Wild at Heart

Chapter 1

Charlie's POV

Today my children were coming to live with me and my family.

GOD, I'm so nervous!

I have not seen them since they were little. It was not by choice. Their mother, Renee, a Lion shifter thought it would be best for the children.

That and she wanted to ran off with her imprint another lion shifter.

But I did get to see the on the most important holidays. She could not stop me. No matter where she lived.

My twins, Bella and Jasper, are half breeds, part lion shifter part vampire, I thought they should know about that side of them but their mother never let me teach them.

I met her when she was fresh out of high school, we feel in love, got married and started a family. Who knew a male vampire could have children.

We both lived in Forks, but when the children were 5 years old we started having problems, then she met Him, Phil, and found her soul mate.

She left me and took my children with her.

And I was alone again.

Tried of begin alone I set off to find my family.

360 some what years ago I was in London and during that time the humans knew we, monster were real, and were hunter. I only feed of animals but since coming to London I never got the chance to feed, so that night I was so hungry.

I bit a young man, named Carlisle, I realized what I was doing and stopped, but I had No time to grab him and take him with me as I hide, the other hunters had found me, I only hoped he had found safety.

I came back 3 days later trying to find the Young man, but had No luck.

After a few years of searching I grave up. And continued my lonely life. 80 years ago I found him, but he was not alone. He had a family. A lovely wife, 2 sons and a Daughter. I was so happy that he remember me, that he did not hate me for what I did. I spent most of my time with them, until I began to feel the need to look for my mate again.

Giving up trying to find Carlisle was not the only find I stopped doing. I stopped trying to find my mate.

17 years ago I thought Renee was my mate, but I knew differently now.

When Carlisle move back to Forks, one of the wolves from La push, Jacbo Black, a boy who was my children best friend, became close to the Cullen, once his father Billy black found out that I was family to the Cullen, well lets say I was No longer allowed in La Push. But throw Jake I found my true mate.

Her Name is Sue Clearwater, she is a mother of two werewolves, and I love them as my own. I glad they welcomed me into their family as well, I feared that after their fathers death they would not welcome me so easily but I was wrong.

I started to worry that my children would not like Carlisle and Esme's kids, I mean they have only met Carlisle and Esme.

And in a few hours their plane will be landing and I will be picking them up, I'm so bloody scared of fucking it all up.

"Charlie?" Esme yelled from the hallway. I smiled. My son could not have chosen a better women to be his mate. Esme is so kind hearted.

I walk out of the living ro and stop dead as I enter the hallway.

"Hi Dad!"