Three Little Pinkies and the Big Bad Doomguy

by Snarfette

Categorized 2/10

Author's Note: Second published story! For some reason, most of my stories haven't been published yet, but here's another! This one is short, only one 'chappie' so to speak (tee hee), but it's of extremely high quality. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Publisher's note: The reason most fics have not been posted is that they are the spawn of Satan and will make people do unspeakable things. For example, the last story my son read made him do drugs to forget. My life is miserable.


There were three little pinkies (that's the Demans monsters BTW), who built three houses. The first pinkie built it of straw. Then the doomguy cam'e, and sayd, "Ill huff, ill puff, and i'lk fist your house down!". And he uffed, he puffed, and fisted his ouse down. And then the pinkie died.

The second pinkie built it (the house) of wood, and the doomguy came. And fisted it, but fisting didn't work, so he used chainsawing. And then the pinkie number 2 also died.

But the third pinkie built the house (it) of stones, and not woods or straws. Even then the doomguy cam', and said, Ill huff and puff and tuff and ruff, and kill your house!". And he huffd puffd ruffd and tuffd, but fisting didn't work, and neither did chainsawing. "Whose afraid of the big bad doomguy, sang the third pinkie," but then the unthinkable happend: the doomguy remembered he was the good guy, and the pinkie's was the bad one!

And so the doomguy, whose awesome whipped out the rocket launcher, and blasted the house with the pinkie inside.

And the pinkie #three was also dead, because of death

"All demons are dead. That is good", said the awesome doomguy, and had a party on the pinkies corpses because they were evil.

The ending!

AN: Short... short and sweet! You'll have enjoyed this, unless you're a preppie. Dear preppies: please stop flaming!

PN: Dear preppies, WHY ARE YOU READING THIS AT ALL? Seriously, what's wrong with you? And what in the name of the Satan of Saturn is a 'preppie' anyway?