Xiao Long was in the yard, practicing his gi qong. Takemaru, whom stood on Kakeru' s balcony, couldn't take his eye from the petite Chinese boy. His slightly black hair was looking shiny, his shirt got away during practice and for a petite boy he had a well built chest!

Xiao Long never noticed him, he was far too concentrated. The gentle, shy boy was always on himself, Takemaru wished it was different, though.

''Like what you see'' someone commented, it was Joi kun. Takemaru nodded, it is not like he could lie to Joi. Joi simply smiled and said '' Why don't you say something to him, you hardly ever mutter a word to him!'' With those words he was pushed of the balcony and landed on the grass, only two meters away from Takemaru.

Joi smiled and left, in order to find his precious Hiyama- sama. 'That Baka' Takemaru thought as he saw Joi smile and leave.

Xiao Long turned around and spotted Takemaru lying on the ground. Now, he knew Takemaru liked to be lazy, but this was much different. Besides, hadn't he just been up there, on the balcony?

He walked towards Takemaru and kneeled down in front of him. ''Takemaru- kun, are you alright?'' the boy asked, checking Takemaru' s body. In search of any wounds and then he found a wound on his left shoulder. It was rather large, and if it wouldn't be treated, it would bruise quite spectucally.

Takemaru blushed as the boy touched him, and the sight. Xiao Long was hovering above him, with no shirt on and caring about him. Xiao Long looked rather focused on his wound and healed it right there.

After a minute of three he was done, and smiled up to Takemaru. ''That should do it, do you feel any better?'' he asked.

Takemaru stretched his arm and nodded. He got up, and walked away. Probably to make dinner or chat with Kaito- kun. But then he turned around and said '' Takemaru, don't be late for dinner! It will be served in half an hour.'' And then he walked into Kakeru' s house.

Takemaru remained lying there. He stared to the clouds while thinking.

'I thought I loved Kakeru, but could it possibly be I don't? I mean Kakeru is really nice and my very first friends. But it is rather obvious he wants Ayano, while Xiao Long has no one.' Takemaru continued to think like that for a while and didn't even noticed it became dark outside!

Then someone tapped on his shoulder and Takemaru looked up only to meet Kakeru' s nice soft eyes. Takemaru stared back, confused.

''You missed out dinner, you really should eat something. Xiao Long told me to send you to the kitchen, he was warming up your plate. I am going out with Ayano, so I really need to go'' He said. He dashed off rather quickly.

'Stupid Ayano, well maybe I should eat a little, my stomach is rumbling' Takemaru thought and got up. In the house it was rather quiet, not like usual. He found Xiao Long in the kitchen, preparing some dish and heating a plate up.

Takemaru sat down and asked ''Where is everyone, it is too quiet in here?'' Xiao turned around.

''Well, Ayano and Kakeru are to the local carnival, on a date. Hiyama- sama and Joi- kun are to school doing private things, ore so they said. Shou and Maya went to some restaurant and Kaito and Fuyuko went to some game hall.'' Xiao Long explained. He putted the now warmed up plate in front of Takemaru and turned the gas off. And prepared some dish, probably for the breakfast tomorrow.

Takemaru started eating the dish, but couldn't keep his eyes from Xiao. He was cutting some vegetables, but while he was doing that he was shaking his but. It is was the kind of shaking you do, but you don't notice. He was humming a little to. He looked more feminine then ever before, with his cute apron.

Takemaru decided to make a little more contact with Xiao Long by chatting a little with him. But what to say, what too say? Luckily, Xiao Long started.

''Are you sad?'' he asked, while cutting some lettuce. Takemaru frowned as Xiao Long asked this.

''Why should I be sad?'' He wondered out loud.

''Well, you seem to like Kakeru very much, but he is interested much in Ayano. It'd such a pity if you would be sad by that, but not be able to talk about it. I see why you like him much, though'' Xiao Long said.

Takemaru blushed, was it that obvious?

''I don't like him that way! There is someone else I like'' Was Takemaru being fooled or saw he a glimpse of an unknown emotion on Xiao's face. Then it happened, Xiao hadn't paid any attention and now accidentally cuts his finger.

He yelped in pain and putted the knife down. Takemaru rushed up and took a good look at the finger. Blood came out of the fresh wound and Takemaru did the one thing he could do and took the finger in his mouth. And then sucked it.

Xiao Long blushed deeply and leaned against the counter for support, he did not trust his legs. Takemaru took the finger out of his mouth and said ''You should be more careful. I don't like it when you get hurt'' And he wrapped his mouth around the finger once more.

''Thank you'' Xiao muttered. And then Takemaru stopped as he realised what he was doing. ''You're welcome'' and he wandered off.

Xiao Long stood there, shell shocked, until Kaito walked in. ''Dude, did you got laid or something, you are looking hazed.'' Xiao Long got even redder and turned back to the dish he had been making.

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