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Chapter 4:

Everyone just had eaten the rice balls that had been made. Joi was staring at Takemaru, who was lying there lazily. Xiao Long was doing the dishes in the background, the kitchen door was open.

''So, you did pretty well,'' Joi started. Takemaru didn't even look up. ''How did it went?'' Joi asked. Takemaru shrugged. ''I think he did well,'' Xiao's soft voice spoke up from the kitchen. Joi nodded in understanding. ''The two of you did hard work I guess, you should take a bath,'' Joi suggested. A figure in the shadows had to giggle a bit.

''Perhaps not a bad idea,'' Xiao was really thinking about it. Takemaru turned red, he knew fairly well what Joi was suggesting. ''I guess petite boy (nickname) should go first, I am just going to sleep,'' Takemaru stood up and took three entire steps so he could lie on the couch. (yes, three entire steps! Pretty much steps, Don't you agree? )

Xiao Long nodded, but he became red a little. He finished the dishes and went upstairs.

''Oi, take-Chan,'' Takemaru shot Joi an angry look. ''There are no towels there, would you be so kind to grab one for Xiao,'' Takemaru opened his mouth to say anything, but Joi had that certain smirk. A smirk that said 'it-doesn't –matter-what-you-say, I-know-how to-use-it-against-you'.

Takemaru got up, sighing, to get some towels, from the closet where the towels usually lay. It is not like they got paws and ran away.

Joi smirked and then said: ''You want to know the future, or perhaps you do know. After all, you knew my plan,'' the figure stepped out and Joi hugged her. ''I don't know, please tell me.'' ''I will if you buy my precious Tomoe more plushies that I can give. After all, you get that reward in the end,'' the woman pushed her lips in a thin line and then said: ''Ok!''

''Sit down. So my vision told me to send either of them, preferably Xiao to bath, while the lover gets the towels. Once he brings the towels, a certain surprise will be there. We better move before the surprise happens though,'' The woman nodded and they went out. The rest went out two. There were only three persons in the house now.

Xiao Long, Takemaru and…

Takemaru finally had gotten to the towels and opened the closet. He grabbed a huge white one. Suddenly he heard a shy yelp. He dropped the towel and rushed to the bathroom. There was Xiao Long with a red voice. He was bowing often and saying sorry over and over again. Before him was a wet Shou with nothing more then boxers on.

''Takemaru'' Shou said with a smirk. Xiao Long hoped that a hole would appear and swallow him into the earth. He didn't even dare to look.

''What is this for kind of strange ritual?'' he asked bluntly and kind of harsh. Shou' s smirk had gotten bigger and he pulled Xiao Long into a hug. The little Chinese's boy face was pressed against his chest and his crotch was a little too close. Xiao looked like he wanted to faint.

''Little Xiao here walked in on me , just when I was putting my boxers on. And just now, before you interrupted, he was making a decent apologise.'' Shou stated simply.

''And?'' Takemaru questioned.

''And now you're going to take off, after all, I was just about to forgive him, if he'd some little things for me,'' Shou simply said. ''Certain things?" the shy and the bold said.

''Like getting me off, or washing me,'' Takemaru had have enough of it. ''Out!'' he stated darkly. Shou gulped a little. ''Or..'' he continued, but Takemaru had thrown the nearest product towards Shou, which happened to be the little shelf above the sink. Shou let go of Xiao Long before the shelf hits him in the face. He stumbles and then fell of the window.

''Shou-kun…'' Xiao Long wanted to go after him but Takemaru stopped him. ''He will be fine, after all he can teleport'' Both of them looked out of the broken window.

Shou lied there on the grass, a few bruises but he got up and suddenly he was gone. ''See,'' Takemaru said.

''Thank you,'' the shy boy said with a smile. Takemaru's cheeks turned red. ''I.. ehr… oh shoot'' he ran upstairs. Xiao Long gave it a confused glare, and started to unbutton his shirt. By the time Takemaru had gotten back with some towels, Xiao Long was in the water, he still had his boxers on though.

Takemaru opened the door without thinking and dropped the towels somewhere. Then he spotted Xiao.

''Takemaru-san,'' the shy boy said, he should have locked the door, or Takemaru should have knocked on the door. ''Xiao,'' he began.

''It is fine, why don't you join me. We could wash each others backs, just leave the boxers on if you wish. Takemaru hesitated, but then he took his shirt off. Then he slowly took his pants of.

Xiao Long was sort of amazed. After all, Takemaru had a well built body. He had gotten in bath, but as we now, when one person lies in a bath it barely fits, unless you are a child. Let alone two men, so they sat there, pulling there knees towards their chest with their arms. It was kind of cramped up really.

Takemaru blushed as the two sat there uncomfortable. ''You can sat here you know'' he said, patching up the space between his legs. Xiao Long nodded and turned over. His buttocks were pressed against Takemaru 's front, his smooth legs were in between Takemaru' legs and his back leaned against Take-san' s chest.

Takemaru himself beamed a little and so did the blushing Xiao Long, they just sat there in a comfortable silence.

In the meantime Shou had arrived at the city and so far he had seen Maya, Ayano and that shy Chinese chick Kaito liked. Fyuko, or something among that.

And he had seen Kaito and Kakeru (Kaito and he had argued for a long time, making Kakeru all embarrassed).

But no Joi there.

Suddenly he was tapped onto his shoulder, he turned around and then….

Got punched into the face. He was knocked out straight ahead.

And that was that.

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