Chapter 10

Jasper's POV

Me and Bella never thought that be coming to Fork to live with Dad would change our lives in ways we would never of dreamed.

Alice was my world, I didn't care that Renee never like the fact that i had imprinted on a vampire because her option never really mattered to me or my sister.

At the moment I'm sitting in the hospital waiting room, waiting to hear word about my sister, my Alice and My baby.

Yes I said baby.

It would seem that if a male loin shifter imprints on a female vampire, the lion is some how able to impregnate their vampire mate.

But even those this news upset Rosalie to No end, it didn't stop her from making her dream come true.

2 years ago while hunting Rosalie came across a dyeing woman, a pregnant dyeing woman.

And No, Rose didn't kiss her for that baby.

The woman was mated to a vampire, but her Vampire husband was killed while trying to protect his family.

The woman knew she would not make it with out her vampire, and that even if she survived the birth she would not want to live.

The woman's last dyeing wish was for Rosalie to look after her baby, to keep it safe.

The woman only asked one thing, that if it was a boy, then she wished to name it Ember after her late husband.

She died after her son was born.

But little ember could not be happier; he has a family that loves him.

9 months ago Alice told me that she was pregnant again, and I was over the moon.

This would be our 3rd children.

The first time Alice fell pregnant was right after Bella had given birth to hers and Edwards's draughter.

Renesmee Carlie Cullen.

Alice ended up giving birth to twins.

A boy and a girl

Peter and Lily

Peter after my best vampire friend, and Lily after Alice's favourer flower.

But this time Bella and Alice fell pregnant together.

The girls loved it, sharing something so special with each other.

So here we are.

Waiting to hear word from Carlisle

You might be wondering why were not in the room with them well I'll tell you.

We got kicked out, can you believe that, they kicked us out.

It seemed Edward was being to over protective and stressing Bella out, while I was just annoying Alice with trying to keep her calm.

So Carlisle asked us to leave.

I think it was for the best, Bella tried to attack Edward twice and Alice just keep screaming at me.

But I have to say that even Edward is driving me crazy.

I mean come on, It's not like its there first kid. Pushing out Twin won't be that bad.

Of course if the woman heard me say that they would kill me, and dance around the fire.

"Ed... Man stop please, your killing me here." I grab my head with my hands.

"Sorry Jazz. I'm just nervous. I mean its twins Jazz... Twins." Edward said as he falls into the sit next to me.

So he was worried about having twins, Yer there a handful. Even more so when they shifter and run off into the woods to play with local wildlife. But that's just what lion cubs do.

Edward is really think about this wrong; I mean having twins is wonderful.

But he's worried about all the wrong things.

If I was him I would be worried about my little girl.

Having to deal with so much this passed 9 months Edward seems to forget that his daughter had already found her mate.

Would you believe me what I say it's Ember.

From the moment rose brought him home, Nessie was always with him. Even slept in his room so she could keep him save.

"Jasper" Carlisle called out

I looked up from my hands and smiled.

Bella might just kill me if she knew I bet Emmett that Alice would have our child first, but it was wreath it, now he was to babysit for a whole year.

"Carlisle?" Edward asked

"Not long now son." Carlisle informed him

I followed Carlisle to Alice's room and smiled

There in her arms was our little Maria, my little girl.

"How's mummy?" I ask coming into the room

Alice just smiles at me.

After a few moments, she looks at me.

"So did we win the bet?" should have known Alice knew about the bet.

"Yes love, so how's daddies little girl?" I ask taking her into my arms.

"She wonderful Jazz" Alice smiled up at us.

Before I could say anything else Edward rushes in.


We both laughed as Bella yelled for him to come back.

"You OK Edward?" Alice asked smiling

"Boys, both boys. BOYS" Edward mutters over and over again.

Oh yeah did I forget to tell you that Bella keep the sex a secret.

Bella though Edward would freak he know before hand, considering both peter and ember are little monsters.

Well Embers only a monster what Nessie isn't play with him.

That boy is whipped, and at such a young age.

"Edward, Bella needs you to come back now son." Carlisle says taking Edwards arm and walking him out of the room, Edward still muttering.

"Looks like peter has two more patents in crime, and this time they own leave him for a girl." I tell Alice.

She just smiles at me.

"We'll see." She tells me.


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