. No one told him, but Gilbert thought he looked rather endearing like that. And vulnerable.

There was a period of silence. But the mood was changing, changing so drastically…but Matthew was slow to catch on.

"Matthew. How are you?" the Prussian inquired, and Matthew blushed lightly. It was an innocent enough question, but Gil's stare was intense for once.

But he didn't reply.

Gilbert stood up.

"How are you?" he repeated, stepping closer. Matthew inhaled deeply, but again said nothing.

Gilbert walked closer and closer, until he was right in front of Matthew. The latter felt his cheeks heat up, and he blinked innocently.

The albino bent down, until he was nose to nose with Matthew. Matthew felt his heart beat so very fast, and he bit his lip for a few seconds. He could see his friend, no, more than that, his partner's eyes extremely clearly. He could see the dark red tone, with lighter red flecks.

He gasped suddenly. A pale hand had reached up to the top of his head, and slowly pulled on the curl. Matthew felt his stomach twist, and he felt a rush of that…that feeling…he was bright red by now, flustered, his eyes half closed.

Gilbert opened his mouth, and began, "I said…"

He whispered against the Canadian's soft, slightly parted lips, "How are you?"

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