Meant to Be

You and Me were meant to be
Together, Forever is all I plead
I love you with all my heart
I'll never want to be apart
You're all the love I'll ever need
Loving back is a faithful deed
So come to me, that is the key
'Cause You and Me were meant to be


Note: Hello!!! I am the Freaky Girl!!! How'd you like my poem??
I wrote it while it was raining one day. This can be a poem for
anyone. Irvine and Selphie, Seifer and Fujin, Cloud and Aeris...
Anyone!! But I think I like it as Squall and Rinoa!!! But it's not
for them... It is for anyone who YOU, the reader, think matches
up to this poem. Even if it's you and that cute boy from gym class.
Heheheheh.... Anyway, laters!!!