Greetings fellow readers and writers! This is my eighth Kingdom hearts volume and I hope you like it! Okay, this time around, Sora and the gang will visit the universe of W.I.T.C.H., one of the most awesome non-anime cartoons I've ever seen. This story also contains elements and the main character of the anime Ranma ½.

As many of my regular readers know, I've done several W.I.T.C.H. fics, (Of Ninjas and Pirates, Heart of the Cards, Fullmetal WITCH, Kurse of the Krawl and Heart of the Cards 2: Tournament of Souls) all of them pretty good. But the first three were written when I was still starting out as a writer, so the grammar and editing are somewhat below par, to put it mildly. Eventually I'll get around to rewriting those fics without any editing mistakes at all and with revamped plots to include the proper Naruto elements and characters so it'll fit with the manga, so keep your eyes open.

Also in this fic are elements of one of the best Horror books I've ever read, the Necroscope series, which is totally awesome.

Anyway, about this fic…

Time wise, this fic takes place about a month after my last Kingdom Hearts story, The Tournament of Light, while at the same time taking pace just before the last episode of season 1 of W.I.T.C.H.

Now I don't own either Kingdom Hearts, W.I.T.C.H, Ranma ½ or Necroscope, so please don't sue me, I'm just trying to tell a good story. What I do own are the original Heroes and Villains in this story. I'll admit that I've changed a few things here and there in the W.I.T.C.H. storyline so this story would work out in my mind. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it, but remember, THIS IS FANFICTION!

And now, without further delay, please enjoy…

Kingdom Hearts: Beyond the Door to Light

Volume 8: The Magic of Five

By AndrewK9000

Chapter 1: The Oracle of Kandracar

"I wonder what's got The King so anxious?" Kairi asked as she and Sora hurried over to Riku's house.

"Whatever it is," said Sora, "it won't be good."

It's been a month since Sora, Riku, Kairi and Aiden journeyed to America to compete in The Tournament of Light, a grand martial arts event in which young fighters from all over the world competed to be the best.

After a horrendous training regime, put together by one Nodoka Saotome, whom was the woman who originally taught Sora and Riku swordsmanship, our heroes made it through the preliminary rounds of the tournament and found themselves among the best martial artists in their age group. Only Aiden failed to make it to the top 32 due to a mishap in his last prelim match.

Sora, Riku, Kairi and Aiden had made several friends among their fellow tournament competitors; among which was the son of Nodoka, Ranma, a genius in martial arts who was carrying a highly unfair burden of suffering, the least of which was being stuck with an abusive, uncute tomboy of a fiancée. There's also the fact that Ranma was cursed so that cold water turned him into a girl, while hot water reversed the curse.

Aside from meeting Ranma, and all his rival's for his affection and his life, our heroes also met several other martial artists whom they had become fast friends.

On another note, Sora and the others met Kairi's pen pal, one Miley Stewart, who was also teen pop superstar Hannah Montana.

After one wild and crazy tournament, which ended without a winner due to interference from Hades and Ursula, Sora and the others returned home having helped Ranma get a grip on his life, while also knocking some long-overdue sense into Ranma's many fiancées and rivals.

At the same time it was revealed to our heroes that Miley was Hannah. At nearly the same time, we learned that Miley was the third Princess of Heart, having the power to bring light into people's hearts. Where there was rage, fear, despair and hate, Miley would bring serenity, courage, hope and love.

As if this wasn't good enough, our heroes asked Ranma if he'd like to go with them while he figured out what to do with his new-found independence. Sora, Riku, Kairi and Aiden took Ranma to Disney Castle and introduced him to King Mickey and Queen Minnie, and the meeting went rather well.

So well that Ranma asked to stay at Disney Castle and get used to being on other worlds. That was just about a month ago, and now it seems a new adventure is about to unfold for our heroes.

Sora and Kairi reached Riku's house, where he was waiting on the front porch with a message from The King.

"What's the scoop this time?" Kairi asked.

"It just says to come to the castle as soon as possible," said Riku, "where's Aiden?"

"Right here!" shouted Aiden as he ran up to the porch, "sorry it took me so long, I was house hunting."

"Still no luck finding your own place?" Kairi asked.

"Struck out again," said a dissapointed Aiden as he held up a small house-buying book that had several pages crossed out with black X's, "I have all the money I need, I just haven't found the right place for me."

"You'll find it someday," said Sora, "until then you're still welcome at my house."

"I know," said Aiden, "I just don't want to become a permanent part of your family, nothing personal mind you."

"No offense taken," said Sora, "so, are we ready to go?" He then summoned his Keyblade.

"Ready," said Riku as he summoned his Keyblade.

"Willing," said Kairi as she summoned her Keyblade.

"And able," said Aiden as he summoned his Keyblade.

The four Keyblade Wielders then combined their powers and opened a portal to Disney Castle that exited in the vast throne room. As soon as they were all through, the portal closed up behind them.

Though Sora was prepared for it, he was still bowled over when Pluto bounded up, tackled him and began licking him affectionately.

"Like clockwork," said Riku. As if his words were a signal, Pluto then turned his affections on Riku, then on Kairi and then to Aiden.

Just then Queen Minnie walked over, "it's good that you all came quickly, but I'll admit that we expected you a bit later."

"When The King says to come, we come," said Riku as he, Sora, Kairi and Aiden bowed.

"Still," said Queen Minnie, "The King wasn't expecting you for another half hour. He's in the training hall with Ranma as we speak."

"What training hall?" Sora asked.

"You'll see," said Queen Minnie. She then beckoned our heroes to follow her out of the throne room to the hallway, where a new door lay halfway between the throne room and the library.

"That wasn't here the last time we were here," said Kairi.

"It was just finished this morning," said The Queen as she opened the door. Our heroes followed her inside and found themselves on the balcony of a vast, room styled after a Japanese dojo.

At the edge of the balcony was Donald and Goofy, and with them was Chip, Dale and Jiminy Cricket.

"Hey, guys!" said Sora.

"Sora!" exclaimed Donald, goofy, Chip, Dale and Jiminy.

"What's all of this?" Riku asked.

"It was Ranma's idea," said Donald.

"He asked The King of they could build some place where he could work out," said Goofy, "and The King said 'why not?'"

"And this is the end result," said Jiminy.

"It's nice," said an impressed Aiden. He then looked at the three small creatures, "and who are you."

"Cricket's the name, Jiminy Cricket."

"He's the guy who went with Donald, Goofy and me on our travels," said Sora, "he recorded all of our adventures in his journal. Oh, Jiminy!" Sora then used his magic to summon his notebook from his house, "I just finished my notes on everything that's happened since we first got back home. It think this will fill a lot of empty pages in your notebook."

Sora then shrunk the notebook and handed it to Jiminy.

"Thanks," said Jiminy as he took the shrunken notebook and began reading it, "this really will help."

"And who are these critters?" Aiden asked.

"We're Chip and Dale!" said the two chipmunks.

"They helped take care of the Gummy ship on our travels," said Sora.

"Look," said Kairi as she pointed at the floor below, "they're sparing."

Sora and the others looked and saw that Ranma and King Mickey were having a practice match, but it was clear that the two of them were giving this practice bout their all. The King had the edge on speed and maneuverability as he jumped and dodged all of Ranma's attacks, but Ranma had the edge on offensive and defensive power as he blocked all of The King's attacks, then countered with punches and kicks that were strong enough to hit The King with the air displacement alone.

"I almost forgot how good The King is," said Sora as he watched King Mickey block one of Ranma's wind punches with his gold Keyblade.

"And Ranma's just as powerful," said Riku, "so this is what Andrew Callahan was talking about; using one's full potential in a fight." Riku then sighed, "I'm positive that Ranma would have won the tournament."

"Don't count yourself out so easily," said Aiden, "believe me when I say you're no slouch."

"No," said Riku, "I'm convinced that if Hades and Ursula hadn't ruined things, Ranma would have beaten me."

"Well I'm glad he beat me the way he did," said Sora as he watched the fight, "the way Ranma's going at it now, if I was facing him now, I'd be toast."

"Now you're counting yourself out to easily," said Kairi, "you think Ranma's tough? He's got nothing on you."

"Yeah," said a grinning Sora, "I'd like to see Ranma spend a year asleep so he could get his memories back."

:I said I was sorry,: said Naminé, :I apologized dozens of times. What else do you want?:

:Just ignore him,: said Roxas.

:I can hear you, you know,: said Sora.

:Sorry,: said Roxas.

"Apology accepted," said Sora out loud.

"That's really getting annoying," said Aiden.

"He knows it annoys you," said Riku.

Just then Chip spoke up, "Oh, Sora! Cid wanted to tell you that he's almost finished with the new Gummy Ship and will bring it over soon."

"He says he hopes that you'll appreciate all his hard work," said Dale.

"A new Gummy Ship?" Sora asked.

"That's right," said Donald, "we've got a new Gummy Ship coming."

"An' it's sure pretty!" said Goofy, "wait till you see her!"

"But what about the old one?" Sora asked.

"Cid said that she was a lost cause," said Chip.

"That old ship had so many broken parts it's a wonder she didn't fall apart," said Dale.

"I'm sorry, Sora," said Queen Minnie, "but it seems your old ship has been scrapped."

"Oh," said a slightly depressed Sora, "I really liked that ship."

"I'm sure she was a strong, reliable boat," said Kairi.

"Still, all boats have their time," said Riku.

"But wait till you see the new one Cid's building!" said an excited Chip.

"Cid said it'd be his best work yet!" said Dale.

Just then the match below ended in a tie. Ranma struck a blow that, had this been a real match, would have knocked The King unconscious, while at the same time, The King struck Ranma on the head with his gold Keyblade.

"They're even," said an amazed Kairi.

"No," said Riku, "not exactly. Even though they were trying their best, this was still a practice match. Had this been for real, they would have truly shown each other what they were made of."

"I won't argue with that," said Sora.

They all then went down to the training floor where Ranma and King Mickey were congratulating each other for a good practice session.

"You're awesome, your majesty," said Ranma.

"And you're extraordinary, Ranma," said The King, "this was a really good idea, building a training hall in the castle."

"Just something I thought would make fighting the darkness a little easier," said Ranma, "also something to help keep me busy."

"How are you, really?" Sora asked.

"I'm…adjusting," said Ranma in a slightly unsure tone, "I'm still getting used to the idea of being on another world. I mean, sometimes I feel like I'm in the middle of some crazy dream, and I'm gonna wake up any second and be back at the Tendo Dojo next to my no-good dad, and that in the morning I'll argue with Akane as usual and have to deal with all the other craziness of my life."

"I promise you that this isn't a dream," said Aiden, "and the whole mess with irresponsible parents, your ill-tempered fiancée and all the other fiancée's and rivals, that's over and done."

"Now if we can just get rid of that other bit of craziness," said Kairi. He looked at The King, "any luck finding a curse for Ranma's curse?"

"Sorry, no," said King Mickey, "I've looked through every book on magic in the castle library. I've consulted with Merlin and Yen Sid and none of us have any idea to remove the curse, not without seriously hurting Ranma in the process."

"Yeah, about that," said Ranma, "I've sort of accepted the curse for the time being. I mean, I'm just grateful to finally have my life to myself, and if still being cursed is the price to pay for my freedom, then I'm okay with it."

"Nothing is free in life," said Aiden, "the same principle that governs Alchemy and economics governs magic as well. Equivalent Exchange; 'to obtain, something of equal value must be lost.'"

"You still think you can't go home until we find all seven Princesses of Heart?" Sora asked, "I thought you were over that."

"How can I possibly 'get over' one of the must fundamental principles of existence?" Aiden asked, "if we end up returning to The State because of our mission as Keyblade Wielders, I'll go with a willing heart. But if I was offered to go home right this moment, just to visit and see old friends, then it wouldn't feel right to do that."

"Well we're going to have to go back to your home world sooner or later," said Riku, "we left without finding that world's Keyhole. It's only a matter of time before the enemy tries to invade that world again."

"And we'll have to go back to the world where we met Luffy and his crew," said Kairi, "if only to seal that Keyhole as well."

"I wonder how all our friends are doing?" Sora asked.

"I'm sure you'll get your chance soon," said The King as an enchanted broomstick handed him a glass of cold water, "As soon as we make sure things are alright in this universe, we'll all go to the other universes. I'd like to see all the places you've been and meet all the friends you made."

"That'd be awesome!" said Sora. "we could visit Naruto and the others in The Hidden Leaf Village, and go right to The State afterwards."

"We could go back to Alfea and see how Bloom and The Winx are," said Kairi, "and then to Dream Valley to check in on Sara, her friends and The Little Ponies."

"We could also go to that other Tokyo," said Aiden, "and see Usagi and the other Sailor Senshi."

"And let's not forget about this universe," said Riku.

"Yeah," said Sora, "all our friends across the worlds, we'll go see them all."

"Mind taking this one world at a time?" Ranma asked, "I'm still the new guy here."

"That's right!" said a grinning Aiden, "I'm no longer the new guy!"

"Correction," said Riku, "you're still the newest Keyblade Wielder. Ranma's the new Hero."

"Don't 'cha mean Junior Heroes?" Goofy asked.

"Don't you start that again!" said Donald.

Just then the glass of cold water The King had been drinking from slipped out of his hands and the water splashed Ranma, turning him into Ranma-chan in the blink of an eye.

"I stand corrected," said a grinning Aiden, "Ranma's the new girl!"

"Very funny," said an annoyed Ranma-chan.

"You're all heroes in my book," said King Mickey as he ordered an enchanted broomstick to fetch some hot water, "and before we all start on something else, there's the situation I wanted to talk to you about."

"So, what's the emergency?" Sora asked as everyone followed The King out of the training hall, down the corridor and into the library.

"It's not a full emergency," said The King as he went to the table and picked up a small stack of photographs, "not yet. But it will become direly serious if something isn't done."

"We're confined that the enemy is preparing to launch a new campaign of evil across the worlds," said Queen Minnie.

"Figures," said Ranma-chan. Just then the enchanted broomstick arrived with a kettle of hot water and splashed her with it, turning her back into Ranma, "I can't wait to find a frigging cure."

"We're working on it," said The Queen as she ordered the enchanted broomstick to fetch some towels.

"We know that Maleficent is up to something," said King Mickey, "that she has a plan, but we don't know for sure what world she will attack first or when the attack will come. What we do know is that she's building up her forces for a massive attack. Maleficent is gathering Heartless in the hundreds of thousands. The streets of The World that Never Was are swarming with them."

The King then showed our heroes the photographs of The World that Never Was. The photos were satellite images that revealed massive amounts of Heartless choking the city around New Hollow Bastion.

"And what's worse," said The King, "we have reason to believe that the enemy has figured out how to control Nobodies."

"Guess it was only a matter of time," said Riku as he crossed his arms.

"I've never fought Nobodies before," said Aiden, "are they really that bad?"

"They're stronger and smarter than Heartless," said Kairi, "yeah, they're that bad."

"If Maleficent can get an army of Nobodies like the one Organization XIII had," said Sora, "and get them to get along with a huge army of Heartless, then we're really in trouble."

"But not just yet," said Queen Minnie, "we still don't know what the enemy's overall plan is, or when or where they will strike first. But we do have an advanced warning in place."

"A while ago we placed several spying constructs around The World that Never Was," said King Mickey, "That's how we've been getting these images; they've been sending us pictures of the number of Heartless Maleficent has, and we managed to get a few looks inside the enemy castle." The King then passed several photographs to Sora and the others.

"Maleficent has been busy," said Riku as he looked at one picture showing throngs of Heartless around New Hollow Bastion.

"You'd think she'd at least change the interior lighting," said Kairi as she saw one picture of the inside of the castle, "it's still bright on the inside. You'd think a Villian like Maleficent would make things more dark."

"The enemy base does have it's dark areas," said The King, "those are the places we haven't seen yet, but we did get this." He handed Riku a picture of a Moogle wearing a black coat working on Synthesizing something. Also in the picture was Reddik and Rakel.

"Those two are still in Maleficent's good graces," said Kairi.

"And the other two," said Riku, "Erika and Konrad, I'll bet they're still working for the enemy as well."

"But what about that Moogle?" Sora asked, "why would he work for Maleficent? I thought they were on our side."

Just then Roxas popped outside of Sora's body, startling everyone, "hey, I know that guy! He used to work for The Organization!"

"Don't do that!" exclaimed Aiden, "gods! Are you trying to give me a heart attack!"

"Sorry," said Roxas, "I'm just enjoying as much time in the flesh as I can."

"Same with me," said Naminé as she appeared next to Kairi. "Anyway, The Moogles aren't evil, or good as we know the two terms. They're creatures of business and they go to where there's munny to be made."

"In that case," said Sora, "if Maleficent now has what she needs to control Nobodies, then we'll just have to try harder and find a way to stop The Heartless, Nobodies and all the other dark forces."

"And how are we going to do that?" Ranma asked.

"I don't know yet," said Sora, "I've been making things up as I go along for a while. But so far that's worked out pretty well."

"Sort of like what I do," said Ranma, "I try to keep my options open so if things don't work out, I can always change whatever plan I've got so it will work out in the end."

Just then something very strange and unexpected happened. A large blue circle of shimmering magic appeared in the library.

"What the…?" exclaimed Aiden, "is…is that a portal?"

"It is," said Riku, "but not one we use.

From the strange portal emerged an old man wearing light blue robes.

"Tibor! said a surprised King Mickey.

"Your majesty," said the old man, Tibor, "I bear tidings from The Oracle. He requests the assistance of The Keyblade Wielders and their companions on a matter of grave importance."

"Who's The Oracle?" Kairi asked.

"All will be explained, young Keyblade Wielder," said Tibor, "but you and your companions must come with me at once, for the fate of more than one world rests on your actions."

"I think you should go with him," said The King in a serious tone, "if The Oracle needs you, then things must be pretty bad."

"The situation isn't dire yet," said Tibor, "there is still time, but not much."

"Well, if someone needs our help as Keyblade Wielders," said Sora, "Then we'll go."

"Just give us a minute to get our stuff ready," said Kairi.

"We'll have all of the supplies you'll need when you return," said Queen Minnie.

"If I'm right," said King Mickey, "then you guys are just going to a mission briefing."

"That is correct," said Tibor.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Aiden asked as he rubbed his wrists in his own manner, "alright! Let's do this!"

"Right behind you, my friend," said Riku. With that he and Aiden walked through the blue portal.

"Hey wait up!" said Donald as he and Goofy hurried through the portal after them.

"Well," said Roxas, "while we're out here, we might as well go too."

"I'm eager for an adventure as well," said Naminé. With that they entered the portal.

"You okay with this?" Kairi asked Ranma.

"I haven't been fully okay with anything since I fell into that damned cursed spring in China," said Ranma, "but, yeah, I'm cool with this." With that he walked into the portal.

Before Sora and Kairi entered the portal, Jiminy hopped onto Sora's shoulder, "just because I've got a lot of work to catch up on, doesn't mean I should miss out on any further adventures."

"Welcome back, Jiminy," said Sora. With that he, Kairi and Jiminy entered the portal.

Our heroes then found themselves inside a vast, beautifully constructed temple that was surrounded by…

"Nothing," said a slightly worried Aiden as he and the others looked at the white emptyness around them, "there's this big temple in the middle of nothing. What is this?"

"This is Kandracar," said Tibor, "the center of infinity. It is here, in this world between worlds, that the Congregation of Kandracar, can observe events throughout time and space."

"Congregation of Kandracar?" Sora asked.

"A gathering of enlightened beings from across existence," said a female voice. There stood a woman with feline facial features, fur and ears as well as whiskers. "We observe and record the events of the universe as they happen, and when necessary, intervene when circumstances require our efforts," she then adopted an annoyed expression, "though I wish that when this situation required our intervention, we had made a better choice in those who would receive the power."

"You supported the choice with the rest of us, Luba," said Tibor.

"A choice that should have been reconsidered," said the cat woman, Luba in an irate tone, "I clearly said several times that the current Guardians are too young and inexperienced," she then looked at Sora and the others in an apprising manner, and she didn't like what she saw, "and now we're enlisting even more immature would-be heroes."

"That's not fair!" said an annoyed Kairi, "just because we're young doesn't mean we're not up to whatever it is you're asking us to do."

"Size and appearances can be deceiving," said Naminé.

"We've saved a lot of worlds and defeated a heck of a lot of Heartless," said Sora, "and defeated a lot of Villains."

"We've got what it takes," said Riku, "no doubt about it."

"Just because you're some sort of enlightened cat lady," said Ranma, "doesn't mean you know everything."

"Give us a chance and we'll prove that we're up for the job," said Roxas.

"They have a point, Luba," said Tibor.

"That remains to be seen," said Luba. She then left the area.

"Well, that wasn't very nice," said Aiden, "we've come here without knowing the full situation, and she treats us like dirt. What's up with that?"

"She's just worried," said a male voice that was full of kindness and wisdom. Walking towards our heroes was a man of indeterminable age with the appearence and dress of a Buddhist monk.

"Oracle," said Tibor as he bowed respectfully, "as requested, I've brought The Keyblade Wielders and their companions."

"Thank you, Tibor," said man. He then looked at Sora and the others, "I cannot express how grateful I am for your assistance. I am The Oracle of Kandracar, and I've asked for your help on a matter of grave importance."

"So we've gathered," said Riku, "but what exactly are we needed for?"

"I'll bet it has something to do with The Heartless," said Sora, "some Villain on another world is using them and that world is about to be consumed by darkness."

"That is true," said The Oracle, "but before I tell you the full reason for your being here, there are several facts I must impress on you, so you will have a greater understanding of the situation.

"Every generation for thousands of years, five young women from one particular planet Earth have been chosen to wield the power of the elements; Air, Earth, Fire, Water and The Keeper of The Heart of Kandracar, a crystal of incredible magic that unites the five and bolsters their powers. These young women are endowed with these elemental powers and others abilities to stand against the forces of darkness, and are given the title of Guardians. Their full title varies from generation to generation. The current generation is known as The Guardians of The Veil.

"The Veil is a magical barrier that separates this particular planet Earth from another world that has recently been corrupted by evil; Metamore, once home to an advanced civilization of magic users. Since the dawn of that world's civilization, Metamore has always been ruled by benevolent queens gifted by powerful magic. Centuries ago Metamore had its Keyhole sealed by one of these benevolent queens, yet conditions were set so that a future queen could unseal it."

"I didn't know a Keyhole could be unsealed," said Sora.

"I didn't know Keyholes could be sealed by someone without a Keyblade," said Riku.

"Guess we still have a lot more to learn," said Kairi.

"In time you will learn all that there is to learn about your roles as Keyblade Wielders," said The Oracle, "now, to continue, the last queen of Metamore had no daughter to inherit the kingdom until just over twelve years ago. Up till that point, the only child of the current monarch was a boy, Phobos, a gifted magic user in his own right, but was born with a terrible darkness in him."

The Oracle then showed our heroes the image of a man in his late 20's to early 30's with long pale blond hair and a goatee. He wore dark brown and red robes and had a maniacal look in his dark blue eyes that betrayed the mark of a tyrant.

"Phobos coveted the throne of Metamore," said The Oracle, "while secretly delving in the dark arts. But then a girl was born, the next rightful queen.

"By this point Phobos was so deep in the darkness and twisted by madness that he overthrew his mother, the queen, and tried to murder his infant sister. A powerful magical artifact was used to send the young princess through The Veil to Earth, where she and her caretakers assumed human identities.

"The girl, who was given the name Elyon Brown, spent the next twelve years with no idea of who she really was or of the power sleeping inside of her."

The Oracle then showed our heroes an image of a girl in her early teens with long straw-blond hair that was braided and with ice-blue eyes that were friendly, cheerful and kind."

"Unknown to Elyon, her brother Phobos turned his lust for power and magic on his world, draining the world of its magic and launching a rein of terror that reduced that once bright civilization into an age of darkness."

"I'm disliking this Phobos already," said Kairi in an irate tone, while Aiden, Roxas, Ranma and Donald nodded in agreement.

"As do the people of Metamore," said Tibor, "since Phobos forced his way to the throne, a rebellion has been in the works to bring the mad prince down. In the twelve years since, the rebellion has had moderate success in resisting Phobos' tyranny, though the chances of their succeeding in their overall mission has been in doubt in recent years, but we will get back to them in a minute. There are other matters that must come first."

"What about Elyon?" Naminé asked.

"She's part of the current situation," said The Oracle, "Phobos' lust for power has left Metamore nearly depleted of magic, so he set his sights on the rest of the universe. Yet he cannot move beyond Metamore without another source of magic; his sister."

"You mean he's going to suck her magic out of her like a vampire?" Roxas asked.

"Nothing that abrupt," said Tibor, "despite his obvious insanity, Phobos has a cunning mind that has conceived of a plan to reunite his sister with her world, which has succeeded on that part. Elyon was brought back to Metamore and Phobos assumed the role of the kind-hearted brother who was looking for his long lost sister.

"Phobos has since been instructing Elyon in the use of her powers and other matters of royal statecraft, all under the guise of eventually stepping down from the throne and allowing Elyon to assume her birthright as Queen.

"The truth is that Phobos is only allowing Elyon to learn how to use her powers so they'll be mature enough when the time is right. That is when Phobos will show his true colors and betray Elyon."

"Now I'm starting to hate Phobos," said Sora as he crossed his arms.

"I'd skin him alive," said an irate Naminé, "like the snake he is."

"Oh, that's another fact I wish to point out," said The Oracle, "Phobos' majordomo is a shape shifter named Cedric. He can turn into a giant snake-like creature of immense physical power."

"A guy who can turn into a giant snake?" Ranma asked, "no problem. Couple times I had to fight a guy who could turn into a really big and ugly monster."

"How big of a monster?" Sora asked.

"Picture a giant bull," said Ranma, "mix it with a yeti so it can now walk on two legs. Add an eel so now it has a tail with a head, the wings of a crane and then add some octopus tentacles. That's Pantyhose Taro for you."

"What?" a confused Riku asked.

"Your rival that can turn into a monster is called Pantyhose Taro?" Aiden asked.

"Long story," said Ranma.

"If I may continue," said Tibor, "Cedric, on Phobos' orders, was the one who lead Elyon back to Metamore, while at the same time poisoning Elyon's mind with lies and turning her against her friends, whom just happen to be the current generation of Guardians."

The Oracle then showed Sora and the others the images of five girls in their early teens. The first had red hair and brown eyes with a medium skin tone. She looked like she had a lot of courage in her and was not afraid to stand up for what was right. She wore a brown shirt and pants with a pink jacket.

The second girl had long honey-colored hair and light green eyes. Hse seemed to be highly cheerful, optimistic and had a smile that was ready to crack a joke at any moment. She wore a red shirt under a brown jacket and hip-hugger jeans.

The third girl was African American with part of her hair braided into dreadlocks and wore glasses. She seemed to be rather shy at first but also was full of determination when driven by a cause. She also seemed to be the most intelligent of the group. She had a blue shirt over a brown jacket and blue jeans

The fourth girl was clearly one who valued her appearance. She had long blond hair and blue eyes. Possessing a high level of vanity, stubbornness and sarcasm, she was also considerate and kindhearted to those she cared about. She wore an orange shirt with a long brown skirt.

The fifth girl had an Asian complexion with long black hair tied back in two ponytails. She had a free-spirited personality that was mixed with a sometimes hyperactive eagerness for fun and life. She wore a yellow and white top with a green skirt.

"The current generation of Guardians," said The Oracle. He pointed to the girl with ponytails, "Hay Lin, Air Guardian," then to the girl with blond hair, "Cornelia Hale, Earth Guardian," the girl with the dreadlocks, "Taranee Cook, Fire Guardian" the girl with honey-colored hair, "Irma Lair, Water Guardian," and finally to the girl with red hair, "Willma Vandom, Keeper of The Heart of Kandracar, but she likes to be called Will."

"Good gods!" said an exasperated Aiden, "they look like they ought to be in school, or something."

"I have to agree," said Riku, "these five girls don't look like the kind of person who should be saving the universe."

"And what are we?" Kairi asked in an accusing tone, "How old were you when you started saving the universe?" She looked at Aiden, "and how old are you?"

"Old enough," muttered Aiden.

"Age shouldn't matter," said Sora. "Anyone with light in their heart is capable of standing against the darkness, and having magical powers does help."

"Truer words couldn't have been spoken," said The Oracle. "Despite their obvious youth and inexperience, I do believe that Will Vandom and her friends have what it takes to save Elyon from the darkness and restore the balance to Metamore."

The Oracle then showed our heroes a larger image of the five girls , each of them surrounded by a different magical light that transformed them in many ways. They had become taller and much more physically mature, as if they had suddenly aged four or five years. Their outfits had also changed.

Will now wore a pink top with wide sleeves that had her midsection exposed, a short dark green skirt, light green and blue stockings and calf-length purple boots.

Irma wore a similar green top with narrow sleeves, a slightly longer dark pink skirt and short purple boots.

Taranee swore a sleeveless pink top with pink wristbands, while her hair was placed into six dreadlocks along the back of her head.

Cornelia wore a dark green top and a long pink skirt, while Hay Lin's dark green top was sleeveless. One singular factor of the girls' outfits was that they all had wings.

"I stand corrected," said a very eager Aiden, "they're heroes alright."

"Looks to me that they've got what it takes to save Metamore and Elyon all on their own," said Roxas.

"And they would have," said Tibor, "nearly every possible outcome predicted that The Guardians succeeded in their mission. But a new, dark element, has been added to the equation that has thrown all predictions of the future into chaos."

"Let me guess," said Riku, "Phobos has The Heartless on his side now."

"I'm afraid so," said The Oracle, "Phobos has indeed utilized the dark power of The Heartless, bringing even more despair and desolation to Metamore than before. At this point, Metamore is on the verge of being devoured by the darkness."

"But Phobos doesn't care about Metamore any more," said Tibor, "now that he has control over The Heartless. All he needs is his sisters' power so he can leave Metamore to its dark fate, then he can spread his madness across time and space, draining one world after another of magic until he has left the universe completely in the darkness.

"But The Guardians, and the rebellion against Phobos, still stand in the way of the mad prince. At first, The Guardians were able destroy The Heartless whenever they appeared on Metamore, and especially in the capital city of Meridian. It did not take them long to discover that The Heartless can be destroyed when one puts their heart into their way of fighting."

"Like my friends and I can," said Ranma, "we're just ordinary people who love martial arts."

"Precisely," said The Oracle, "many members of The Rebellion, including their young leader, Caleb," he then showed an image of a boy in his mid teens with shaggy brown hair, brown eyes and wore a tan coat, a white shirt and tan pants, "are highly skilled swordsmen.

"And then there is the young man from Planet Earth whom has captured the heart of Will Vandom," the Oracle then showed an image of a boy in his early teens with long dark hair and wore an indigo top and brown pants, sparing with Caleb with practice swords.

"Matt Olsen is as ordinarily a human being as can be in terms of lacking magical powers. Yet he is an eager learner and is willing to stand up for what is right. Add the fact that he discovered the Guardain's secret by accident but was very accepting, as well as the fact that he and Will are just beginning to discover their feelings for each other, Matt Olsen has the potential to be a powerful ally."

"But things aren't going they way they should be," said Aiden, "otherwise we wouldn't be here."

"You are a very perceptive young man, Keyblade Alchemist," said Tibor. "Yes, the forces of darkness have interfered in the natural order of this universe."

"Your nemesis, Maleficent," said The Oracle, "has dispatched her Hakonian minions to Metamore to seek out an alliance with Phobos. Not only have they instructed the mad prince in the use of larger numbers of Heartless, but have brought along an incredibly powerful Heartless, which the enemy has named Chimericon, that has left The Guardians worse for wear."

The Oracle then showed an image of a massive Boss Heartless. It had a 40ft long dragon-like torso with two pairs of wings that easily had a 60ft wingspan. The creature had six legs that ended in razor-sharp talons and two forelegs that ended in scorpion claws. It had a long spiked tail and a head like a vulture with four eyes.

"Now that's ugly," said Aiden, "someone in the darkness has a really sick imagination."

"That thing beat Will and her friends?" Kairi asked as she pointed at the image of the giant Heartless, Chimericon.

"I'm afraid so," said The Oracle, "already weakened from a prolonged battle with The Heartless and other minions of Phobos, The Guardians were rendered helpless from this abomination's relentless onslaught. It was only the intervention of Phobos himself that spared Will and her friends from instant death.

"In his twisted, sadistic manner, Phobos used dark powers to separate The Guardians, scattering them across Metamore, while at the same time afflicting their memories to the point that the five girls barely know their own identities."

"Sounds like my kind of work," said Naminé, "if I can get to them, I can restore their memories."

"That's only part of the solution," said The Oracle, "Phobos knows that we here in Kandracar are watching, so he used dark magic to prevent our viewings from determining the exact locations of Will and her friends."

"Which means we're going to have to slug our way through an alien world to find them," said Roxas, "all the while dealing with all sorts of unknown dangers," he sighed, "just like when I worked with The Organization."

"I fear that there is no other choice," said The Oracle, "The Guardians are the only ones who can convince Elyon of the truth."

"There's another factor," said Tibor, "Phobos plans to take Elyon's magic during a ceremony that's being masqueraded by her 'coronation,' and this ceremony will take place in just under two days."

"So we've got less than 48 hours to find five amnesic girls on an alien world?" Ranma asked, "and bring them back so they can save their friend before she's sucked dry of magic?"

"That's the situation in a nutshell," said The Oracle.

"It's times like this that I really miss Axel and the others," said Roxas.

"Even Xemnes?" Naminé asked.

"Well, not Xemnes," said Roxas, "but most of the guys, like Axel, Xigbar, Demyx, Luxord, those guys who weren't all bad, once you got to know them."

There was a few seconds of silence before Sora said to the Oracle, "Okay, we'll do it. We'll go to Metamore, reunite The Guardians and restore their memories, and then help them and The Rebellion take down Phobos, save Elyon so she can be the rightful queen."

"It'll be tough," said Riku, "tougher than anything else we've done."

"But we've always managed to pull through and drive back the darkness," said Kairi, "why should this be any different?"

"So what if this Phobos has an army of minions and an army of Heartless?" Aiden asked, "so what if he's got a really tough Boss Heartless?"

"And a giant snake-man who's begging to get his head kicked in," Ranma added.

"Just another problem that requires a solution," said Roxas.

"And I just happened to be the one who can solve one of the bigger parts of that problem," said Naminé.

"Then there's nothing more to say," said The Oracle, "except good luck."

"Oh, we don't need luck," said Aiden, "we were born lucky."

"This is what we do," said Riku.

"I'm still new at this whole saving all of existence from the darkness thing," said Ranma, "but I'm all for it."

"Same with us," said Roxas, while Naminé nodded in agreement.

"So, is there anything else we need to know before we go to Metamore?" Sora asked.

"There is one more thing," said The Oracle, "Metamore is a vast world, so vast that the time it would take to reunite the five Guardians would be too much to also save Elyon. Therefore, it is the decision of The Council of Kandracar…"

"Albeit a reluctant one for some of us," Luba interjected as she walked back in.

"…that you Keyblade Wielders should receive a new power," The Oracle continued, "for this mission only. Tibor…"

"Yes, Oracle," said Tibor. He bowed and left the room.

"What new power will we get?" Aiden asked.

"Maybe we'll learn how to fly," said Sora, "oh, we should have gone to Neverland and asked Tinker Bell for some Pixy Dust. We could fly for sure with that."

"Pixy Dust?" Ranma asked in an unbelieving manner.

"Whatever you do, Ranma," said Sora in a serious manner, "do not say that you deny the existence of fairies. Every time someone says that they don't believe, somewhere in the universe, a fairy dies, or rather, a Pixy of Neverland."

"We've seen fairies the size of normal humans," said Kairi, "and they're people just like us."

"Long story," said Riku.

"You guys are just full of long stories," said Ranma.

Tibor came back in, carrying a basketball-sized crystal sphere, and within that sphere lay a golden…thing; some gold mass that glowed brightly and vaguely looked like an arrow.

"What is it?" Aiden asked as he and the others looked at the golden thing, "I've got a feeling that whatever it is, it's alive."

"In a way, it is," said The Oracle, "this golden dart is, or rather was, part of the essence of a great man who dedicated his life to defending his world against the forces of darkness. His name was Harry Keogh, a man of many abilities, one of which is a form of teleportation."

"He couldn't truly teleport," said Tibor, "rather, he had the mathematical knowledge to open and close doors from the physical realms to what he referred to as The Möbius Continuum."

"What's that?" Kairi asked.

"I think I heard about it," said Roxas, "one of the Organization spoke of a theoretical world between worlds from which one could use to travel across time and space."

"And other universes," said The Oracle, "basically, The Möbius Continuum is the primal darkness from which all of existence exploded from. This is not the same darkness you've been fighting against. This primal darkness isn't evil, it just is."

"We know that darkness itself isn't evil," said Aiden, "it's just…well…"

"Scary," said Sora.

"Terrifying," said Riku.

"Horrifying," said Kairi.

"Just plain dark," said Ranma, "but there's really nothing in the darkness to be afraid of. It's those who use the darkness for evil, they're the ones that are really scary."

"All too true," said The Oracle, "you've fought evil in many forms, but eventually, you will run into greater and greater evils. I've seen in my visions, which aren't always clear, that some day you will face an evil more malicious than even Maleficent."

"But she's the mistress of all evil," said Riku, "what can be worse than Maleficent?"

"All will be revealed in time," said The Oracle, "but for now be content that you will soon have a new power. This essence of Harry Keogh shall now infuse into your minds the equations needed to access the Möbius Continuum."

"What do you mean 'Infuse to our minds?'" Riku asked.

As if to answer, Tibor pressed a hidden switch on the crystal sphere, opening it an allowing the golden 'dark' that was once part of Harry Keogh to float into the air. It hovered in front of Sora, Riku, Kairi and Aiden for a second, then it shone four golden beams of light onto their heads.

Instantly Sora, Riku, Kairi and Aiden felt a slight pressure on their minds, as if something was entering their memories. The sensation passed as suddenly as it occurred, and they all realized that there was something new in their minds, something powerful. The light from the 'dart' faded and the essence fragment returned to the crystal sphere, which Tibor closed.

"The knowledge you've received will help you travel across Metamore in a blink of an eye," said The Oracle, "it should help rescuing The Guardians that much easier."

"I think you're right," said Sora, "this is awesome!"

"Unfortunately this information is only temporary," said The Oracle, "I'm sorry to say it, but you young heroes aren't fully ready to have that kind of power for your own."

"So this new ability is just a loan," said Riku, "okay, I can deal with that."

"How long will we have this new power?" Aiden asked.

"It will leave your minds in just over two days," said The Oracle, "just enough time for you succeed in your mission. And you need not worry about crossing The Veil; your own powers should get you there."

"Then we're as ready as we can be," said Riku.

"We'll win for sure," said Sora, "and thanks for the new power, Oracle."

"Even if it's only for two days," said Kairi, "it'll be awesome to teleport."

"It's not teleportation," said The Oracle, "it's like opening one door to a corridor and opening another door. You'll understand when you enter the Continuum yourselves, all that you need to know what to do is already in your minds."

"We won't let you down, Oracle," said Aiden as he, Riku, Kairi and Sora bowed respectfully.

"And we'll help!" said Donald, while Goofy nodded in agreement.

"I may not have any special powers," said Ranma, "not like Sora and the others do. All I have are my fighting abilities and my own self confidence, but I'll do all that I can."

"That's all anyone can be asked of," said Tibor, "you're all as ready as you can be."

"Go now, heroes of light," said The Oracle, "go and stand against the darkness." With that he created a portal back to Disney Castle

"We won't let you down," said Sora. With that he, Riku, Kairi, Aiden, Donald, Goofy, Roxas, Naminé and Ranma entered the portal and it closed up after them.

"They'll be alright," said The Oracle, "I've seen it in my visions. I just hope that later on they'll be strong enough in mind and heart to face the true danger to existence, a danger greater than The Heartless. The farther I look into the future, the harder it is to determine a potential destiny from what is sure to be. One thing is certain, there will come a day when The Keyblade Wielders will face a dark force that will eclipse everything they've faced before."

"The Wamphyri you mean," said Tibor, "must Sora and his friends fight those horrible creatures?"

"Just as they have to fight The Heartless," said The Oracle, "I've seen the future, even though I wish I hadn't; before too long, The Keyblade Wielders will cross paths with the Wamphyri."

Sora and the others arrived back at Disney Castle, where an anxious King Mickey and Queen Minnie were waiting.

"The Oracle said you had to go to Metamore, right?" The King asked.

"We've got less than two days to find and heal The Guardians," said Sora, "before Phobos kills Elyon."

"I knew that one day that power-obsessed maniac would have to be dealt with," said Queen Minnie.

"How do you know about…?" Aiden asked, "no, we'll ask when we get back how you know."

"My guess is that they've been to Metamore," said Naminé, "before it was taken over by evil."

"True," said The Queen. "Oh, Naminé? If you and Roxas are to be joining Sora, Kairi and the others in the flesh this time, might I suggest a change in wardrobe? The Heartless aren't the only danger on Metamore."

"That world has all sorts of nasty critters," said The King, "all under the command of Phobos and his minions."

"They're right," said Kairi to Naminé, "no offense, but wearing white on a hostile world full of enemies is like holding up a big sign saying 'Here I am! Shoot me already!'"

"I guess you're right," said Naminé as she looked at her all white attire, "but if I have to change my outfit, then so do you."

"And what's wrong with what I'm wearing?" Kairi asked.

"Well it's not really suited for trekking through a hostile world either," said Naminé.

"I can easily have new wardrobes for the two of you readied in minutes," said Queen Minnie, "if you'll follow me."

"Okay, I guess," said Kairi as she and Naminé followed The Queen out of the library.

"They should be back in ten minutes," said King Mickey.

"That gives the rest of us some time to answer some questions," said Aiden as. He looked at Ranma, "now what's this about some shape shifting guy named Pantyhose Taro?"

"He's Happosai's godson," said Ranma. He then stifled a laugh, "it's really too stupid to be funny. You see, Happosai was there when the guy was born and helped deliver him and performed a baptizing ceremony. Being the pervert Happosai is, the old goat gave the baby that name, and the guy has hated Happosai ever sense, cause only Happosai, as Pantyhose Taro's godfather, has the right to change the name, and that old bastard is as stubborn as they come. But what's worse is that Taro was born at Jusenkyo."

"The cursed springs your idiot dad took you to and you both fell in and now you turn into a girl just by touching cold water?" Sora asked.

"The same place," said Ranma, "and Happosai, he baptized Taro in Niuhoomanmaorenniichuan; Spring of Drowned Yeti Riding Bull Carrying Crane and Eel. As if that didn't make him big enough of a monster, he later jumped into Chanyuiniichuan, Spring of Drowned Giant Octopus, so now his cursed form has octopus tentacles on the back."

"Well that sucks," said Riku.

"Not for him," said Ranma, "Taro views his curse as a blessing, that he relishes in the power of turning into a monster, a real chimera. But he hates Happosai and had tried several times to kill me and my friends because he thought we could convince the old goat to change the guy's name."

"That really sucks," said Roxas.

"What really sucks?" Kairi asked as she and Naminé came back in.

"Ranma's enemy is Happosai's godson," said Sora, "and the guy want's Happosai…to…change his…" Sora and Roxas were both stunned by the girls' new outfits.

Kairi now wore a green and blue top with matching cargo shorts and brown boots, while Naminé had her hair tied back in a single braid and wore a orange and yellow shirt with blue jeans and tan boots.

To Sora and Roxas, the two girls never looked more beautiful.

"That was a quick change," said Aiden.

"It's a simple wardrobe spell," said Queen Minnie, "quite handy when one is in a hurry."

"That is handy," said Ranma, "maybe I can adapt it so I can switch outfits when I get splashed. You won't believe how many times I've been caught in compromising situations when dressed wrongly."

"I can guess," said Riku, "okay, so, we all ready?"

Just then several enchanted broomsticks brought in a full load of restoration items already packed up.

"Okay then," said Sora as he and the others grabbed the packed items and put them away, "Are we all ready?"

"Just one more thing," said King Mickey as he picked up a book from the table that he had pulled out from the library shelves earlier, "this book is an atlas of Metamore and has information on several of the local monsters. It's over twelve years out of date, but it should help you navigate that world and give you some idea of the kind of monsters you'll be facing." He gave the book to Kairi for keeping.

"We'll keep is safe," said Kairi as she shrunk the book and put I in her pocket, "and we'll bring it back when we're done."

"Good luck then," said The King, "I know you'll need all you can get. Phobos is unlike the other Villains you've faced before. He's utterly vicious and devoid of mercy. When he finds out that you're there to stop him, he'll use everything he's got to destroy you."

"Not if we kill him first!" said Aiden eagerly, "that psycho prince has got it coming."

"We'll stop him and save Elyon for sure!" said Kairi.

"And rescue The Guardians," said Sora.

"I'd like to see Phobos or any other Villain try to stop us!" said Ranma, wile Riku, Aiden, Donald and Goofy nodded in agreement.

"That's the spirit!" said King Mickey.

Sora, Riku, Kairi and Aiden then summoned their Keyblades and opened a new portal, one that would take them to Metamore, "we'll be back before you know it," said Sora as he and the others went through.

"They'll be alright," said The King, "they'll win and come back."

"I hope so," said The Queen, "and I hope that the next mission and the next one will be alright. Yen Sid did say that things would start to get worse soon, for all of us in The Realm of Light."

Just then Daisy burst into the library, an anxious look on her face. She then stopped when she saw that only The King and Queen were in the room. Her expression turned into annoyance, "he left without saying goodbye again, didn't he?"

"You know Donald," said Queen Minnie, "he's not one for sad goodbyes."

"He'll be back soon," said King Mickey.

"Oh he'd better come back," said an irate Daisy, "or else he'd better find a new girlfriend." With her nose in the air, Daisy stomped out of the library.

Just then King Mickey slapped his fist into his palm, "oh no! There was one thing I forgot to tell Sora and the others!"

"Is it important?" Queen Minnie asked, "about the mission?"

"I was going to tell them when they first got here, but it slipped my mind for some reason," said King Mickey, "when I told Sora and the others that we could now spy on the enemy, I forgot to tell them that the enemy can spy on us!"

…New Hollow Bastion…

"Did you determine where The Brats are going?" Rakel asked as she stood before a row of dark people that were working at several computer terminals. These people, like Ralek, are Hakonians, but of lower social status, marking them as servants and workers.

"There has been a high-level of solar activity around the enemy castle, Lady Mindblighter," said one of the lesser Hakonians, " as well as subspace interference around our world. The combined interference makes interpreting the transmissions difficult."

"We're having difficulty locating the source of the subspace interference," said a second lesser Hakonian, "it's as if there are multiple sources at varying distances from the planet."

"Never mind the interference!" demanded Konrad, "Maleficent wants to know what that low-born runt King Mickey is up to, as well as what those peasants, The Keyblade Wielders, are going."

"It's not our fault, Lord Soulreaver," said the first lesser Hakonian, "we managed only to recover fragments of the conversation."

"It wasn't solar flairs that garbled the information," said a third lesser Hakonain, "there was an unknown energy signature that was clearly jamming the signal. There's an outside force at work."

"That's definitely the subspace interference," said the second lesser Hakonian, "these energy readings aren't natural. Something is generating the interference."

"That's absurd," said Reddik, "those fools at Disney Castle can't jam our signals, just as we can't jam their spying technology. Both systems have redundancies built in to prevent both sides from interfering with each other. That's why we've begun shielding parts of our castle against spying. I'm surprised the enemy hasn't begun shielding their world as well.

"I guess it can't be helped. We'll find out who or what is interfering with our espinoge efforts. But did we receive any information that can be used?"

"There were only a few sentences that were clear, Lord Nightshade," said a fourth lesser Hakonian. He then handed Reddik a printout that had a few lines.

"'…using one's full potential…,' '…I'm not the new guy anymore…,' '…he used to work for The Organization…'"

"None of this is useful," said an irate Erika, "this is pointless! Why is Maleficent still making us work together on this stupid assignment? I told her I work best alone. I could be out there destroying worlds instead of being stuck here with you goobers!"

"Well excuse us for not being good company," said a sarcastic Rakel.

Just then one of the lesser Hakonians handed another printout to Reddik.

"Wait, here's more that got through. It's a full conversation," he then gestured to the lesser Hakonians, "play the transmission, best audio quality possible!"

The computer then began paying the conversation between Ranma, Sora, Riku and Aiden, concerning Pantyhose Taro.

"Well," said Rakel, "I guess that's interesting."

"What pray tell is interesting?" Maleficent asked as she walked into the room.

"Great one!" exclaimed Rakel as she, Reddik, Konrad and Erika bowed, while the lesser Hakonians stood up and bowed as well.

"What information have you gleamed from the wretched Realm of Light?" Maleficent asked.

"Uh…" said a very nervous Rakel, "we…have run into some technical difficulties in that matter, oh great and terrible Maleficent."

"There's some outside source jamming us," said Reddik, "we've only just realized it and are working on countering the interference. We should have the problem solved before too long."

"But we did manage to obtain one definate piece of information," said a slightly frantic Konrad. He snatched the printout from Reddik and handed it to Maleficent, "apparently, the pervert Happosai, has a godson who can transform into a chimera-like monster."

"Does he now?" said Maleficent as she read the printout, "a young boy with a humiliating name, who is willing to commit unspeakable attrocities in order to have that name changed. And he can become a combination of a yeti, a bull, an eel, a crane and an octopus. Surely this boy would make an excellent addition to the cause."

"You want us to fetch this Pantyhose Taro?" Rakel asked.

"Don't volunteer us!" hissed Erika.

"What a splendid suggestion," said a delighted Maleficent, "Erika, you and Rakel are to go to Earth and bring this Pantyhose Taro to me. He will serve the darkness as I see fit."

"We shall do as you command, Maleficent," said Rakel as she bowed, while Erika only nodded her head, albeit reluctantly.

"This will definitely advance the cause," said Maleficent, "now that we've finally gotten that disgusting graffiti off of the walls, we can finally make some progress."

The four Hakonians knew what Maleficent was talking about. Last month, another message with the words 'L. Lawlett Lives,' appeared in the castle, only this time appearing as magical paint on the walls that couldn't be scrubbed off or removed my magic. The message eventually faded on it's own, but not before seriously upsetting Maleficent.

Yet the mistress of all evil was calm now as she contemplated the future, "what with Nikolai and Katarina on assignment to Metamore, with the prospect of forging an alliance with Prince Phobos, a new addition in the form of a shape shifting martial artist will be of great value to the darkness.

"Fetch the boy at once!" said Maleficent to the four Hakonians, "for if he is indeed superior to the Child of Chaos, Ranma Saotome, then the balance of power shall tip in our favor."

"That is shall, great one," said Rakel as she, Konrad, Erika and Reddik bowed.

Maleficent then left the room.

"Are you crazy!" snapped Erika at Rakel, "I don't want to go back to Earth. For all we know that one, the Forsaken One, may be there. If we see her and she sees us, her powers could come back and she'll kill us all!"

"We won't be long," said Rakel, she then winked at Reddik, "we'll find this monster Maleficent wants and bring him back. Then Maleficent will be occupied with him enough that we'll have time for other plans."

"Oh, right, other plans," said Erika, "well then, what are we waiting for?"

"Just hurry back," said Reddik, "and be careful. If this Pantyhose Taro is as strong as Ranma Saotome says he is…"

"I'll be extra careful around this volatile human," said Rakel, "I've already have a plan in mind to ensure his cooperation."

"And what plan would that be?" Konrad asked.

Rakel then smiled viciously, "I'll make him an offer he cannot refuse."

…Disney Castle…

"You still haven't told them about the demons," said Queen Minnie, "Sora and the others have the right to know."

"It'll only upset them," said King Mickey, "they had such a hard time against Zabuchrion and a handful of lesser demons. From what we've learned, there may be dozens of upper-level demons wandering around our universe."

"Which is why Sora and his friends should be told," said Queen Minnie, "they were able to defeat demons before. They should be warned if these horrible monsters are going to attack the worlds."

"I still don't think Sora and the others should be given more to worry about," said King Mickey, "what with Maleficent now being able to control Nobodies. Things are only going to get harder for our friends.

"Besides, we don't know if these demons are going to attack at all. All the sightings reported that the demons only looked around and left without hurting anyone. For all we know they're just looking."

The King then looked as if a horrible idea just crept into his mind, "on the other hand, the demons may be gathering information, as a precursor for an invasion. If that's so…no, we can't be sure of anything just yet," he looked at The Queen, "but you're right about telling Sora. They should know. I'll tell them as soon as they get back."

Just then Daisy walked into the room, "Your Majesties, we have a guest," there at the doorway stood a human girl in her mid teens. She had blond hair down to just below her shoulders, blue eyes and a medium complexion. She wore and orange and blue shirt under a yellow and green windbreaker and blue jeans. Around her neck was a simple gold necklace with a red heart-shaped locket.

"Thank you for seeing me, your highnesses," said the girl as she bowed respectfully.

"Welcome, young one," said Queen Minnie as she curtsied and King Mickey bowed.

"I don't know if this will sound rude," said the girl, "I'm not familiar to royalty."

"It's alright," said King Mickey, "just say what your heart says."

"Well," said the girl, "before I go any further, I have to ask, do you know Sora and the other Keyblade Wielders?"

"We certainly do know them," said Queen Minnie, "but how do you know our friends?"

"They helped save the world that my friends and I help protect," said the girl, "I'm Sara Lancaster by the way."

"Oh, Sora and his friends did talk about you and your friends in Dream Valley," said King Mickey.

"We're honored to meet a friend that Sora and the others met on their travels," said Queen Minnie, "and a Princess of Heart as well."

"Yeah, about that," said Sara Lancaster in an slightly uncomfortable tone, "I'm still getting used to that. But that's not why I'm here," she held up her locket, "I guess Sora told you what this is."

"The Rainbow of Light," said King Mickey, "Sora said that you are the rightful barer of it."

"He also told us that you were told that The Rainbow of Light was only part of a larger magic."

"That's what I'm here for," said Sara Lancaster, "a friend of my family, The Moochick, he sent me here so I could learn more about magic in general, so I may find what is needed to make The Rainbow of Light whole again.

The end of chapter 1.

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