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Hermione and Monsters

The situation was dire. First, they needed to find Pettigrew. Lucius thought killing him wasn't the best idea; he should be followed instead. Why? Because they had to find out where the Dark Lord was, to destroy him before he could come back.

Hermione wasn't listening; she wanted to try to heal Draco. She didn't trust the 'amposter' aunt; so, she wanted to ask her Papa.

Hermione thought for a moment, "I am going to look for my sister." She jumped out of the bed, not quite, Fenrir opened an eye and stopped her with a paw. "Let go," Hermione demanded and 'sparkled' Fenrir, in pure anger.

Fenrir growled in pain. But he was too tired, so he just moved closer, scaring her.

Lucius wasn't paying attention until Fenrir growled. Harry woke up right before Hermione zapped Fenrir.

"You zapped uncle Fenny; you are in big trouble, young lady. I will tell Mommy, Daddy, and uncle Peter what you did, so they punish you." He stood on the bed pointing his finger at Hermione, judge and jury, all in one. His messy hair stood up, and his fangs were out. She had crossed the line as far as Harry was concerned. This was Harry, he loved Hermione, but he was upset; aggression was a no-no; his father told him aggression was a way to darkness. To Harry his father's word was the law since that day Grant called him, my son.

Hermione snarled nastily; she bared her teeth to Harry; she was defiant. Vince was watching her; she was out there with Draco; now he had two heroes. He was a snake, and as one, he admired poor behavior like hers, so, he aspired to follow her example. Ge decided, he would work for Draco and Mimi when he was older.

Elke covered her mouth, smiling. She remembered herself fighting with her uncle, Gellert's baby brother, telling him off and biting him a time or two.

Grant was tired and not ready to reprimand Mimi. He started to say something when Hermione began sobbing, "I want to heal Draco, and nobody will let me. I want to see my Papa." She meant Gellert, who was always on their side, most always.

Lucius said, "I am not thinking about that, Mimi, let it go. What we need is Wallburga; I think Bellatrix helped the Dark Lord; maybe the whatever is based on a curse from the Black library." He didn't want to say, the monsters inside the"But Daddy," Hermione stopped; she narrowed her eyes, looking at Draco, and seemed very scared. "Draco has a monster inside him; he is not sick." She covered her face and started wailing.

Elke asked, "Darling can you see it? Where is it?" She was amazed.

Hermione nodded, showing her neck. She stopped crying, "Papa had many little monsters like that but without big teeth; we took them out when we were little." She was on to it again; without a doubt. She tapped her foot, making Harry upset; he knew that stance; it meant trouble.

"Did he? When? He never said, " Lucius shook his head, "Did you know that?" He asked Grant.

"No, my grandfather never said so." Grant saw new possibilities; not Lucius; his beast wanted to protect the little witch. He wouldn't risk Mimi, not without checking other possibilities.

They took their eyes off Hermione for one second, and she was gone.

Harry started hollering, "She is 'desobedient,' she is gone. Daddy she zapped uncle Fenny." Harry ran to Grant who picked him up. "Daddy can we heal Draco, please? Mimi told the truth; about Papa." Grant had to smile, Harry told on Mimi, but he also wanted to heal Draco, and was lobbying to get permission..

They were all scared for Hermione; they had no idea what she had gone to her father. Grant was afraid that she might have gone to see Bellatrix. No, she hadn't, at least not yet. He didn't want to say it aloud what if it became true.

Lucius it was also looking worried; he had the same thought. The possibility that something could happen to his little witch was making him out of his mind. He loved all the Granger children, but his favorites were Hermione and Lucinda.


Hermione had heard her Papa was at her grandparents' home, so she went there. Zech was aware and followed her. Two of the former Dementors also followed her trace. They had never seen powers like these children's; they were all afraid the Master would get a hold of them. They needed to seal the Master's entrance, then look for him; hopefully there would be a couple more guardians to help.

At her grandparents, she heard them talking. She peeked and was surprised to see her Papa holding the hand of a young witch, who looked a little like her, maybe like Aunt Maddy, older. Who was she? What if she took her papa, best to find out.

"Who are you?" Hermione appeared at the young witch's side, tapped her hand, and asked. Hermione was in her nightgown, her hair was a mess. "He is my Papa." Hermione warned her; her eyebrows were knitted, practicing her new nasty stance, arms crossed and tapping a foot.

Someone quite tall picked her up; he looked like her fathers. He kissed her cheeks, he had a funny accent, but he smelled nice. "You must be Mimi, so pretty." He kissed her a few more times, sniffing her, rubbing their noses, making her giggle.

Hermione grinned and patted his face. "I like you, are you my daddy's cousin?"

Peter stopped the greetings, he was displeased, and walked towards her, "Young lady, why are you here in your nightgown and no shoes? And how did you get here?" He sounded upset.

"Draco has a monster…" Hermione couldn't say more and broke out in sobs.

Gellert went straight for her, "Come here darling, let me hold you, a monster?"

Peter exhaled, no getting mad at his Mimi when Gellert was around; true, but, "A monster?" Peter asked; how did she know?

"Yes, it looked like the small ones Papa had inside, when he was in the bad place. But this one is this big, with big teeth," she opened her hands, accurate enough; she explained, crying again.

Everyone looked at Gellert; he never told anyone about the things inside him; the mere memory scared him. Since he had done so many terrible deeds, he was always afraid. He nodded, "Mimi is right, the children took them out."

"Yes, I want to take the monster out…." Hermione started, but two cloaked figures appeared. They had Malfoy hair; Peter and Gellert recognized one; one of the former Dementors

"What she wants to do might be possible; but it is not without danger." One Malfoy witch said. Peter noticed they had a faint Russian accent.

Hermione was rude, "You don't know; you are a dummy; Papa tell her that I can do it."

Gellert nodded, but he was also afraid something would happen to his beloved Mimi. "Yes, she tells the truth; but, is whatever she described, I mean, it is it accurate?"

"Yes, very accurate." The other Malfoy twin confirmed.

Peter was terrified, she was his daughter, and Draco or not, what if Mimi got hurt. "Mimi, we are going home; you disobeyed. As to how you got here, the bracelet must not be working."

"No wait, Papa, tell him I can do it. Please, I don't want Draco to die." She started sobbing.

"Maggie, my girl, we must go. My son should come. We will see everyone later." Gellert was sad to go since his wife was in a room. He wanted the Pixies to heal her.

"I'll come, may I? Mimi, I am Inga, your cousin." The tall witch grinned.

"You may come," Mimi wanted down; she walked to her cousin; she liked her cousin, now. She was older. "Are you like fifteen?" Fifteen was nice, very old, Hermione thought.

"I am seventeen. Do you want to hold my hand?" Mimi's cousin asked.

Mimi tiptoed to whisper something.

Inga grinned, "We can see."

Peter shook his head; another ally. His parents called him to ask him not to let Mimi try something that might hurt her.

Malfoy Manor

Grant was afraid for his daughter. She was willful, much like her mother and he and Peter were; now that she was afraid, she would do something crazy. Where had she gone?

No need to worry, Mimi was back, holding the hand of his sister's look alike, a few years ago. And also the hand of someone looking like a blond Fenrir.

Peter raised his hands, mouthing, "Miss Naughty."

"Daddy, I have a big cousin. There, that one, he s my brother." She pointed at Harry who looked at the older witch and ran to check her.

Hermione froze again, she stared at Narcissa, "I need to heal Mommy Cissy, she has a monster here," Hermione pointed at her chest.

She pointed again, everyone saw the demon inside; Gellert felt dizzy. That was a giant version of the things he used to have. He was afraid and wanted to ask Mimi if he still had the same; the thought was unbearable.

They heard Vince, somehow he could hide at will; "Mimi you can kill it, right here." He pointed at the middle of his head. "My big brother has killed monsters; he said all monsters have a soft spot there." After he said that, Vince went to look for breakfast.

Peter asked, "Why is he." Grant stopped him, talking to Peter inside his head. Later, this is a mess, our Pixies changed a few of the children, not sure how many.

Lucius said, "We learned that, but I don't know if it would work."

Gellert said, "It isn't a monster; it won't work."

Elke agreed, she pointed at the blond Fenrir, "My brother Gustav, works with me. My grandmother was an illustrator. We have pictures of the things she saw. Those were created by demo, ahem, things they took out of people. But I have never seen whatever is present here." She was being careful not to further upset the young ones.

They were talking when Wallburga arrived. She looked much younger now that she was a wolf. Hermione and Harry ran to her. She hugged them. She saw Yaxley and covered her mouth. "Why is he here? He will advise the Ros…never mind." She knew to watch her words around the younger crowd. She was worried Yaxley would tell Evan's parents about the Frankie and Evie.

Hermione told her, "They have monster inside," showing her inside Cissy, afraid to see inside Draco.

Wallburga shook her head, her hand went to her mouth. She had never seen something like it. "Perhaps Bellatrix knows; she is behind this."

Nobody noticed Hermione and Harry's exchanged looks. Hermione winked; now they knew where to go. Harry nodded. He agreed; they needed their cousins and wake Amelia who slept like a rock. They would make Bellatrix tell them; they had heard she was afraid of the angels.

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